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  1. TopCat


    Just hope he doesn't read this thread then...... his confidence would be absolutely shattered. I actually rate Goldson.... think he has just had a dip in form which happens to every player. Also,as everyone is saying - it can't be easy playing with a different partner in every game. SG needs to pick two CB's and let them develop a bond.For me that would be Goldson and Katic.
  2. TopCat

    Morelos discipline

    I love wee Alfredo but I'm starting to feel he is a liability that we would be better cashing in on - while his stock is sky high. The only problem is - who do we replace him with if we want to challenge this season?
  3. TopCat

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    That side should be good enough to bring home the three points mate. I fancy us to win 2-0. Come on Rangers!
  4. TopCat


    I'm dead against VAR.... mistakes by refs are part and parcel of the game and make it more interesting - giving fans something to talk about after the match.It also slows the game down....... and there are too many stoppages in football at the moment already So it's a "no thanks" from me.
  5. TopCat

    What A Surprise.

    Good to see a voice of reason on here after a bad defeat mate. I missed the game tonight (thankfully, by the sounds of things) but so long as we are only 4 or 5 points behind celtc at the winter break, I will be reasonably satisfied. We then just need to sign a creative midfielder - like Steve Davis and a quality striker -? Shankland, Defoe , an other? and we will be right in the hunt for the title. As disappointing as tonight was - there is no need to panic just yet. We can still do 55 this season......no surrender!
  6. TopCat

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Come on Rangers! Get intae these sheepshaggin' bastards!
  7. TopCat

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Is that a suggestion or what's actually happening mate?
  8. TopCat

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Booking? Who for mate?
  9. TopCat

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Any decent links guys? This is torture....
  10. TopCat

    March to stadium in Vienna

    Hope our fans have a great time and come home happy with three points in the bag and a load of brilliant memories of another famous European win for The Rangers. ; Edit to say I am so jealous...... wish I was going over. Enjoy yerselves lads, stay safe and do us proud!
  11. TopCat

    SG: Rangers has filled a 'huge void'

    I just love the way SG bigs us up at every turn. He clearly loves our magnificent club....... and that's why I hope his stay is a long and successful one.
  12. TopCat

    Happy 50th Birthday

    I'm confused. Who's turned 50?
  13. TopCat

    Ross McCrorie

    I agree with this!