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  1. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    I’ve never seen a Rangers team look so disinterested. That’s the rot setting in now. Few weeks down the line and we’ll be miles off second.
  2. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    Denied a last gasp result last weekend and he’s all smiles and giggles...wee bit different last night eh Neil? ? Get it right fucking up ye.
  3. Ryan Jack Red

    It was a commendable attempt by Jack to look like he accidentally crippled May when he 100% deliberately set out to cripple May. The pretend shock on Jack’s face when the red was issued should seal the deal for any doubters. Almost as bad as McInnes “celebrating” their goal.
  4. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Herrera still jumping down the way I see the useless prick.Whole team is so slow and one dimensional. No imagination. Embarrassment. Total fucking embarrassment. Allan offered more in 10 minutes than our whole team did in 90. Get to fuck. Get to fucking fuck.
  5. Well done Murty & the team

    After reading the match thread afterwards it looks like you might be right...but at the time I must admit I felt pretty comfortable outwith the goal and their sitter...we were at least trying to play football.
  6. Kenny Miller > Pedro Caixinha

    Going searching and then posting these pictures in here after today is a new low. Get this to fuck.
  7. Well done Murty & the team

    Biggest difference for me was the fact we tried to play football on the deck wherever possible. Sick of seeing us launching it up to wee Morelos week after week. Murty clearly had a plan today and the players executed it really well.
  8. Ross McCrorie

    Everything in his locker to be a Rangers great. Only failings I can see are down to lack of experience (cheap free kick today). Pacey, brave, good on the ball. I’d start him every week based on his performances so far.
  9. Jason Holt

    Outstanding today. Especially considering he was doing the job of 2 men after another Jack disappearing act.
  10. Pedro for the chop

    Can’t remember an above average 90 minutes since he arrived. Cant see any progress or plan and now the players have chucked it too. Sickening result but the sad thing is not one of us were surprised when that goal went in. Not good enough again and can’t see us getting anywhere near second place now.
  11. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Came on here purely to call Butcher a cunt but I’ve been beaten to it by another 11 people. He’s clearly just out to piss us off but he’s just embarrassing himself now.
  12. Dirty lego eating bastard

    The fact Pena - who struggles to run the length of himself - was able to keep him relatively quiet in the first half shows you how good Brown is. Second half we let him run riot. And aye maybe not quite bullied today but they definitely bossed us the last half hour while we stood back and admired it. Sickening to watch.
  13. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Brown is a prick and gets away with murder but there’s fuck all in that incident. Problem is too many in that team just allowed themselves to be bossed and bullied by a plastic hardman.
  14. Still raging at Butcher's comments after the elbow incident. And the fact Pedro didn't bring on The Dalcio last 5 mins purely to put his studs clean through Gardyne's knee. But overall, happy with the result.
  15. "I'll make Rangers a selling club." Translated as "Like the look of your new players last night Rangers fans? Well fuck you! They're all going to Southampton in January." No prizes for guessing which newspaper decided to pick out that headline from what I thought was an excellent interview from Mark Allen.