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  1. Looking again, a think your right 😂
  2. Cunts need to calm down about the club releasing a statement, we have received the charge a few hours before an important cup game, they have already stated, they would defend any action against Alfredo, nothing’s changed to suggest they won’t, charges against Beale, Culshaw & Kent are also laughable, the statement will come, patience required.
  3. How about you get behind the young player, show some support, he's going a 6 month loan to Thistle for first team football and experience and good luck to him, not all youngsters just jump from development football to first team and start hitting the ground running, Gerrard sees the boy everyday, worth trusting his judgement.
  4. There is a big waiting list for season tickets allegedly, and we want to maximise this as much as possible, so no harm in the club exploring options of more seats, this way may not work out, but can then be ticked off and something else tried.
  5. Good that something like this is now out there too, could have done away with the sarcasm and just told the facts as they are, but good something is out all the same.
  6. Aribo has been good there, he’s no1 choice for that position now.
  7. Can 1-2 loans coming in, when sell/loan out those not wanted.
  8. Not 100% correct, 6,000 season tickets at £370 = £ 2,220,000 Champs league/Europa league 3 game package £110 = £660,000, then you have the European qualifiers, cup games, £6,000 more mouths to feed, etc. Wouldn’t be too far from £4 million mark imo bud.
  9. Fuck that, keep them for bears only.
  10. Another season like this, a think 6,000 seats could bring in near to £4million.
  11. More seats = more money for the club, its a no brainer if possible.
  12. Can see him going to Vitesse on loan.
  13. The horrible bastard also said on air he had "no sympathy" for suicide after Robin Williams took his own life, he's got to be on thin ice in that job, more than a few times he has says the wrong thing.
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