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  1. Didnt even know this game was on today. Have watched last 10 mins. How shit were we this season? None of these teams are special
  2. Id had have the 6 in our first team ahead of any current defender
  3. Yeah it is. And yes we won. Some decent play and (as I said earlier) thr young guys can control a fast pace ball on this 3g pitch quite well.
  4. These kids control it on a 3g pitch better than any of our first team
  5. If McKay and Wallace play for a Championship or lower league England side then they will definitely be regulars for the Scotland squad going forward.
  6. The video of his goals shows him SHOOTING with both his LEFT FOOT and RIGHT FOOT, and scoring. This could be an exciting signing.
  7. Depending on the language, pena can be translated as: 'feather'... of which we have some in our current squad 'penalty'... which means the taigs will see this as a conspiracy, or 'pain'... which I hope he causes.
  8. And we know how often his missed the target...
  9. Miller is running off to the fans in anticipation of scoring / setting up at least 3 goals each game. That is some pretty good foreshadowing right there from him.
  10. I wonder if there will be a minutes silence at this week's cup final... Subsequently, I wonder if the Taig fans will have the audacity to sing songs that glorify terrorism thereafter?
  11. If an English Championship / L1 club needs a Right Mid who will drive forward (and doesn't have to defend) they will probably take him.
  12. Isn't Nacho regularly seen at games or at various Rangers functions...? Whereas Weiss hasn't stepped foot in the UK since leaving? Maybe that is why people are more tolerant of the Novo tweets. (Obviously I could be wrong, just a thought regarding this Novo v Weiss debate)