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  1. Players are shite but Pedro needs to take his share of the blame for that performance too, surrendered the game to them before a ball was kicked.
  2. I just can't fathom how Garner and Waghorn keep getting games ahead of Dodoo despite honking performances week after week.
  3. 11 men behind the ball and no pace to counter. Even when we win the ball back we can't do anything with the tarrier backline pushed up to the halfway line to squeeze the pitch.
  4. Not even going to muster up a whimper in this game it seems.
  5. How many of your sisters have you put your dick in?
  6. He doesn't want to press the ball or win it back either, unfortunately for him these are things Pedro wants our players to do. Last game he lost the ball on the wing and just stopped and watched the guy run towards our box with the ball, he was subbed not long after. This is early in his career when his motivation should be at his highest as he's trying to make his mark in the game but nine games out of ten he just doesn't look like he can be arsed. If McKay had the same attitude and commitment that Holt has he'd be the best player in the league by a country mile.
  7. Garner and Waghorn still trying to outdo each other on who can miss the most clear cut chances this season
  8. Brilliant play
  9. Miller Time!!!!!!!!!
  10. Real rangers men grass on their own
  11. He's played well alongside Hill as well but stick him next to Kiernan and its a complete clown fiesta.
  12. Dodoo has had 3 starts all season, can't judge him on 10 minutes here 5 minutes there. I've seen more in him the limited game time he's got than Garner, I really don't understand the cult status Garner gets when he has been rank rotten.
  13. Dodoo rescued us against Thistle then along with the entire team failed to turn up against Hearts away. He was then left to rot on the bench ever since while people like Garner and Waghorn stunk the place out with shite performances week in week out. The boy hasn't been given a decent run in the team unlike the aforementioned two who have proven they just aren't good enough.
  14. The second goal alone shows why Dodoo should start ahead of Garner and Waghorn, he has a football brain. Imagine Waghorn had intercepted that ball, he'd have dribbled into the nearest defender and gave the ball away or ballooned it into the stands. Dodoo got his head up and played a great ball through to Miller who scored. It will be a travesty if Waghorn or Garner are picked in place of Dodoo against thistle, he needs a run in the side to show what he can do.
  15. Wilson and Holt playing well. Holt needs some help in that midfield, Toral and Hyndman not bothering their arse. Waghorn and Garner are fucking garbage, not a football brain between them.