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  1. Massive!
  2. He's not massive, he's only 5'10"
  3. The Mexican Waghorn!
  4. Slightly gutted for Andy with him being a Rangers fan but he isn't good enough and these are the difficult decisions Pedro has to make to improve us.
  5. 😧 there's a Radio 2?
  6. Where the fuck does Miller think he is going?
  7. Is he not out of contract?
  8. No, but it's sterile and I like the taste!
  9. I hate the time in between seasons. I don't even know why I bother opening any transfer threads over the close season. Next year I'm going to switch my phone off, turn up for the first game of the season and just see who we've got coz this pish is mind numbing!
  10. I am shocked!
  11. Glad some cunt researched it!
  12. Who the fuck is O'Ware?
  13. I hate this thread now.
  14. I hope he can get fit enough to give the lad a chance. It'd be interesting to find out what has actually been wrong with him all this time. Pedro said something about everything being in balance or words to that affect.