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  1. Utility Man

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    I know a player who shares the same agent as John McGinn. The celtic transfer fiasco of that “no brainer” lies squarely with Peter Lawwell. His complete arrogance led to McGinn signing for AV and Lawwell phoning McGinn’s grandfather ( ex-celtic employee) that McGinn would never be offered the chance to join celtic ever again, despite the mess being Lawwell’s. The rift between BR and Lawwell/board started then and both want rid of each other.
  2. Utility Man

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    You have nailed it. He wants out but needs to save face and the board want rid of without a pay out. The perfect marriage of inconvenience.
  3. Utility Man

    Cast your mind back

    Being at that game in 1986, Sunday’s events reminded me of that day immediately also.
  4. Utility Man

    sfa bigot exposed

    "It's a Grand Old Team......" they stole from Everton fans over 50 years ago.