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  1. Morelos

    Concerning to see him go to ground as soon as the half time whistle was blown. Fingers crossed he's okay. I reckon he'll be substituted as a precaution.
  2. Mentioned earlier about Waggy getting a goal from open play today. Now that the monkey is off his back I'd expect him to go from strength to strength. Received some rough treatment throughout todays match, But stuck to the task and got his rewards. 10 outa 10 .. Next
  3. Would like to see Waghorn score from open play on one of our attacks today. He's been involved in most of our goals & had a few assists as well as converting from the spot, But I feel he's a bit frustrated at missing chance after chance. Of course, The fact the team continue to create chances is the most important thing. A finish from an assist today could see him hit a goal trail .. He deserves it! I'm going 5-0, With Waggy & Oduwa amongst the scorers.