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  1. They got pumped out the Champions League the other night by some random crappy Russian Team.
  2. It depends. We need to see if Taylor states that he 'wasn't really a Rangers fan'
  3. £12 million for Forrest. Jesus fuck the mhedia don't half rip the arse out of valuing the tarriers players.
  4. We demolished Hibs and yet some cunt's first thought is 'let's see what the tarriers think'. Fuck them!!!
  5. Their goalkeeper earned his money yesterday. He had no help from his pathetic midfield and defence. Should have been in double figures.
  6. He must be some sort of vampire. He looks and plays like he's mid 20's. He's been outstanding for us.
  7. I really wish we kept him. He had the makings of a damaging striker. He just needed time to adjust to the Premiership and once he had I reckon he'd be flying.
  8. And if he doesn't the spin will be celtic pulled the plug on the deal because the Big bad Arsenal thought they could just try and bully poor wee celtic over payment structure. Nothing to do with Golden Boy being damaged goods.
  9. Liam Burt wasn't good enough for us so no chance he'll be good enough for them. Boy is a roaster for going there.
  10. Mental at Spurs spending considering the guy who signs the cheques is an equivalent to Tam from still game. If Man City weren't such a well oiled machine they would surely be favourites for the title.
  11. And he might be sold already ... https://www.foxsportsasia.com/football/transfer-news/1152172/reports-russian-side-to-sell-barcelona-star-within-months-of-signing-him-due-to-racist-fan-chanting/
  12. If it mean's he'll start every game over there and maybe help pump the Tarriers and the Sheep then I'm all for it.
  13. That's exactly it. celtic can't handle it when teams go toe-to-toe with them. It's why we battered them at Ibrox last year why they did so shit in Europe. It baffles me why teams just stand off them so much - they're just playing into their strengths.
  14. 1. Man City 2. Tottenham 3. Chelsea 4. Liverpool Brighton Sheff Utd Aston Villa to be relegated.
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