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  1. Lost to a bunch of taxi drivers and chinese takeaway cunts in Europe is one thing, but losing to that cunt Lennon and the spoonburners AT FUCKING HOME is to much. He'll not see October in Scotland at the rate he's going.
  2. The lack of orange is disturbing.
  3. Good. Getting the polis in was Taig like behaviour in the first place. How about letting the polis do some actual work like catch Taig pedos.
  4. Any cunt still wanting a McGregor win now?
  5. Thread feels like something from KerryFail. Banning and picking Refs is such a taigy thing to do. Aye they're utter shite, but the other teams have to put up with their shite too. Leave all the paranoid shite for the Taigs to do and force another referee strike.
  6. He's completely different on the BBC during the international tournaments, but on Sky he clearly is trying to compete with Gary Neville in sounding like he knows what he's talking about.
  7. The English Walter Smith. Would get us back fighting but the football will result on countless threads in here meaning about the style.
  8. Xenna? I take it Sparky was a fan of the TV show then?
  9. Surely not even the taigs believe on that shite. That's spitting in the face of the likes of Kenny Dalglish. Paul Lambert was miles better than Tierney and had the major medals to prove it.
  10. 'Nakamura ate my dog' I forgot about that belter
  11. They'll be fine. Mbappe will make a great ambassador for the 2022 World Cup Letting Verratti go would be mental. Ditch Di Maria, Draxler and Jese and they could raise about 100 million.
  12. They should. Unless the manager is an absolute jobsworth cunt the staff in the shop won't give two fucks where you bought the top from. You're paying for the printing so there really should be no issue.
  13. Who the fuck is gonnae believe that a Hearts fan put on a Taigs tap to slash some cunt in the name of KYLE LAFFERTY!!!
  14. But they made the poor boy use Google
  15. We should hold a minutes silence at Ibrox every week to mourn the fact he's still alive.