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  1. What school did you go to?
  2. R.I.P Bob
  3. Haha brilliant, wasn't expecting that. Daily rhebel front pager right there with Houston condemning it, get it up ye ya fucking grass.
  4. Fully depends on whether PC can instil a fighting mentality into the players. There was visible improvement in both attacking movement and defensive shape against Hamilton which is good news. The main problem is that this squad of players have been found wanting when put under pressure. While the lack of clear insight and direction from MW other than "do plan A better" takes a portion of the blame, it still doesn't excuse the spineless personal performances by many of the players. We have two games against the sheep still to come, so it is a realistic target. I just won't get my hopes up until I see major improvements against a side that press us high up the pitch and give us a game that a poor Hamilton side couldn't.
  5. Do you have flash enabled on your browser? go to your internet settings > Advanced settings > Content settings > go down to flash section and tick allow flash
  6. He actually attempted a shot with his weaker foot, he's shite but its still progress
  7. Miller was in the dugout for the U20's match
  8. First ten minutes and last ten minutes he was good, everything in between he was completely anonymous.
  9. Thought he put in a lot of effort today but overall was quite poor. Really disappointed with Hyndman and McKay, both were complete passengers in this game. Hyndman will escape any criticism due to his involvement in the goal but other than that he was invisible for 80 minutes. Pleasantly surprised by Tavernier, he had a few dodgy moments but he looked up for it and had a good game overall.
  10. Mhedia gushing over these shite tarrier bastards, we're our own worst enemies. Half our team wearing lead boots, can't control a ball and no pace.
  11. Fucking smash these cunts and get a scarf tied around the goalpost in their fucking midden.
  12. Schools aren't in on a Saturday, he'll be three fingers deep down his sisters house today
  13. Traffic cones have a better turn of pace than what we have now
  14. No the fact that he needs someone in the background helping and advising him because he isn't up to the job tells you he isn't good enough.