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  1. Thank fuck Lafferty is at Hearts. Gave me the fear knowing there was a small chance he might return to us. Him being booed by 50,000 Rangers and Hearts fans at Ibrox will punt any idea of coming back out of his heed.
  2. Fuck Halliday. Useless wanker. Him being a Rangers man didn't do anyone any good when we were getting fucked by the Taigs worse than Jimmy Savile on a corpse. And who the fuck is Gregg Wylde anyway? Cunt has got off far to lightly for being a deserter.
  3. Aye. Expected today. Hopefully it comes in the next hour.
  4. They then going to buy him back for 80 mill in 2 years then?
  5. He's gone by Xmas and so is Caxinha. Maybe something can be agreed on ...
  6. I groaned when I read it was Hermes delivering. They are fucking shite. Going by previous experience I won't get mine till the back of 8 tonight. Either that or I know it'll be a taig delivery driver who'll just bin it
  7. Taigs must have put the screws on thr supermarkets cause Powerade supports sectarianism.
  8. I thought it was Borini Brenda was after. I wouldnt want that got a feeling he'd smash it up here. But hey, when they get the £250 million for Dembele then they can afford to buy Borini, Bojan and Roberts
  9. No fucking surprise it's this poster spouting this shite. Take this to fuck to the Politics section.
  10. Yasss get it up the cunts, Dave. About time the tarriers got a slice of the shite the give out
  11. So does this mean that poor wee Celtic will have fuck all grounds to complain to UEFA when their supporters, who do go over there, get done in?
  12. Fuck that. The Tarriers will be signing him for their reserve team if we fuck about.
  13. I don't think even Rob Kiernan's maw will buy them.
  14. I thought this thing was about Billy King. I couldn't think what he actually did wrong Fuck Dundee Utd. So much for not needing Rangers. Cunts. EVERY club in Scotland badly needs Rangers!!!
  15. There is no changes the Lions can make that will make the outcome of the 2nd test any different. NZ are sheer quality.