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  1. I had a yellow Tottenham top early 2000s tbf so I’ve a cheek to talk lol
  2. That’s horrific mate 😂😂
  3. Rafa’s uncle missed the penalty that fucked them.
  4. Was announced he was doing it ages ago
  5. Only paedos wear NB mate eh @bigsasasfloopyhair
  6. Declan John has escaped that list somehow.
  7. Why? Please stop this strange obsession old yin
  8. 1-0 against City, 80th minute, lose 2-1. 2-1 against Milan in the 70th, 75th minute 3-2 down, equalise 90th, concede 93rd, fucking raging man lol.
  9. My argument? I pointed out what happened in Scotland I couldn’t care what happens in England’s non league.
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