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  1. Fair comment .We don't, but our club needs to produce more than we have in the past given or financial restraints.
  2. So it's a pisstake. I shoulda guessed as much.
  3. Sad news indeed. RIP.
  4. Was going to say the exact same thing.Does my head in tbh.
  5. Someone give us the correct answer and put us out of our misery ffs.
  6. Newspapers lie - like politicians - it's what they do best. Anything to generate interest/ income. As someone else says they will be obsolete in 10 years at the rate they are going downhill
  7. His parents should advise him to stay at Rangers until he establishes himself in the first team imo. Chelsea mess their youngsters about and very very few break into the first team. If he wants fast cash then maybe Chelsea is the right option but if he wants a successful career he should stay at Ibrox.
  8. McKay has to be worth a million plus surely. Wes half a million. Wallace a million too. Our players aren't as bad as some in here would suggest. Windass is another half million to the right buyer imo.
  9. Hope we get decent money for him. As our top goal scorer he has to be valued at 1 million plus, surely.
  10. Superb training top.
  11. Welcome aboard to the OP. Hope you enjoy your time spent on RM.
  12. This, all day long.
  13. Pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter. To be honest he has been a dreadful signing so I won't be sad or disappointed to see him go tbh.
  14. That is some team tbf. Disappointed there are so few ex Gers players in the selection but not entirely surprised tbh.