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  1. I cant see many clubs this summer wanting to take a chance with a guys who's disciplinary record has been scandalous. I'd rather he stayed but the team has done just fine without him aswell.
  2. If he kept his cool would we be talking about a striker netting approximately 40 goals this season.?.. but you cant argue with 30 regardless.
  3. A 30 goal a season striker this day and age is so hard to come by so I think keep him. Disciplinary issues aside he seems happy theres also Defoe who is providing top quality competition. See what summer holds but unless £20million plus bid lands on Gerrard office desk then we are in a good place for the next campaign.
  4. Because I am as bitter as they come towards them its only 4 titles they have won in direct competition against us infact one of those campaignes we were 12 points ahead in 2012 before they were gift wrapped that first one after admin. Still boils my piss.
  5. Ibrox is a proper old type stadium where the fans are right on top of the pitch and any team never mind them yesterday would struggle in that Calderon of noise. There was no hiding place out there and every misplaced pass by them yesterday was giving dogs abuse...which I loved. These new stadiums like west ham Emirates etc don't intimidate opposition teams. Ibrox bernabaeu Dortmund etc are tough places to go because the design. But reducing away allocations is spot on and benefits us hugely
  6. Pre 2012 whenever we played them I was always confident of gettin a result but once we got relegated and then returned to top flight 3 years ago....Rodgers took over we just went on a horrendous run. And I dreaded every old firm..But this season we have competed in each game v them apart from 1st game after we had been to Russia in the Thursday.. But weve done fantastic at home against them. Gerrard has restored the faith and bragging rights. And iam going to enjoy this today..and so should eveyone.
  7. When the hibs players were in the tunnel before kickoff today you could see a couple of them looking at our honours list on the wall and it looks immense/daunting for any visiting player... All them cups and league titles. Quite an achievement.
  8. Yes he was available in the summer gone but he was linked with the likes of palace Watford etc and Eddie howe had Callum Wilson etc all fit so Defoe was 4th in pecking order..He had been at Bournemouth 18 months until we came in with 28 starts/substitute appearances and 4 goals in that time. But 15 appearances and 8 goals for us is fantastic in just over 4 months. Unreal at 37. And the guy is really happy here you can just tell..he has that connection with the fans.
  9. Can only wonder where we would have been if stevie could have brought in jermain in July. I'm.not taking anything away from morelos goal scoring wise...but his moronic antics has meant hes missed half the bastard season. However at 36 year old, Defoe has been great addition.
  10. Rlm


    Absolute lunacy...moronic behaviour from someone who's argubly one of best players at this club. Try n be positive for next week...we are on a great run of results and foderingham we have to put our faith in.
  11. I honestly think when its bitter rival clubs this guard of honour doesn't even get entertained. Zidane refused to do it for newly crowned champions barcelona a few years ago. It's a non starter next week.
  12. Am just glad he wasn't back for Aberdeen today.....because you just know that knob of a ref today would of had him off. Lol!!!. All jokes aside it's such a shame nobody has been able to help curb his temperament. But these last 4 games have been quality and i just love the way we've been playing. So do you just put fredo on the bench against hibs???...Duno guy's????
  13. I just like the fact he never jumped ship. He went from title winner to bottom tier and back on this incredible journey. He appreciates the fans.
  14. No way. A guard of honour is for last game of season.
  15. Cudnt agree more mate. This formation in the last 3 games has been fantastic. And I was worried about goals when Escobar got suspended.!!!..the team spirit has been top drawer.
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