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  1. He's celebrating something
  2. KJ is 100% correct
  3. Still no Denial
  4. I m8
  5. Lol here we go Alnwicks amazing
  6. And everyone knows your a wee junkie who got raped as a kid what's your point? dont deny it
  7. You've a cracking username but your a total wee window licking spastic you could be a legend on here if you fucked up
  8. Fair point
  9. Where you hearing this ?
  10. That's personal abuse and isn't allowed on here ps fuck you
  11. Absolutely not - I just can't go anycunt that wants to celebrate after that - no sane thinking person should but hey ho it's remembered if next season is pish too I can say hold on guys don't dare criticise - same thing after all
  12. The way I've always seen it is those players and the management (yes the management for the Pedro can do no wrong brigade but I include Warburton in this) have let us down so badly this season ... you are trying to get a winning mentality back and people that know that success is all that matters at Rangers ... we can have a season like that one but they will be clapped like fuck, bouncies, their name chanted, celebrations etc ... they must be thinking it doesn't really matter if we keep letting them down this is great - no-one to answer to. But hey, I'm a grump that hates life - what do I know about anything?
  13. Me. When they put my photo, name, address and workplace in the paper again.
  14. I'll accept that. On the condition that anycunt engaging in that sort of behaviour is an absolute spastic who's a few french fries short of a happy meal.
  15. So is wanking yourself violently in public in front of woman but that's embarrassing too.