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  1. That squad is horrendous!!! If I were Strachan I'd be on my hands and knees BEGGING Kenny Miller to come out of retirement for this game. Big game experience and the energy to give bother to the shite England defence. But I suppose this line of thinking only applies to Broony.
  2. Doesny look like Paulthetim, mate.
  3. Djok must want to punch fuck out of Sharapova
  4. Hopefully we can con some club to give us some magic beans for him.
  5. Butcher. He's a neutral after all.
  6. I thought that said 'Killer Physio' and thought we hired Harold Shipman
  7. Or maybe because they contacted her on FB and asked if she's got a wee sister who needs help picking her subjects for 3rd year and she said no.
  8. Mayweather would school anyone in his weight group from any era. The guy has an incredible brain. Nobody can get near him. Probably GOAT.
  9. Hang on, that must be wrong. Celtic are an all inclusive club who don't discriminate on Religion, Colour, Sex and if you are into shagging we weans. That's the kind of club this country should be proud off. I don't buy for a second that they would deny a man on their board because of his faith, same as they would fire a man because his hobby of shagging weans was getting in the way of his coaching ...
  10. Fucking Tarrier thread this. Aye, go ahead and slag on the only player we have that gives us everything he has week in week out when the other shower of wanks don't even do a tenth of that.
  11. Aye and the left side photo looks like a head has been photoshopped (fucking terribly I may add) onto someone elses body
  12. Ally had some talent.
  13. 2-0 up to Alloa with ten mins to go only to lose 3-0 and FAIL to gain promotion to the Premiership say HI!!!
  14. Fuck it, a full of shite here