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  1. Allan McGregor

    ?? I am saying I don't want any Rangers players representing Scotland in an ideal world. Would you take Mo Salah? he plays for a pish nation at football like Egypt. So re Arfield, if you considered yourself Canadian, why would you represent another country anyway? I'm not saying he does or doesn't consider himself Candian I'm asking what if.
  2. Allan McGregor

    Maybe he considers himself Canadian though ... when did he decide? was he with Falkirk when he got his first call up because he improved down South. I wouldn't have took him to Rangers from Falkirk. I'd rather none of our players played for them anyway, I'd personally love it if they all picked Canada or some shite wee nation instead.
  3. Allan McGregor

    I don't think Foderingham is the answer either. I'm not sure I agree that Arfield and Davis aren't dynamic though. Unless they've slowed down a lot in the last wee while. Pace isn't the be all and end all in the Scottish game ... I've seen some rapid players who were absolute donkies and some slower players who strolled it - Wilkins and Souness had zero pace, Albertz too. Not saying they are on a par tho.
  4. Should sell it in the ticket section for the KIlmarnock game.
  5. Allan McGregor

    We can sit and moan all we want and say I'll no be back or buying a season ticket ever again or anything like that. But we know fine well once he arrives and starts playing the attitudes will change. It always does. Not saying that's right or wrong it's just the nature of it. We ended up accepting people like Mojo, Kenny Miller, Ian Black and Jon Daly. I think after everything we've been through since 2012 and continue to be put through with the clowns that make the decisions at our club a lot of us are just fucking numb and drained and losing interest and passion. I wouldn't sign McGregor personally. I thought he peaked when he was with us in all honesty and wasn't as perfect as some thought. At the risk of sounding like a wee bit of a hypocrite, the only one I could probably stomach back (reluctantly) is Davies not because what he done was OK but because he's a top top player and if we are going down that route, then give us him as he would genuinely make a massive difference along with Arfield in midfield. I don't want McGregor anywhere near us but I'm not going to throw my toys out the pram or make childish wee ultimatums about never going back or anything like that - I don't go as much as I used to as it is but that's zero to do with McGregor in all honesty it's a combination of so much other shit.
  6. Club statement

    Mixed on that tbh. That only vindicates their decision to give us less the more home end tickets are snapped up, but on the other side of the coin your only wanting to see your team play which is to be respected. Hibs fault this. Cunts.
  7. Club statement

    Absolutely. Was going to make this point myself. As I said I like the statement, it's very well measured and hit's the spot however they've made statements before that were good - the cup final. the Daily Record, title stripping/big tax case and even one on the SNP and their offensive football bill - but not once do they back the statements up with any sort of action - they just go back to letting everyone in the statement put their cocks up the collective arse of the club and the fans (sometimes with the help of the club too)
  8. Club statement

    If they were looking after their own fans why didn’t they cut the tarriers allocation last week? They’ve been making noises about second weeks before the split fixtures came out this is always done to us, then next team it’s business as usual - recognise the pattern ffs
  9. Club statement

    It’s the only voice we’ve got! That’s why. weve no friends in the media like that lot have giving the likes of Lustig, Brown and Griffiths platforms to spout endless obsessed childish wee digs at us a statement is all we have until we get our fingers out and find management and players with the bottle to win our battles/defend us on the pitch it’s been open season on Rangers since 2012 for the whole of Scotland at every level of football, media and society - that’s why a part of me dies every time I see a Rangers name wanting the Scotland job, or praising other teams and players
  10. Steven Gerrard

    Some wee bone smoker on Twitter like 4ladshadadream and they think they know something or they put 2 and 2 together like Gerrard being seen in our directors box and think it's worth a punt for the odds at the time.
  11. Club statement

    I like the clubs threat at the end but sadly what will happen if the club takes the official 900 allocation is that Hibs will then sell the other 3-thousand themselves to Rangers fans direct and they will go like hot-cakes. I'd never slag the fans for doing it, I'm a great believer in go and support your team but it would be nice if we could stick together on this one and everyone took their chances with the initial 900 or so and if unsuccessful, left it at that.
  12. Steven Gerrard

    Please stop with the bookies odds guys - it has no correlation to the outcome at all, just the betting patterns. Me and my friend could go into 5 Paddy Power's tomorrow and stick a score on Billy Davies in each shop and he'd appear somewhere in the top 10 within the hour.
  13. Club statement

    I like it. Doesn't have to be all guns blazing - it touches on all the bases and has the threat at the very end. Nice and measured.
  14. New Tops On Sale

    I think that's quite nice on the eye actually - fuck buying it though - seriously, fuck that.
  15. Steven Gerrard

    My sarcasm didn't really come across the way it should there.