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  1. Camshy

    Daniel Candeias

    He was quite exceptional, his tenacity is something else.........his desire and work ethic is extraordinary
  2. Camshy


    Shame for the boy, we would all love to see him on the pitch but it's never going to happen
  3. Camshy

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Hopefully Coulibally is fit for this one. I'd go with. Shagger Tav, Goldson, Katic, Barisic Jack, Coulibally Candeias, Ejaria, Lafferty Morelos Team will be close to that I think and really gives us a great chance of getting a result. Number of options on the bench too. 2-1 to the famous
  4. Camshy

    Rangers arrive at Glasgow Airport (video)

    This is the kind of shit that makes me proud to be a Rangers fan, our support when acting like that is quite simply the best.
  5. Camshy

    How do you use a VPN to get round the UK restrictions?

    Use the channel on Facebook, don't know why our support don't know about it. Was called Rangers Tele but recently changed to Blue Tube, they screen all games in HD. No buffering, no silly pop ups, no waiting just a brilliant picture of the red white and blue
  6. Camshy

    The Goals & Highlights

    Felt the same, sure I always like the wee man's strength up top but his finishing was always a concern for me. I do feel he needs to improve that side of it but his hold up play is his major strength and I'm delighted we still have him.
  7. Camshy

    Is Thursdays game on TV

    Sorry m8 noticed this too late. Thought it might have come up if you done a wee search. It's a closed page so you have to be invited into it by someone already on it, sure you must have someone on Facebook who is a member who can add you.......stops any celtic fans getting on it, or at least thats the idea
  8. Camshy

    Is Thursdays game on TV

    The game will be streamed live on a Facebook channel called Rangers Tele. Just search that and enjoy, no pop ups or hassle just a clear picture straight away with no buffering.
  9. Camshy

    Rangers- Official PES Partner

    PC gaming requires a far higher skill set. They used to have a lot of games cross platform, PC and X-box PS could play same game against each other.........they had to stop especially the FPS games as console players were handed their ass everyone.
  10. Camshy


    Think he is right, regardless how he played here he was hardly dreadful. He wasnt great but equally the other way too. Down there he has had a similar type of impact as he has here yet sold for millions......yet again we get shafted here because it's only Scotland.
  11. Camshy

    3 vs 50

  12. Camshy


    Wish there was a way we could just rip that contract up without costing us a penny.
  13. Camshy

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    Yeah can't disagree, the whole team have let us down in those big games too, Hibs, celtic, Aberdeen. Bit unfair singling out the favourites for throwing rotten fruit at.
  14. Camshy

    Who have we missed ?

    We have what we have, hope to see at least 2 more added to the squad and they have to be real game changing players.......in the mould of the 2 Liverpool players please !!! I would honestly prefer to see our support moan about players in here r.ather than do it live in person at the game. We all love the club and want what's best but I can never agree with fans giving them it tight and booing etc......even if you pay you're hard earned.
  15. Camshy

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    All about opinions but can't believe some of the over the top criticism levelled at Windass. Do I think he had a good game? No but he was far from the worst player on Thursday? He could have scored at least 2 goals from not the easiest of chances......I just wonder if people would have been as critical had he scored those chances. He has improved undoubtedly in his time here, goals last season alone prove that. Who's to say he won't improve again this term? If he follows up with a similar amount of goals or more then it's a pretty good return. One thing in his favour is it was the first game of the season with a new system etc so I'm not going to be overly critical of him and write him of for the rest of it.