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  1. Plus the fact he's not a captain in a million years!
  2. We played it against St Johnstone the other day! 🤔
  3. I would be totally for this. However think we'll go 4-4-2..... Wes Tav Alves Cardoso Wallace Jack Peña Dorrans Kranjcar Herrera Morelos desperately need to replace Niko with someone with a bit of drive.
  4. Agree to an extent but if going backwards improves us then I'm all for it.
  5. Regardless of what has happened before Naismith would improve us greatly. Playing the number 10 position he would be a great link up between midfield and attack. This is one of our big problems at the moment, for all of Kranjcar's lovely touches and 40 yard cross field passes he doesn't have the energy, engine or legs to make intelligent runs beyond the striker(s). Naismith was always brilliant at intelligent, late, ghosting runs into the box, similar to Durrant all those years ago. If we play with diamond midfield, similar to yesterday with Jack, Dorrans and Peña with Naismith at the top of the diamond I think that has a much bigger goal threat than if Kranjcar is there. Seperately i'd like to see Herrera and Morelos start together and use Miller off the bench.
  6. Where was Rossiter?
  7. Why are we so shite going forward?
  8. everyone relax!
  9. Fuck all is what!
  10. Whatever Waghorn has he seems to have infected every cunt with it!
  11. They did but if Sunderland are anything like last season I reckon I could beat them on my tod.
  12. Brilliant! 😂
  13. This. They basically have removable seating. It's one standing space per seat. Capacity would be the same.
  14. Fucking hell!
  15. I'm still not even sure if there was a game or not to be honest.