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  1. Rlm


    Fair comment.
  2. Rlm


    Couple more kids from that liverpool u18s team that taught Evertons first team a thing or 2 last week wud be ok.
  3. Rlm


    Is this guy worth a punt, for backup..,?
  4. A behind closed doors friendly against them in dubai as they out there same time.....possibility.!!! No such thing as a friendly against that mob!!!, I hope Gerrard chins lennon on the beach!!!lol
  5. Similarities with Sunday's performance to that cup final...we were behind in that cup final if I remember right, but like McGregors crucial penalty save on Sunday we have the winning mentality back. That mental block has been been over come under Gerrard. We didnt panic on sunday after the saved penalty and the goal that pegged us back...it actually galvanised us and we went from strength to strength and they had no answers.
  6. I thought initially it was a celebration blown your brains out to the cfc fans because we had took the lead and the high must be indescribable. I didnt know it was out to do with the music group he likes. Tell you what he's played 2 games over there and scored 2. He just owns there place. These games definitely mean a lot to him and he brings everyone elses game up. You would have thought he was born in Govan and supported the club from a young age.
  7. Rlm


    Right through the 90s I was never worried about them. We just had the players on a different level. Martin oneil brought us closer and we suffered some defeats the 6-2 was a mere,and then we responded next game 5-1 immediately. But my confidence was ok after the warburton pen win which was tremendous because us being in different leagues. But Rodgers was a nightmare for us all. Some 4 and 5s put past us..really hurt. But am seeing signs of us recovering really well especially last 2 games. But Sunday was a win to savour. We look big strong solid,skillful and full of heart. But Gerrards reaction at Full time shows his passion for Us.
  8. Rlm

    Kris Boyd

    Love that photo..was that the semi final when we won on pens?
  9. McGregor isn't too far behind Andy Goram in the way he performs against them.....when I seen Davis and McGregor starting...you knew we had a wealth of experience...also Tavernier is becoming a bit of a veteran of this derby. And he deserves credit after been on the wrong end of sum bad results in the past. It's all about laying down markers. And we did just that.
  10. Honest it's gone from despair to brilliance when your show them stats mate. Am so happy for each and every one of us connected with Our Fantastic club. Been more downs than ups that's what makes today so great. Milk these days folks. And this is another Marker laid down by stevie G and our squad. We are competing with them now. But it's been sn eternity since I seen the scoreline celtic1-2Rangers.
  11. Rlm


    Tav has got a lot of experience in these derbies over past 4 years not all good memories but hes really grown into a trustworthy and reliable captain. He was unlucky there last season with them scoring late when we shud ov had a draw. So yes this is for you james today. You are so committed to our clubs cause...well done son.
  12. Good question but we managed at Hibs last friday without him...but ideally no more than 2 games. Am not even going to worry about it now ,am going to enjoy our day and New year Again!!!...
  13. Victories like this today are just big milestones/markers laid down on our journey back. Tremendous...and long over due well done players, Manager ,staff and fans.
  14. Surely surely it's our turn to win across there. It's been far too long without a win. . Just dont let them.settle. get at them. Pepper there goal with crosses. Chase every seeming lost cause, and feed alfie with all that we can. We can score from every part of the pitch. Am quietly confident.
  15. Weve Got to be positive high intensity, get in there faces...run at them at every chance. We have everyone fit I think. Let's just go for it from the off!!
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