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  1. They’re to us what Wigan were to the Prem for a while and hopefully follow the same path, without the cup win
  2. Shite team, no fans, shite pitch and a ground that struggles with any atmosphere. Hope they get relegated
  3. 12k at the Piggery Thanks for the back up mate, appreciated.
  4. Aye, it's obvious from looking through here or Twitter etc mate
  5. I don't get the same faces argument tbh, it'll be the exact same at every club, only difference is most of their's are done through a loyalty system whereas ours is people trying their hardest to find spares etc and through their bus
  6. During Sportscene on Sunday night at some point, starts at 7:15. Games are the weekend of the 16th January.
  7. Have the TO ever actually got anything right?
  8. Being top man in the TO does that for you mate
  9. Seen a boy on FF has had Hearts and Aberdeen which shows the club were talking shite when it comes it the grading system for games Only had Livi in the cup 😞
  10. Looks like nothing again, buzzing to get Motherwell
  11. We really should ban every single link to HITC
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