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  1. The smaller the minority group the more protection and affirmative action. This is the homosexual agenda in full swing. The snp have already signed some shite regarding that teachers are to support transkids and the parents dont need to be informed. Also teachers can report parents for not understanding their trans child........ And if you have an issue as a parent with transkids being treated differently you will be given an acceptance ethos talk 😅 fuckin nazi state where your kids can get you done for talking against the regime.
  2. Because their social outcasts who lack skills to be able to fit in so they pick a minority group to join for social protection and to try and make themselves feel accepted.
  3. UB Display

    Haha is that his name, thats a fucking stupid name haha Elliot
  4. UB Display

    probably same cunt had a black jacket on?
  5. UB Display

    What happened i couldnt see it from my section. I left at 80 mins to trek back to the motor and walked past the away section exit and some wee scruffy teenager (looked like a wee uni corbyn tosser ) with a back pack was shouting at somebody as he exited about terrorist scum and something about the poppy. About 7 polis were in a line on front of him and didnt do fuck all.
  6. January

    A nice British midfield of good orange men 😎
  7. January

    Whats to stop the bheasts offering Moult more than us just to bench him most of the time? Most people are assuming we are just going to sign the guy without any competition.
  8. Kettle Enquiry (Rangers related)

    Thats 10 seconds i'll never get back
  9. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Im going Mcleish
  10. ***Suggestion Thread***

    I heard and posted the other day that its to be McLeish and Miller as assistant. Wether its true or not i cant say but its what i was told from someone who has links.
  11. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Gordon strachan??? Who the fuck comes up with this shite.
  12. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Not sure never paid attention that much when the list was up.
  13. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Maybe the board will pick the 2nd favourite and bet on that. Like me with the horses.
  14. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Out of work manager shocker. One of tje favourites according to the bookies so 100% in with a shout
  15. ***Suggestion Thread***

    This season may well be a write off with the interuption and the fact that caixinhas staff were bagged as well. I would rather keep Murty for a while and take the time to find a good appointment, not one bought in a panic. We cant afford another fuck up, fuck knows how the club is going to afford this one.