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  1. Weird comment considering the assists he gets for us
  2. Hope he comes through this obviously difficult period in his life, its easy to forget that other reasons can be to blame for a players poor performance, other than carrying knocks etc. Everyone's with you Arfield 💙
  3. Should give NYC some minutes against Stranraer.
  4. He will sign a new contract.
  5. The real title Warburton was going for.
  6. We need to finish 15th or better to get 2 places, the first pic is how many teams that national have left in europe.
  7. If he can get the head screwed on, a would be for giving him another shot until the summer at least.
  8. Eros Grezda No Surrender!
  9. Either say what you have to say kenny, get it out once and for all, but stop this every few weeks, keep bringing it up.
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