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  1. That's a Bonnet😉
  2. Hamilton until the end of the season.
  3. Do explain.
  4. Are you actually trying to insinuate that Ferguson or Smith aren't Rangers men?
  5. Nobody cares about 4 year old clubs..
  6. Join in with the bigotry and you'll be fine.
  7. Again, ned patter is awful.
  8. Was using it against Brown, but Touche.
  9. Well, Brown, 32% win as manager, Lovenkrands, never coached. Miller, fuck no, and again never coached. McCann I'd take, even before Ferguson. I
  10. One of the most depressing things about being young is not being able to have seen the likes of Cooper. RIP, Super.
  11. Capital s In Sevco.
  12. He's more experienced than most getting touted. Lovenkrands , Miller . Only two I'd consider are Ferguson and McCann.