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  1. Was hoping the extended break would allow Jack, Tavernier, Davis, Morelos find their feet again. Early days I know but fuck sake they’ve looked miles off it.
  2. Just watched the YouTube videos for the new strikers and it turns out 90% of their goals are tap ins or sclaffed deflections or headers/rebounds from a yard out. Which is genuinely exactly what we need imo.
  3. No mention of Hayes booting Morelos other than McCoist mentioning how much he admires the wee wank a minute later.
  4. Need to stop chucking it after taking a lead. Get this game put to bed early second half.
  5. Maybe calm down with the mongo insults Malky fuck sake we’re no in P7. I don’t hate Tav, I think he’s a good full back in this league. He stays on we probably don’t lose that goal. I just don’t think he’s captain material and if that’s Gough or Souness, they’re no coming off.
  6. Sitter would be harsh but more than a half chance and one that he’d have buried last season.
  7. I’m not a doctor and believe it or not, I’m not a Tav hater either...but I’m expecting my captain to play through the pain barrier for 5 minutes unless totally crocked aye.
  8. Straight after the game I’m cursing him but give the guy a break. Him and Edmundson are just not up to the standard required. Problem here is Captain Courageous who fucks off injured leaving us in the shit and giving him a convenient excuse to miss the celtic game. And although some improvement tonight, not one person in that crowd expected Morelos to bury that header. Our so called big name players have let us down massively this year.
  9. Your whole season’s on the line and that’s the level of performance you turn up with in front of those fans? Good side or not, that’s piss poor so far.
  10. Carrying a bit of extra weight and doesn’t shake hands with the coaching staff any more I’ve heard.
  11. Goalkeepers always seem to play a blinder right now with Morelos on the pitch. Him smashing it as hard as he can from ridiculous angles regardless of whether he is set for a shot or has other options is getting on my tits.
  12. Morelos loves the Rangers so much he’s been eating birthday cakes for his breakfast by the looks of him. He can fuck off as well. Absolute shambles of a team. What is Goldson playing at? And Tav OUR CAPTAIN hobbling off after a knock caused by his own shite touch? If they cunts could write the script for our 2020 this would be it.
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