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  1. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    I see you attended the same trolling school as michael himself! Our ladys of hole-fingery?
  2. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Call me paranoid but I canny see the fritzls doing anything other than lying down to the mutton molesters today! They wont wait to hear whats happening at easter road, they wont even risk it. They will be under strict orders to lie down from the off.
  3. A few points of note from todays game.

    Its annoying when in games like today its late in the game with the arrival of McCrorie we start putting some decent tackles in, when if these types of challenges are levelled at them in the 1st 15mins of a game it puts the wind up your opponent! We should make coming to ibrox very uncomfortable for teams from the 1st kick of a ball. We have lost that fear factor.
  4. A few points of note from todays game.

    Im hardly at the stage of a breakdown over it by stating my displeasure at it on my own teams fan forum. And I can accept all teams will say/sing things about the opposition but its the vitriol since 2012 against us that gets me. Just makes me hate them all and will never want to see us cut any of them any slack!
  5. So I very rarely post, even less often start my own thread so here goes... Today a few points I noticed were: 1) was poetic to hear those cunts sing about gerrard slipping late in that game and losing the league, only for them to concede late and stop all their singing. 2) there truly is no team in this turd pile nation that doesn't utterly despise us, when you hear even killie (who the fuck are killie???) singing pish about us every time we play them! 3) if those players think thats how you put yourself in the eye of the new gaffer who will be undoubtedly looking in on the performance then they really aren't up for, or aware of what is required, playing for this great team! 4) someone has made this observation elsewhere, but why the fuck are we so timid, tackle shy, and giving opposition so much space and courtesy they never afford us? Young McCrorie came on and got stuck right into that big cunt Mulumbu from the off and did it well! We need more warriors who are fearless like this in the team and we will get out swagger back! Here's hoping that Gerrard has the magic formula to instill some fight, passion and physicality in those that can still be brought round, clinical awareness to get rid of those that just cannot be turned into Rangers quality, and the contacts and charm to get some key additions on board for this vital forthcoming season!

    Even by him using the term 'ahead of the curve' shows why everything about this board is wrong. Yes it is a business and when they talk amongst themselves behind closed doors by all means use the jargon and phraseology. But when addressing the fans and media, they should talk in our terms. We are fans, it is to us you should be appealing, and we want to hear things in footballing terms not business terms. And for him to think that our position at the moment and the turmoil in the club is anything other than attrocious shows just how deluded and out of touch with us fans they all are!
  7. Spineless heartless shitebags

    With any luck. I genuinely wish at times like this I could be the person to give them an absolute roasting in the dressing room and let them see exactly how much it means to us! Yes we are paying fans but it runs so much deeper! Its like watching a loved one being battered and you can only stand and observe!
  8. Spineless heartless shitebags

    Im hurting like hell after that loss today. Losing is something that you can take, nobody likes it but it happens, part and parcel of the game. But to lose the semi and again today in the manner we have is totally unacceptable. Not a modicum of fight in those imposters who have put on that great jersey! Not one of them is fit to continue another day in the role! What they have done there should constitute gross misconduct in any other job in life! If you paid a painter and decorator to put a new coat of paint on your living room but instead he shat all over the floor, he'd be fired for that. Well thats what this was akin to. For the first time in 16 years I can't convince myself to renew. I followed blindly through the good and bad, top divisons to bottom division, great managers to shite managers, but now we have a club that has no spark, a board with no morals, and potentially a new manager with no experience. I cannot see a way back for us!
  9. Strikers that have never scored for us....

    Alan gow
  10. Rangers fixtures for iPhone calendar

    I've just added the link above to my phones calendar and its added all the fixutures for the season ahead even though it first popped up in 2013. Thought it was worth the bump as it seems pretty handy and worth highlighting for anyone interested.
  11. Rangers Confirm Pre-Contract Signings Of Crooks & Windass.

    Fuck it, pay 300k for us to get them just now and then loan them to barrow for the rest of the season just to piss off AS.