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  1. Rlm

    Back Gerrard

    Just wanted to say that's the right spirit and attitude. Gerrard has the beating of them. 2 points adrift isn't worth losing any sleep over. He cudnt affect whether players take there chances or not today. Gerrard is work in progress. Good post from you.
  2. We Need to convert our opportunities into goals...that's our weakness at the moment, not seizing every chance to score. Today we had 16 shots, 7 on target and didn't score, they had 1 on target and scored. Aberdeen was another example of this........I am busy getting talked down from wearmouth bridge in sunderland Right now..sick of my life!!!!!!
  3. I cudnt agree with you more, you totally summed it up. We lack winners excluding McGregor and davis who we missed and have been over the course before. But we just cant get that real important win or test against them since 2011. It must have been torture supporting them when we were the side with the winning mentality in the 1990s/ early 2000s.
  4. When Forster made that ridiculous save from Jack in first half.......I just had that feeling it wasn't going to be our day. Kills me to say it but Forster was the only difference. Am just thinking in a few weeks we can go there and have nothing to fear from them. We were extremely unlucky today.
  5. Same here mate.. if someone had said to me after 30mins that we would draw 2-2..I would have told them to go to Cherry Knowles mental hospital....(our local hospital for loons). On the other note I think we will be Raging on sunday and gunning for them.
  6. We all thought it was in the bag tonight after 30mins..me included....after I've nearly calmed down and the dog has come out of hiding....I think throwing them points away tonight will only make us mad to correct it on sunday. I think we will start like a train at Hampden but no messing about am sure stevie will be be drilling this into them.
  7. Thought we we coasting and they cudnt get near us til 40mins. Very much Angry because we have players who have the ability to win a game in a second. But on the plus side 2 points behind in December they will drop more points and I might be mad but I think we will do well on sunday. Hard to accept tonight but I think we will be right up for it on Sunday. I think 1 defeat since August ain't terrible. Trying my best to be postive...folks.
  8. Rlm


    Totally agree with you. He's just does all the simple stuff well and is going to be pivotal in any title hunt as done it all before with us. Met him in dubai in 2016 coz he was staying in the same hotel as me and my wife do. So seen him every morning..true gentleman...and nice guy to chat to..had lots of time for us. Seems from a nice family.
  9. If we beat Aberdeen would that end their title aspirations this season lol!!!!!!!
  10. Why do we seem to always play after them on a sunday?..seems to be a hell of a lot this season.
  11. Hows the General feeling amongst people?because we are making them have to win every week and that's pressure they haven't had off Aberdeen in the years of our absence from the top flight. Am Happy with the character/Mentalality e.g Feyenoord the other night and today's result. We at the top barring a goal. And next week show no respect like we have done in 2 out of 3 last old firms since New year and I believe we are capable of a great result.
  12. Rlm


    Losing count of the Lads stats....what more praise is there to heap on this kid.
  13. Rlm

    2nd CL Place

    Just shows how much a moronic decision it was to relegate us to the bottom division 2012. But no other top flight club really gave it a thought at the time how us not being in the top flight would affect spl rankings in Europe.... Just shows how important we are to the Game in scotland. That Dundee utd chairman stil boils my piss....Rant over. Lol
  14. Rlm


    The banter about Morelos on here is great but now my serious head is saying if we receive and accept a big offer in january for him we may as well give them the title gift wrapped. We all know we want to keep him and me being optimistic says he stays with us until at least the summer.
  15. I agree Feyenoord renound for intimidating atmosphere/ground etc. After half time We showed character tonight. I was happy with that 2nd half performance. And McGregor....well what more can you say about the guy's consistency.
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