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  1. If you'd consider gargling my baws with your tonsils and letting me film it to make money from I'd consider helping
  2. Fair play making it a freebie mate. But Roberts is another who played the bigotry card when he left and in recent years, slating the fans. Appreciate everything he did as a player but like so many of these ex-players I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.
  3. Foderingham and Hyndman. No contest about it.
  4. Aye but it doesn't matter how close away he was to signing, in fact I don't think he ever was close as he rejected the first offer then we made a second which he wanted more time to consider before saying no anyway. Anything that a board member says which turns out to be bullshit then yeah it's their fault. That's part and part of the massive responsibility that comes with his role and his alleged 310k per year he get's from us. As I said he's out of his depth.
  5. How many tickets do the players get? I'm not saying they should get nothing, something for them is fair but depends on how much really. I think it used to be quite obscene. Barry Ferguson got enough to put on a couple of buses to the UEFA Cup Final. Those buses may or may not have contained non-Rangers supporting friends and family too. I even seen a Celtic supporter I know from my hometown coming out the ground and he said he got the ticket because he worked in one of David Murray's call centre's inside Ibrox at the time. As staff there was tickets for them, too.
  6. It's his fault if he has put all his eggs in one basket and said we are close to confirming the appointment of a DOF. Robertson is an amateur and shouldn't have so much responsibility at our club.
  7. If they're going I'll take them for £100 for all 4. If he's others in mind fair enough.
  8. Should snap it up.
  9. Aye in changed days. He's obviously on about the here and now.
  10. It's been mentioned in this thread.
  11. Johansson and Thomson are names that would interest me. Much rather them than McCoist, Rae, Brown, Ferguson.
  12. Just been told got two (two of the guys that tick the boxes for away games for me were successful)
  13. There's no money to be made with these sadly. Most people end up giving them away. If you've got sentimental value keep them - if not I'd just donate them somewhere.
  14. From memory it was only a tenner you got but it's a good idea as it wouldn't be about the money for me - would be happy for the club to make something and get the seat filled. Win-win. The season ticket is paid for anyway regardless. Appreciate supporters clubs selling season tickets for games outside as they are club tickets that need paid for from club funds rather than a personal one.
  15. There's a user on here called ianferguson he has one going spare but it's for the disabled section. He takes a wee guy in a wheelchair to games so you'd need to take the wee guy in with you. It's better than nothing, plus the ticket is heavily reduced only about £5 from memory. I'd PM him and see where the guy needs picked up from - I know he's in Ayrshire too so might be close by.