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  1. I assume that was the instructions he was given. The whole team sat 30 yards deeper than normal. Also, while I whole heartedly agree he isn't good enough, we don't exactly give him great service. He's very good in the air for his size and we barely get a cross in the box.
  2. Ive thought about this a lot and I would like to see it also. For all of Holt's work he isn't very composed. I think Toral and Hyndman sitting would give us two players who would keep possession well allowing us to build some momentum and possibly string more than 5 passes together. I'd then have Dodoo left, Mckay right and Windass central behind Miller. I want Garner to succeed but realistically Miller is the only CF that turns up regularly.
  3. I'd keep.... Wes Alnwick Tav Hill Beerman Wilson Wallace Rossiter Dodoo Miller The rest I wouldn't shed a tear over if I never saw them again.
  4. Struggling to give a fuck. Yesterday was far more important than next week and we royally fucked it up! Anyhow.... Wes Tav Hill Wilson Beerman Toral Holt Mckay Hyndman Dodoo Miller As someone else said Bates hasn't really done much wrong but I believe Hill is a better defender and also offer more in an attacking sense at set pieces.
  5. I wouldn't mind if we could talk about how well we played and not glory in how we managed to get close enough to them to kick them once.
  6. The first half was the worst 45 minutes I've ever seen us Vs Celtic, including the 5-1 game. Utterly spineless. To give them that amount of time and space was embarrassing. Never want to see us play like that again.
  7. Bit of composure in the midfield. Barely strung 5 passes together today.
  8. Really? I thought it was as clear a penalty as you'll see. We'd should have come out for the ball but Tav dived right in, poor tackle!
  9. They were better but we allowed them the space of Hampden for the whole match. We could have Juve's players but if you sit off and defend as deep as we did today you are always going to be second best.
  10. Halliday, Garner, Waghorn all not good enough. Daft tackle from Tav when it looked like we might actually make a game of it second half. Pedro needs to learn that parking the bus and the whole team being 40 yards from the opposition defence is unacceptable. Albeit the players he has are poor but the way we approached the game today wasn't good enough.
  11. Buzzing for next weeks game now! 😏
  12. Abysmal! we've shown them far too much respect. We need to get involved in the game. Absolute shambles. I get that we are making it hard for teams to score against us but to the absolute detriment of us being involved in the game is unacceptable! We look like a team that needs a point to avoid relegation!
  13. C'mon Rangers! 🔴⚪️🔵
  14. It's a difficult one because they've played 3 games together and not conceded a goal. I know that means fuck all for today but at some point young players need to be rewarded for doing things right and trust them in the team. They need to be strong today!
  15. Either wide left with Hyndman holding or more likely (in my opinion) holding next to Holt.