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  1. I would argue that Defoe and Davis were brought in specifically to change the formation and is why they were thrown straight in, it was obvious that the 4-3-3 wasn't working against teams that sit in. He's tried twice to change the formation away from the 4-3-3, going with two up front and both times the result has been poor. Both times the players didn't look like they understood what they were supposed to be doing. I think alongside the 4/5 quality players we need in the summer, we need someone in the dugout with him who can guide him on how to affect games structurally.
  2. I think the shit show of a game he tried the 3-5-2 out near the start of the season and the reaction to it has made him very reluctant to change it up. Other than that and the odd 4-4-2 game after signing Defoe and Davis it's been the same tactics even when it was clear it wasn't working in lots of matches.
  3. I think the better question is should it have taken SG this long to provide support for the lone striker. Alfie has been left isolated up front all season with hoof balls from Goldson and Worrall to feed off of and he's still been our best player by a huge margin. What's worrying is that SG and his backroom staff have only tweaked the 4-3-3 because of the suspensions to Alfie and Kent.
  4. Worrall is fucking awful the guy is a bombscare
  5. Goldson Worrall partnership again ffs.....
  6. Alfredo has been our best outfield player this season and it's not even close, the red cards don't change that. Kent has had a couple of hot spells and outside of that has been bang average if not anonymous, certainly not worth the money some on here suggest we should pay for him.
  7. I thought Gerrard was the wrong appointment at the time and still do, it's like we learnt nothing from the Murty fiasco.
  8. Got no Fucking chance with Tav as captain. Spineless fucking imposter it's no wonder we have no composure and discipline with this clown as a "leader"
  9. Do something Gerrard, have a go. At least go down with a fight.
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