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  1. Pedro Press conference

    Nope, nothing to do with him. He is pish but even worse when played out of position.
  2. Pedro Press conference

    He never brought Miller on, he took him from striker to midfield. Done it against Hearts as well and played him on the left. Some of his choices for player positions have been bizarre.
  3. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    Helps a guy out and gets grief. #PrayforGustav.
  4. Best Summer Signing

    Surprised anybody is seriously picking Alves. Candeias was pish from the Hearts game until Hamilton imo.
  5. Pedro Press conference

    Naw, getting beat by Hibs at Ibrox and him coming out with that is embarrassing.
  6. Best Summer Signing

    Jack or Morelos, by soooooooooöoooooooo far
  7. Millers Agent

  8. Pedro Press conference

    And him playing Miller in centre mid.
  9. Millers Agent

    PEDRO CAIXINHA has revealed he believes someone at Rangers leaked his line-up to St Johnstone last season. His opinion, I believe he is wrong.
  10. Pedro Press conference

    His We Are The People after Hibs? was embarrassing.
  11. Millers Agent

  12. Your first experience of Hampden

    Youth Cup Final 2008, Fleck scored 2 and canny remember who else.
  13. Pedro Press conference

    You wish.
  14. Rangers players who played for teams in other sports

    Fair play, got a better bite without meaning it than most do by trying
  15. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Plus, he has always been brought on to play on the right.