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  1. RenfrewRanger

    *** The Official Ross County v Rangers Match Thread ***

    Andy walker the wee saville cunt oohin n ahhin when Ross county have a half chance
  2. RenfrewRanger

    The Boxing News Thread

    wee roseary beed wearin cnt he got smashed the last 4 round hardly even through a decent punch
  3. RenfrewRanger

    *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    So sluggish the night need to get the finger oot hear fans are doing there bit n players r just no respondin
  4. RenfrewRanger

    *****QOTS v Rangers Official match thread*****

    Good team selection will be good to see how the new boys King and moh will fit in also McKay as a number 10 ???
  5. RenfrewRanger

    **** Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread ****

    Who gives a fuck aboot hibs we will pump them again anyway ffs
  6. RenfrewRanger

    Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Always been impressed with him every time av seen him. He came off the bench and was playing in the middle against the manky mob and was hearts best player
  7. RenfrewRanger

    *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    3-0 waggy double Lookin forward to wee night time kick off ps whys that ugly c*nt always commentating on our games