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  1. Knee jerk reaction for me, sure he had a poorish first half but the whole team pretty much did. Second half he was silky smooth and far more effective, like most of the team. Think he will be a creative spark in our team, has a great touch and his left peg is rather handy
  2. Only seen the second half but the movement from the team was superb, I'm really starting to see genuine improvements from last season and can only see us getting better. The main concern for going into this season will be the loss of Morelos, losing him is inevitable but we must have someone else ready coming into his place. Other than that I think we are ready to put those fuckers to the sword and can't see us throwing away opportunities and points like we did last season The future looks very bright under Stevie G.
  3. Everyone entitled to their opinions but I can't understand why some of us slate him. Tav is without doubt our best right back since Gary Stevens, and that was a long time ago.
  4. Can't be disappointed in that result, team looked smooth at various times going forward and can't wait to see them when they click properly . We seem to have excellent strength in depth and it's really encouraging as we approach this league campaign, I have complete faith in Stevie G and really looking forward to what lies ahead for us all.
  5. That's the thing, I just find it so difficult to pick a starting 11. Especially the midfield
  6. Think the starting lineup is quite difficult to predict as out best XI is a tough one to call ATM. I'd go with Tav, Katic, Goldson, Barasic Aribo, jack , Kamara Jones, Ojo Defoe Ofcourse a goalkeeper too but doubt we will actually need one. 4-0 Rangers
  7. A number of positives from the game but a lack of them actually testing our defence and putting us under pressure was a bit of a negative imo. Was impressed with Katic, Poulster, Aribo, Kamara, Stewart, Candeias. Also thought the other guys were solid enough but difficult to tell given the low level opposition.
  8. The stats don't show how piss poor he has been when selected. Naturally I'm willing to give the guy another go as he did look a player initially but failed to really make his mark. Maybe this season he will find more consistency in his game. As for Tab, takes a lot of flak but I think he's great, bit greedy now and then but his work ethic is top drawer.
  9. Never knew him before he signed but once he was linked I started checking out his talents and I think we may have a bit of midfield star in the making here. Lad is big, strong, fast and his touch seemed right on point. I'm super excited to see the impact he will make on the team and Scottish football in general.
  10. Makes you burst with pride seeing the numbers so high. I also wish they would look at expanding our stadium, it really annoys me they have a higher capacity since they rebuilt that midden.
  11. Wish no hard feeling on the lad Rossiter but it has been a costly signing for us. The lad has been injured pretty much the whole time, I said we should have cut our losses a number of seasons ago simply due to his fitness. Sadly I can't see him sustaining any length of time in the future playing for a team. Good luck to him.
  12. Can we really blame the current board ? Is the situation not caused by the Ashley shit and sports direct.......is that not the problem ?
  13. No where near the scale they are currently afforded , not even close
  14. Based on what ? Sure they play in a league that is far superior and despite the financial gap thanks to SKY TV there has always been a gap in standard between our leagues.....granted the gulf was not as vast prior to SKY TV. Liverpool are obviously a far better team thanks to where they are playing but I can't see how they are a bigger club. I concede that they are now very well known world wide thanks again to massive TV exposure but who cares. For their entire existence they have had a stadium that has been vastly smaller than ours......the reason for that is simple , the size of support. Only in the last few years have they expanded their stadium, like every other EPL club has been able to thanks yet again to TV. I simply can't accept they are a bigger club than we are. Almost all the attendance records for Europe are held within Scotland and we hold a number of them despite playing in a weaker league , having inferior players and also playing god awful teams like Ross County, Thistle and so on.......that's the reason we are a bigger club. Finance or quality of squad does not determine that, expectation, loyalty and standards are what does that and we are right at the top.
  15. Without doubt De Boer on the playing side but I think Gerrard has been the BIGGEST signing by name and stature alone, even greater than Gascoigne in terms of global appeal. I know he's not a player but still a great connection for the club and supporters to have.
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