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  1. Aye I'd say we're done as I don't talk to wee nancy boys that have problems with cracking banners like this one.
  2. We can play 4-3-3 when the players show up and are in the mood. We can't play 4-4-2 when trying to counter-attack like today .. we need to play 5-4-1 for that. Basically the one formation we couldn't play with that gameplan today and low and behold we play it.
  3. I agree he needs time mate but I also feel he's still responsible in the meantime and should carry the can for pish performances and results in the meantime.
  4. It's funny how the paper in question headlined it "yobs" too ... such yobbish actions putting a bedsheet on a motorway bridge ... next Saturday morning I'm out for a drive and see the beadsheets on fly overs and roundabouts wishing Sandra a happy 40th I'll think to myself dam yobs
  5. There's a member called DennyBlueNose ... PM him mate, his Dad got injured putting a banner up this morning on the M8 motorway and is hospitalised and can't make the game. I think he said he was only wanting £20 for the ticket.
  6. Nupe. I said the only media reporting that annoys me is the lack of reporting the truth about Celtic. and if slagging Martin McGuinness is your idea of painted as cunts then fucking class. Let them call us cunts all day, every day. So fuckup.
  7. Yet you joined less than 2-weeks ago. Which ex-member were you?
  8. Seen too many of them posts when people were criticising McCoist, then McDowall, then McCall, then Warburton, then Murty and now Pedro. Everyone was wrong to criticise for some reason ... even when they were right. Not one person has said sack Pedro, almost everyone has acknowledged that it's Warburton's team he's been left with. That's undeniable. But he still needs to be responsible for bad results. It's absolutely ridiculous that people will give him a free pass in these games because of it. As I said earlier, there's more to being a manager than signing players. Good managers can still do something with poor players. There's loads that can be done. Pedro talks a good game but he didn't come close to backing it up today.
  9. No wonder. All those arse rapings as a wean would put me off religion too mate.
  10. I'm not moaning about the negative portrayal, though. That's you that's doing that. The only bias that bothers me in the media is when they don't report things Celtic do such as cover up child abuse, promote terrorism and harbour peadophiles.
  11. Shouldn't you be riding a 5-year old celebrating your victory today?
  12. Proper Protestants use the head.
  13. I personally would have preferred whoever done it to make the banner twice the size.
  14. I'll give you a few reasons .. Work uniform on. Outnumbered. Witnesses. CCTV everywhere. Lucky to escape a jail sentence months ago for doing similar. But aye I'm a shite bag.
  15. I agree it might not be that easy, but I don't think it's impossible with the right people, either. Your always saying I'm doom and gloom but I'm being optimistic here that we can get the investment needed.