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  1. Can we leave the conspiracy shite for now please.
  2. What’s anything he said got to do with it in all honesty 😂
  3. So would I 😂 Don’t think I’ve ever felt less confident, 5-0 last season aside
  4. No. Mentioned them trying be better than us, us trying to be better than them, allocation cuts and Steve Clarke in the video I seen on Twitter
  5. If we were out the picture I’d prefer them to, wouldn’t celebrate or anything though
  6. Only other option and keeps them away from 20 tbf
  7. Haven’t a clue about how we should line up in all honesty.
  8. Only listened to Ferguson, genuinely don’t think there was much up with what he said
  9. Another season of failure awaits Klopp
  10. It doesn’t work because after another season of high spending he’ll still have absolutely fuck all to show for it
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