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  1. His brothers a junkie, failed a drug test at celtic park.
  2. Everton would be a good fit for alfredo.
  3. Fergie_6


    Got seen drinking by who and were?
  4. A think Rangers have a set price for him, if it is met he will go, cant see it being met this summer though.
  5. Flanagan for halliday and that will be about right.
  6. Fergie_6


    Looks pyschically stronger, seems to have got his head down and stuck into training on his spell on the sidelines, good on him 👍🏻
  7. Hes staying deal with it, still going to be our no.1 and top striker next season.
  8. Alfredo is staying another season at least, looking foward to the wee man leading the line in europe and spfl. 👍🏻
  9. so they can leave for home straight after the game.
  10. A want him dropped cause he is pish and katic is the better of the two.
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