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  1. Boss unimpressed with the performance but taking loads of positives from the game.
  2. Thanks lads......... enjoyed seeing the goals again.
  3. Looks amazing.......... hope he continues to improve and eventually go on to make his mark in the first team. Definitely a clever signing by Rangers going by his video.
  4. Excellent news...he looks a picture of health.
  5. Congratulations to our under rated captain............hope he reaches the 300 mark this season and lifts some silverware along the way.
  6. Yeah, ideally we go a few goals in front in the first half - allowing SG to give all our subs a chance to get some first team experience and a chance to show what they can do.
  7. Hope Stevie gives a few of the lads who haven't played much some much needed game time. Rangers to win 5-0.
  8. As Thumper says in Bambi - "if you can't say anything nice, don't say nothing atall".
  9. He did really well in the pre-season too.......
  10. Happy Birthday Mr Greig. As the OP said - a genuine Rangers legend.
  11. That's a real blow....... he's having a cracking season....... hope he's back before very long.
  12. Hardest player I've ever seen........... opponents were shit scared of him. Nice to see that goal v them again so thanks for posting Jules.
  13. What a player! DJ is a real Rangers legend. Thanks for posting Jules.
  14. Lowlife scumbag/s did this............. hope they catch the culprits but it's gonny be hard if there's no cctv or eye witnesses.
  15. What has he done to piss off some of our posters mate? Canny be arsed reading the entire thread.
  16. Well done as always Jules........ great to have you posting again sir...... you have been badly missed.
  17. I see what you did there.
  18. Spot on mate........... so glad SG decided to stick by him during his early days at the club........... hopefully , he will only get better.
  19. Happy with that.......... better than the last three in my book.
  20. Still laughing at celtc going out of the CL to a pub team........... just brilliant!
  21. I'd like to say yes but think his lack of experience would be costly to the team. He needs more game time.Simple as that.
  22. Just waiting for someone to say Robert Downey Junior is a racist for blacking up in Tropic Thunder.
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