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  1. Just imagine if their was some sort of functional non self agenda "fan club" where you paid every month a fee so that you could have a voice to communicate the fans frustrations and ask what is getting done to resolve them to the board. This whole situation could be explained to us and confirmed, which would be a nice gesture. Cant believe no ones thought of this!!! No one steal my idea btw i dont think this has been done before so could be onto a real winner!!!!!
  2. My mate seems to think that if you didnt go to all matches you didnt get a ticket either? So out of 19k tickets, 3k went to the hospitality etc so there was 16'000 people on the cccs who went to every match? I dont think that many would have went every week? If its true then i cant argue much because its the luck of the draw thats fair, but if some folk who never went to every match on the cccs got one and guys like me and a good few others who did go every match then theres a proportion of the loyal cccs supporters getting shafted unfairly.
  3. I was lucky enough last season to get tickets so i cant complain too much but still feels like theres no reward for loyalty. The taigs beat us hands down the way they run their allocations. Rangers...the club that cares 🤥
  4. Just off the phone there to an irish guy at ticket centre who sounded like he had a ventilator plugged into his throat. Anyway, being signed up from the start and attending every game means fuck all to rangers and you have the same chance as people who sign up when they see were getting on our way to a semi/final. At least i can miss some cold wet wednesday nights at ibrox against mediocre sides and standing freezing and nackered because you have been up at 5.30am and working all day, my chances will still be the same in the next ballot regardless.
  5. No because i renewed mine the second i could this season like i have done for the past 3 seasons, been on cccs for 3 seasons and been to every cup game this season. No email 😫
  6. In this day and age and his generation money might well be what he wants instead of a career
  7. Looking for 1 semi final ticket. Aint got one in the ballot, even though been to every cup game and on CCCS for 3 year rotten luck.
  8. U not see my post?? 🕪🤣 Ignore this 1st time poster 🤠
  9. Peaked too early, must be ragin as well picking that mucky horse faced cow coleen anol when he could be poundin allsorts 😅
  10. Im sure rooney showed world class potential back then at 15
  11. I would recommend paying for car parking in the city it wont be as expensive on the insurance 😄 if your going to park it near ibrox find a built up area and park it with the residents motors. Dont leave it round industrial areas
  12. Plus extra money from ST increase, roughly £2M if its a £20 increase
  13. Post a picture of yourself holding a piece of A4 paper with your username and todays date and you must be wearing a rangers top.
  14. Come on now Percy somebody stand up and furnish Big jock with two briefs come on now!