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  1. Russell Martin

    At pittodrie he was
  2. 49 years ago today

    Windass is better
  3. Russell Martin

    I dislike him.
  4. Injury Update

    I wonder which former poster always used to make reference to my age
  5. Injury Update

    Make me
  6. Injury Update

    No, but Robby was
  7. Candeias title talk

  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    A was tempted to put a tenner on us winning the league at 66/1 before Hibs, didn't want to jinx us
  9. Injury Update

  10. Injury Update

    I know it's all about opinions, but mine is correct imo
  11. Injury Update

    Nobody has said he's good, he's just better than John.
  12. Candeias title talk

  13. Candeias title talk

    Na, him and Murphy playing behind the striker, similar to what Arsenal/Chelsea do
  14. Candeias title talk

    Foderingham Tavernier Bates Martin John Holt Docherty Goss Windass Murphy Morelos
  15. Candeias title talk

    4th at best I’m correct