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  1. Half disagree, Leverkusen are a good side but tonight just emphasised our problems. Midfield needs gutting in the summer, still can't fathom how Davis stayed on the pitch. Very little decent service for the front three and a defence that consistently struggles to deal with the first ball. Team looks like they've never played together, no chemistry between any of the players what the fuck are they doing in training.
  2. Thought Kamara was our best midfielder tonight yet he gets hooked and Davis who had another stinker survives the ninety.
  3. It's the same shite we've seen against the bottom of the barrel in our league but aye it's cos they are a top team
  4. Don't worry he'll have Ojo on soon to make an impact
  5. 31 completed passes after 22 minutes Davis and Arfield should be put out of their misery after tonight, terrified every time they get the ball.
  6. Surrendered the game from the first whistle utterly pathetic
  7. Only one team looking like winning this game fucking disgrace
  8. No synergy from the front six just six individuals playing pish football. Honestly what the fuck are doing in training all week.
  9. Can only hope to force Gerrards hand by forcing a backroom staff change on him but I'll bet he has complete control over that in his contract. It's going to cost too much to get rid of him otherwise.
  10. I'd be happy with Terry Hurlock, he'd punch those shitebags around the dressing room for fun up here.
  11. Worse, they'll go after McInnes again
  12. He's better than those two fucking imposters.
  13. Imagine being jones and watching the likes of Ojo and Barker getting game time before you
  14. Fuck off and take your 80 posts with you
  15. I said when he was signed it was a big mistake, especially after the Murty fiasco, the club from the board down to the players just don't learn any lessons. Warburton, Murty and Gerrard all youth coaches who don't have the knowledge or experience to understand why things are going wrong but let's keep making the same mistake again. I fully expect this board to do it again when Gerrard goes, that's if they don't get bedazzled by someone with good power point presentation skills.
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