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  1. The whole love of us in English football would die off very fast.
  2. I know, but still canny expect players to take a wage cut when they’ve got bills/wains etc. I’ll take the crown here Danny boy.
  3. So not actual league wins, same as championship etc. We claim our WW1 title same as them.
  4. I wonder if people took this attitude if players never took one in 2012...
  5. Got a second in solos twice, pain in the arse man.
  6. Aye, they’ve done it, left £15 in my account that the bastards have took but
  7. Aye mate, always try get a second load out, but been contemplating patching it for ghost for a while
  8. Patch it, me having Stuttgart and Schalke won’t help you
  9. Same, use that with the mp5.
  10. What gun you using mate?
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