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  1. Yeah, I hope we sign Kent too ....... but I wouldn't go over 3 million for him.Good player that can and will improve with game time.
  2. Agree with most of this........ we need to add some real quality to the midfield next season.... the club are going to have to splash the cash to attract the calibre of player we need going forward. Also need a top class finisher if AM moves on..... and it wont be cheap or easy to replace the wee Colombian.
  3. Give the guy a chance ffs... he could turn out to be a very useful player for us if he's given the chance to prove himself.
  4. Something stinks mate.... I'm not much for conspiracy theories but you have to wonder where they came up with 6 minutes added time. Shocking decision.
  5. I think I see where the OP is coming from........ basically , I agree he wouldn't get half as much grief or negative attention if he played for anyone else but us in the SPFL. Admittedly, he does bring a wee bit of the negative attention on himself with his diving and moaning/body language/reacting to certain situations etc - which I wish he would cut out tbh.
  6. This........ summed it up to perfection for me with this post mate.
  7. Whats happening lads....... screens gone blank! ffs
  8. What a fucking goal AM!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Just in. Team news anyone? How are we playing?
  10. I hate to jump on the bandwagon here but the guys simply not good enough to be a key player for Rangers.A backup squad player at best. Hopefully SG replaces him in the summer with better quality.
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