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  1. Really enjoyed that......... I don't remember him very well, I was too young but my older brothers raved about him and Colin Stein. He has some scoring record v them...... wish we had a player like him in our squad today.
  2. TopCat

    Jamie Murphy

    I'm actually excited at the prospect of JM playing with better players like Kamara and Davis this season. Think he can be a huge player for us as we chase 55. Just hope he comes back fully fit and raring to go after a good pre season.
  3. TopCat


    Liked him back in the day but he's a dirty bastard of a player who I strongly dislike now that he plays for another club.
  4. I think you've answered your own question here mate.
  5. Bang on the money with this post mate... I think he's a decent squad player at best. Shouldn't be starting games imo unless we have injuries and suspensions to the first team.
  6. TopCat


    Not sure I want to keep him next season tbh but I do love the wee mans work rate and passion for the club .....If SG sees a role for him in the squad as we chase 55 then who am I to argue...
  7. TopCat


    Agreed. Him and Arfield are the best two midfielders in Scotland right now.
  8. Yeah, well done AM....... 30 goals is a fantastic tally considering the amount of time he was sidelined. Personally, I would have wanted him to stay next season but his discipline has proved costly and I doubt he will be any better at controlling his petulant ways next season. It seems to be a part of who he is and what makes him tick, unfortunately. I would grab any bid north of 15 million for him right now tbh and wish him all the very best at his new club.
  9. Congratulations to the big man. Well deserved imo.
  10. Will be interesting to see how GD gets on with better players alongside him in midfield. He might yet have a part to play next season.
  11. Fancy us to win this one..... just hope we can come through the game without any serious injuries on that shitey pitch. 2 - 1 Rangers. Alfredo and Defoe chipping in with the goals.
  12. Kilmarnock v Rangers . Sunday, 19th May Venue. Rugby Park. Kick of . 3pm. Live on BT Sports 2.
  13. You were right on the money mate ....both of them were fantastic in our win on Sunday.
  14. Excellent job as always Jules...... thanks for posting and sharing on RM. 10 out of 10 mate.
  15. TopCat


    Love the big man...... think he's top notch. He will earn us a right few quid when we eventually sell him on in 3 or 4 seasons from now.
  16. Scott Arfield but a special mention for Kamara and Davis too...... oh and Defoe.Too hard to choose just one ffs! Edit to add Stevie Gerrard.........so many good signings this season when you stop and think about it.
  17. So proud of Tav's performance today......... a lot of people say he isn't captain material but today proved otherwise imo. He looked and played every inch like a leader.
  18. Really enjoyed his "dummie" today. Such a clever player.... still has loads to offer - not only this level but in Europe too....... think he will be a massive player for us next season.
  19. Really pleased for him that he got a clean sheet and a win over celtc in what will ( probably ) be his last OF game....... as @stewaj3 says.... he could do a job in the English Championship.
  20. TopCat

    Glen Kamara

    Could play in the EPL........... really, he is that good.
  21. Agree with the OP. That was the real Rangers that turned up today. We battered them from start to finish...... shoulda scored more but happy with 2 goals and a rare clean sheet against the mhanky mob. Roll on next season.
  22. Thought he was superb today but everyone in Blue was outstanding to a man. Even Wes Fotheringham stood up well to save their only real chance. Think he deserves a new contract as a reward for recent performances...... including today.
  23. TopCat

    The Manager

    Good post from the OP. Stevie Gerrard has definitely improved us already this season and I reckon he will lead us to 55 next season with 3 or 4 quality players added to the squad.. The guy is an out and out winner ......and I for one hope he proves his doubters wrong
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