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  1. Yes, great one minute, mental the next. The very definition of bipolar.
  2. Feel the beel from the bbc. Just because the paedos pic n' mix got beat they have to try their damdest to drum up a 'big bad Rangers' story. All theyve done though is highlight one of our players being man handled when injured. BBC and Separate Entity FC, both been giving it tight to teens since the last century!
  3. We all are but its not often you see something on the TV blaming the media for it. And also just sharing an opinion.
  4. Words, a song or a coin towards players of a certain type of player in scotland, demands a wholly different response to a right hook by a fan to a player of the opposing type of player in scotland, or so it would seem!!!
  5. True. By the end of his diatribe I realised it was mostly to serve the dark side of the city. Had there been no outing of their pro-terrorist 'folks songs' and only our songs in the limelight, im sure he would have been on with a different tune.
  6. I maybe reacted to this first part of his arguement too quickly as he rounded off by saying that he is a catholic himself and that there is no evidence denominational schools cause further sectarian divides. He had started so well! But he clearly lays a big chunk of the blame with the media. The singing etc is a football specific thing now and people throwing chairs, bottles, coins etc etc is just football hooligan behaviour but to suggest it is sectarian is ludicrous!
  7. A very interesting arguement tonight from Professor Sir Tom Devine who is a historian and he puts all of the current sectarian uproar down to the media. It sells papers simply. But it has long gone from the days of where it refelcted something worse in society. That part has gone and all it is now is singing at a game and people go home to their families. The media want it to be a sign of a bigger issue as in west central scotland this type of fanfare fills shelf space. Good to hear the opinion of someone with a brain on the matter on the TV for a change.
  8. Unbelievable how many minor decisions have gone aberdeens way. Clancy and his team have biased it to the tune of about 90 to them 10 to us.
  9. For me its a no. They've lost their manager not 50% of their playing squad and 8 points with 11 to go is a healthy lead. Often teams come out stronger after these things too. New boss to impress etc. I would be delighted to be proven wrong but our own inability to finish off 3 or 4 crucial games earlier in the season and apply the pressure on them doesn't suggest to me that we will be able to in the last 11.
  10. Complain like fuck! Only way to show them. Needs to be a concerted and orchestrated effort. Remember that at the end of the day, they are failing a large number of people who pay for a service. I know there are a great many who refuse to pay on these very grounds, but for people like me too feart of the threat of 'what if', I can only pay it but get tore into the cunts at every possible turn!
  11. Reporting scotland, reporting about recent sectarianism. Play a subtitled audio clip of the thing in question from our game last night. Quickly make comment on the boyd incident, no audio, (even though sky played it clearly for a change) no subtitles. Then they say its on the rise with images of red white and blue smoke bombs infront of the gutter gimps' bus in december and cut to gollum standing outside Ibrox to make their report . Sly, all of it done to make it subtly skewed that its mostly a Rangers issue. They really are one corrupt and crooked organisation from the man at the top right down to the wee cunt making the teas. National broadcaster my fucking arse! They represent no national interests at all!
  12. Stornoway! It's diehard territory! .........john mclain cutting about in our home strip!
  13. The fact the whole country has labelled morelos as nasty and vicious, yet two of the reds against aberdeen have been because of mckenna. First time he shouldered him in the face, second time he boots him in the face. But because he is from a club with an SNP support, all our media, all our 'neutrals' will never see them at fault!
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