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  1. Some girls in porn were born in 1999 now...
  2. This cannot be highlighted enough. Take a piss on the street within eyesight of an officer and they will lift you. They dont just observe. They do something about it.
  3. Not just youths. Thats Crooks second from the left
  4. And change his username into Turnserry18??
  5. Blocked stairways and kit infringement. 3 in one (the offensive posters being the third). Teams have been kicked out of Europe for less.
  6. Being asked to train with your team's under 20 squad breaches the Geneva convention obviously
  7. We only need to mark thumb sinclair and dembele this season. (Unless they are sold). Without them that team will crumble
  8. One of our players showing passion and aggression on the pitch... getting in the ref's face. After getting booted by an opposition player with no repurcussion... I have said it before, this is what captains up and down the country do. Not ours obviously. Niko for captain.
  9. All the foreigners we have signed must not be used to the heat :)
  10. Tav is no longer dangerous, FHF. I wish he was. And agree with Brazz. He not only lost his free kick / dead ball ability but also his ability to hit a cross higher than knee height from the wing. Free kicks hit the wall or row Z. I am one of the (few??) that like Tav, albeit I have called for his head a few times. I wouldnt mind him staying. But I hope he isnt our 1st 2nd or 3rd choice free kick taker this season.
  11. Who for?
  12. People dont quote kevin kyle enough on here
  13. Our next Bomber Brown
  14. Was probably my comment ' no one deserves to have bottles thrown at them ' I hadn't made it clear that I was being sarcastic, nor that I was quoting a comment in the mainstream media.