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  1. Just sitting now thinking about the game trying to understand why we are where we are on the pitch. The team we had out yesterday didn’t work, no creativity, no drive, no guile from midfield. Hodson gives me the fear every time he’s in possession, it’s not his fault he’s at the club but he falls incredibly short of what’s required to even be a squad player for Rangers. Danny Wilson I’ve never been a huge fan of either, yes he won a few headers yesterday but he gives the ball away so often trying 40/50 yard cross field passes which I think comes from successfully completing 2 when he came into the first team at 18/19. He’s slow and labours in possession. Holt for all of his effort is too lightweight and doesn’t really offer anything in the way on quality either offensively or defensively. Miller, if he has to play, must play CF. Any team with Kenny Miller as their number 10 is going to struggle to create. ‘Aye but he has a great footballing brain’, that maybe the case but he has the legs of a 38 year old and if your midfield-attack link up player can’t make up the ground to support your striker then it doesn’t matter how quick his ‘footballing brain’ is as he either doesn’t get to where he’s meant to be or if he does it’s often a few seconds too late. Windass I dunno. Is there a player in there? Possibly! But at this moment in time we should have someone more capable than him to start each game. He promises a lot and delivers very little time and again. Morelos has obvious qualities but what the hell happened yesterday? He touch was awful, nothing was sticking to him, he had an awful miss 6 yards out with a header, maybe it was just an all round bad day for him, maybe he needs a break for a game or two to take some pressure off him! The formation we play, 4-2-3-1, I absolutely hate. Particularly with Miller at 10, maybe with someone better their it would work. Personally I would go 3 at the back as most of our fullbacks are very attacking. Wallace, John and Tav are all better going forward than they are at defending and Candeias could be used at right wing back in Tav’s absence, again he’s good going forward and works hard. We have McCrorie, Wilson, Alves, Cardoso, A. Wilson and Bates to choose from at CB, for me it would be McCrorie, Alves and either Cardoso or D. Wilson. I would play with two up top, Morelos and either Miller or Hardie. Herrera would be a replacement for Morelos should he be injured or suspended. The midfield 3 is a problem, Jack picks himself but with Dorrans injured it’s difficult to pick 3 that would work well. Barjonas beside Jack possibly? If only Kranjcar was anywhere near fit he would be the ideal number 10. Could Candeias or Windass play as the furthest forward of a midfield 3? I don’t have the answer unfortunately but we have to try something different as we are too passive and predictable. Anyway if you’ve read this far I apologise, like everyone else I’m utterly dejected after yesterday and looking for some light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel.
  2. Possession based football

    We don’t play possession based football or 4-3-3.
  3. Mcleish

    Jesus Christ. When we going to stop with suggestions like McLeish and Smith etc. We were shite under McLeish when we won the league and it won’t be any different this time other than not winning the league. McLeish’s name won’t even be in the first 10 choices, and rightly so.
  4. Twatter press conference Murty& jw

    Just watched the pressers, Windass spoke better than normal and I think I love Murty.
  5. I agree, only saying what I’ve heard. They obviously are trying to get what they see in training onto the pitch and they probably think it will come eventually so persevere. Personally I think he’s thick as shit and doesn’t have the intelligence to take instructions and carry them out but we’ll see.
  6. I’ve heard 2 first team players say it. Apparently some things he does in training are incredible.
  7. I can’t see Murty making many changes, if any at all. Wes Tav Wilson McCrorie John Jack Holt Candeias Miller Windass Morelos 6-0 Rangers. Garner with 4 of them.
  8. Believe it or not I think you might be on to something. I fully believe when Wallace is back there is the potential for Wallace left back, John left mid (and you’re not going to believe me here) and Windass behind Morelos instead of Miller. I know Windass goes missing in games but everyone inside Ibrox goes on about him being the most talented player in the squad. I honestly think that was the plan going forward although a new manager may have different ideas.
  9. 16’s Edge Out Thistle

    I know someone that teaches at the school he goes to and they rave about him in the school team as well, apparently some player. Sure he came on for the development squad recently as well and is only 15 I think.
  10. Derek McInnes

    I’ll stick Bucks Fizz on for one song just to earn your like, just one though, I’m not deaf enough to cope with any more!
  11. Derek McInnes

    Out in the street putting the bunting up just now. Got the Bucks Fizz on ice! Hope I’m not embarrassed by the end of the day!
  12. Derek McInnes

    So is it Derek McInnes day today?
  13. Derek McInnes

  14. GVB

    Feyenoord are 6th in the league, 12 points behind PSV after 11 games. They have a similar home record to us this season. I love Gio but I’m not sure it would be the right appointment.