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  1. ForeverAndEver

    Who’s the player?

    You always brought up Fraserburgh, Hamilton and Ayr against the Windass gets goals argument, bit hypocritical when you bring up Falkirk and Ayr, no?
  2. ForeverAndEver

    Who’s the player?

    Why is it laughable though?
  3. ForeverAndEver


    Agreed mate, tried abusing me until I battered him
  4. ForeverAndEver

    Domain issues

    On here you can laugh a the leg break of a Tarrier, this forum wins
  5. ForeverAndEver

    Scott Allan to Hibs again.

    And his own
  6. ForeverAndEver

    Domain issues

    Agreed, Stefan.
  7. ForeverAndEver

    Domain issues

    The Dude is right, the boardroom section is full of roasters and should be used to wind them up
  8. ForeverAndEver

    Domain issues

    FF can fuck off because they banned me cunts
  9. ForeverAndEver

    Game off

  10. ForeverAndEver

    Game off

    Embarrassing as fuck, oh mon we’ll have a winter break, two years running we’ve had a game postponed due to it
  11. ForeverAndEver

    Scott Allan to Hibs again.

    Pre contract mate
  12. ForeverAndEver

    Scott Allan to Hibs again.

    Hope he breaks a leg
  13. ForeverAndEver

    Vatican Assisted Referee

    They’re right.
  14. ForeverAndEver

    Domain issues

    Was hacked mate, sorry about that
  15. ForeverAndEver

    Domain issues

    Up ye