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  1. Miller 7 out of 10 Dodoo 5 out of 10 Garner 4 out of 10 Waghorn 3 out of 10.
  2. I would keep Dodoo and Wes. Millers been a fantastic servant but he's getting on. He's the only other player I would consider giving a new/one year contract to. The rest just ain't good enough to wear our famous blue jersey.
  3. Our best player today by a country mile. Must start next week.
  4. Sad news indeed, RIP big man.
  5. Superb work as always Jules. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I never knew anything about this game till I saw this thread.
  7. What is this thread about ffs.
  8. I'm not overly fussed which section of the stadium they make all standing - I'm all for this idea. Hope it happens.
  9. Mr Blue Sky by ELO would be in my selection.
  10. I think we can seriously challenge for the league with a budget of around £10 million but feel the club will actually spend 3 or 4 million - which won't be enough.Not by a long shot.
  11. He won't be missed.
  12. Any links for the Leicester game guys?
  13. Sad news indeed. Condolences to Trevor and his family at this sad time.
  14. This. He was /is a complete passenger.