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  1. Feckin great for the rancid Arab twats - I hope they disappear after we pump them in a cup next season. So much for all their Sell Out Saturdays and how they wanted us finished. 😂 @jimspence
  2. I always thought that was stretching it a bit BUT absolutely nothing is beyond that rancid lot.
  3. If we sign Stewart, he becomes a Bear and is worth our support until he proves otherwise. After all, Kamara hasn’t been a bad signing. I’ll trust SG, McAllister, etc because they know a wee bit more about the game than me!
  4. Did he really say that? This needs to go viral if he did - it sounds like the words of a paedo defending himself.
  5. Hope we play half a dozen kids, let them go out and enjoy themselves. What’s the worst that can happen - sheep missing Euro place 🤣
  6. I don’t remember LFC murdering anyone. Pretty sure at least one Bear has murdered someone so are we down to an argument of numbers? As I said, special stupid.
  7. Didn’t they have fans like us that never came back from a game of football?
  8. You are a special kind of stupid - tarrier stupid
  9. As a club they’ve had tragedies like us - well done to them
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