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  1. I know mate ? was close to hiring a car but that seemed too much effort with dropping it off somewhere haha
  2. Was unreal how many bears from my cancelled flight I met in villareal/benidorm, dedication to the core ?? was close to chucking it but what a trip! Cancelled flights to a 300 euro taxi from salou to villareal ? met a few lads in the same boat so split between 5, worth every penny?
  3. I found the email in the junk folder too. Sneaky as free delivery if over £70 but the tops are £60 ? blue and orange purchased ??
  4. Aye they aren't that expensive tbf looks like best bet is get a taxi to tarragona then get a train/bus from there and it takes ~2 hours. No a nice route anyway, east coast of Spain seems shite for getting about unless by car?
  5. I'm needing 2 from salou tomorrow too! PM me if there's any buses with space running!
  6. Hero mate! On that flight to Reus in the morning too! Many of you are going? 2 of us also looking for a bus now! If we canny find chip in for a big taxi?
  7. Flight cancelled from Glasgow to east mids so missed the connection to alicante! Fannying about trying to find other routes but think I'm fucked!
  8. I'm sorted, on the bus from the Ibrox Bar Benidorm think they've still seats available €25 euro a return! Details on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ibroxbarbenidorm/
  9. Sent them a message on facebook to see if there's still seats. Train would be ideal, would it still be running after the game too dye reckon?
  10. Staying in Benidorm and travelling up to Villareal for the game, me and my mate managed to get tickets! how are people getting to Villareal from Benidorm? Any buses going? need 2 seats!
  11. Loving the optimism but I just cant get hyped up for Clark, as a sub he kills off our game usually! I do admit hes scored some big goals but his return as a striker for us is absolutely honkin. However - Miller can do the business on Sunday ... just concerned who plays with him and Mckay!
  12. Dont want Clark anywhere near this mob on sunday, doesnt contribute anything when he comes on as a sub in the dying minutes against tired legs forget letting him start a game! Hoping MW has a plan with Waghorn perhaps saying hes not fit and springing a surprise on match day someone physical who can bully their defenders would be perfect for the OF and score a controversial penalty in the last minute to rub some salt in their wounds when we win 2-0
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