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  1. Soooooounness

    Nae bother ya fucking demonic catholic
  2. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Your right it is more than financially, its about mentality. That squad shits it from the tims when they come. They let them run the show in our own backyard, blowing their nose on blue paper, wiping snot on the corner flag, trying to tie scarfs on the posts again, goading the fans, firing flairs at our keeper, knowing our banners and having one ready to reply with making us look like cunts. They are embarassing us, and as a supporter its fucking disgusting to know your team wont/cant fight your corner and shut them up. Totally victimised on and off the pitch, the players and spineless board should be ashamed. See what dignified silence buys you in Scottish football? A ticket to irrelevance and being made a complete cunt of.
  3. nothing that some steel won’t fix.

    They know we are no threat to them that is the reason they never spent much in the window, no need. Would you be out spending when you can see your rivals are buying shite in and your current squad is better in every position than your rivals? The board fucked up when they appointed Pedro, simple as that. Fucked up again and spent the ST money on duds. We got Morelos out of it, thats about it. Thats the only signing we will make considerable money out of and get the use out of imo while he is here. The rest are average. Lets hope the next window is better.....
  4. Soooooounness

    Can somebody get this rabies infested bheast tae fuck? They always let their masks slip. A surge of paedo sympathising imposters is evident on the forums.
  5. Them celebrating

    How the fuck did they know what our banner was going to be or was it the other way round?
  6. Alves

    Boyd is right in saying Alves should be here supporting McCrorie and being in the dressing room for encouragement and guidance and giving the boy confidence.
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    If it wasn't for my no surrender mentality i would be giving this one a miss. When i sat in my seat last time and had to listen to them for 90 mins giving us shite and hammerin us on the pitch it was disgusting. Fear the same tomorrow. Weak team, weak players, injury prone players. Fucking great. King ya pussy cunt, you and your board get tae fuck!
  8. Jim from coronation street

    A bet that was proper gravy anol none of that granule shite. What a waste.
  9. Jim from coronation street

    Ahh when soaps were decent, they removed all the wife beaters and replaced them with demonic mentally ill sinners ( LGBTIKDETPO+ ) . Boooooooo
  10. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Thats how the new generation networks, sitting liking other folks photos and licking arse in the hope you'll need them for something one day.
  11. Sutton...well being Sutton

    Fuck sutton hes a fucking turd of a human. Might switch over to bt sport and hear him try and make celtic seem decent against a team that hasnt had to fend off everycunt in scottish fitba trying to finish us. Reality check for these cunts.
  12. Support an investigation.

    Is there going to be a statement you reckon?
  13. Cough for game

  14. Fight Fire With Fire

    Maybe @thedude can go upstairs and raise the question. Would defo improve the DR's revenue which they badly need 😂
  15. Orange top.

    Common sense tells you that the media would have a meltdown in this country and would be more negative press which we cant afford when in desperate need of investment. Investors tend to shy away from negative media when their benjamins are involved.