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  1. If we play similar to last season it will be a slog for 3rd. Dont agree with if we get caixinha out we will get 2nd, no one knows who the replacement would be and it would be a manager utilising another managers transfer signings and legacy squad. Still not out the woods yet, this will come to a point in 2 or 3 seasons and it will be a high pressure environment to stop the bheasts gettin 10iar.
  2. They should be playing for us first and foremost, the fans. The guys who do the extra hours at work to line their pockets so they can eventually do fuck all hours anywhere. Still too many in the squad who do not seem to be on board with how big a club there playing for.
  3. Il take a few tickets m8
  4. Whats the score with payment? I'm signed up on CCCS for all home friendlies but no payment taken out yet? Anyone know when the payment will be deducted from accounts?
  5. McInnes only got a draw against a mob who are 7th in Bosnia tonight and i would bet they will beat them at home in the next leg. Some people would agree mcinnes would have been a better option but i disagree. It was a bad time for qualifiers for us as we were more focused on getting new guys in and a few were just off a plane fs we need this time now to try and get the squad working together and a few barriers removed that may have been there, language and understanding being one of the them. We will know for sure after the 1st few games in the league. I reckon the board have weighed it up and quite rightly chosen the league as top priority and the qualifiers as a if it happens it happens kind of approach and any moneys is a bonus. The match on the 30th should give us a better understanding too.
  6. One look at the previous signatures, paul and declan 😅 obsessed cunts. Bijock has a good comment on why he signed
  7. The team that beat the tims in the semi was the best selection and team we had for a good few years imo. We have not had as good a squad since. Bad times
  8. Get tae yer bed
  9. Thanks for the reminder of our situation 😐
  10. Would have been better if everycunt chipped in £100 and brought an escort along with them.
  11. Well its twice iv seen them not giving a fuck with turnstyle jumpers. First time it happened i asked the fat banger if he was going to so something about it (the wretch squeezed in behind an old guy with a walking stick which was a bit of a shock for the old boy) and he just muttered something and proceeded to look around with a retarted glaze in his eyes. Some of the security are fuckin useless clowns .
  12. Thats now the shaggers fan groups getting in on the action with the bheasts. There have been statements made and prepared before the decision was announced. How long before the rest of the scottish clubs end up threatening with boycotts etc and wanting a vote on this fucking shite? The club best get a statement released and fast because if they remain silent this has the potential to gather a bit of backing behind it.
  13. Moan the anchor boys
  14. Cut ma hair last week at the barbers £8
  15. Cause I don't have the time and I don't have the patience .What do you take me for? Why must I wait?