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  1. I agree with you mate but it scares me the number of our supporters that want rid of SG now. Who do they want ? McCoist, Murty, Pedro, McCall, Warburton? This season was always about rebuilding, and we’ve done alright, all things considered. However, if we all want to throw our hands up in the air like a wee shower of fairy godmother (or godfather) princesses (princes) and give up, what’s the plan for next season? Maybe McInnes might change his mind ?
  2. FFS - what now, sack SG? Aye, feckin great - let’s bring back Pedro, McCall, McCoist. After all, they were brilliant for the club !!! Our Club was shafted, down and out, and will take a couple of years to return where we should be. We are better now than we were under Warbuton and his magic feckin hat. SG is building and although we’ve just been humped by the sheep shaggers, give him time. He’s a rookie manager in charge of a huge club. He has to learn, I’m sure he will - his first season is not a disaster. Or or will we sack him and replace him with ..........?(fill in name here)
  3. I thought that was what everyone was looking for - sorry 😫
  4. If SG can improve Halliday, Jack, then I’d give the gaffer the benefit of the doubt. He probably knows a bit more about the game than me 🤔
  5. Sad news at the passing of a legend. 🇬🇧
  6. I get that and agree that it would cause problems but the UB need to have a higher profile. As suggested previously, what about the away fans at the back of the club deck?
  7. Yeah, I remember but we must be able to come up with an engineering solution to protect the away fans below. Maybe a mesh net that will stop all things like coins, etc (but not a Bovril cup full of pish) 😀😁
  8. Ok, so I’m a fool now because I haven’t given up on my team? We all have zero influence ya feckin nugget but it doesn’t mean we all have to be negative, defeatist zoomers. You really are a special kind of stupid. 🙄
  9. Talking about attitude mate - you just give up, and do you know, if you’re right then come back on and tell me, “I told you so”. That will be something for you to be proud of 🤫
  10. Well, let’s not bother even turning up then - have you never heard a helicopter changing direction? Thank fuck we had guys like Marvin Andrews instead of defeatists like you 😂
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