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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. Morelos

    Concerning to see him go to ground as soon as the half time whistle was blown. Fingers crossed he's okay. I reckon he'll be substituted as a precaution.
  2. Hey Gaffer !

    "Out the road Davie" ..
  3. Rob Kiernan

    Agree with everyones thoughts on the big man, Best game in the famous jersey. For me a couple of small things made his performance stand out today.. Aside from being very commanding in the air & vocal when not on the ball - When receiving the ball from Wes, He would burst forward & make the pass to midfield - Speeding things up. - While in possession, He'd pick out Wallace with a longer pass - Cutting out an unnecessary pass to Wilson. Growing in stature each passing game.
  4. Favourite Old Firm Goal

    For me it has to be Pedro Mendes in the 4-2 game. Being there makes it all the more special What a strike!
  5. Mentioned earlier about Waggy getting a goal from open play today. Now that the monkey is off his back I'd expect him to go from strength to strength. Received some rough treatment throughout todays match, But stuck to the task and got his rewards. 10 outa 10 .. Next
  6. Our Captain

    Deserves all the credit coming his way at the moment & the banner display was very fitting too. He's showing great leadership quality's as you mention & has also upped his game from last season. His goal today from our well worked set piece was top drawer! - What a left peg
  7. Would like to see Waghorn score from open play on one of our attacks today. He's been involved in most of our goals & had a few assists as well as converting from the spot, But I feel he's a bit frustrated at missing chance after chance. Of course, The fact the team continue to create chances is the most important thing. A finish from an assist today could see him hit a goal trail .. He deserves it! I'm going 5-0, With Waggy & Oduwa amongst the scorers.
  8. New Members

    Hello RM members, Good morning to you's all, as another match day at Ibrox is upon us. New member & first post. Decided it be best placed in this section of the forum. My names Jamie, I'm 28 & originally from Springburn, Glasgow but currently live out in Australia at the moment. My first season ticket was back in 05/06 season up in the Copland Rear, Also held ST's in SE4 & GF1. The later being 12/13 when we started our journey back up the leagues. I had been taken to the odd game when I was a toddler, But I can only recall these special days from pictures! My first game at Ibrox on my own accord was 'The day we won the league'. Still struggle to think of a better day I've been at Ibrox tbh. Presently, I've got myself signed up to RangersTV Unlimited, No complaints so far. Actually prefer listening to Tom Miller & Big DJ as well as some other past players & the coverage is spot on permitting I've got a good WiFi connection. Good to finally be started. Onwards ..