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  1. The way we have been done for those two goals is fucking criminal. We are a desperate lot, full of misfits, has beens and non triers.
  2. Cannot believe these bunch of cuts fucking embarrassing beyond belief.
  3. Bang outay order rancid rabies carrying tarrier bastards.
  4. Neil Warnock

    Walters retired.
  5. Neil Warnock

    68 and a wealth of experience tbh.
  6. Neil Warnock

    I do like warnock superb motivator and his teams generally have played quality football. Has an excellent record considering what he has managed and feel he would bring us on quite a bit in terms of galvanising the ruins of Pedro's pussies.
  7. Mark Allen's Thoughts

    I agree. Who knows who is going to be suited to us until they walk the walk.
  8. Paul Dumbert

    Fuck me
  9. Murtys post match presser.

    No you don't. You making that up aye.
  10. Murtys post match presser.

    Graham/Graeme say it out loud sounds the same. Pedantic tosspot
  11. Pedro on a loser from day one.

    Anything Pedro related = yesterdays news.
  12. Murtys post match presser.

    Thanks Graham.
  13. ***Suggestion Thread***

    That's all we need proud homo running us.
  14. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Big Sam is in America