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  1. Hardly suited celtic but I still won the argument, thanks for joining in
  2. Apart from a win at the Piggery
  3. If they were big cheaters and anti Rangers etc that you go on and on about then aye. Easy decision to give if they really wanted to.
  4. I'd guess so. We're just easier to play against.
  5. With a clear offside, and if they were so blatant about cheating then they would have got that goal.
  6. It's stupid saying it in general. Sutton gets the piss took out him for it, but it's normal amongst our fans to say it,
  7. Paranoia all around us, people crying all night long
  8. Need to have some rotation. We’ll struggle I think regardless of what team we choose.
  9. Chelsea win away from £78, get my money back though 😞
  10. ForeverAndEver


    Aye mate, wasn’t clear though
  11. Be raging if that goes against us, he canny do fuck all.
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