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  1. islanderbear84

    ***Feedback Thread***

    @Pearson83 just sorted me with a seat for my sis. Was a great game and great score!
  2. islanderbear84

    Ticket Advice

    See I did suspect it was just me being a halfwit but thanks for confirming it for me!
  3. islanderbear84

    Ticket Advice

    On a side note here, but I wanted to buy my da a ticket for the st johnstone game, and went to buy them on the website and remembered hes a geriatric and qualifies for a concession. I couldn't see any way to select a concession ticket on the website so had to settle for a full adult one. Has this always been the case, to stop 50000 people claiming to be either 8 or 88 to get a cheaper ticket, or have I missed the right part on the website?
  4. islanderbear84

    Rangers v St Johnstone

    Looking for one for this game. PM me if there are any that you have spare. Thanks.
  5. islanderbear84

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    Too funny. Jumped in for a read. Mysoginist, neanderthal, all being banded about because you don't agree with his views yet he has to get into the 21st century. Oh the irony.
  6. Im sure liewell will get his sentinels in the snp to help out and fast track the fast track. Can't have the queens XI having a bye through, thats reserved for the nappy rippers in europe! Meanwhile celtic get through to the semis because some one typed the opponents name wrong.
  7. islanderbear84


    £35m surely mate! Put the same level of hype on our players as the cornholers from the east do! Their left back has won titles in an unchallenged era and played in europe and got pumped regularly without going any great distance any year in the competition. Should we have a good league tilt and make europa league groups, the club should beef the fuck out of his price tag!
  8. islanderbear84

    Press conference SG and CG

    What next? 'I'm a jewish nazi sympathiser!'?
  9. islanderbear84

    Press conference SG and CG

    Surely to fuck you are at the wind up. SNP and Rangers supporting are mutually exclusive.
  10. islanderbear84

    Press conference SG and CG

    I don't post often on here but stopped in my tracks when I read that. Almost shit a kidney. Hang your fuckin head in shame!
  11. islanderbear84

    Well done Alfredo

    I dunno where alfredo has gone so wrong. I thought when he first arrived he looked so composed with headers, yet lately it has been possibly the worst part of his game. I think hes the type of player where confidence breeds confidence, but the misses in big games have slaughtered him and now its in a downward spiral. Only thing is I dont think we can afford him the time to get some goals, get some confidence and hopefully make more goals from it. By then I think we would have lost games by his lack of a cutting edge. For me we definitely need to buy a new 18 yard box hound. The presence of someone putting him under the cosh may also bring his game out again.
  12. islanderbear84

    ***UEFA Europa League Third Qualifying Draw***

    Well on the basis of tonights showing, all those teams give me the fear! Bang average is being kind. Our defence is stronger but a few times tonight still showed it could be unpicked. Bigger teams like these will batter us. Unless some key additions arrive, i suspect we wont advance even beyond this next tie!
  13. islanderbear84

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Why did morelos stoop to try and header rather than attack it before the defender infront?
  14. islanderbear84

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Michael stewart 'windaeas' 😂😂😂
  15. islanderbear84

    Happy Saturday

    Should be removed from his position of power then! He clearly hasn't got the mental wherewithall to handle comments. PMs and presidents all over the world get death threats, drive bys and even bomb attacks. This wee spunkrag got a verbal comment from a passer by (in his mind only!) and is so traumatised he needs to take to twitter. Get out of politics then ya fucking groundfeeding bum-fiddling fenian cunt!