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  1. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw

    Tarriers. Reason being, if we want to win the cup we'll have to beat them anyway, but if we were to lose to them I'd much rather it was a semi rather than a final and another team has a chance of an upset in the final against them.
  2. Eniola Aluko

    No doubt with a gagging order too as part of the compo conditions. I despise the way how in the UK the pressure groups seem to make the decisions. I don't even blame the pressure groups, I blame the shite bags in boardrooms that bow to them at every turn.
  3. Lee Wallace

    John as a defender worries me - he's OK going forward but celtic on any sort of counter attack will absolutely destroy us by using the spaces on the flanks at both his and Taveneir's sides. I'm annoyed this hasn't been addressed or even the slightest effort made.
  4. SPFL statement

    you should be on stage mate sweeping it
  5. Callas de mallorca

    I don't know of any pubs there but I know a few good sex clubs if your interested?
  6. SPFL statement

    Good post mate.
  7. SPFL statement

    That's true but it will be utter best case scenario with a lot of factors having to go for us, namely a review panel set up that wouldn't include celtic lawyers and things of that nature. The last one had a celtic lawyer and Turnbull Hutton and a couple of others who then reccomended an illegal transfer embargo as part of our punishment for bringing the game into disrepute for having the audacity to go into administration due to someone who chaired a fruadulant takeover withholding tax. I wouldn't trust that SPFL mob to pour a drink never mind conduct a fair review that would show us in any sort of good light.
  8. SPFL statement

    As opposed to just now, where we're the bad guys but with a constant target on our backs for the lot of them to continue .... I agree about drawing a line in it, but that happens with a firm statement at our end. We draw a line under it on our terms too. We get a say.
  9. SPFL statement

    It wouldn't surprise me if we supported it. That lot in charge of our great club are capable of disgusting me at every single turn and decision they make.
  10. SPFL statement

    I don't disagree with that but they are still using us (and the SFA) to remove heat from themselves when it comes to celtic FC and fans of the clubs who still have a bloodlust. Us as the subject matter and the SFA as the ones who won't sanction the review. We have no place on an SPFL board or working alongside the high rankers on it. I said my piece on it last week as to why Robertson should step away from it and tell the world why and withdraw all co-operation with that corrupt organisation as legally and practically possible. Rangers need more than ever to release a statement saying the SPFL are STILL speaking on behalf of one or two people and get it as far and wide as possible or continue to have the target on our backs. This is the chance for it to be put to bed but ONLY if we play it right too
  11. SPFL statement

    Of course it's about us. Why would there be a need for a review into the things we've done if it's not about us? They might word it that way, keeping our name out of it but it should fool no-one.
  12. SPFL statement

    If these few lines contain real threats and sincere actions then yes. Absolutely. To say nothing is fucking criminal.
  13. SPFL statement

    How does it not? if we did nothing wrong, then why would we be onboard with ensuring nothing like this happens again? We are the victims in all this. Even if there's a line of thought going back to how we were fraudulantly taken over and that crook Whyte withheld tax and sunk us, why would we be proactive in backing measures so it never happened again, given the way the people we would now be trying to protect have treated us? Either way it looks ridiculous. But hey, what do I know - the bridge building is in full force.
  14. SPFL statement

    If they have then they want chased down the marble staircase. It's basically admitting guilt.
  15. SPFL statement

    We can't move on and have a bright future, if we don't make a signal of our intent that we are watching these fuckers closely because incase you haven't noticed yet it will be something else next month. They are relentless. This dignified pish does not work. We need to take preventitive action and make them think twice about doing anything unfair to us in the future. Not releasing a strongly-worded statement keeps the target on our back for next time.