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  1. Delighted he has signed , I believe he will make the difference for us in an attacking sense and hopefully we go with 2 wingers now instead of one.
  2. Didn't manage to see the game and thank fuck, as soon as I seen the lineup I knew it was a difficult one. We've went from playing 2 wingers all last season to once or twice so far this season and then only one winger to absolutely none today. Has to be the wrong call from the manager , to me that says he was scared.......such a disappointing result caused by over confidence and poor selection today.
  3. Absolutely fucking delighted , for anyone that gives a shit was wathcing the game in Greece with me and my Fenian girlfriend , only me an one other guy going totally Tonto in the restaurant Brilliant WATP. PS I'm still getting shit for watching the repeat
  4. Aye otherwise I wouldn't have asked.
  5. I'm away to Greece later today, Hersonossis and unfortunately missing the game in Thursday and the big one on Sunday. Any bears know a good place that will likely be showing the game, won't be using RTV as I won't be taking my phone . Tickets already away to my brother and dad incase anyone asks for the ticket , sorry .
  6. Wishing you all the very best.
  7. I wonder what section of the ground will be closed !
  8. Strong team required and it pretty much picks itself for this one, only question mark is whether it's Ojo or Jones. Shagger Tav, Goldson, Katic, Flannagan Davis, Jack, Aribo Ojo, Arfield Morelos I'd imagine that will be the line up, if not it will be very close to it, keep t tight and pass round them Rangers. 1-0 to the famous
  9. I can't see him setting out like that , it would only be asking for trouble imo. He will have it drilled into them the importance of concentration and will likely drop one of the wingers though I feel were far better with two.......look at Sunday . There will be a willingness to get forward and create chances , if we get one it will settle any nerves and I believe we will go from strength to strength but we won't be hung go. There will be a menacing purpose to our play with full commitment to defending our goal.
  10. Should be the governing body, a simple cap on the number of players these teams can buy and loan out would help put a stop to it. Just the other season Chelsea had over 35 players out on loan to various clubs , that's shocking.
  11. Think this will be a lot more tricky than some of us envisage. The Danes are no mugs and despite what some of our support are saying there is absolutely no doubt they have players who can hurt us. Still I think we are better than them and should see out this game. I'm sure Stevie G will not make too many changes, he will save that for the weekend and weaker opposition. Shagger Tav, Goldson , Katic, Flannigan Kamara, Aribo, Davis Arfield, Jones Morelos Midfield is the difficult one to choose, 2-0 the famous.
  12. This scenario just highlights the problem with these fucking English clubs and SKY billions. They are allowed to buy tons of players, shove them on excellent wages and they are no where near the first team. Kent is a perfect example of that. A guy who could be doing a job at a number of clubs in the UK at a good level and some excellent clubs but he is priced out the market because EPL teams can throw money about with no intention of actually introducing the majority of the people they sign.......can afford to speculate and then demand high sums of money for basically reserve and youth players but other clubs can't afford it due to not having access to multi billion pound TV deals. It's a joke and something should be done about it.
  13. I guess the best thing I can say is Rangers can make me extremely miserable , that's how much they can effect me.
  14. The most disappointing aspect of this signing for me is it pretty much says we are definitely without doubt not getting Kent or someone better than him..........that's a concern. As for Barker, well can only judge him for his games with Hibs and he was a dangerous player but not sure he has goals or assists in his locker but hopefully he proves me wrong. Welcome and best of luck.
  15. Stevie G with a rally call for the supporters which I'm sure we will answer. Can't see anything other than a solid victory for us over that mob. Shagger ( still suspended ? ) Tav, Goldson, Katic, Halliday Davis, Kamara, Aribo Ojo, Jones Morelos Think Arfield will be rested for this and perhaps a midfielder or 2, I'm finding it difficult to predict the lineup and select who I would like to see. So much choice ATM which is fantastic. Be interesting to see if we go with the 2 wingers as we did last season or stick with he one and one behind the striker , this might be the game to attack from both flanks. In any case I trust what the manager decides and sure it will see us secure 3 points. 3-0 to the famous.
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