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  1. This is definitely closest to what it was but Hyndman wasn't playing on the right the same way Mckay was playing on the left. Pedro did mention in an interview about making more from attacks down the left.
  2. It was difficult to fathom. We had a wide left player in Mckay but didn't have the same on the right.
  3. I thought it was 4411 Waggy was definitely up top. Miller playing off him. Hyndman was floating around. The rest was straight forward.
  4. Did you see the game?
  5. What age is your old dear?
  6. I agree. No more side to side, 20 yards from goal with no where to go. We got good crosses in and got the ball in early, I really liked it!
  7. I thought this too. Mckay was definitely left, Toral and Holt were central but Hyndman wasn't right. Did you hear Caixinha saying during a interview that he wanted us to be more aggressive down the left? It seemed Wallace and Mckay linked well but Tav didn't have the same support on the right.
  8. We seemed more aggressive with our deliveries into the box. In recent times we've been toothless in the final third, if we can sort that out we'll be in good shape.
  9. It's a favourite of mine. Love the 1111 up top to confuse the opposition.
  10. I tried it and it's harder than it seems so i gave up. Much to my benefit.
  11. Si senor. No quiero mas cerbeza sabes, pero no quiero espuma por favor!
  12. Si, si, mucho bueno Jon! No tengo mas mantiquilla.
  13. Right from the start I though Toral looked useful. He got some stick first game but I though technically he looked good but needed to adjust to our game. Wins an extraordinary amount of headers for the size of him!
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