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  1. Pena

    I don't think last nights game suited Peña's style of play. Partick had large numbers behind the ball in a small space 20/30 yards from goal, Peña's game looks like it's about making late, intelligent runs from deep toward or beyond the striker and there wasn't space for him to do that last night. Add the fact he's still getting up to speed. I honestly think games against celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs will suit him better when teams aren't camped in there own penalty box, it will give him more space to exploit. I'm honestly quite excited about what he can bring to the team when he's match sharp.
  2. I'd rather we were listening to him as a pundit rather than pressers as our manager before and after games.
  3. I'm going to go 4-0. Only because after we go one up this time we'll get a second and take the pressure off the defence thus killing Partick off before half time. Morelos x2, Peña and Dorrans.
  4. As much as making you look like a cunt is appealing, we're all on your side with this one! 👍🏻
  5. Scenes when Peña runs the show tonight, scores two, sets up two then is dropped for Miller on Saturday! 😂
  6. If you're putting money on that send it my way. I'll give you £1brazillian/1 on your money.
  7. Playing with 10 men. I like this confidence!!
  8. Think it will be, Alnwick Tav Cardoso Alves John Candeias Jack Dorrans Windass Peña Morelos
  9. Morelos partner of Rangers past

    Ronald DeBoer
  10. Another Ex-Ranger Scoring!

    Nigel Spackman scored at five a sides last week with his mates.....why did we ever let him go?
  11. Graham dorrans

    Maybe if he was allowed to do that 20/30/40 yards up the pitch he would give us that creativity. That's the whole reason people are 'getting lost in a few yards of pitch'. Those few yards may be the difference between him dropping the shoulder and turning away from a striker on our 18 yard box and making a 5 yard pass or dropping the shoulder and turning away from a holding midfielder 20/30 yards from goal and slipping a ball through to Morelos or having a shot on goal. Those 'few yards of pitch' might just make all the difference in Dorran's case!
  12. Graham dorrans

    At times he was in between the two CBs looking for the ball. He would be much more effective than Miller in the role behind Morelos and would also allow Rossiter to help Jack dominate the midfield which we haven't done for a full match yet.
  13. Formations

    The problem with 5 at the back is that it almost certainly means Danny Wilson playing and again almost certainly means dropping Candeias who doesn't deserve to be dropped. I like 5-4-1 or 5-3-2 but we don't have three good enough CBs to play it.
  14. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    Old Earnock High School in Hamilton. Pulled down and moved to Gorgie. I used to have double Geography in Craig Levein's new office.
  15. Rangers v Dundee: The Goals

    I still can't work out Morelos second!