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  1. Missed this today but well done to our young players and everyone connected with the youth department.
  2. TopCat

    Defoe and Lafferty potentially out

    Worrying news but I doubt SG would announce two of his key players are out injured ahead of a big match - would give too much information to the opposing manager - so I hope it's just mind games from SG to lull SJ into a false sense of security. If both are genuinely injured then I would play Kent through the middle with Middleton and DC supporting on the wings. We can't afford any excuses tomorrow..... this is a must win game and I'm sure we will still take all 3 points no matter who plays upfront.
  3. TopCat

    First Rangers game you attended?

    First game I attended was a 2-0 home win over Dundee United in 1977. ( I think ) Can't remember much about it tbh......... wasn't the best of games as I recall.
  4. TopCat

    Police to veto Saturday night Aberdeen game

    As others have said... let's concentrate on beating Killie first.
  5. TopCat

    Nathan Young-Coombes

    Nice run and excellent finish. Looks like he has real potential.
  6. TopCat

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    I would go with this team.Definitely strong enough to secure the points imo. Confident we will win this by 2 clear goals. Rangers 3 .... Saints 1
  7. TopCat

    Under 17's - 1.35pm KO , semi-final

    Well done to the wee Gers and everyone connected with our youth academy.
  8. TopCat

    Ross McCrorie

    There's always YouTube mate. Looks a player in this video.Short , I know but plenty of skill and endeavour in this compilation imo.
  9. TopCat

    Where are the biggest Rangers towns?

    Wellhouse in Easterhouse. Not a town but was always full of Bears. Maybe Scotty can confirm if this is still the case.
  10. The OP spelled it wrong too.
  11. Fair post mate and sorry about the mis spelling of your countries name. No disrespect meant.
  12. I reckon he will become a regular starter in the Columbian national side. He has the talent to go to the very top. Could easily see him playing for one of the top 6 in England..... he's that good. Let's just enjoy him while we have him at our club.
  13. TopCat

    Ross McCrorie

    Impressive stats mate. Yeah, I agree with most in this thread that we could have a top class player on our hands if Macca and Stevie G can work their magic on him. Thought he was excellent today. 8 out of 10.
  14. Just happy to have the replay at Ibrox to look forward to - with AM back in the team we should go through no problem.
  15. TopCat

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Dundee Hibs at Ibrox. 7-0. That'll do me.
  16. TopCat

    Siege Mentality

    Good post from the OP. Let's go!
  17. TopCat

    Maurice Ross

    Well put mate. Summed up the situation perfectly imo.
  18. TopCat

    Are we approaching a settled team?

    Yes, I think we are mate. Others will have a huge part to play as we chase 55 but the team you have listed will be the key men as we battle it out for the league title. The great thing is we now have strength in depth.... can't help but think we would would have beat Aberdeen in that cup semi if we had Defoe and Davis in our ranks..... we would probably have more league points too but it is what it is and we go on with what we've got.
  19. TopCat

    Could Defoe's goals win us number 55?

    I hope so........ he will score vital goals for us ......he took his goal last night really well. Really glad we have him at the club... he's still some player.
  20. TopCat

    Red dead redemption

    That would have been post of the day mate!
  21. TopCat

    Lewis Ferguson

    Think he has potential. Could be a future target if he continues to improve. Shinnie was excellent tonight - much better than Ferguson imo - and Greg Stewart was a handful down their right hand side........... we done well to stop him from hurting us more tbh.
  22. TopCat

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    Pathetic behaviour from McIness........ It's clear to see he's hurting and I'm loving it.GIRFUY DM.
  23. TopCat

    Tonights goals

    Thanks for sharing mate.Appreciated.
  24. TopCat

    Tonights goals

    "Lost for words with these fans , they are just incredible". Well said Stevie Gerrard.