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  1. Bigot.
  2. Missed a line.
  3. Running just as fast we can..
  4. I'd prefer nobody was called it tbf, it's quite bent in all honesty and I don't like the two before him that get called it
  5. Can we at least not try name him 'King Kenny' at any point, please?
  6. And watch how you play.
  7. O'Halloran and McCann are two I think of straight away.
  8. Doubt we'll be going for Dorrans then.
  9. Fucking hell, children, behave...
  10. A fenian one at that.
  11. I'll only be buzzing when I know we're actually a half decent team again.
  12. Signing from Celtic
  13. I thought you were at least in your forties
  14. 1-2