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  1. Hope for the worst, expect the best.......trying a bit of reverse psychology The league is over though , sadly we can't rely on piss poor teams to take anything from them
  2. Out if the teams.left we actually have a chance of giving it a right good go. Would prefer to miss the big hitters Inter, Roma and Utd but either way we are there.
  3. Clearly a playmaker type player with an eye for goal and eagle eye for a pass. That little clip shows how many chances we have fluffed and surrendered valuable points. Hope we make it a permanent deal.
  4. I don't think he deserves the criticism going his way but each to their own. All about opinions.
  5. I think in the central area we have a lot of similar players, we are strong in that department but a little too defensive. We need a proper creative playmaker. I agree about Hagi being too wide, he looks like he could be the creative spark we need in the middle as he can clearly see a positive pass. The other guys are strong but it's just not happening ATM.
  6. Camshy


    That is something also up for debate though, his head does seem if it has been turned or something else bothering him but seeing as you don't read people's posts you likely won't see this.
  7. Camshy


    Isn't that what a forum is for, to discuss and debate different things about our team, players and manager etc. I love Rangers, I like Alfredo, I admire Stevie G. That doesn't mean I can't criticise then on an open forum , imo that's the best place to do it. When I'm at the game I don't grunt and boo the team. I think being realistic and honest about certain aspects of our team is important. Alfredo since he has been here has always been a poor finisher , he may have scored a good few goals but that doesn't make you a good finisher. Some of their midfielders are on or close to the numbers our main striker has and I don't think that's good enough. He has done a good job up top but I see him more as a battering ram, his touch is rather poor and as I said his finishing is very poor.........take from that what you will but I support my team, I will applaud Alfredo when he's on the field but it certainly won't stop me criticising him when the same mistakes plague our team and effect our ability to challenge.
  8. Camshy


    Fantastic finishers score lots of goals, period. He has 12 league goals for us, that's a shocking return.
  9. Camshy


    I think he is just a poor finisher , that's the bottom line
  10. It was a right cracker, fair play to those people involved in designing and manufacturing that bad boy
  11. Im sure we needed 2 Scottish victories for that to happen , maybe I picked it up wrong.
  12. I totally agree, I could not for theife if me see a way back. To be honest in a weird way it kind of annoys me knowing we have that ability to get back into it but have thrown away our chances of stopping those fuckers domestically .........could we actually claw back enough to make it uncomfortable for them ? After tonight I guess anything is possible
  13. As come backs go that was definitely the great escape Full credit to the team for digging in against a very accomplished team, that was no mean feat coming back from 2 down with the crowd on your back.
  14. I love what Alfredo brings to the team, his physicality is excellent but his finishing is horrendous. To be fair to him he does have the hardest job, playing up top himself and usually against 4 defenders and he does cause mayhem, I'd love to see him with a partner up there as I feel we would see the absolute best in him. His attitude towards opposition and officials though can make him a liability, the yellow card was stupid and yet again we miss him for the return leg where he will be badly needed.
  15. Don't think anyone is, it's more knocking the we can win it. I mean cmon, it's far harder to win that than our league. We all love European games but right here and now the only thing that matters is the league. I'm sure if you could have the option of European trophy this year or league title the highest percentage of bluenose will say league........that's how important it is right here and now. If we were to stop them doing 9iar and next year we had the same question then yeah Europe but with 10iar on the horizon it's just a horrible thought that makes me sick and very angry.
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