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  1. Mitrovic would do a job if fulham aren't promoted, but wages could be a prob.
  2. Dado prso. Did the simple things well. Nowt flashy but knew where the net was.
  3. It would be very harsh on liverpool being 25pts clear...however Man city still have 10 games left so they cud argue they can catch Liverpool. That's not going to happen. If we have 24points to play for we have more of a case. But ultimately I think all fixtures have to be played out for a definitive champion.
  4. Yeah your probablies right mate. It's as weve said before winning an old firm doesn't guarantee that title. They clearly dusted themselves down and hit the reset button in February . So good point.
  5. Totally agree...but what gets me is celtic are no Real Madrid.....I think we the (fans) dont put celtic on a pedestal because most of my time we were the most successful club until 2011/2012. However the players seem to be wary or nervous when we play them...but last 2 games 1 won lost 1....played well in both. Maybe's Dubai with its luxurious lifestyles had some players thinking we could walk this league am just presuming that's what happened. Long way to go. It's going to be tough..but just hopefully this league slump will end soon. I always support this huge proud club..think I am one of very few in Sunderland that does these days lol!
  6. Rlm


    Unreal that stat.
  7. I know it's it's been bad last month or so, excluding Europe.....but surely we need to start positively tomorrow and wake from our slumber...I hope!!!
  8. Good point, You know its ridiculous 31 chances and really it shud be 4 or 5 in the net....but to lose is scandalous.
  9. Tonite was it for me and I thought Gerrard cant recover from that. Rangers FC should not be losing at home to Hamilton. Totally unacceptable. Who comes in interim thoughts?
  10. Cant disagree with you at all. I think we all just frustrated at the what ifs this season.
  11. That's the main problem beating the other sides who set up so negatively and breaking them down. But huge plus points under Gerrard definately European Run, cup final, knowing we can beat them and an exceptional home record.
  12. Big sam...is about the best I can come up with. And he may be retired already
  13. The Ability was and still is there.....look how good performances against good chsmpions league regulars in Feyenoord Porto Braga, Warsaw and them in December. Its like everyone says it's down to mentality definitely. But then how we doing the business in Europe?...I just haven't a clue....anymore.
  14. From Brechin in 2012/13.....to Braga 2020. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself the progress we have made as a club. We out of any club deserve this bit of success!!!
  15. Theres lots of good points above. But it's the Guys first job...he got us solidly 2nd in the league and we still in Europe. I dont know who would come in. We all want stevie to succeed. Its just so difficult for us fans after winter break.
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