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  1. SuperPapac05

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Not that I like Docherty or that but I'd be pretty miffed if I was below that donkey Halliday in the pecking order.
  2. SuperPapac05

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Aye if the new gaffer is Wee Ronny ...
  3. SuperPapac05

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Two cunts who recently played for Aberdeen moving clubs for a combined fee of £36 million. Fuck me.
  4. SuperPapac05

    Sad state for scottish fooball

    That is a fucking riddy.
  5. SuperPapac05

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    I like DJ but he backs down way to much to the tarriers on SSB. He needs to grow a set of balls and put these cunts in their place.
  6. SuperPapac05

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Dressing like they cunts surely can't be legal.
  7. SuperPapac05

    Great Night For Scotland

    Scotland will gain ZERO benefit from that result. So how the fuck is it a great night for Scotland? Hate these YES mongos with a passion.
  8. SuperPapac05

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Benching Sane
  9. SuperPapac05

    Show Rodgers The Red Card - A Grubb Like No Other

    They usually write some good stuff but that article was shambolic.
  10. SuperPapac05

    UFC live.

    They're talking about the fight being in Nov, but he's not entered USADA yet? Fucking weird.
  11. SuperPapac05

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    Peter Drury and Jim Beglin were an amazing team. Got to be big Motty for me. Guy just oozed passion.
  12. SuperPapac05

    Jermaine Defoe (Bournemouth)

    A massive upgrade on Miller. He is going to tear defences up here to peices.
  13. SuperPapac05

    Sky sports to lose the Scottish cup.tv rights

    Sky spunking all their eggs into one EPL basket.
  14. SuperPapac05

    Are you supporting England at the World Cup

    Damn right I am. I get a lot of shit for doing so by cunts. But fuck them and it gives me an excuse to tell the fannies that Scotland said No.
  15. SuperPapac05

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Should we write to New Balance and tell them one of their club is an avid supporter of terrorism? Naw, because that would be gay as fuck!!!