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  1. It was a canter, cause we made it a canter with how we played.
  2. Defo if it means not getting a midfielder in then, would just go with what we havejm just now, or at the least try for a loan from the EPL for a midfielder.
  3. Hope Gerrard realises it’s vital Morelos stays this season to have any chance of winning this league.
  4. It happens, and always will, nothing can guarantee and injury free career, nothing needs looked at from the medical standpoint either.
  5. That crack is taking it toll in the junkie fucker.
  6. Correct keep this up this season and you could be talking at least £20 million, and bigger clubs than Leeds interested.
  7. Bargin at £7 million now.
  8. Hes caught him at knee height, red card all day, the wasnt any blood either.
  9. How the fuck is a follow through at knee height not a red card?
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