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  1. 1-0, will struggle without Morelos imo and think it’ll be similar to the Killie game and unfortunately we can’t bring on Morelos to save us
  2. People just want to buy into something where everybody’s out to get Rangers etc
  3. Nothing will ever beat the guy that wanted people to have permission slips from their employer to see they had to leave early for work 😂
  4. Game being shite never helped tbf, thought United fans were as bad as I can remember on tele as well in all honesty. Enjoy that and the league 😞
  5. Guaranteed the Saturday, hopefully a late game
  6. Been pretty much guaranteed a ticket the last couple of times, hope to fuck the cccs patches me again or al be pissed off 😂
  7. Dundee, had a shocker at Motherwell’s third
  8. Never crumbled and deposited, will be back next week with a winner x
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