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  1. Obviously never looked during a fair bit of last season.
  2. He done me a belter in the off topic as well the knob
  3. Honestly, it genuinely reminded of my local pitches
  4. Sweeney's no 2 over the tannoy.
  5. And Sean Goss was a shitebag that was wank
  6. MLS have franchise teams, and teams with money that lure old has beens over, aside from that it is gash
  7. Backup has the place on strings, played old yin @backup
  8. No it isn’t. They would have bought a 21 year old that if he wasn’t a tarrier everybody would be saying how good he is, and has a fair bit of potential. Tavernier’s a good player, he’ll be 29 by the time he leaves, assuming it’s after this window and people’s main argument for him being better always seems to go down to goals.
  9. Don’t know but if we don’t sign a left back I’ll cry
  10. Herrera is honestly up there with our worst signings ever man, spunked a million on him 🤢
  11. Would much rather him than Docherty in all honesty. Alnwick I’d say would be going, Foderingham all depends if he want’s to be second choice I think.
  12. Like Holt, wish him all the best. Rossiter’s a good player, should keep and use him in the early qualifiers to show it. Was weird giving Hardie the contract in January.
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