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  1. Just seen that - didn't know Anderlech conceded a late loser against Munich.
  2. I know it hardly shows us in a good light but it's fucking funny seeing them constantly humilated in Europe like this. I wouldn't even bet against Anderlecht sneaking a wee win at Parkhead ye know.
  3. What the hell is going on?

    what's that got to do with anything? totally irrelivent stay on topic
  4. What the hell is going on?

    get your own fucking phrases
  5. Pena

    There's 4 across the midfield in a 4-4-2 including the wingers you can afford one holding/defensive minded one not 2 .. I'd put Pena in there because some spark will be better than none
  6. Pena

    midfield 4
  7. Pena

    Pena probably isn't any fitter or unfitter than at any other point since he's played a few games for us. I'd rather have a rusty Pena in the middle that could provide something creative than watch Jack and Holt one more game. If Alves and John are out then he could bring Cardoso back in for a back 3. Herrera has done OK in the glances we've seen. He's not been given a chance, I've said this all season. Our options might not be great, but we do have some and certainly some options better than others
  8. What the hell is going on?

    It just appeared that way because we done the same thing by inviting applications from those out of work and got Mcleish, Pedro, Rowatt and someone else ... if we actually grew a set of balls and went after a top target instead of waiting on people to apply it might be different. We done it with Advocaat, Smith the second time and Le Guen .. we actually went out and persuaded them, reached out to them. Inviting applications means your going to get guys out of work and chancers like Pedro.
  9. What the hell is going on?

    Laurent Blanc from that list ...
  10. Pena

    Alves for Wilson If John isn't back then I'd keep Wilson in and go to a back 3 with McCrorie, Alves and Wilson I'd give Pena a go instead of Holt. Herrera for Miller.
  11. Pena

    I agree with this. The Hamilton game was awful but Murty is only a stand-in helping us out - even he acknowledges he's not a Rangers manager, not really. I've saved criticism of Murty in the meantime, however, that will change if he doesn't learn from Hamilton. and by that I mean Danny Wilson out, Lee Hodson out, Kenny Miller out and the realisation that you can't play both Jack and Holt as a midfield pairing. I get why he picked those players as you don't want to break up a winning team, but most of them done their usual after a good game or two and reverted back to the normal shite that they are. Kenny Miller get's a hard time of it but he's still useful but that doesn't mean he should be playing against the likes of Hamilton at Ibrox .. he needs to be used sparingly and as an impact. That's what he's best at. Murty is a smart guy, I'm confident he will make the changes for Dundee - if he doesn't and it fails then he deserves all the criticism coming.
  12. What the hell is going on?

    That's true but they've had Allardyce knock them back and they've been in twice for the Watford manager and been knocked-back so they've been unlucky - they've top targets in mind and actively perusing them - unlike us, inviting applications until now.
  13. Mcleish

    Yes and why not? Preude'Homme shown an interest and Gio hasn't ruled it out (one day) Top managers don't cost that much in the form of wages - what they request for transfer budgets is a different matter and would probably dictate a lot more if they're interested in the job rather than the wages we give them or our financial results in the accounts.
  14. What the hell is going on?

    It's not unknown as the facts speak for themselves - 4-weeks on no manager, 4-weeks on we were still inviting applications, the fact we're inviting applications in the first place instead of having the balls to go after a top candidate and for all I'm glad there's no leaks to the press, the fact of the matter is if there was any sign of progress or we had a top candidate in mind one of them would get wind of it even if it's a hand-picked journo like they sometimes do in the form of Devil or whoever. That online rag Rangers Observer doesn't even have any info to report which means there's nothing to report ... so, that said, I'll stand by my original comments.
  15. What the hell is going on?

    A month though and apparently no further forward (and with rumours that Murty before Hamilton got told he's got the next 4-games)? It's a shambles. I was one of the first ones to say they are right to take their time but they are an absolute shambles. If rumours are to be believed they all can't agree on who's the man for the job, then you've got that waste of a wage DOF that will need his input too to muddy the waters. I've never had so little faith in a group of people in my life.
  16. New heart & hand podcast

    I’ve always been of the opinion regarding that prick Robertson how can we appoint someone like him and expect him to fight our corner when he was a Motherwell chief executive who voted us out the league and cut our allocation for play off game despite Motherwell not selling out he’s an enemy of the club but King awards him with a 230k a year salary
  17. Ange Pestecoglou

    Pedro's record was - if they could employ him they could employ anyone. But I'd be amazed if this guy was the next manager. Think it's just a coincidence.
  18. Ange Pestecoglou

    Ah right I just assumed they got eliminated ... I'll go a wee bit different then, I don't think he'd quit ahead of the World Cup for another job. He must honestly just want a rest. In fact I'm sure he won't be coming to us now that I think about it.
  19. Ange Pestecoglou

    We're probably just putting 2 and 2 together. The play-off's are finished and that's a common time for international managers to chuck it.
  20. Ange Pestecoglou

    It can't be .. It Just Can't Be Stewart Robertson in the morning "We welcome him on a 4 year contract"
  21. Regime change needed

    Again the mind boggles, because the last lot were bad it doesn't matter what this lot do because they're so-called Rangers men?
  22. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    When I posted I was meaning a troll as no-one could possibly seriously believe the shite you posted. But now I'm saying taig.
  23. We concede 37.5% of our shots

    That was my initial thought too tbh but when I sat and thought about it and recalled a lot of them, the goals and chances are quite glaring ones where someone's gave the ball away, not been in position, caught out, too slow whatever. It's actually damning if you can grin and bear going back and watching highlights and seeing these chances (which I agree the opposition has a phenominal shots to goals ratio against us) but it's not bad luck IMO as our formations and positional sense are always all over the shop. If we could cut that out, have a clinical striker with that little bit of quality in midfield i.e someone that's not Ryan Jack/Josh Windass/Jason Holt then we could be on the way to fixing our issues.