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  1. No doubt Helander has improved as his sharpness is now up to speed and his distribution is far better than Katic but defenders have to defend first and he is very slow and lacks a real physical presence Katic imo has up to this point performed far better, not only in terms of defending but his threat at the other end is encouraging......sadly I think Helander and Goldson will be the preferred 2 in the bigger games and while both are handy im not so sure they are our best pairing.
  2. Hoping we can get something from this game if not then I'll still be supporting the team......cmon the Gers.
  3. I just love Stevie G, he is such a class act and I'm dreading the day he leaves us.......in the mean time however it's onwards and upwards under his leadership.
  4. Routine victory, can't see any slip ups here. Shagger Tav, Goldson, Edmondson, Borna Jack, Aribo, Davis Kent, Ojo Defoe 4-0 Rangers.
  5. 3 tough games despite how poor Hearts have been but I really fancy us in all of those games. Porto obviously a difficult away game given how we fared against YB but I'm confident.
  6. I think there were a few problems that day, first one was out players believing all the paper talk of us simply turning up and getting an easy result. That went to our players heads and the other mob simply wanted it more that day. Secondly the starting line up was all wrong, we had zero width and that was trouble straight away. We set up to suit them as opposed to suit ourselves and really made it easy for them. The good thing is it doesn't seem to have effected confidence, if anything it's made our players realise they need to keep turning up while for them I think it really papers over the cracks. This is our season unless we throw it away like we did at times last season and the game at Ibrox last month.
  7. All business at the end of the day, my nose is firmly blue and that's all that matters to me. Oh and thank you.
  8. Camshy


    I hope he gets more game time especially at right back as Tav really needs competition in that sense. Any time I've seen Pollster, granted at the start of the season in friendlies etc but he did look powerful and quite accomplished
  9. Thought some of you might be interested in a painting I've done the other week of Fernando. I plan on donating it in an attempt at raising money for a charity in his honour. Can see it on my face book page below, please scroll past the celtic painting as it was for someone else. https://www.facebook.com/GacArt/
  10. Think this might be a tougher game than we think, hoping the players don't see it that way but I still think we can come away with a good result. 2-1 to the famous Shagger Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barisic Jack, Davis, Kamara Ojo, Arfield Buffalo
  11. There is no comparison , they were and are cheating bastards. We are not simple. Also we dropped 3 divisions and took 4 years to get back to the top league enabling celtic to have a monopoly on the league until our return.......and even then we had a championship team for the first 2 seasons . Simply no where near the same.
  12. Only half an hour and it should be available on RTV, the full game if you have the subscription 😎
  13. Either way the ref didn't give the penalty and that's all that matters in the end I guess.
  14. The ball was going no where and clearly bounced up to he guys arm, I thought it was absolutely the correct call.......no intent on the players behalf and didnt stop a goal scoring chance.
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