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  1. Will the board speak now

    We are only moaning because we got beat. We are better than that, and should never forget it.
  2. Will the board speak now

    This is grade A dugshite.
  3. Will the board speak now

    You have just made this up. Stop talking dugshite
  4. Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    Get this pinned somewhere.
  5. Not seeing much love for the Rangers lotto banner...
  6. He was shown up something rotten on that first goal though. Made that Ginger boy look like Ronaldo, got it all wrong facing him up. He is very good, but that goal had a huge impact today.
  7. Kenny Miller Reaction

    Miller is done, agree totally with those that suggest he is more detrimental to our style of play than not nowadays. Some of the stick he is getting is a bit much though. He deserves credit for his contribution while with us. Time for him to be phased out though.
  8. Consistent failures in the big games

    To be fair mate, if I had seen this I probably wouldn't have posted my comment and would just have liked this. In a nutshell for me.
  9. Consistent failures in the big games

    I dont mean to be all doom and gloom, but I was there and for me the sending off only serves to mask that we were on the back foot after their goal. As soon as they did anything in the game I felt we were starting to fold. Probably best say now that I am not taking the result well so probably being overly critical. I just honestly can't say that if we hadn't got a man sent off we would have got back on top after their goal. That is what I took from today and what worries me most.
  10. Match Reaction

    His changes were chronic. Yet again he is out thought. Gutted, totally scunnered with that interview and performance.
  11. ***Rumours thread***

    Nani... This fucking place sometimes.
  12. Where are they now ?

    Is this the Jamie Walker thread?
  13. Aye but he's too slow

    A Jamie Walker hopefully.
  14. Wartime Titles

    We shouldn't be trying to make any mileage out of this whatsoever. A total stupid bastard of an idea. Pains me to think that soon the generation who fought and were directly impacted by WW2 will be gone. All that will be left is stupid petitioning goons trying to work an angle. Its not who we are.