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  1. I’m sure it’s probably been discussed somewhere before but 11/1 Rangers? Is it just me that thinks that’s incredible value considering Villareal have 4 points from 4 games and 0 points from 2 games at home?
  2. Anyone thinking 11/1 for Rangers on Thursday is incredible value? Villareal got 4 points from 4, 0 points from 2 at home and still have a couple of important players injured. I’m tempted to lump a bit on it. Thoughts?
  3. That was nervy! I didn’t mind Foderingham but McGregor is fucking miles better, unbelievable. If we were slightly better in the final third that game would have been done an hour ago.
  4. Kent and Ejaria lack composure, quality and experience when picking the correct pass, it will come with time but we need it now.
  5. Anything along this line for Rangers and I’d be delighted!!
  6. The Union Flag isn’t even correct. It’s a bad attempt at a bad kit. Nothing to like about it mate, sorry!
  7. If he’s not a striker then what is he? He’s not a winger, he’s not a midfielder. In my eyes he’s a striker that’s just not good enough. Misses far too many chances and gets involved in playground style pushing and shoving every single match whilst tripping over his bottom lip. Liability on the pitch in more ways than one. I don’t even think he works as hard as everyone says he does, you often see him bumbling about at half pace.
  8. Two options for me, I’d probably go with the latter as I don’t think 4-4-2 worked on Saturday... 4-4-2 Jak Tav Bates Martin Halliday Candeias McCrorie Goss Murphy Morelos Cummings 4-2-3-1 Jak Tav Bates Martin Halliday McCrorie Goss Candeias Dorrans Murphy Morelos Swapping Martin for Alves in both cases if Alves is fit.
  9. Cobham


    Last Sunday’s midfield three.
  10. Even they can’t be that stupid!
  11. I was thinking this this morning. At one point before the 2-3 Old Firm game we had won 9 in 10 or something like that. Even the 2-3 defeat whilst a sore one there were reasons for optimism. For it to fall apart so spectacularly in the last few weeks sucks the life out of you.
  12. Is this a personal feeling or what you’ve heard? I cant see how he can stay on as manager now. It feels like the 6th time I’ve said this in 6 or so years but the next appointment is the most important in our history. We can’t afford to fuck it up again!
  13. Yeah I saw that. Surprising from Wallace if true. I suppose it’s difficult to make judgement until the whole story comes out.
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