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  1. Can I say I hate the International break like the rest of us..it rocks the boat momentum wise and the we get usually killie away or a tricky tie anyway figet it that horse has shat today so I move on.My main aim personally is we got to win a cup and stay with 2/3 points of them all season if we are to become champions. Just hang onto their coat tails and them play like men possessed I'm the next derby. I mean another win in Europe will breed confidence this is what I hope,but Glasgow Rangers is built on huge European fixtures and fighting on all fronts. Yes am disappointed but things aren't all that bad guys once you take a step back.
  2. No medals dished out in October...we are joint top. As I've said before we need to win at their place to really show intent. We are well in this title. We both going to drop points. And hearts hasn't always been a stroll in the park in years gone by with better Rangers teams than our current one. Keep the faith folks.
  3. Dont worry yet ,enjoy him whilst he's here. He will end up at WestHam for example sitting on the bench he will be miserable. Here the fans sing his name...think the world of him and you know hes happy. If we win some kind of silverware he will be over the moon. Am not thinking to far a head.but for the first time in ages we have 2 really good strikers. Its exciting stuff.
  4. I predicted we would get a draw against them 5 weeks ago...and that's what I thought wud be the outcome..but yes as all yous above have rightly said we just deployed strange tactics that day. That mental block we had disappeared last season with the 6 points we took off them. So this season it was a difficult result to swallow but we've never put a foot wrong since and I thought at 130pm today why even check livis score..because I just thought celtic wud win...so am checking the score tapping the the side of my phone thinking there's some mistake Livi winning 2-0. Just didn't see that at all..our lass saying what's that grin on your face...I said I thought my phone was broke lol. Yes there will be twists n turns but I feel like gerrard has said beating killie etc is just as important as beating them. Everyone seems committed to the cause.
  5. 8 years since we last topped the lot!!!.. it's been some journey and if we finish there in May then fab but am guna try n keep a lid on it if I can lol.the table does look great on sky sports news...but 14 goals in 3 games is fab.and they cud drop more points. Rightly so we shud enjoy tonight etc.
  6. Rlm


    At 36 or 37 he's mint. Keep both guys fingers crossed and we in for a good season
  7. Rlm


    Bournemouth...bloody idiots fancy not playing him!!You just know he loves scoring...being loved by the fans and helping the team. He's just so reliable when it counts.
  8. Agree...last season..was fed up with dropping points at killies and likes of Aberdeen's was nightmare last season. So credit to Gerrard coz he's got these Diddy teams sussed. Am Trying not to get carried away tho. It's a Good weekend again.
  9. Way to early yet but if we win 2 of firms and out think and battle past livis killies etc..we can do this. We have the the talent and ruthlessness in front if goal to put teams to the sword. We are a handful for most teams.
  10. Absolutely fab. Chuffed to bits with the way we are playing. It's still early days but there's so many positives since the OF.
  11. I really hope we seize the initiative today. There's no way a week ago that you would think they will take 1 point of Livi and Hibs. !!..tbf am just focussed on us and that's all Gerrard will be doing.
  12. Our home form in my opinion will get us thru. Yes we all raw after tonight and rightly so. But we will progress from this group. Gota b positive.
  13. 2 homes wins that will do it .but maybe just 1 home win. And a draw at feyenoord. But its critical ibrox is as hostile as any away ground for Porto and y.boys when they rock up.
  14. It's all down to Home form then...Ibrox is the toughest venue for them other teams to come.We gota just keep our league form up. All is not lost in this group. It's still all to play for. That's about all I can muster up tonite folks.
  15. Be well pleased with a battling/Gritty performance...and an away point wouldn't be too bad. .of course 3 points puts us in a great position.
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