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  1. Rlm

    Goal tally

    I know its only half time tonight but just a little stat which is really impressive....we have scored 37 goals so far since start of pre season. I know weve played some poor sides but we showing a real ruthless side this season so far which seems promising. Well dun
  2. I think Gerrard knows we have proved to everyone that celtic dont intimidate us them 2 games against them last year shud have been at least 3-0 each game.We have such physicality pace and a great set of strikers. I believe Gerrard has said its our year..overcome your Hibs killies and your st johnstones who will be packing everyone behind the ball and thats where we fell short last year. I believe celtic wil always come and have a go which will suit us because they will give us chance after chance because we are both attacking teams. I have great faith in what Gerrards doing. Our fans can see its coming together piece by piece.
  3. If we can beat the anti football teams like killie, hibs, st johnstone, motherwell, livi probs ross county etc then as we all know celtic wil provide stiffer competition as they wont come for the draw and pack the defence they will play football and open up which is better suited for us..so we have nothing to be fearful of not with the style and pace we have. Its early days but lots of promising displays so far. Am very happy with the team/squad so far. Big well played guys and stevie G!!!!!!
  4. Rlm


    Alfie and defoe wil probs get about 40 goals combined if not more this season.
  5. Cudnt agree more with posts above. We cudnt beat killie at all in the league and beat hibs 1-0 once in the league last season. Theses were a nightmare fixtures start this season on paper..but we are just persistant and banging on the door the whole game. Well done lads on 3 fantastic results in a week.
  6. There is no pubs out there so i used to watch Rangers on bein sports when in dubai. Them arabs are bang into camel Racing...not exactly my first choice of sport lol!!!!
  7. Rlm


    Not even on the bench for community shield....tells you klopp dosent see him in his plans..this guy is one major part of what we need. I just hope something can be negotiated between ourselves and Liverpool.
  8. Rlm

    Our support

    The passion and support this club has is just off the scale and unrivaled. Sometimes its hard to contain your emotions. Its what makes the game so good. A couple of people on the pitch is nothing when the intentions are just celebrating.
  9. Rlm

    Our support

    Am 37 now and theres no better feelin than scoring in injury time winner as everyone says emotions just go out the window. I remember how i felt at Aberdeen last season opener when they scored 90+4 leveller....sickener especially after we derserved to win. For me maurice Edu goal was such a high...but maybes coz ive wisend up i didnt jump onto pitch that day. Today not defending anyone but a lot of the support that came onto pitch were youngins who probablies havnt experienced regular success all the way upto 2012 before the club experienced our darkest period. But us older folk were acustomed to winning silverwear every season so late winners were never a suprise pre 2012.
  10. Rlm

    Yay or nay ?

    Tbh i am positive about the season ahead. Tonight was there champions league final. But its mission accomplished into next round and thats all that matters.
  11. Rlm


    Well you can't get ahead of ourselves too much...but an unbeaten run and some great perfomances (Marseille).. its looking positive and well done again today.
  12. Hows everyone gauging our recent results?.. to me the news guys have looked decent and hit the ground running..the Goals have meant confidence has soared. I know the competitive games against st jo's were against part timers however despatching marseille was a good sign. Alfredo and defoe have showed real quality. Not getting carried away but the early signs look good and positive for the campaign ahead.
  13. Being from Sunderland as an 11 year old my Glaswegian Grandfather was a staunch bear born in Copeland road.so he took me to Gary Bennett’s testimonial in 1993 at Roker park...He was getting on so this was the perfect opportunity to see his old team who were a class above Sunderland winning 1-3.. this guy called mark hately was brilliant scoring 2. I’ve followed Rangers from then on. Been to a few euro nights at Ibrox remember drawing with a strong Inter Milan 1-1 and 0-0 with Barca was a tremendous night. Seems such a long time ago..but think we are on the verge of those nights again soon
  14. Think you will need a spinal fusion after being on a bus that long lol!,
  15. Tav is a guy who has earned his captaincy through length of service Ability and loyalty. He must be one of longest serving current players who is desperate to win honours with us and he seems really happy here.
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