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  1. Protests?

    My issue with it is is the DOF is just in the door, doesn’t know John Brown from Adam but the first thing he’s tasked with and he appoints him that raises some serious questions who’s in his ear behind the scenes or even worse who’s told the DOF to give Brown a job?
  2. Protests?

    More like there’s nothing in it for the shameless bastards this time round
  3. Protests?

    I’d love to see protests and this shower of inept con men dragged out Ibrox but I’m not going to be a hypocrite and demand it or expect it because it’s not something I’d participate in personally however it makes the bloggers, the protestors, the cunts in the fans groups, the FollowFollow’ites look pretty suspect as they are quiet this time round - remember they all promised to hold every future custodian to account in future? lying pieces of shit
  4. The sheep double header

    He was being sarcastic as it’s something all our managers hit out with about training well
  5. The sheep double header

    The mental but somewhat sorry state of our club i wouldn’t bat an eye lid if the sheep beat us 2-0 at Ibrox but we go to a Pittodrie and horse them 3-0
  6. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Agreed but who gets sent to do the interviews is getting way over-analysed
  7. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Looking too much into it imo - the captain should be in the dressing room getting tore in or talking to them im not really interested in what any of them have to say after a bad result
  8. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Look at the state of you ya mess
  9. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    It doesn’t matter he’s still a senior squad player they all take turns of interviews ... what age is Jack? Does the age even matter? If your big enough to be part of a losing team your big enough /old enough to be interviewed after it ffs what’s with the cotton wool?
  10. Herrera

    Tav is fucking horrendous and some say he’s having a good season and improved? That seriously baffles me - he’s utter shite
  11. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Why? Isn’t Rossiter a senior squad player too?
  12. B&F forum

    Go back to the politics section you knicker sniffing liberal cuck when the boardroom and their failures effect the product on the pitch it’s got every right to be in the Bears Den football section if it was threads praising your heroes you wouldn’t have made this thread
  13. Herrera

    Last night was a perfect chance for him to come on and show us what he’s made of - he had about half an hour and done absolutely nothing I’ve defended him on here and asked for him to be given a chance but it’s games like last night that would have got him a run if he done something
  14. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    I don’t see why he should in all honesty mate as he’s played no better or worse than the likes of Holt who is a squad player (and that’s me being generous)