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  1. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Anyone who wants a fellow Bear grassed up is fucking scum - there's simply no excuse for it and it doesn't matter if it's Marshall and Houston doing it or this blogger doing it.
  2. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Agreed honest wee player, good to have in the squad but that’s literally it - a squad player. End of the day he was a 60k buy that Hearts didn’t want - I think we’ve got our 60k worth back in value and a lot more but we can’t look at him romantically because he’s a trier. Ill repeat he’s a good squad option would rather have him in our numbers than not but our future first choice midfield has to be something like : Candaies Dorrans McCrorie Murphy windass
  3. Regarding Morelos I don’t know how people can get heated over taking 11 million or not, it’s literally just a preference as there’s some serious pros and cons on either side there’s no real right or wrong - 11 million is fine money but there’s good arguments for not selling the figure of 11 million I literally see it as win win if he goes we could put 11 million to right good use if he stays then great!
  4. Nah you’ve not lost the will you’ve just realised what you said made no sense - don’t worry it happens to us all. Hope to see you back when you have a much more cohesive argument for the forum to debate.
  5. You said I could give you hundreds of examples, then when I said about hundreds of examples you quoted me and said “hundreds of examples “ like it was me that said I hundreds of examples if you can’t acknowledge what you said yourself minutes before how can I even debate you? I don’t need to defend my position anyway - I’ve provided proof that a strong Scottish football isn’t essential to Rangers (or celtic) and you’ve provided me none that we need it as I said you are nothing but a typical yes voter who puts Rangers pretty low on your list - your all the fucking same - vermin
  6. No this thread was started because he’s a wee hypocrite some victims mean more than others and has been said he walked into a caravan, back out and kept his trap shut he’s vermin like the rest of his kind yet there’s a small undertone from yourself and Coop that he’s done nothing wrong
  7. It was you that said I could give hundreds of examples I was repeating back your logic spazie factor off the scale with you - literally is
  8. So I can give hundreds of examples of seasons we’ve done ok in Europe and celtic too despite the league being shite and a 2 horse race but it doesn’t matter because a stronger Scottish game would do the same thing anyway in an ideal world? You any idea how much of a retard you sound? Typical yes voter too Scotland before anyone and anything including the team you pretend to love
  9. I gave other examples - read them before commenting
  10. Ok then - how did that great season for Scottish football put us in stead for the following season? Kaunas - in a way it proves my point even better ... a great season for Scottish football teams then about 5/6 weeks later we get handed our arses off of Kaunas we only need a strong Rangers
  11. I would appreciate seeing Rangers win that’s My only concern - you are right in the sense there are some folk who would like that but why would they care about it after what we’ve been through and the fact we don’t need really it and even possibly at the expense of Rangers success when it comes to the crunch a lot of these same people are the first ones to also say before a cup game draw weakest team at Ibrox is who they want because they don’t care about a good game, not really when it comes to it - only Rangers success
  12. The more I think about it, a stronger Scottish game would be to the detriment of Rangers - less chance of success, stronger teams with more influence money and support treating us like even bigger mugs, extended bridge building and arse licking to get into bed with them from our scumbag custodians, sharing honours etc all for what exactly? To have the same chance of success in Europe anyway? If it were upto me I’d love what celtic have had these past few years and a 1 horse race to just clean up for ourselves our club and support owe Scottish football NOTHING
  13. So you want a better standard of Scottish football and more teams to challenge us because you think it’s boring otherwise? That’s almost on a par with King wanting us to share titles with celtic so it’s more interesting and for the good of Scottish football if you want to be entertained then there’s other leagues for that I just want a strong successful Rangers, not having a great league with several teams all going for the title at the expense of our success i see where people are coming from thinking a strong Scottish League = a better Rangers but I don’t agree there’s zero proof of that and again the examples I gave backs it up how anyone can support Rangers And hope the likes of Aberdeen and Dundee get nice new stadiums for the good of the Scottish game is beyond me let’s go the whole hog and support celtic against zenit for the co efficient then
  14. See the edit above the beasts were also shite in Europe Cos of Delia and his ridiculous tactics. you mentioned a 2 horse race in the other post though?
  15. I’ve no problem with a 2 horse race it doesn’t have an impact on Europe if we have the right team and do it right - again as per the examples I’ve given of the 3 times in recent years and that’s just the 3 best years there’s been another 2/3 years celtic were in last 16 if CL, a season we did it too and were a Boyd sitter away from quarters and times we’ve been unlucky with the group stages in the Advocaat years - we’ve never had a strong Scottish League or anything but a two horse race ... in fact the time we had the last 16 in CL we finished third with proves my point further we only need the right Rangers to fuck with a strong Scottish League