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  1. If he constantly had 2/3 players on him at all times that would have been a blessing as if he had a brain he could release the ball a lot earlier than he did do and watch the space we've then got in possession when 2/3 are out the game marking McKay
  2. Of course it will - provided it's the right manager this time. this is a massive part of the problem that people can't see - we've appointed bad manager after bad manager since Walter left and now people think changing manager won't matter because they're accustomed to so many bad ones. We don't need to keep changing managers - just appoint the right one once (for a change)
  3. I read it too. Not sure if it's true tho. It would explain a few things if true.
  4. I thought of that actually. I read recently he's naturally right-sided so would explain him looking lost during that Celtic double-header and maybe giving away that ridiculous penalty at Ibrox ( if it's his weaker side and he's vulnerable that could have caused him to be so stupid)
  5. Also is it true O'Halloran is gay? would explain a lot, mainly why he runs like a ballerina
  6. I'd like to see us line-up ; Alnwick Tav Cardoso Alves Wallace Pena (if fit) Jack Dorrans Krancjer Herrera Morelos Don't like the thought of Tav and Wallace anywhere near our team but until we get new fullbacks we've no choice - Beerman and Hodson are rank-rotten. Wouldn't be against seeing a back 3 and putting Danny Wilson in the left side of that to see what he's like alongside Alves but then I think that prompts us to play with two wingers and Dalcio and Candais (so far) look like two of the worst wingers we've ever had.
  7. Because it's not relevent mate. ALL managers have shocking results especially over 2 spells in charge and in a total of about 12/13 seasons. Pedro has had the 3 most embarrassing results in my time supporting Rangers & broke 3 unwanted records in something like 5-months in charge. The difference between Walter's bad results and Pedro's and the context involved is as clear as the nose on anyone's face (or should be)
  8. I'm not saying Walter was perfect. He used to annoy me no-end sometimes and I personally blame him for costing us 10-in-a-row (saying he was leaving at the end of the season in October, selling Gascoigne half-way through the season and being far too loyal to his players who had one season too many) However There's no way he can be mentioned in the same sentence to excuse Pedro's failings. This is the desperate nonsense you see all the time to justify the pish results and performances that we have to put up with at Rangers instead of people having the balls to just be brutually honest. It's painful.
  9. True but just mean in terms of style of play.
  10. The tims never lorded over us at ANY point during Walter's two reigns and sure, he had a lot of nightmares in Europe. 2 good seasons out of about 10 in Europe probably but he earned the right to have some European nightmares with us. He got us plenty of good results in Europe too and at home something that would NEVER happen under Pedro. NEVER.
  11. That all sounds great. What's the problem again? Aw wait I remember....
  12. Defo not what we need. I would have said the same thing if his name was mentioned at the time we were about to appoint Pedro too. We don't need foreign overhauls we need a back-to-basics approach. An Allardyce, McInnes, McLeish, Redknapp or even Tommy Wright. Pereira would be an improvement on Pedro but not what we need at the same time.
  13. I thought that's what we got Jack for though mate? ... the signing makes little sense even if we were to get rid of Windass. We need more creativity in the midfield (the type that will drop a shoulder and unlock a defence or pick that killer pass through a crowded defence) not more midfielders in the mould of Jack, Rossiter and Holt.
  14. Yeah cos that's what Rangers fans would say if we signed Messi.
  15. Dodoo is a decent player? wtf he's woeful.