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  1. Well chuffed for all those lads, well done.
  2. Started well but his biggest problem was thinking he was manager if just another club.........big mistake. Sure we may not have the TV revenue of the teams down south but none of them match the expectation , history , and winning mentality that accompanies a club of our stature He couldn't see that and it was his downfall..........always remember him saying "it's just another game, 3 points up for grabs" when talking about the upcoming game against them.
  3. We can't afford him , that's the bottom line and Kent has said this himself
  4. Camshy

    Morelos incident

    He lost control again and imo deserved the red card, the intent was there with his foot clearly going towards McKenna's baws. I had a feeling before the game Alfredo had the potential to get sent off.
  5. Camshy

    Petulant morelos

    I felt the same, when Tav scored the 2nd of the penalties Morelos was terrible. He was the only player who never celebrated and I thought it was very selfish indeed. Sure he is our main man but it's a team game. I actually felt Tav shouldn't have been taking all the penalties , I feel the same regardless who the penalty taker is because taking more than 2 increases your chances to miss........regardless I don't think Alfredo helped the team with his petulance and that will eventually be the reason Stevie G will let him leave imo.
  6. Camshy

    fans running on the park

    The fact is we are not supposed to do it, harmless say most people. I remember at St Johnstone before Christmas wee Alfredo scored and the same thing happened, the fans jumped the barrier........30 seconds later the paramedics had to come and carry a small child as he was basically trampled to the ground with the over exuberant adults jumping the fence. I love passion in the game but anything that paints our great club in a bad light must be stamped out and this paints us in a bad light and can potentially lead to action taken against the club.
  7. Camshy

    If We Don't Finish Top Two..

    I certainly don't want him sacked but I would like to see him cutting out the bad choices which at times during the season have cost us a victory, sure we can't legislate for slackness on the ball from Worral but there have been warning signs umpteen times this season with dithering on the ball at the back from Worral and Goldson and unfortunately against Killie it has cost us. We must keep Stevie G and give him our full backing as I'm in no doubt he is the man for the job. There have been key moments during this season where things could have been so different and the margins have been very slim...........last few season there has been no margins but a great big chasm, so keep the good work up Stevie and get the best out the lads as we can still do this.
  8. Got a ticket for this one and can't make it arrrrg. Think it's going to be a tough night as I can't see Killie bring anything other than ultra defensive on that shite small surface. Will also be interesting to see if we go 2 up top or one, I'm thinking 2 as it doesn't make sense to bring Defoe in and either play him up top himself as that's not his game or not play him at all. Think we'll see Shagger Tav, Goldson , Katic, Barisic Kent, Jack, Arfield, Davis, Middleton Morelos 2-0 to the famous.
  9. Camshy

    Is there a waiting list for STs next year?

    If there isnt them there bloody well should be
  10. Camshy

    Defoe confirmed

    Happy we have a proven goal scorer in the squad, let's hope he is fit and ready to go pretty soon.
  11. Who kniws but you are bang on the money, even in the games they whooped us they weren't fired up they unfortunately had better players playing a broken bunch.......that last game was as dominant a performance as I have seen. There was only a small period in the second half where we slightly let them back into it, when Candeias was replaced by Coulibally but after that 5-10 minute period we suffocated them again.........could watch that game 10 times a day.
  12. Camshy

    A right royal club

    Ha ha ha 🙂
  13. Camshy

    No further punishment for Morelos

    I should think so as well !!!
  14. Camshy

    If I were the Chairman I would....

    First and foremost I would increase the stadium , annoys me that since 96 or whenever they expanded theirs is a larger capacity. Then give the manager full backing and restore the class and standards back into our football club.
  15. Camshy

    Proud as fuck

    Proud as punch with her big cheeser, go shorty