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  1. If we are serious about winning 55 next season then the club must do everything in their power to hold on to our captain. He is a massive player for us and is more or less always available - which is crucial with so many big games coming thick and fast throughout the season. I love the guy and hope we can keep him for at least another season.
  2. Welcome to the best club in the world Gregg Stewart.
  3. Disgusting behaviour by whoever attacked Graeme........ hope he's ok.
  4. It sickens me the way some former players talk down our prized asset. AM is worth at least 15 million....... and I hope the club hold out for that figure or more when he finally moves on to a new club. I hate slagging ex players but I'm really annoyed with DF on this one.
  5. Good to see Richard Gough take an interest in one of our most promising young players.... a legend like Goughs advice can only be a good thing for the development of an aspiring centre back like Niko...... should bolster his confidence no end too.
  6. Very classy looking.....10 outta 10 for Hummel and the club.
  7. According to my dad and two older brothers he was very popular but not as popular as Colin Stein or Derek Johnstone. He has an outstanding record of scoring against the manky mob..... 10 plus goals according to some older Bears on RM.
  8. Not sure he deserves a testimonial tbh ..... he's done pretty well out of the club down the years,,,,,, but he does deserve our gratitude and respect for staying with us during our darkest times. Having said that, if SG and the club feel he's earned a testimonial then who am I to argue. I wish him well wherever he plays his football next season.
  9. I hope it's a good game first and foremost .... but if I had to pick the team I would rather win it then it would be Chelsea for me.
  10. Yeah, thanks for the match report as usual Elfideldo...... good to see our lads finish the season on a wee high with another win.
  11. Fantastic memories of one of the best days of my life. Just brilliant!
  12. Thanks for the info Don and Bluedignity. Every day's a school day on RM.
  13. Love the wee man but I hope he goes........ he's been great for us and we've been great for him but I feel the time is right to cash in on him and use the money to bolster the first team starting 11. I think he'll leave in the summer tbh.
  14. That's right..... he was actually capped for Scotland at cricket too.........IIRC. Possibly the only player ever to be capped by both sports at international level, I would imagine.
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