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  1. Fergie_6


    Grezda first start, lets note get carried away just yet, barisic without being bad hasent been brillant either, he is a player, katic overated? So you think he was poor at the start?
  2. Fergie_6

    Candeias Red Card

    If thats a yellow, then surely ferfinands is a straight red
  3. Fergie_6


    Do the catholics need money or something?
  4. Things thrown at fredo on celebration his goal, nothing to see obv
  5. Grezda has surely got to start 3-0 gers
  6. Hope not mate, was right outside niddrie motors place
  7. Anyone know whats happened outside hampden before kick off? Seen video of polis putting covers up to hide someone on the ground, hopefully fellow bear is ok
  8. Fergie_6

    Up front on Sunday?

    Mon the flute ??
  9. Just took a sore one in front of the ref, adams got the ball but studs were up and caught Morelos with the follow through, every right to be raging with that
  10. Fergie_6


    Sutton isn’t much of a prick now that we are actual a good team, lot of English coverage now, will expose the hatred
  11. Fergie_6


    So did big coulibaly, who played the 90?
  12. Fergie_6

    And So How Far Have We Now Come

    His half time team talks are walter-esque, just needs to install it full time
  13. Fergie_6

    And So How Far Have We Now Come

    Usual when playing so called bigger teams we look scared, then again 2nd half realize they are pish
  14. Fergie_6

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    Yes, course he would
  15. Fergie_6

    Reserves v dun utd

    Will be on the bench on thursday with Morelos suspended