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  1. TopCat


    Thought he was our best player. Absolutely outstanding. Has to be worth 10 million plus with displays like today.
  2. TopCat

    Tav better than Hutton

    Hutton for me all day long but I really like Tav and rate him highly..... think he will play in the EPL some day too.
  3. Could listen to him talking about Rangers all day!
  4. TopCat

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Superb team performance today. We really do look like serious title contenders after that display.
  5. TopCat

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Wee Burke scored and assisted the other. Great to see an ex Rangers player sticking the boot in them.
  6. TopCat

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Get in there Killie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. TopCat

    Andy Halliday

    Good post. If AH can keep improving as he has done under the guidance of SG then he will be a valuable asset as the season progresses. If anyone can bring out the best in a player - I think it's Stevie G.
  8. TopCat

    Andy Halliday

    I trust SG............. If he feels AH has something to offer the squad then I'm more than happy to accept his judgement.
  9. TopCat

    Gerrard on Halliday

    This. He's done well recently.Hope he can grow into a valued member of our ever increasingly strong squad.
  10. TopCat

    Post A Random/Weird Football Image!

    That's what makes it such a special clip bro.lol
  11. TopCat

    If you could pick a greatest ever Ranger

    I don't even know anymore tbh.
  12. TopCat

    Saturday Night Quiz.

    You obviously know your stuff mate. Have a like.lol.
  13. TopCat

    Saturday Night Quiz.

    Which player has scored the most hat tricks against celtc? I know it's not my turn but I want to know the answer.
  14. TopCat

    Play Up The Glasgow Rangers

    The greatest club in the world. Period.