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  1. There was 1 ya fenian mess
  2. Good article. Don't agree 100% with the Sports Direct bit at the end I actually credit King for sorting out a deal but that's just a guess - it could have been a lot of fans not buying the tops but I digress ... really good article overall but I crave something like that from the club ... I keep hoping but it just never happens.
  3. Some of the replies are real as I seen them with my own 2-eyes today when I had a look at their forum. So guess again..
  4. Not at all they aren't above criticism. I've said before when a couple of articles didn't hit the spot with me but some of the comments were disgraceful considering (as I said in the other article's thread) all they've done is release that article off the back of the GB statement and saying we were involved in the "biggest footballing cheating scandal in Scotland" and made Rangers-related rebuttals which was lost on some folk. again, as I said if the blazers in our boardroom and Club1872 were a bit quicker off the mark there wouldn't be any need for a statement from VB's. I'm still waiting on the club or club1872 coming out in retaliation to the GB's accusations of cheating, the BBC's and SPFL's wrongful use of words such as unlawful and the SPFL trying their best to strip our titles again. Maybe that will be forthcoming... or maybe it will be left upto the VB's AGAIN to show the balls needed for a fight.
  5. Hopefully that's Celtic right out on their arses although I've got a feeling Celtic might not be able to play as bad as that next week and Rosenborg might not be able to create those types of chances again next week. But what a swing it could be - from 25-million Champions League money and 20-million for Dembele to zero (hopefully no qualification and no-one buying an injured Dembele)
  6. Hopefully this one get's a bit more respect than some of the disgraceful comments the last one got.
  7. 24-seconds? sorry no writing the wee guy off or anything but I don't even pay attention to compilations of potential signings as they are deceptive let alone 20 odd seconds of a youngster.
  8. Not sure about newspapers as I don't buy them but Kris Boyd writes for The Sun I think ... you usually get tit-bits from Goram and Alex Rae is a regular in the papers too. You still get Derek Ferguson, Craig Patterson and Billy Dodds on BBC and I'm assuming DJ and Daziell on Clyde. Too many of our ex-players are in bed with the Scottish media across all forms.
  9. Imagine calling Rangers legends arses
  10. You serious? read the whole article.
  11. Ralph Topping
  12. Jovis Holt
  13. Holy shit dudes
  14. you don't even know what I meant
  15. It's like a sign of the apocalypse .. you will see 4 horsemen in the sky soon