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  1. Never rated the boy at us but he's finally came good. Pleased for him.
  2. He loves the capital D ... right in his anus
  3. I'm convinced you're a troll or something - accusing me of having blue glasses when your criteria for giving Alex Rae the gig is "he's gers thru n thru"
  4. I could be wrong but I think him, Konterman and Mols set up a Dutch-based sporting company which ran VIP tours to Rangers games and got exclusive packages from the club to sell through the company. I don't think it's still happening. I'll await someone saying I hate Lionbrand, RangersFirst/Club1872 but no issue with their business venture but I see it different as they were doing business with the club and potentially getting new fans involved from Holland and providing a decent service.
  5. Are they any less mighty than the mighty St Mirren where your pal Rae got sacked from a few months ago? you are a crackpot.
  6. McCann - Dunfermline and I think Dundee. Numan - Holland B manager. That good enough for ye? Ferguson sacked from Blackpool, mutual termination from Clyde ... Rae sacked from St Mirren, sacked from assistant at Blackpool and I think the Belgian side ... Lovenkrands - has he even coached anywhere? There's yer dinner. Stop talking shite and suggesting pish candidates please.
  7. I've already said ... McCann, Numan or Wilkins. Or Southdown1916 using your criteria.
  8. What's being Rangers through and through got to do with it? he's a shite coach, he got sacked from St Mirren and any other coaching jobs he's had. If being a Rangers through and through is the criteria give the job to Southdown1916 then.
  9. Why Mentalist.
  10. The answer. Right there. Send they other 3 packing.
  11. If it's the route Pedro wants to go down then what about ... McCann or Numan (the Dutch B-side role is part time and could combine both easily) I know being sensible and talking a good game (in reference to Numan and McCann) doesn't equate to a good coach but none of they 3 are good coaches, they are terrible ones (well Brown and Ferguson at least - Lovenkrands just doesn't seem the type either)
  12. Peter Lovenkrands, Barry Ferguson and John Brown the 3 front-runners according to Sky Sports. Fucking hell.
  13. The third option .. you saying you're not caring but caring enough to moan about people not caring about Scotland like you admit to yourself is worse clown
  14. It's a disgusting way to treat someone like you who's fought their corner since day one and above all else an actual member. I judged them for myself after their cup final email I sent them (that I never even got a reply from and had to read it on a statement a generic bland one) toeing the line from the club they're poison as is the cunts in the boardroom mate .. I'm delighted D'arts away if im honest he was fighting a losing battle and starting to sound like one of them in his rhetoric- how now we get the old dart back where he belongs and that's on the outside holding them to account best he can
  15. Who's Liverpool playing ?
  16. Aye any group to do with our club - Club1872 is toxic ... I don't get this everyone singing the praises of RangersFirst either they've short memories that was handwringers and there was egos with that too - Rangers and fan ownership can't and won't ever work imo
  17. Ferguson when he played with De Boer was miles better than Cocu and also better than Guardiola fuck getting upset about it though he's a wee nob and De Boers entitled to pick who he wants my give a fuck meter is at about zero
  18. Course it is - there's been a direct reference to C1872 on almost every page ... I'd like to hear a lot more from guys like Loudern Greg and The Sins ... maybe even Buster too and the guy that's a St Mirren fan that tried to convince us fan ownership was good
  19. Click bait like this is literally the last throw of the dice for the media ... their newspapers don't sell and they need to resort to this another decade if they are lucky
  20. I honestly wonder if there's anyone out there left who genuinely wants to do anything for the good of the club rather than their own pockets, egos or power trips
  21. That's what happens hopefully it's soon and the media doesn't stop there and decides to go after the other clowns and cancers in our support and boardroom
  22. The media will know his background but he gives them wee interviews and book snippets so they scratch each other's backs ... maybe one day they'll print something against this guy ..
  23. I think Houston is an absolute shoe-in for the SLO job ... if these clowns could make CG a director then anything is actually possible
  24. Better not. I'd be willing to pay more than I put in for a good lawyer out of principle to get my money out - edit misread thought you meant RFFF money going on shares
  25. He's a fucking clown that guy