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  1. Ahh yeah i forgot the side salad of corrupt refs. Oh and the dessert of corrupt media just to leave us filled to the point of spewing with the corruption.
  2. I'd love to believe it but we have been down this road so often we all know how this story ends. A corrupt team, propped up by a corrupt league, in a corrupt country, policed by a corrupt force and overseen by a corrupt government.
  3. Shame your club didn't deem it serious enough to ever report it ya fuckin rodent. Yer titles are tainted.
  4. Yet if you browse the sun football page or even search it on the sun website its not there
  5. Or is it maybe an indication that our whistleblower is a journo that gave us our evidence and has had a word in leckies ear to retract his piece as it's going to make him look really bad when the truth comes out?
  6. I see Keef Jackson spouting pish today in the record that for the good of the game in scotland and to end the infighting we must hand in the evidence we have of corruption. He does at least say there must be evidence of something sufficient enough to warrant someone like DP to make the statement he did, but we have to help save the sport up here and put it all on the table. Funny how the tables have turned. We are to be subservient and help those that were only too happy to try and bury our club! That'll be right! And asking us to put the evidence forward! To who? The SNP run police? The celtic sympathising SNP government? The potentially corrupt SFA/SPFL? Aye so we will. Thats like asking the jews to hand in evidence of war crimes to the nazi party for investigation!
  7. Neil Doncasters behaviour in all this is so corrupt that even mugabe would be like 'be a bit more subtle neil!'
  8. But in times when we are playing shit we should be able to rely on a strong captain to get the team together and tav isnt a fraction of that guy!
  9. Vehemently disagree with us being cheated tonight. We had so much possession and once again the gaffer thinks its best to wait til the 80th min to try and change it. We all knew before KO that killie would be 11 men in the 18yd box, so why we didnt go 3-5-2 and try to kill the game is beyond me. If we had been 3 or 4 nil up their spirit would either have been killed or if they had scored 2 it would have been meaningless.
  10. Pube-lashes prides himself on being some sort of oracle on all things politics and football, but unfortunately when your conduct becomes so questionable that your employer suspends you, then your integrity is ruined. Any criticism he dishes out can be batted back in future by reminding him his opinion is invalid as he has a history of bias.
  11. 😂😂😂😂😂 Never a Rangers fan!
  12. Wow. So now you are making suppositions in order to prop up the case against us!
  13. They are written in perfect english. I'd have thought such a scholar of the written word as yourself would have no problems understanding it. Does it not have enough anti-Rangers content in it for you to decipher?
  14. I wouldn't dream of taking that job off you, you seem to be doing a fine bit of work there yourself petal.
  15. Because as examples go it is fucking pathetic, as every single point you have made all day has been! What next? A Rangers player had the wrong coloured tape on their socks which the ref never picked up. A letter missed from a Rangers players name on the team sheet. The tea lady put two sugars in the tea not 1. We should think ourselves bloody lucky that those thoroughly good folks at the SFA let us off with it all!
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