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  1. Are all ST's sold now?
  2. Maybe an obsessed opponent fan.😅
  3. I agree with him. I cant tell you the last time i seen a youngster out with his rangers top oan all summer for years. But i have seen plenty of kids wearing the tims tops. We dont have any true legends who kids see as their heros because we have been shafted for a good few years now on the quality front. The PR is shite and there is hardly any public promotion of our brand. I need to walk past that fuckin tim shop in glasgow city centre with their new strips emblazoned across the windows. No Rangers shops. Kids walking past that store see these strips glorified and their wee mates at school are all wearing tim tops so they want one as well. The tims have no competition to advertising in the city fucking centre.....its something we need to sort out and fast.
  4. Think this is excellent. A positive move. Will generate a good bit of revenue from us i suspect if they manage it correctly. I think getting stats up etc is good for conversation at half time etc . We need these kind of plans being executed to assist the team and the club.
  5. You no go absailing wae tiff?
  6. Are we supposed to feel like teen girls frothin at the gash over the kardashians here 😅 a canny be fucked with all this cryptic social media shite.
  7. I'll swap maw tit pics if your interested . And its 3 tits one stone 😅
  8. A dont even know how to delete a post 🤡
  9. Just got done 🤣 btw a found this fone am doing a cumnockbear
  10. I shall delete this b4 any other cunt rips me a new hole
  11. Ha ya fucker caught like a trout 🤣
  12. I am worried that pedro wants to build a squad around kranjcar.......
  13. Anyone found a channel on sportnationHD?
  14. What channel is this on?