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  1. Should never have happened.
  2. The ballot was done fairly. The only thing that's wrong was the amount thats went to corporate etc.
  3. .
  4. Don't ask don't get and all that.
  5. What a season that was for kits.
  6. There is absolutely no chance, they'll play it in Edinburgh
  7. Good. Fuck him, and Argentina.
  8. £11 from megastore
  9. Black with red, up to our knees in fenian blood, yasss.
  10. A seen 3000 were missing out.
  11. 16'000 is the allocation for CCCS. 19,000 is the amount on it.
  12. At least you spelt your name correctly there. Na, but in all seriousness what is his email? Other cunt hasn't replied to my reply.
  13. Reduced me to tears when Italy beat them 2-1, 2008 Euro Qualifiers
  15. He's a player, not a coach.
  16. Yes.
  17. Shite mate, never got it. Giving it Kenny Miller, disgrass.
  18. Does he?
  19. No they shouldn't.
  20. Was meaning this as well, Less than a week after the draw and he knows he has a ticket.
  21. Not sure tbh mate. OP says 10% to players, Hospitality etc, so guessing it will be around a thousandish.
  22. As long as there's no Tri-colour at Ibrox.
  23. One, please stop saying folk Two, it's all about luck, it's people who don't go to games and get tickets because their family play/played for us and are legends.
  24. Been like that for a while tbh.