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  1. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Because you were making out like they spent 12 million on him as if to indicate the big financial gap when he's on loan, my point was if we were in a better place that could be us getting these types of loans
  2. Pedro: Time to go?

    I agree we can't win the title under this current structure but we could be achieving more in other areas, todays celtic game was a pathetic display but it's brought the question of Pedro to a head again as this was his chance to redeem and put the bad memories to bad but alas the nightmare continues
  3. Pedro: Time to go?

    Oh i've noticed - which makes all the hot air rhetoric from them even more gaulling. We will never agree on this, you have always thought we've done great work there with Mulholland and I simply don't. Time will tell if I'm correct or if I'm being unfair or if it's something in between both of our thoughts. But I've booked for Mechelen and Alkmaar and I'm about to book Benfica for Monday after the cup final so I'll still go and support the boys and see if any of them can change my mind. Anyway I'm away out to run ma daily 9k and shake some of this rage from today, I'll pick up your response when I get back
  4. Pedro: Time to go?

    I know but celtic have had Forrest, McGregor, Tierny, Ralston all come through in the last what 5 for Forrest and couple of years for the rest. If they can do it, we should be able to, too. We put a lot of money and resources into our academy it's not unrealistic to expect some players.
  5. Pedro: Time to go?

    OK almost 2 years and 10 months then not 3-years. But it comes down to your perspective and the faith you've got. What happens if this batch of 16's in a couple of years aren't upto scratch that's 5-years down the man when the warning signs were possibly there but just dismissed. People talk about not wanting to keep rebuilding with the first team and keeping someone who's a crap manager in Pedro in a job but there's something similar going on in the unders too - the wrong people in charge but too scared to change it (or maybe can't afford to change it) That's why and I'm sure you'll agree it's important to get these decisions right first time. Scotland is it's own worst enemy - at the Rangers U20's vs Dumbarton game I was told not many Dumbarton fans will be coming out, I asked why and I was told that their fans along with most others are totally against the premier league teams putting colt teams into their competition which is a shame as it's great for development, it's competitive and raises the profile and money with some half decent crowds. Or should. But as usual it's Scottish football being Scottish football.
  6. The problem is pure and simply financial

    We don't have to accept it mate, but at least we can debate what's next from a much higher/more stable/successful position. Get to that place first and that's the real progress moving foward NOT only getting 2-0 to celtic at Ibrox instead of 5-1, that's not progress that's people doing mental gymnastics to console themselves IMO.
  7. Pedro: Time to go?

    and that there is a MASSIVE improvement in where we're at just now, which is all I'm saying.
  8. Pedro: Time to go?

    I just feel the proof is in the pudding. There's no enough coming through to a decent standard IMO. Each of the past 3 years he's been here we've ended up saying next batch, next batch, next batch ... he can't seem to refine them and polish them and put them into the first team as first team ready players. Was told only the other week the focus is now on the next lot of 16's which seems to be the default standpoint.
  9. The problem is pure and simply financial

    I never said you said you spent 12 million on him but why mention the price to indicate the gap, when it's a false narrative because he's only a loan player - they never spent 12 million on him, he's a loan and someone who could maybe get if we were in a better position, a more professional position instead of toiling in Scotland under Pedro. McInnes or McLeish might have got a result today tbh, celtic weren't THAT good. It says more about us.
  10. The problem is pure and simply financial

    I don't want to be a second force, your missing my point. Do I want to be out of Europe first hurdle, no chance in the cups, sitting midtable, not being able to win 3 games in a row in Scotland and at best a slug with Aberdeen for second place .. Or do I want to be guaranteed second place, qualify for the group stages of the Europa and maybe win a cup. Both options don't include winning a title, but one is a much better position to be in and can lead to being able to build upon for a proper title challenge if this scummy board ever get some ambition. That's the point I'm trying to make that some folk purposely ignore.
  11. Pedro: Time to go?

    But I've always liked McCrorie and Hardie. I'd bin Mulholland in a heartbeat though, I'll give you that one. Kirkwood too. Masters of hot air.
  12. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    I don't expect to win the title either but you need to admit yourself that it's alarming that it's the 23rd of Sept and we are 8 points behind and out of Europe to the team from Luxubourg ... celtic today has just brought this to a head again because this was his chance to redeem it all, but he couldn't therefore the debate about his future resurfaces. And rightly so. We deserve so much better than this guy, even if the next guy isn't the right appointment get someone else in and repeat until you get the right person. As ghastly as it sounds, it's what needs to be done. Some folk say that's what the tarriers did in the early to mid 90's BINGO and then they found one in Burns who won them the Scottish Cup and started running us close in the league then when the time was right they invested the cash to take their aim.
  13. Pedro: Time to go?

    I'm not lying, I said in my last post there basically what you said previously - the little snippet I read off your PM from the notification preview was indeed the old PM you sent - I deleted the PM so I'll apologise for getting the content of your PM wrong.
  14. Pedro: Time to go?

    I know but I am talking about a certain aspect of preparing inferior players mentally to compete and handle the pressures of a club like Rangers. Thinking off the top of my head guys like Papac, McCulloch, Broadfoot, even Foster during his first spell in Walter's last season who I admit weren't great players but was able to get something from them and get them to have the mentality needed. Could even argue the likes of Naismith and Novo and Miller too as they peaked under him and changed their styles a bit. It's not a big mental statement or anything, it's just poising a question/thinking out loud.
  15. Dave King

    Sorry to skim over most of that, but are you saying we can't even get a manager who with these players and resources here would finish a comfortable second, and have got to the group stages of the Europa league?