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  1. Tyson Fury looked quite good. His unbelievable head movement to avoid Schwarts 5 punch combo in the 2nd was unbelievable.
  2. Sasa Papac and Davie Weir. Signing another useless cunt from Vienna and an OAP thought was going to fuck us over. But they both gave their heart and soul for this team and didn't stop fighting for us on the pitch.
  3. Just when I think these cunts couldn't render me speechless AGAIN, they go and prove me wrong.
  4. I swear they better not land us with the Chinese version of those creepy as fuck Thai Tims.
  5. Aye and the next time he has a shocker cunts will go back to wanting to chase him out with pitchforks.
  6. Hahahahahahahaha fuck Joshua and more importantly fuck Eddie Hearn!!!
  7. Remember follks, Keiran Teirnay is still better than a Champions League winner
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