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  1. Knee jerk reactions galore
  2. Naw if hes only got 1 career ender in him, then it has to be broon.
  3. 1st thing i can think of he is the most successful player at the club, that experience alone puts him up there imo.
  4. Good read. Going 442 seems logical with the personnel available.
  5. Big Herrera is gonna beast the wee dafty defenders in the sssshhhhpppphelll, Hopefully a Hateleyesque season from him.
  6. Aye twas perfect timing when this was released took the derry right off us, hopefully the rabbit hole has been finally been breached.
  7. Arse bandit
  8. I pity the club that takes either of these two numpties tbh.
  9. Lions were lucky Farrell brought his top kicking game, Lions never looked like scoring a try and all they had was kicking. NZ are fucking awesome the depth they have is phenomenal. That wee chip out to the wing the the slap down for the try had me coming in my y fronts.
  10. Also its nice to start the season with all and sundry thinking we are shite, hopefully we can come out and blast them all to fuck.
  11. Aye no surrender lets get behind them. A very bad result does not make a season. If the sacrifice is out of Europe for success in the league then i will take that everytime. Lots of ifs buts and maybes but as fans we can be certain that we always give the club 100%.
  12. Aye Barry dint ye no.
  13. Say we were stripped of 4 scottish cups, 4 league cups and 3 titles, it would still keep us ahead of those smelly bastards.
  14. Fuck them in the pocket, hit them hard. Wish we could get a beam back to Ibrox for away games.