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  1. Will it ever calm down?

    This country will hit meltdown when we win number 55.
  2. Kilmarnock Roll Call

    Moffat for me!
  3. Winning Ugly

    I'll take winning ugly over losing playing good football any day. All about the points this season.
  4. ***Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Hopefully see Garner as a sub at least. 2-1 Rangers. Miller & Kranjcar scoring.
  5. Scotland squad announced

    Plenty of better and hungrier talent he could choose from but naw, ginger nut still chooses the failures.
  6. The "Positives From Today's Game" Thread.

    Garner has signed 3 points Top of the league Good enough for me!
  7. Rossiter

    Wasn't sure when he signed he'd be starting many games but he's looked class so far and is difficult not to start him now. I'd have him over Barton right now.
  8. Ref today

    Poor refereeing today yet again. Although the Dundee game was worse imo not that that's a positive...
  9. Wes

    Thought he made a couple of cracking saves
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Yet we are signing all the pensioners apparently... ?
  11. ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    I'm curious to see how Hodson holds up starting in a league game and his position is RB. Defence needs a shake up either way.
  12. ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    Be good to see Holt get some playing time for this game. Maybe a start for Hodson & Dodoo with miller being a sub although I highly doubt MW would drop Miller or Tavs.
  13. crooks

    Hopefully get to see the guy in action soon. Only a matter of time now he's training again.
  14. We Welcome The Chase !

    The best I've seen that league table look in a long time!
  15. 3 points is 3 points but....

    Given our second half performance, I'm just happy we took 3 points. We made an average dundee team look better than they were.