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  1. Jelavic.
  2. The bottling of Senderos and having Kiernan cost us, we were still rotten though.
  3. A don't give a fuck if he's putting a brave face on, unacceptable, regardless.
  4. They haven't played great against us at all imo.
  5. Wit the fuck?
  6. Having Miller back is bad enough fuck sake, get this tae fuck.
  7. You're chatting shite.
  8. £40.
  9. He had virtually fuck all to do.
  10. On the back of one performance?
  11. Would just prefer Hill mate. It probably is unfair on Bates tbf.
  12. Foderingham Tav Hill (if fit) Wilson Beerman Toral Holt Windass Hyndman Dodoo Miller. If Waghorn starts I think I will cry.
  13. Don't talk so much shite.
  14. Our best players in the last two old firms. Since Caixinha has come in, Holt's probably been our best player, but just ignore that.
  15. Tavernier and Holt are nowhere near our biggest worries.