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  1. Outpaced by Boyd
  2. First half was eye rape, resorting to hoof ball against Partick fucking Thistle.
  3. Been saying this for a while, there is no massive player clear out in the summer without the sort of investment that is unlikely to come.
  4. Most of these players are still under contract and unlikely to want to leave their cushy number with us for the clubs that would be likely interested in them going by their performances this season. It's going to take a few transfer windows to clear this lot out without paying them off, it's not going to be Pedro's squad for a long time. His best option is to buy 3 or 4 players that are good at spl prem level to make up the spine of the team, we're still left with a squad of donkeys to make up the numbers. It should have been easy for Pedro to come in and show improvement from this squad due to the lack of organization and shape under MW, if anything the team has regressed under Pedro. I'm not saying we should have gone out and beaten the tarriers but given MW's methods it seemed an open goal for any half decent manager to come in and improve the team tactically to offset the standard of player we have.
  5. Nothing will change, usual cheerleaders will be out in force telling us how it will be ok once Pedro gets a transfer window.
  6. Fuck sake even Thistle were bossing us for possession for huge parts of that game.
  7. So just who is going to buy this shower of shite? no cunt. So where is the money coming from to release most of them and pay them off? If you think these wankers are going to give up the wedge they are on here playing in front of 50k every other week for a pay cut and 2k crowds in the English league 1 you're on drugs.
  8. People keep saying this but where is the money coming from to pay off all these duds and replace them?
  9. Fucking disgrace the team is all over the place
  10. Most of that team will be here next season, we don't have the money to get rid of them and replace. Pedro needs to show that he can do a job with this lot with a few changes, looks massively out of his depth.
  11. Hyndman is so overrated on here
  12. Take it back, 4-3-1-2
  13. He knows he doesn't have what it takes as a manager, that's why he fucked off back to a cushy media career rather than prove people wrong managing elsewhere.
  14. Overrun in midfield again, fuck off with this 4-3-3 shite.
  15. I quoted someone who said his goal return was poor, his overall ability is a completely different argument. So to my original point 6 goals from 11 starts and 3 goals from 8 starts while playing for two of the worst teams in the championship is pretty impressive.