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  1. Decent amount for transfers and wages
  2. My guess is Gilligan and or Potless
  3. Fuck wearing a Rangers tie to go to a function mate lmao ... walk in in shorts and a short sleeved shirt, your on fucking holiday dude ... grace them with your presence as is
  4. No problem on you being a Rangers fan from the South of Ireland just don't push yer IRA views on me
  5. Rae and Novo interviewed too cmon to fuck
  6. Can you do me a favour and post the whole statement for me please ... I'm not saying you've took it out of context or are wrong, I can't remember the whole statement it's just I remember reading it at the time thinking no compensation owed or paid - good deal, clean break all round.
  7. That flies in the face of the official statement we put out saying we'd accept the resignation and agree to no compensation provided we didn't have to pay them anything - or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  8. Maybe I'm being out of order here but as much as I'd love to see Rangers fans buying our tops again and our retail deal back in-house it has to be the right deal for us. Knowing King he will pay a few million to get it back and we can't afford to fund the squad rebuild and the bed wetters point to having the retail deal back as if it's a great thing, excuses King AGAIN and justifies another year of failure. Maybe I'm just far too cynical. If we can spend decent cash on the team and get the retail deal back then happy days but I've a feeling it could be prioritised over other, more important things. Just a hunch. PS - "I travel to Scotland more often than I'd like to" ... WOW
  9. For all I've no time for the SFA and the Scotland team it's the right thing to do and proud of them for once. The Tartan Army have let Scotland down countless times but like Armistace day in Wembley I expect them to behave here too. RIP all.
  10. You never hear back from these people when they turn out to be wrong.
  11. My Auntie always talks about that concert. Ceiling dripping with fanny condensation from middle aged woman wanting a black pudding supper. Those weren't her words btw.
  12. Those nights are busy because of loads of factors such as flute bands, loyalist DJ's, collections etc. There's no way the club would allow that. It would be different types of nights for different audiences IMO. The nights would still probably be busy because there's a lot of people who enjoy both but it sounds like my idea of hell going into a night like that and have Alex Rae or John Brown as a guest speaker, penny arcade playing in between speakers, wankers selling LionBrand and Club1872 stuff and whatever else.
  13. Will this venture have anything to do with the Louden Tavern in name then? because it could be argued that there would still be financial rewards with it - like raising the profile of the business. It's the same as saying paying for advertising isn't a financial gain, but you will still reap the financial gain in a roundabout way because it's getting the brand noticed and promoted. Or will there be no money to be made from Ed House? for example a free-entry museum or match day venue? and the Louden's name not used? if so then fair play - it's getting used for the right purpose in that case and hat's off.
  14. He loves the capital D ... right in his anus
  15. I'm convinced you're a troll or something - accusing me of having blue glasses when your criteria for giving Alex Rae the gig is "he's gers thru n thru"