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  1. "I'll make Rangers a selling club." Translated as "Like the look of your new players last night Rangers fans? Well fuck you! They're all going to Southampton in January." No prizes for guessing which newspaper decided to pick out that headline from what I thought was an excellent interview from Mark Allen.
  2. Guys like Forrester will beat three men then stick a cross out for a throw in. Love the fact Candeias just whips it into a dangerous area early. Once our strikers get in tune with this, we'll cause any team problems.
  3. He's not quick and looks limited on the ball so I was hoping he'd be dominating and bullying centre halves. I've not seen much of that either tbh. Going by their reputations I wanted a Herrera, Morelos partnership but I'm not convinced by the big man so far. Plenty time to prove me wrong right enough.
  4. Dunny called it. Herrera was unlucky with that header but didn't win any aerial challenge all game. All this talk about a target man and winning knockdowns for runners...? I've yet to see it. Maybe worth going with Morelos up front and Pena in the hole. He can then drop back at times to give us an extra body in midfield (which was worryingly over-run at times today). Admittedly, this suggestion is based on zero knowledge of Pena's ability, I'm just hoping he can't be any worse than what we have. Anyway, I'll take the win, onwards and upwards etc.
  5. To the tune of Rock Me Amadeus obviously.... Dan Candeias Dan Candeias Dan Candeias Dan Candeias Dan Candeias Dan Candeias Dan Candeias Dan Candeias oh oh oh Dan Candeias You're welcome.
  6. A good way to gain popularity is by making a thread about a new Rangers song you've just made up. Usually goes down an absolute storm on here 👍
  7. That wee incident out at the bye-line did look a bit clumsy but he's no been brought in to do step-overs. Get some Candeias deliveries onto his nut and he'll do a job for us.
  8. Shat out another aerial challenge today as soon as he came on and showed no desire to track back. After his Progres disaster he could at least kid on he gives a fuck.
  9. Much better shape about us. Decent left sided midfielder and we'll not be far away. Looked solid at the back and Tav looked almost good in that formation. Pena looks miles out of shape though and Dalcio....fucking hell.
  10. Ryan Jack's the least of our worries, but in fairness, the twins make a decent point about our midfield... when was the last time we had a centre mid who would drive forward, take a player on and open up a bit of space? It's one reason why we're piss easy to defend against.
  11. I'm sure Progres will be available for a friendly 2 weeks from now.
  12. 3-5-2. Our full backs can't stop crosses anyway so as well having none. Our striker never gets a kick so at least give him someone to talk to. Our new widemen are shite so stick Wallace and Tav there so they can be equally as shite but further away from our goal. Sorted.
  13. Forrester is a third rate showboating one trick pony who shouldn't be anywhere near a Rangers jersey but fucksake he doesn't deserve that mate.
  14. Big worry for me is he's had a good few games last season to suss the standard of player needed (and I know it's very early days) but a couple of the new boys look way short of what's required.
  15. Begin with sideways passing until we realise we're no good enough or accurate enough to break teams down. Next, try lumping it diagonally out for a shy or straight into the path of an opposing full back. And finish off with over-hit punts up to the centre forward. Meanwhile, no-one take any responsibility for crosses delivered into your own box. Is this the plan Pedro?