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  1. This, all day long.
  2. What kit is that btw.
  3. I wish him well but he just wasn't good enough to wear our famous jersey.
  4. Was thinking the same tbh.
  5. Dorrans will be our star player this season imo If not him - then Alves.
  6. Interesting find OP. I wonder if we have any special ties with present day Canadian clubs? Also, it made me wonder what present day team in Canada has the biggest crowds? Outwith the OF - do they compare with our bigger clubs?
  7. I forgot all about him tbh. Time he was moved on imo. Not good enough.
  8. Sounds promising. Couldn't be any worse than Dalcio imo. Hope to see him in the 1st team at some point in the coming season. Could add some much needed skill and pace.
  9. I'm picking reallyruffs team. They would win any 6 a side tourney hands down.
  10. That is some team/squad.
  11. Goram Hutton Butcher Gough Numan Laudrup Gazza B Ferguson Cooper McCoist Mols
  12. Is this game being shown live anywhere?