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  1. Told you before stop posting pictures of ma bird
  2. K.A.I

    Jordan jones

    Seems to be a really common theme ... right footed wingers playing on the left to cut inside.
  3. K.A.I

    Jason Holt - The Codfather...

    Your Da used to make you put on your sisters dress at his poker nights and they'd all take turns on you poofbait
  4. No-one gives a fuck if you think it should or shouldn't count
  5. K.A.I

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    aye but you quoted the picture and said someone's who's not in the picture is only 2 foot, which makes it look like you were thinking Flannigan was Morgan. I think you made the post then realised. It's cool nothing to be ashamed of.
  6. K.A.I

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    That's no him in that picture btw.
  7. K.A.I

    Thomas cook partnership

    How's it a good move? every time we've been in Europe we've had a travel partner to cream it in chartering flights abroad to watch the games .. they used to give it to a travel agents that Greig was a director/part-owner in in the 90's. Happy for Rangers to make a few quid off the contract but it's nothing new or groundbreaking.
  8. The obvious one is Salenko's 5-goals in the 1 game against Cameroon?? is it not?
  9. K.A.I

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Chris Morgan?
  10. Kirk Broadfoot for Somalia vs Wales when he saved 8 penalties
  11. K.A.I

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Yes, he's the fitness coach. Head of condition and preperation and Googled the articles from when he joined us from Hibs and he's the fitness coach but I think it's called head of conditioning and preperation in modern fancy terms.
  12. K.A.I

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    How can Flannighan still be in a job when Gerrard (rightly) goes to town yesterday saying the players were too unfit last season?
  13. K.A.I

    Jordan jones

    We absolutely don't. We need 2 top signings for our midfield. That's not even up for debate as far as I'm concerned. A Steve Davis engine, someone who's box to box with the ball at his feet and someone else similar to when Mendes was in that midfield with him for some craft and creativity. Rossiter, Jack, Docherty won't cut it ... McCorie can be a defensive mid and Arfield on the left but we need a couple more bits of top talent in there to give us the balance and shape we need.
  14. K.A.I

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Last time I got kicked off a train about a year ago .. me and my mate went to Germany for 4-days and done x3 games - Leipzig vs somecunt, Wolfsburg vs Duisberg or Freiberg and Union Berlin vs someone and a stadium tour of Hertha Berlin's stadium ... the Leipzig game was shite, we were really bored and hated the city too so decides to get a train back about an hour before the one we had booked ... my mate had a black eye so we tried to use that to our advantage when the ticket man came and said a Leipzig fan assaulted him and Police told us to get on this service .. He had none of it but we said we weren't getting off at next stop as it was middle of nowhere we'd be fucked ... he wanted something mental like 100 euros off each of us for a new ticket ... said the Police would deal with us and we said fine .... we pulled into this wee ghost town station about half an hour later and the train was a complete halt and they made an announcement train wasn't going to leave the station until we got off so it wasn't fair on other passengers at this point so we just said fuck it we'll get off .... the ticket guy pointed to a wee train parked on a platform and said get that one back to Berlin it's a slower, economy one but I've spoke to staff on it and they said it's OK for you's ... didn't believe him just thought he wanted us to get to fuck ... so we reluctantly got on it ... result - that one got us back to hotel half an hour quicker than the express one because it stopped at most stops and one of them was the stop right next to our hotel about 4 or 5 stops after it set off ... joke was was well and truely on them ... UK beats Germany once again
  15. K.A.I

    What's up with the site?

    The sites just updating it's sexual preferences.