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  1. Play both - Goldson has done well but rest him.
  2. I was at the Juve game - got back to my flat only to discover the pope had died that night.
  3. Sleep well and safe Fernando.
  4. Wasn’t the worst that played for us and always done his best - good luck J 🇬🇧
  5. Sorry tarriers, this is too easy - talk later
  6. Does anyone over 12 actually say that Bungle?
  7. Hey Bungle, what’s yer group chat’s name, Obsessed Tarriers?
  8. Reverting to type eh tarriers? Let’s all gang up and have a go at one guy - what a shower of deluded self opinionated wankers
  9. Tarrier levels of obsession going on in here.
  10. Are you obsessed with me Bungle? Stop sending me private messages.
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