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  1. Defensively he is miles off every game and draws pressure on the centre half's unnecessarily. In attack he has lost his ability to beat a man, his crosses are about 1 in 7, his corners either hit the first defender or it's out the park and his free kicks are gash (thankfully he's off that duty now). For me though, the biggest issue is the fact that he is an extremely poor captain! No balls. No dig. No vocal motivation of the team in the game. Hes a weak link but not the only one, but unfortunately he is meant to be a leader. He is far from it.
  2. Or a lack of a better option at the time. Perhaps somewhat supported by buying two striking options before any deal for morelos has been reached.
  3. I didn't see him play well against Aberdeen. He made an assist but beyond that he was so deep in the park he was behind the centre mids. If you are talking about a main striker in terms if how many extra chins he's gained then its a worry. As for being selected to play, an out of shape striker starts ahead of a fit player shoehorned into that role every time. If the ball falls well to him he is most likely to score but as far as I can see he's heavy!
  4. Ahhhh. Getting coefficient points for Scotland. For the SFA this must be the equivalent of watching a guy drilling the shit out of your missus infront of you but you really must applause the top job he is making of it!
  5. Too many here talking of 'morelos money'. If we aren't careful the spotlight in which his recent play has put him in may leave us with a poor return in comparison to what could have been. He has looked disinterested and wildly out of shape. 4 or 5 months of beers and burgers is acceptable for me to show back up at work carrying a bit extra timber, main striker for our club is really unacceptable.
  6. Thats my preorder strip finally arrived today 5 days late. Thankfully undamaged and looking smart as fuck. No slash marks and not a whiff of tarrier off it. Phew. Only one comment is the large fits well in torso perfectly but the sleeves are tight. Looks awesome though.
  7. On again now on Premier sports for anyone who missed it yday.
  8. Ahh yeah i forgot the side salad of corrupt refs. Oh and the dessert of corrupt media just to leave us filled to the point of spewing with the corruption.
  9. I'd love to believe it but we have been down this road so often we all know how this story ends. A corrupt team, propped up by a corrupt league, in a corrupt country, policed by a corrupt force and overseen by a corrupt government.
  10. Shame your club didn't deem it serious enough to ever report it ya fuckin rodent. Yer titles are tainted.
  11. Yet if you browse the sun football page or even search it on the sun website its not there
  12. Or is it maybe an indication that our whistleblower is a journo that gave us our evidence and has had a word in leckies ear to retract his piece as it's going to make him look really bad when the truth comes out?
  13. I see Keef Jackson spouting pish today in the record that for the good of the game in scotland and to end the infighting we must hand in the evidence we have of corruption. He does at least say there must be evidence of something sufficient enough to warrant someone like DP to make the statement he did, but we have to help save the sport up here and put it all on the table. Funny how the tables have turned. We are to be subservient and help those that were only too happy to try and bury our club! That'll be right! And asking us to put the evidence forward! To who? The SNP run police? The celtic sympathising SNP government? The potentially corrupt SFA/SPFL? Aye so we will. Thats like asking the jews to hand in evidence of war crimes to the nazi party for investigation!
  14. Neil Doncasters behaviour in all this is so corrupt that even mugabe would be like 'be a bit more subtle neil!'
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