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  1. As with McCoist. Warburton. Caixinha... the one striker approach is shit. Gerrards Mentor is top of EPL He should learn what it takes
  2. We need to sign their Keeper Hamilton We know how to pass to him
  3. St Brenda gifted the treble treble this season.
  4. Hadball for Boyle would have been a penalty for taigs... even if it wasnt inside box Just sayin
  5. Grezda is quicker at running than a virgin shooting his load during the first time
  6. Good refereein. Not a penalty and deffo red
  7. Ryan Jack first challenge. 13 min in v Dundee. Not harsh challenge. Not leg breaker. But straight yellow. If Jack gets second yellow... remember this
  8. Not even surprised. Should have kept Miller
  9. Kent will take a shot when cutting in. Sometimes we need to shoot and hope keeper spills. Instead of tippy tappy Warburton stuff. Now. Let us watch the game. If Kent is shit today you can brag.
  10. Don't often disagree with you, but have to this time. Kent has a better creative side and will try plan B and C. If Middleton cant run (i.e. marked by 2 or hacked) he gives up.
  11. Lets hope they all stick to their jobs then
  12. £10 says he does... would just be like Gerrard to drop our high scoring striker
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