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  1. Expect a tough game but also expect us to pick up the three points - IF we bring our A game. Rangers 2 Feyenoord 0
  2. Missed the 2nd half yesterday but we looked a lot better than we did in the first half if these highlights are anything to go by.
  3. It was all about the three points yesterday and thankfully, we got them. Hope we have the place rocking on Thursday night. Really looking forward to what should be a cracking game. Thanks for posting op. Edit to say... can someone please post the goals from yesterdays match in the BD as I missed the 2nd half.
  4. Not working mate ......any other decent streams guys? What about the Geordies on YouTube?Anyone got a link?
  5. You're bang on the money with this post BABN, I love the way sticks up for the club and bigs up the fans.
  6. Not too bothered about this..... now if you told me SG was leaving that would be a different kettle of fish. Anyway, I wish Mark Allen all the best wherever he goes next. Think he's done a decent job for us and left us in a better position than we were in before he arrived.
  7. Scumbag. Hope he gets his comeuppance. Sickening behaviour.
  8. I disagree mate...… both sides will drop other points this season. I think whatever happens this league will go right down to the final day. Just got that feeling there is another helicopter Sunday in store...…..
  9. Good results...…. 2 wins out of two, Well done to our youngsters and everyone connected with our youth development. Thanks as usual to Elfideldo for the match reports.
  10. Brilliant interview.... really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting OP.
  11. Back to back wins..... good stuff. Well done to everyone involved with our youth development and thanks as usual to Elfideldo for posting the match reports.
  12. Good result. Well done to the wee Rangers. Thanks for the match report as usual Elfideldo.
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