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  1. theclothmonster


  2. theclothmonster

    Jordan Jones

    Don't understand going for Jones tbh, he gets criticised constantly by the Killie fans for being disinterested in games and leaving his fullback exposed due to his defensive laziness. That isn't going to fit in with what SG expects from his players, hope we aren't going to start copying the tarriers by hoovering up spl talent regardless of whether they are a good fit or not.
  3. theclothmonster

    Steven Davis

    I wasn't comparing Sadiq, Ejaria and Flanagan to Davis, I was using them as examples of SG's judgement as to who he thinks can do a job seeing as your original post stated that that was all that mattered.
  4. theclothmonster

    Steven Davis

    Every manager signs players that don't work out that's the point, it's in response to the people that try to shut down any other points of discussion with "Gerrard's opinion is all that matters", when discussing potential signings in the transfer section. Also in reality I wonder if Mark Allen thinks SG's opinion is all that matters too?
  5. theclothmonster

    Steven Davis

    Gerrard thought Sadiq, Ejaria and Flanagan could do a job
  6. theclothmonster


    I think SG could have turned him into a taxi driver of the like we haven't seen since Senderos left.
  7. theclothmonster

    They said it ruin the atmosphere

    Cover the kiddyfiddlers up with some blue tarpaulin
  8. theclothmonster

    Transfer Window

    Cover for Tav required too although I think one of the trialists sorts that one out.
  9. theclothmonster

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Fantastic performance and a well deserved rest for the boys.
  10. theclothmonster

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Fantastic first half Rangers the tarriers can't handle the pace we are setting. Please don't sit back and go defensive and try and hit on the break, go for the jugular and chase these cunts from Ibrox.
  11. theclothmonster

    Goldson & Worrall

    Goldson's best performances were alongside Katic. Katic had one bad game after an injury and hasn't been seen since while Worrall puts these performances in every game.
  12. theclothmonster

    Goldson & Worrall

    Worrall gives me the fear, never seen one of our cb's panic so much since Kiernan.
  13. theclothmonster

    Niko Katic Homesickness

    A load of the recruits at my basic training put their hands up right at the start when the platoon sergeant said "hello who doesn't want to be here", they hadn't even given it two minutes before going back home.
  14. theclothmonster

    Grezda and Barisic

    Murphy would be perfect in front of Barisic
  15. theclothmonster

    Teams who defend

    Morelos and Arfield consistently make those runs and it shows when they aren't playing. We just don't have the players who have that mindset, look at when we do actually get decent final balls into the box, no one is busting a gut to get on the end of it.