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  1. Fucking donkey bastard man, fuck he thinks he is at times.
  2. Course he should start, he missed hearts game as punishment.
  3. You do that then 😂😂
  4. Why check with VAR for the penalty was right in front of him fs, also why do VAR not point out diving, but can point out off the ball incidents between players.
  5. LASK are are good team, team you want are Copenhagen.
  6. What a result, could and should have been more, Copenhagen next round 👍
  7. What time did you start the drinking at?
  8. Were you been past few weeks, of course somethings up with him.
  9. Beats 6 people keeper included, that's goal of the tourney, all ready 😁😜👍
  10. Stevie Gerrard loves a comeback against all odds in Europe. 😍
  11. Fergie_6


    His talk after the match and his father interviews show he loves it here already, we pay the money, he will stay.
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