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  1. Listened to the press conference. I took from it that we are unlikely to see Pena at all. Agree with the Morellos to start chat. No offence to Miller, but be disappointed to see his name on the team sheet tomorrow. Wouldn't think there would be much else different to Sunday.
  2. Possibly. Part of my point though is that I know of no strikers available or within our budget who will get one chance a game and score it more often than not. We need to create way more chances before a new striker will do any good.
  3. I dont get the clamour for a striker. We arent creating enough chances for me to think anyone would score 20 a season with us. I cant see what available striker would have played today that would have scored based on chances created ?
  4. Positives for me: Dug in to see it out, showed some guts. Dorrans Windass looked good in parts For the most part Alves and Cardoso looked solid. The result is all that really matters though and its a win. Negatives: The Herrera and Miller partnership looks non productive. Some poor play stopping crosses coming in. Lack of chance creation.
  5. I am only watching on TV so folk at game are maybe seeing more, but Herrera doesn't look to be offering much at all. At best I'd describe it as looking busy, but doesnt appear to be causing any danger. Windass looks a threat, hit bar and post which is unlucky. Nothing against Miller, but all this dicking about dropping deep isnt working as part of a top two. But is he having to do that as Herrera isnt making himself much of an option?
  6. I dont think he should go immediately. I did at times, but this is his time to sink lower or swim. However I do reckon that it wont be long before he is off. Ironically i think hes made a rod for his own back with all his talk of understanding our history and expectations. Despite him seeming like he is sure of himself i am fairly certain that a month of bad results would see him admit to himself he hasnt got what it take and the pressure would drive him out. Being a bullshitter is fine in front of 4 people at interview. In front of a few full houses if the results dont
  7. Ryan Jack.. Been exactly what we have needed in that position. Kranjcar looking dangerous. Waghorn nothing more than a warm body in a strip.
  8. Always followed the national team and always will. They don't represent the SFA, they represent the country. Not really looking to argue about it, or change anyone's mind either way.
  9. Tonight was pretty much case and point for me that the whole mentality at the club from top to bottom is a festering lethargic mess. Football is moving forward, but we seem to have forgotten who we are as a club. I should add to start, this is in no way directed at the young lads who played tonight, and played well I would say. Far too many people at the club who are just wanting to wear a blazer and tie and not do anything to restore us to where we deserve to be. From 3rd division to now the board have had us acting like victims and the feeling sorry for ourselves culture
  10. Lets just call this out for what it is. LeGuen 2017. Pedro is to blame here.
  11. Toral can honestly just dry up and fucking burst man
  12. Right - what joker was it on asking for Waghorn... Hope you are happy
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