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  1. Did the first name you mention in your question, not answer your question?
  2. Hes played a friendly, no any competitve games, you know what a mean, because a called you out for talking pish, you and your unknown employee 🙈
  3. Oh a do know he has played for us, but literally not kicked a ball, name your decent club source then and stop fucking about 👍🏻
  4. Heard what he cant play in training? Fucking hell, cunt hasnt kicked a ball and club sources are putting the boot in 😂, what about the scouts who actually watched him play games? They lying?
  5. A would swap Mcpake for Defoe an go with that team.
  6. Good result again, good to be skelping teams in europe again, fancy us to beat Legia over 2 legs, we are well suited for european football, esp away from home, soaking up the pressure and hitting on the counter, was also good to see how strong our bench was to night, keep everyone fit and we are in for a good season bears.
  7. Good signing for us 👍🏻, will also make the taigs raging brenda is loaning us players, right after champs league exit aswell . 😁😁
  8. Last nights result was a big result for us, in more ways than one, before it there was talk of them, signing the rightback from lech pozan £6m rated and the rosenburg left back, champs league depending though, for all the money they are stockpiling, i beileve they need the champs league money this year for them to strengthen and manage the wage bill, good to see that tierneys replacement isnt trusted in big games already, old firm cant come quick enough, think now they will sign taylor and maybe mckenna, quantity rather than quality, we are stronger than last season and will win the league. 🇬🇧
  9. Wasnt all positive when the teams got announced yesterday.
  10. Quite a few were quick to doubt Defoe and Gerrard when the team was announced today, we have a lot of games potentially this season and the gaffer trusts his squad, some fans should too.
  11. Lets wait til the games started at least, before all the negative pish.
  12. These junkie cunts are due a skelping from us, sunday is that time 👍🏻
  13. He was always up for it against us, good signing, if he listens to the gaffer and stays fit, the potential is there for him to be really good in this league.
  14. Fergie_6


    It wont be the same 11 through the season, the left mid and centre half will change, its no saturday morning football we are playing , am sure they discuss this in training, we have roughly two players per position, and others who can play more positions when needed like fla and halliday, of course you need to play your players depending on the other teams strength/weakness, fla was the right call last night and borna will be the right call on sunday, the other 3 defenders will stay the same, can see davis coming in for kamara they 2 will be only changes imo.
  15. Good to see the coefficient is going up again thanks to us, 18th place now, started the season 20th
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