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  1. Hivs please, give them another skelping. Hoping the taigs get the easiest tie possible and lose before Lennon unravels.
  2. None of the fringe players taking the opportunity given this match. Really disappointed in Docherty and Stewart, look pish even against this level of opposition. Kamara has looked every bit a 50k player wanting too much time on the ball and playing suicide balls in his half. Some real questions need answered if we don't sign a left back this window.
  3. Prone to giving the ball away deep in our half, constantly sucked into the ball leaving a huge gap that attackers run into. He's a liability, single handedly papped us out at the group stage last season.
  4. Fucking Flanagan cant pass if his life depended on it, awful player
  5. I'd swap Barisic for Tav and put Flanagan at right back. Need Tav for the next round, no point tempting fate and him picking up a silly second yellow.
  6. Slack as fuck since we scored, should have settled us down
  7. Jones terrorised them in the first leg, strange to see him left out. If anyone should make way for Arfield it should be Ojo.
  8. Didn't think he was good enough before he signed, if he plays like he has the last two games then they'll be a fair few eating their own words alongside me.
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