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  1. This club is a fucking wreck. Who on fucking earth thought it was a great idea to do this the night of a Tarrier game?
  2. Well it's gained more coverage than it usually gets.
  3. Got to give it to the big man, he's trying to make women's tennis half interesting.
  4. One of my fave ever players to pull on a Gers top. Love the big man.
  5. RIP bigman. The tarrier goal has gained him Immortality. He will always live on.
  6. Only in this country for about a month and he's already hardcoring it on the self scan. What a soldier!!!
  7. All the best to the big man and his family. That goal against Celtic still lives long and deep in the memory.
  8. A treble and unbeaten season wiped out at the hands of the mighty Rangers. They'll be smearing shite all over Brenda's motor for that.
  9. No, Tav is just shit!!!
  10. Trying not to make this look as bad as it sounds, but why the fact would Ronaldo need to resort to rape? He's fucking RONALDO!!! All manner of stunning birds throw themselves at him begging to suck his dick. Unlike ugly wankers like Scott Brown. I don't give a fuck if he's gay. It shouldn't harm any guy if they like the boaby.
  11. He's freed up a spot for another Tarrier to take the pundit seat on Sunday. Hopefully it's Sir Walter they get and he can glare the Tarrier lover to death.
  12. The forgot to add in the right side Hampden penalty spot. After all, the molemen underneath were the ones that cost them the tie last year
  13. Fuck John Terry, the guy is a cunt of the highest order.
  14. Let's get a repeat done on Sunday!!!
  15. So Lennon gets to dodge a semi-final ban because the only lawyer in Edinburgh is away on holiday and Brown gets to dodge a ban because it's Easter? This is the bunch of spastics that is supposed to help grow Scotlands game