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  1. Were alfie a white scottish player who played exactly the same as he currently does but for any other team, all these nationalist separatists would be lauding his abilities from on high. Bill leckie is a fat pish stained old alkie bastard, who has tonight outed himself as a racist, a bigot and for anyone who was unsure up until now, barely able to read a good news article never mind write one. Time this human result of a failed pulling-out method, and the arse rag paper he works for were all banned from ibrox indefinitely.
  2. Even with the help of a hand ball and soft as fuck pen we were outstanding today!!!!! We are the fucking people!!!!!!!
  3. Ol' irn bru pubes will have his usual take on it on sportscene. It will have been a lighting issue in the stadium making the ball appear to have not crossed the line, when in actual fact they're currently having to repair the stansion it hit it that hard!
  4. His best monent was diving off the sideline in his flipflops, kicking them off to go bare foot to help break up the rammy at the end and then turn round to celebrate wildly at our fans!
  5. Can see a suspicious car full of 'polish' fans jumping out tomorrow night to get in a rammy with our fans again. Would provide uefa with the final nail they need for our coffin. Would be just the tarriers style.
  6. Need to get someone to hook me up then. The one ive tried recently was just a 24hr pass but i wasnt impressed.
  7. Is it on a box or through fire stick? Ive got one on the fire stick recently but the premier sports and gers tv channels are pretty ropey. Sky sports and bt arent so bad.
  8. Michael stewart is the bottom feeder or scottish football. Was a less than average player, sees himself as some sort of intelligence benchmark in the game, thinks he can be political, thinks he can be a pundit, but when you look at it all he has failed at everything...........because he is just not quite good enough for any one of his attempted ventures. He is one not to be trusted........even if purely for the fact that he has see-through eyelashes alone!
  9. Tragic. Had really hoped hard that this wasn't going to be the outcome. Was still thinking when i saw his face on the screens last night at the game that there was hope yet. Poor guy. Thoughts to the family. R.I.P
  10. I'll be at it. Missing the marseille game which was the one I wanted to make.
  11. Great seeing our players getting rave reviews on the international stage again! So long as none of our players play for scotland ever again though. Hate the idea of us helping that snp/sfa/tarrier cause.
  12. All the better. Can wear em like earmuffs after you've had yer fun with them.
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