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  1. I'll be at it. Missing the marseille game which was the one I wanted to make.
  2. Great seeing our players getting rave reviews on the international stage again! So long as none of our players play for scotland ever again though. Hate the idea of us helping that snp/sfa/tarrier cause.
  3. All the better. Can wear em like earmuffs after you've had yer fun with them.
  4. Think they should rebrand it as Mosonyq!
  5. Someones been taking lessons from Alanis Morisette
  6. Nobody there to pass messages to. Was only ever there on holidays.
  7. I've taken the suggested route and put on ignore. No point trying to debate with someone deaf to reason.
  8. Been there 3 times. Love it. I no longer live on my island. Left many moons ago
  9. Anyway, it's late and isn't my intention to be on here going toe to toe with other fans so apologies for it.😒
  10. I asked how has he never been banned. Didnt say 'someone ban this cunt'. Again, if hes big enough and tough enough to dish it he shouldn't need a bodyguard on here to back him up.
  11. Didn't make reference to any names.
  12. So if hes not upset, why are you doing so much to try and encourage others to ignore him and for us to deal with it? If hes not bothered nor should you be and therefore just leave us to thinking the guys a tarrier supporting sleeper cell in the forum.
  13. Says all I need to know then if you think the very present and obvious media bias against us is 'gay'. I would imagine a large majority of our fan base with eyes, ears, a pulse and more than one braincell would agree it is blatant!
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