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  1. He deserves a few more chances in the team that's been thrown his way this season. I think he's done pretty well in the games he has started or came on as a sub, he's pretty direct and with a run of games can surely only get better
  2. I always liked Halliday, comes in for a lot of criticism and folk are entitled to do that but none of us can have a go this season. He has been a very reliable player and is versatile. Easily the best left back option imo.
  3. Watched in a few sweet places but the best has to be very recent.......was on a caribbean cruise in November there and had purchased the WiFi onboard . Watched us thump 7 past Motherwell in the Atlantic, lying on top deck with the sun blazing down, beer in one hand, cocktail in the other and phone resting on the lounger with the red white and blue kicking ass.
  4. Can see us getting something which imo makes some of our other results so hard to take. Things could have been so different this season if we hadn't of blown every golden opportunity we have had. 2-1 Rangers.
  5. Camshy

    Ryan Kent

    Agreed, Kent is a very handy player but has been a little inconsistent for quite a number of games now
  6. All about opinions but I feel.its the players who have lets us down as opposed to Stevie G, he simply has to be given next season and I'm confident he will deliver. If the last 2 league games went the way it really should have then we likely wouldn't be talking about this, we would only be 3 points behind that lot. It has been fine margins this season and there has been numerous times we have had a chance to win certain games that we really should have but ultimately we didn't. I'm not worried about him being in charge and talk of him getting the boot is for me wide of the mark ......sure he has made mistakes but that's to be expected given where we were prior to him coming in. He should be applauded for the difference he has made to the team.
  7. Ofcourse we have made progress , you only have to look at games against them. During the last 3 seasons we have stood one chance against them and that's been no chance........this season is a different ball game and we can go into games confident we can win
  8. It was a difficult period and prior to it all kicking off was a time I was looking forward too, a chance to see some decent talent being developed. Sadly this never happened and on reflection it was a MAJOR mistake by Ally. Sure I understand the need to ensure winning the league etc, failure would have been catastrophic not only financially but supporters would have dwindled away while effecting our image. A lot has also been made about wages being spent etc but our wage budget in relation to our turnover was under 30% and that was significantly lower thanost clubs in the UK. So technically we could afford it, and In a way had to attract a certain player to at least encourage fans into the stadium
  9. Camshy


    I'd actually have Flannigan in before Barasic, how Halliday hasn't got that position sealed is a mystery to me. Yet to be impressed with this guy, looks nervous on the ball, unwilling to offer an outlet up top, position questionable, decision making poor, influence on the game is currently non existent. People talk about his crossing ability but I've yet to see that on a consistent basis. The guy I hope will come good and I do hope he does cope a lot better but right here right now he doesn't deserve a starting slot..........have to earn that and imo Halliday earned it months ago.
  10. He is the hardest worker I've seen in a long time but his quality on the ball is so poor........I wish I had his pace and endurance as it's a powerful tool. Just a pity he lacks the main ingredient
  11. Need to drive as picking the GF up on way home from the capital.
  12. First time going to this mobs stadium so no clue where to park, heard it's a bit of a walk to the stadium which I don't mind. Anyone know a street or good place to park ?
  13. At the moment he is very poor, Halliday is without doubt the far better option at LB. More accomplished player and offers an attacking threat, Barasic needs to improve drastically
  14. Simply has to be the same 11 with the exception of Morelos for Defoe. Also think Halliday really gets a raw end of the stick as everytime he features he has far more influence on the game than Barasic and he also has the eye for a goal. 4-0 to the famous.
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