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  1. Origi dived. Get some laser eye surgery and watch it back.
  2. No it wasn't. Origi made a complete cluster fuck of it. VAR got it spot on.
  3. I honestly think if Tav slaughtered a new born baby on the pitch Gerrard still wouldn't drop him.
  4. Gutted. Hopefully England go on to win it now.
  5. Eddie Jones always has a Bond Villian look about him.
  6. It's like that joke: 'How can you tell someone is a Vegan?' 'They'll tell you!' Lewis Hamilton is a cunt.
  7. He looks like he's nursing a hangover. What a trampy bastard he is.
  8. Have there been mass suicides at Pacific Quay yet? Fuck the BBC tarriers.
  9. SuperPapac05


    I'm actually going to put it more on Defoe's maturity. He knows he's at the end of his career (or else he wouldn't have joined us) he knows he's the back up, he knows his role is to provide support on and off the field for Alfie to make him better. Defoe used to be a bit of a knob in his younger years so probably sees a lot of that in Alfie and is trying to steer him in the right direction so not to fuck up his career. I think that Morelos's attitude has changed from his influence. He is a team player pure and simple. He'll make a terrific coach one day no doubt.
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