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  1. Board Out

    Who's buying them out? Mike Ashley? I'd rather stick with this shower of shite than him.
  2. Supporter Delusion

    I'm thankful of seeing the back of the posts who act like Murty is the new Pep Guardiola.
  3. Stevie Clarke

    Clarke is the sort of manager that suits being the manager of a lower team. He might not transition well to the preassures of managing Rangers.
  4. Murty times up mate

    Thank fuck this can put an end to the Murty wankfest amongst our support. He better no be in his role next season.
  5. Greek League Suspended

    Fuck sake they've just given Neil Lennon ideas
  6. Jamie Carragher gobs on a 14 year old

    The fact it was a lassie he spat on is what will get them the sack.
  7. Liverpool

    And some lesbian action for half time entertainment.
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I'm fucking speechless here
  9. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Knowing the supporters luck, Arsenal are going to win this and it will give the board the excuse they need to keep Wenger
  10. Warburton - Rangers have a chance.

    He'd have done better if he was given the same money as Pedro.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They are so mentally ill!!!
  12. Falkirk game on Sunday

    Aye but as long as the area around the stadium is fine then the club and Sky won't give a shit where people are coming from. I fully expect the game to go ahead.
  13. Falkirk game on Sunday

    There's not much snow forecast for this part so I'd be surprised if the game was called off.
  14. Ian Holloway "slams" Graeme Murty re Sean Goss

    Ian Holloway is a big mouth cunt and probably supports the tarriers.