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  1. Be the exact same as the Marseille game, an absolute fiasco.
  2. Timskelper
  3. Still waiting on this superstar joining us that's going to shock us all that FF ITK posters said was happening. Then there was Weiss on the plane on his way to sign, longest flight in history it seems. Bunch of arseholes that jerk off on all the attention they get posting their shite.
  4. Not true though is it, the British had to intervene due to the atrocities against the jewish people who entered their country. It was the Arabs who then rejected the British plan to recognise Palestine as an Arab state Edit and it wasn't the Palestinians who welcomed the jews to the country, it was the jews fleeing persecution in Europe who fled to the "British mandate of Palestine". The Arabs who had been under Turkish rule rejected these refugees and tried to massacre them which led to the British crushing the Arabs.
  5. Palestine supported the Nazi genocide of the jews in world war two just as your oirish child molesting ancestors did.
  6. He was dropping deep when we had possession to collect the ball and that's the last thing you should be doing as a lone striker when your midfielders are allergic to running beyond you.
  7. The few times last season he was played up front through the middle he was dropping too far deep as well.
  8. Closed door game perfect opportunity to get Pena some decent game time, he got less than 15 minutes against Marseille. No point shelling all that money out on him and having him so far behind the curve come the start of the season. Sunday will be more or less the starting eleven against Motherwell, so I doubt he'll see more than 20/30 minutes then.
  9. The teams in our league will have ten defenders though
  10. Niko needs an oxygen tank after 15 minutes
  11. Most of the talk will be about Alves but I was impressed with Cardoso, he's been the standout so far this pre season for me.
  12. Belter
  13. Where's Pena all that money shelled out and he'll be lucky to see 20 mins here.
  14. If you can listen to Portugese commentators its on youtube live here
  15. Think we are going to struggle to third, our two fullbacks are still a massive liability and despite all he has done for us the likelihood that Miller is in Pedro's best 11 is shocking. The new additions will make us harder to score against but we also look more toothless going forward if that's even possible after last season.