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  1. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Was meaning Castlemilk
  2. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    @Sonnybear1972 another person from that Tarrier shitehole...
  3. Roberto Martinez

    He's not the reason they're top 6 six though.
  4. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    We are 6 points ahead of 4th, who have a game in hand and were promoted last season, 2 ahead of 3rd, who also have a game in hand. We've in our second season, in the Scottish league and struggling to keep second place fuck sake Fucked our season twice, because we have a board that are incompetent as fuck at appointing a decent manager.
  5. Fuck The Rangers Observer
  6. Jack Ross

    Read the thread about it earlier, the vast majority of the first 5 pages weren't happy
  7. A Great Article On West Ham Situation.

    Grew a dislike for them the last couple of years but it's been shite on them
  8. Cummings Over Morelos

    Absolutely fucking stupid.
  9. Roberto Martinez

    That has absolutely fuck all to do with the manage.
  10. Too many handwringers

    Sure he got it when Le Guen took it off Ferguson mate
  11. Too many handwringers

    Ronald Waterreus and Seb Rozental as well The worst I can remember was Gavin Rae done a half time draw and he was referred to as a Rangers great
  12. Too many handwringers

    They need to stop branding this one a legends match. 2 actors and a wrestler, and so many of the players aren't anywhere near legendary status
  13. Too many handwringers

    Tbf to them they never stopped, was just the same song for about 10/15 minutes
  14. Roberto Martinez

    Canny wait until England pump his team at the WC
  15. Bruno Alves

    He is, and it's not even close imo.
  16. Roberto Martinez

    No, please no.
  17. Famous People At Ibrox

    Paddy McNair was at the game against the Tarriers, apparently
  18. Board Out

    I know the board are useless cunts but that is tarrier levels of stupid
  19. Supporter Delusion

    Goss has had more than 2 bad games imo. Hearts and St Johnstone he was good though
  20. Bruno Alves

    It's the only way to describe him
  21. Bruno Alves

    He's fucking shit.
  22. Cummings is not good enough

    Putting him ahead of Morelos was fucking stupid. I wouldn't mind the diamond with Murphy behind the strikers and Windass/Cummings/Morelos fighting for strikers.
  23. Too many handwringers

    He appears to have had a shandy too many