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  1. Never heard of him. Edit: To clarify...I’ve no spelt it wrong, my son’s name is Marcus.
  2. Looks amazing in the middle and at the back but would like to see more of Polster up top to be honest, preferably without the bikini.
  3. Now convinced his “shot”against Feyenoord was just a poor touch.
  4. Horrendous from Tav. Worse from Ojo. But Morelos, as much as he was brilliant first half especially, needs to bury that chance at the end.
  5. Hoping he’s nowhere near the starting 11 on Thursday...it’s another synthetic pitch I think. Don’t fancy him on that after Livi.
  6. He always looks to me as if he doesn’t quite have the belief in himself to be a top player. After today, I hope he kicks on...offers something a bit different to what we have. Well in wee man.
  7. Och, you’ve spoilt ma joke 😁 Wasn’t there last night, no idea who set it off...crowd sounded superb but I’m with the old guys on this one. Pyro’s all a bit “plastic hard man” for me.
  8. I was right next to the guy when it went off last night so I won’t hear a bad word about him.
  9. Hits shots straight at defenders half a yard away from him for fun. Decision making is poor and offers nothing defensively. On the other hand, his pace is frightening. Might mature into a good one eventually but I doubt we’ll see it at Rangers.
  10. Not suited to that type of game at all. Had a mare and Goldson not much better. Scrappy battles like that, we need to go for Katic 100%.
  11. You’ve spelt Elmander wrong.
  12. Offering nothing out wide and Helander and Aribo shiteing out of every challenge. Need to up the tempo second half...St Johnstone growing in confidence.
  13. Sutton operating the BT possession stats? 55-45 in their favour doesn’t seem right.
  14. He’s not been perfect but seeing Barisic actually go past people and show a bit of intent is great to see.
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