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  1. Kyle.
  2. And, Lafferty, and Davis, and Naismith.
  3. Posting that from behind your barricade?
  4. Tiffany becoming popular.
  5. Is that what they say when we're together?
  6. Playing Waghorn's on Fire after scoring against Annan/Stranraer.
  7. If that is who we spend 4 or 5 million on, I will be fucking raging
  8. Limbs.
  9. Good for the megastore, lots of pencil cases being bought...
  10. Hopefully bulks up a bit soon.
  11. James Mccarthy...
  12. New stock tomorrow apparently.
  13. I'd rather his career was ended, absolute prick of a guy.
  14. Got better hair.
  15. Don't know whether to laugh or greet at that
  16. It's Remy.
  17. He can be categorised with the likes of Kyle.
  18. Guidetti claiming he'll get a hat trick, at Hampden, and the only thing he'll be remember for is this picture
  19. Honestly?
  20. Hahahahaha Waghorn Hahahahaha
  21. Soaking as fuck, ticket was virtually ruined before I got in, guy behind me was complaining like fuck about it going to extra time because his girlfriend was in labour, what a night though