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  1. How long do we wait

    Do I really need to answer. That's the level we are at its disgraceful.
  2. How long do we wait

    2 to 3 points on the cards for us over these games.
  3. How long do we wait

    Nice bit of positive thinking amongst the doom and gloom.
  4. Today's scapegoat

    I would drop the keeper but Bruno can stay on the bench for me.
  5. Today's scapegoat

    Cardoso and hodson. Cardoso for being dosy at both goals.Not connecting with a standard clearance and Letting that ugly dumb thumb faced rhat bastard run in behind. Hodson for no crunching Roberts early on just for the shits and giggles.
  6. Pedro: Time to go?

    The simple fact is we need a manager who has a proven track record of taking teams on a winning run especially at home. Pedro can't win 3 on the bounce, let that sink in ffs. We can't win 3 games in a row and we think it's going to get better. I don't see any progress in terms of a style of play or footballing ethos designed to get the best out of what you have available and build upon it. All but 3 players he's signed I give pass marks to. Dorrans only just, Jack and Morelos 2 good signings. We need him out. He can't get the best out of his players, the players told him how they wanted to play in pre season if I remember correctly, which says it all about his management style. He's being dictated to from the guys he's meant to be managing, which shouldn't happen in any managerial situation. He's not the gaffer he garners no respect from the players and his tactics are clueless. Some guys are are just better at being assistant managers and Pedro would make a cracking assistant somewhere.
  7. Are celtic really that good?

    Agree, sit on brown and they go long baw every time. they run the channels in behind and have it well drilled.Hard for the shite defenders in Scotland to cope with but outside the goldfish bowl they are a fish out of water. They are bang average in a site league offering them no competition.
  8. Pedro: Time to go?

    Fucking depressing reading that fuck me.
  9. Pedro: Time to go?

    I want him gone but he will still be here come next summer. Nothing against the guy but he is tactically inept at this level. We don't have the time to give a foreign manager the space needed to cut his teeth.
  10. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Hererra for pena his legs are gone. Big man will score.
  11. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Fucking smelly tarrier bastards are getting the decisions. We are going to have to do it the hard NO SURRENDER.
  12. Mccrorie...

    If I was Pedro I would be trying to crowbar him into the eleven on Saturday. I Would go a back 3, I think him and Cardoso providing Alves with the pace needed to cope with the channels the tarriers love to ru Mcrorie and John doubling up on Roberts, same the other side with Tav and Cardoso on sinclair. Jack sitting just in front of Alves tracking runs and cutting the passing channels for the 1 2s. Then have my 4 attacking boys on. Morelos & Herrera with Dorrans and Pena doing the box to box and creative stuff. John and Tav are more like wing backs anyway so the squad is there to pull it off. Onto a hiding to nothing anyway. Pressures on those dirty bheggars to prove they are what they think they are.
  13. Canny be fucked watching these fucking let downs in extra time. Maybe we will get what we want ultimately...... Pedro oot the door hes nay fucking clue.
  14. How shit have we been since Pena went off.
  15. Pena

    I have no problem with Miller coming on for Pena but reverse that and it's hard to take.