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  1. Her da's a beast and got her a job with fellow beasts, the paedophile network is all over.
  2. Good signing as a squad player 👍🏻
  3. A was thinking the same about throwing someone under the bus, although it would have to be someone who was in power back then, but with that would concede cfc guilty. This is the positive with them revealing a 2 year investigation, all eyes are on them, they cant whitewash this like the last internal investigation now.
  4. Even liewell will struggle to deflect this one, they cant blame anyone outwith there own club this time, for them to sack a coach for child sex abuse then re-employ him, says someone in power at the time, condoned it and was more than likely involved. I think more will be revealed and an independent enquiry will occur.
  5. The claim of a 2 year investigation is them admiting the boys club is linked to the main, a dont think they will be able to sweep this under the carpet now, its became too big with media and politicians exposure. It will be intresting to see what the alleged investigation findings are.
  6. Has been for a few months now, but until now he danced around actually calling celtic out, as a says its weird for him, but am guessing he knows stuff still to come out.
  7. A think he has turned against them with his comments, it is weird he has taking this stance, any taig voter for him will see this as an attack on the club, that will do him no favours on that side. Maybe knows more about the saville links than others and its a case of jumping ship.
  8. Its very close to being exposed in full, saville getting linked in a national newspaper could be the final nail in the coffin.
  9. Him and alfredo are staying 😁👍🏻
  10. It was him that brushed mckennas balls, before the kick out, just off top of my head.
  11. You correct, we know we can beat that pish, now need to step up and back the manager and go for it.
  12. Going by there statement its been accepted prior to todays game.
  13. The grey one is also 👌🏻, well done Hummel, class home top too.
  14. Would snap the hand off for £6m or £7m for alfredo 🙈, reckons he got carried away with himself 😂.
  15. They are high quality rooflights, once the inside skin is complete, the difference will be amazing.
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