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  1. Full time absolutely pumped these fucking hammer throwers.
  2. We want 5! fucking smash these hammer throwing cunts
  3. Yasss go for the jugular now, no fucking sitting back
  4. We are just so easy to play through ffs
  5. theclothmonster

    Lack of winners?

    I'd argue the midfield has been consistently bad so far this season and is a real problem. There's been a few games where Jack, Coulibaly or Ejaria have put in a performance but other than that the whole midfield just disappears. Alfredo is continually isolated and any decent attacking play is usually from the flanks. Priority in the next window has to be midfielders who can create and dictate the play, taking the pressure off of the defence and making it harder for opponents who just need to shut down the flanks atm.
  6. theclothmonster

    Lack of winners?

    We are definitely lacking a proper leader on the pitch despite Gerrard thinking he was signing some. There is no one on the pitch getting a grip of the players when it gets tough, no one bollocking players doing stupid things in their own half. Fed up watching this team take the lead and then just retreat into its shell. I've never seen a team that is so uncomfortable being a goal up that it loses any hint of composure unless it gets the second goal.
  7. theclothmonster

    Gerarrds Fault

    He should be accounting for it because they've been shite for weeks, the midfield especially has been a real concern this season.
  8. theclothmonster

    Flanagan cost us that game

    When having Halliday at LB is a better option then you know you are fucking shite
  9. theclothmonster

    Gerarrds Fault

    How the fuck does Ejaria stay on the pitch so long in these games where he's a complete passenger if not a liability when he is fucking about in his own half.