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  1. He needs to earn our support. You do that by delivering something of note on the park, both in terms of winning but also in terms of pride and passion and drive. He's provided lacklustre efforts on all fronts, so folk arent blindly backing him. The period for blind optimism has passed., its gone. Its in the baggage hold of the flight home from Luxembourg. I agree we need to encourage him and players though but I think its unreasonable to suggest we all need to ignore his apparent limitations.
  2. If Pedro goes 20 games unbeaten then I guarantee folk on here will have changed their tune. There is a huge difference between wanting him to fail and expecting him to. 20 games unbeaten would go some way to suggesting we shouldn't expect him to fail. Defeats are at a stretch tolerable when combined at least with a positive performance. Right now Pedro has neither: Got us enough decent results. Nor has he sent out a team which has performed to our high standards ever, in any game. At a right long shot you could say he was unlucky against Progres in that we hit bar 3 times and missed 2 sitters, plus stung with two mongo goals to give away, its not Pedros fault that chump Windass cant jump. You could stretch the win at tje sheep, performance wise it was rotten, and actually looks like an anomaly. Im clutching at straws though, he hasnt shown enough as a manager to earn anything other than blind faith. Can you really blame folk for having little of that left?
  3. I couldn't think of a better word to use than progress. I knew someone would take it for a walk... Whats your take on the gaffer team performance wise?
  4. What I can't see anywhere is progress at all. Especially middle of the park through to the forwards. They are playing like strangers. Guess what, it was the exact same at the end of last season. We looked slightly better at the back but crap going forward. Fast forward to now. How many training sessions does a manager need to get a team shape right? How many sessions or formation drills to see the players dont look comfortable... People dont look like they know what they are meant to be doing, players dont seem to be trying anyyhing or looking to make something happen - which comes from confidence. Managers are supposed to breed confidence. For those backing him, look at what the players are actually doing. Its not enough. Old squad or new, it has been the same so far, no good. That being said, he needs at least a home SPL game till we see in the flesh what his team is made of. If we dont start well, and I dont necessarily mean just results - performances, dig, passion.... Then I will honestly be hounding him out the door.
  5. ^^^^^ Aye...
  6. The poll question should have been wither we have or haven't got a reasonable chance in the league next season under Pedro. Results aside, as they are black and white and can't be changed, lets look at performances since he took over. Forget the results for a second.. Dugshite. Every single performance has been nothing bar rotten. Every single match under Pedro we have been chronic. I am not dead set on him getting the boot but thats the reality. Hes had enough time with the squad to get a performance out of them. Its not working so he needs to do something better.
  7. Even worse. Selfish from the club, who clearly must know that we are desperate to see if we are progressing or not.
  8. Fairly poor show... Can't believe we don't have something similar to St Johnstone
  9. New strip? Training kit - my bad
  10. Cheers bud.
  11. Fuck right off with this nonsense. Nobody looks happy... Jee whizz man Unusual for a training session.. Absolute crank man.
  12. How non commital a response that is. Any Rangers fan if he was told a new signing was shite would surely ask how or why? You seem to be just another in a line of folk who have been told a new player is shite and did what? Shrug your shoulders? Smile and walk away? High five them? Honestly man, its pitiful. "Alright Dickie this new guy pena is shite, ok cheers mate Im away on a forum to tell folk..." You are claiming two ITK sources yet have said the square root of piss all...
  13. Assuming this is true.. And assuming you actually follow the team I am assuming you asked some questions about this. Whats shite about him, why is he shite. Is he lazy, is he fat.. Is he getting the piss taken out him? He look out of his depth? Not one person ITK friend of a pal, Jim Traynors milkman has even touched on what makes him look shit.... So either we have bonafide behind enemy lines bullshitter material. Or somehow despite numerous sources claiming hes shit not one person has asked why to any of the sources. Makes you wonder. Makes you wish folk would just gie it a fucking bye.
  14. Nicky Clark career advisor thread. Cunt might as well sack his agent, folk on here have him covered.
  15. Until now...