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  1. According to The Metro this morning it was a ball launched over the top by Hagi...made it sound like a clearance 😂 He plays a couple of those killer passes a game, that’ll do for me.
  2. I shit myself less when McGregor is under pressure with the ball at his feet. Katic has been an accident waiting to happen for weeks. No sure why Kent’s getting grief today though...looks our biggest threat. Problem is our formation’s been sussed but won’t be changed. Our season is 45 minutes away from imploding.
  3. We need to continue with that 2-1- 7 formation going forward imo.
  4. And 9 times out of 10 we’ve misplaced that 2 yard pass.
  5. That performance is even more embarrassing than our pitch. We are fucking horrible to watch right now.
  6. Stonewall penalty for Aberdeen denied and their goal should never have stood. Clear foul by Griffiths unpunished. How many big decisions are they gonnae get? Can’t see a result going our way now.
  7. McKenzie handled the ball twice in the run up to the first goal THEN jumped on the back of Tavernier THEN played basketball to stop a throw-in in injury time. Cunt should’ve been sent off twice. Although, not for the first time we shat it second half. Can’t blame teams parking the bus any more. Attack us, create one chance and our defence will make sure you get a goal.
  8. There was an incident out on the left touchline second half where I think Barisic? was heading towards his own goal and was clearly fouled and pulled back right in front of the linesman Daniel Somecunt who had no intention of flagging until he realised the Hibs move was coming to nothing then he flags for the foul. Wee seemingly innocuous things like that happening constantly now.
  9. Get him wide and one on one with the full back. Comes inside he’s got 3 or 4 to beat. He’s off form but Gerard not helping him by playing him out of position.
  10. Noticed some complaints about him giving the ball away, especially first half. It’s about time someone did that...he’s always looking forward and taking risks. All that safe passing is why we’ve looked shit recently.
  11. Edmundson looks like he’s got a bit of everything and should be a cracker in a year or so. His mid-range passing is superb for a centre half. Katic still my preferred option but his form has been shaky last few weeks, and his already suspect distribution hasn’t been helped by that midden of a pitch.
  12. If he’s supposed to one of the fairer refs, then he’s definitely got himself a wee offshore bank account this season. Not even applying the basic laws of the game...one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Good to see the poison dripping out that cunt Potter at the end. Get it right up the lot of them.
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