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  1. Novo got it quite tight for something a while ago, can't really remember why. Novo is loved by nearly all fans though, for things he's done at the club, plays in charity matches etc. Weiss tweets from Qatar kidding on he actually cares, and why drop hints?
  2. No they don't Novo is also an actual hero too a lot of younger fans, Weiss isn't even comparable.
  3. Cardiff bound, apparently.
  4. Third place again, ole, ole.
  5. Nuno Capacho, apparently he won a medal in Seville.
  6. Naismith was better in his last few months.
  7. Jermaine Defoe
  8. He was the best player in the country for the few months before he got injured.
  9. Thought you were the master of fishing on Twitter
  10. Couldn't care less.
  11. Couldn't care less.
  12. Just like every other senior player then.
  13. They were better all over the park tbh, and had Ball not been suspended, it would have been the same set up as the Semi.
  14. He wasn't the only one in the final tbf, absolute fucking shambles.
  15. No.
  16. I already stated a couldn't give a fuck. Was pointing out that he did do it. No cunt wants him to to fail, don't be stupid.
  17. Looks like it in this one.
  18. Video on Twitter, trying to find it now.
  19. As much as I couldn't really care, he did do it though.
  20. No. Lol. Yes.
  21. Hull, was on loan at Cardiff.
  22. Do it correctly next time