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  1. I smell a Stubbsy appointment coming to Dundee
  2. Unreal game in Russia. Sochi vs Rostov. Rostov went 1-0 up. Their keeper saves a penalty, pulls of 15 (about 4 or 5 of them world class) saves but Sochi end up winning 10 - 1
  3. Naming a thread after yourself
  4. Mendes against Cally Thistle purely because all the fans started celebrating the goal before it even reached the net.
  5. Thread title sounds like he just died.
  6. I've read stuff where they say in fact makes you more racist.
  7. He played Newcastle Utds left winger at right back IIRC. It was an all right world cup but the ball and the vovuzeila moaning was annoying.
  8. Hahahahahahaha. Fuck the wee rat. He's at Dumbarton level.
  9. The cunts will be wheeling out all their black employees as we speak: Eduard, Ntcham, Frimpong, Lennons teeth, their wee pishy left back.
  10. This better be held at Wembely and no be in fucking Saudi - which I suspect it will be.
  11. Got to love it. An incident that happened 3000 miles away and yet the obsessed arseholes of this nations STILL have to go on about Rangers! We'll be blamed for the Rwandan genocide next. Or how about South African Apartheid? Heck, you can chuck in forming ISIS to that tae! This country is one fucking cesspit it's unreal.
  12. Heart and Hand took me a while to get into but I really enjoy it. They're very fair with their views.
  13. I love Big Wes for his penalty save against Lego Muncher, but I just CANNOT listen to more than 3 seconds of Simon Ferry's junkie sounding voice.
  14. Eyebrows and questions should be raised as to how a league on the same island as us was able to restart but the Scottish leagues wasn't? But we all know no one will say a word.
  15. I don't think Nike or Adidas actually want to sell any jersys this season with these abortions they've designed. I always have a chuckle when ever I see Hearts playing against celtic with that sponsor.
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