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  1. The guys a fanny. shouts n balls in his wee collum and then when hes on the telly hes a shaking nervous wreck
  2. Andy walker the wee saville cunt oohin n ahhin when Ross county have a half chance
  3. wee roseary beed wearin cnt he got smashed the last 4 round hardly even through a decent punch
  4. ? Ma bad didny check the previous pages
  5. Keith Jackson tweeting he's coming up the night for a medical
  6. Aye he is and his family
  7. Cba reading through all the comments but Steven fletcher would be a chant Rangers fan n would be a decent option against the diddy teams at least
  8. Looks really comfortable on the ball, also seems to take a lot of there throw ins!
  9. Wee scumbag shouldn't be let near our club he's not exactly got the good character Watbuton goes after. Plus he will probably be on about 25k a week down there
  10. How that man was made to feel after that accident is tragic. He was a true ranger through and through we will always remember you for the legend you are sammy English ??
  11. So sluggish the night need to get the finger oot hear fans are doing there bit n players r just no respondin
  12. We've got to take a chance on waggy. Make no mistake about it forrester will be a big big miss on Sunday and the rest of the options aren't up to it against them
  13. Everywhere was more enough full up apart from the club deck