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  1. Nicky Clarke doing the rounds

    Imagine signing fur they bastards
  2. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    A career ender in training is what has to happen here, but unfortunately we have a bunch a shitebags who wont do it.
  3. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Durty mhanky wee rat fuck. All the breads mans fault.
  4. One Club so much shame

    Well we can round RM members, set up a generic email and get everyone to forward it to all the outlets.
  5. One Club so much shame

    How are we going to get this out there this needs exposed nationally must be some news outlets in England that would run this.
  6. Lucas Leiva

    Dont need another pape fae rome. Cunt woukd be targeted here by all and sundry anyhow, imagine him and jack in the same team we would have to win with 10 men every week.
  7. Its an old school way of thinking but every footballer is after the coin, even back then. You get the few exceptions wallace, nay talent nay ambition etc but seen as a legend for sticking by us and incidently cost us money for his mediocrity. Btw im happy hes back, the alternative foderingHAM between the sticks will not get us second or a run at the manky mob.
  8. Aye fair play, but as i said do you really think that any money received from their transfers would have found its way into the club to help prop it up. I very much doubt it with the con men we had at the helm. Those assets would have been hoovered up and used to buy even more debt. Just my opinion mind.
  9. In my opinion yes it is. They cunts left in what basically was a free transfer. They didnt bury the club. But that cunt miller has buried the baw in our net for them a few times. Thats worse imo.
  10. Ehen you look back at the amount of assets that left the club under tupe its sickening but i can see both sides of the argument. Even if they stayed and we punted them for x amount of millions then that cunt whyte would have won the jackpot. I cant forgive cunts like miller playing for them and scoring against us for me thats worse.
  11. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Welcome back shagger. Missed ye. Xx
  12. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    They are all out there trying to find the gaffer and sook rite up his arse the fucking wee poofy wankstains, a complete blight on our club.
  13. MOH

    Oh ffs nae shame they cunts.
  14. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    625 tipperary was 6th
  15. John McGinn (Hibs)

    We dont need another rebel in the team. His family would disown him if he joined us with ex sellik chairman Jack Mcginn as his granda. Apparently has a gambling problem as well get him tay fuck ugly wee mhutant.