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  1. SPFL Player Of the Year

    I'm talking about ability now though as we are talking about our best players rather than player of the year (going on form) Again like above and as I said form is temporary, I'm only saying if you think Tav is better than Windass or Murphy going forward I couldn't disagree more. Tav is having a good season I'm not trying to knock him I just can't agree he's the best player we've got - not even close.
  2. SPFL Player Of the Year

    I'm not meaning form though, that's only temporary I'm talking about outright ability when you are saying someone's your best player. Tav's biggest strength is going forward, everyone agree's on that - so do you think he's better than Windass or Murphy going forward?
  3. SPFL Player Of the Year

    I think that's honestly mental talk when we've got the likes of Murphy, Candaies, Windass, Morelos, McCrorie but I'm not gonna tell anyone their opinion is wrong.
  4. SPFL Player Of the Year

    Tav isn't even our best player this year let alone the Scottish one. But if it were him, I'd take it - be nice to see a Rangers player win it. I hate the way it's decided so long before the seasons done - it should be decided once the season's finished but if I was to pick player of the year for now at this moment then Windass for me.
  5. The Rangers report - stats

    Hate these things it’s a results industry only stat we need is points, league position and maybe goal different
  6. Scott Brown makes celtic tick in Scotland but in Europe he looks one of their worst players - shows you how bad the Scottish game is
  7. Injury Update

    I know but this seems different we’ve never let people play on after injury, have them back early and then set back again it might just be bad luck but I’d look at it if I was in charge anyway
  8. Injury Update

    I think they are - I’ve said for a while I’d look at it that’s Jack, Dorrans and McCrorie they’ve perhaps gave the wrong treatment to and either under-estimated their injuries or let them play on with them It’s something I’d look at just to be sure they’re not incompetent
  9. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    Pedro Mendes got into Graham Parks ear and convinced the fat mess who then convinced Robertson to ratify it and appoint him after them and Dickson got tsken in by a PowerPoint presentation and sweet talk at an interview they should all have been made to resign
  10. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    I know they really are fucking scum. I hate them with a passion.
  11. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    Should never forgive the pricks in charge of us for appointing him in the first place. Truely unforgivable and set us back a good bit in terms of both football and finance. How they are still in jobs is absolutely baffling.
  12. For their bravery in coming out. Strange he’s never said that about the celtic victims that recently came out why’s that?
  13. Candeias title talk

    I think the headlines are a bit sneaky ... I've seen them this morning but that's the first I've read the article and he doesn't say anything wrong. Maybe it's just me but the title-talk headlines makes it seem like he's bumping his gums about we're going to do this and that but all he's saying is never say never/it's not impossible and the fans deserve a trophy etc. Nice words from him in all honesty.
  14. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Anyone who wants a fellow Bear grassed up is fucking scum - there's simply no excuse for it and it doesn't matter if it's Marshall and Houston doing it or this blogger doing it.
  15. Enjoyed reading that. Probably my second ever favourite Rangers player after Gascoigne. It's about how St Mirren didn't want to sell him to a rival club (Rangers) and he was half-way down the motorway for signing talks with Man United and got the driver to stop and turnback because the only team he wanted to join was Rangers. I know not all of you will agree with his opinion on Murty at the end but that's no big deal. Copy and pasted so that left wing rhag the Record doesn't get the hits.
  16. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Agreed honest wee player, good to have in the squad but that’s literally it - a squad player. End of the day he was a 60k buy that Hearts didn’t want - I think we’ve got our 60k worth back in value and a lot more but we can’t look at him romantically because he’s a trier. Ill repeat he’s a good squad option would rather have him in our numbers than not but our future first choice midfield has to be something like : Candaies Dorrans McCrorie Murphy windass
  17. Regarding Morelos I don’t know how people can get heated over taking 11 million or not, it’s literally just a preference as there’s some serious pros and cons on either side there’s no real right or wrong - 11 million is fine money but there’s good arguments for not selling the figure of 11 million I literally see it as win win if he goes we could put 11 million to right good use if he stays then great!
  18. Nah you’ve not lost the will you’ve just realised what you said made no sense - don’t worry it happens to us all. Hope to see you back when you have a much more cohesive argument for the forum to debate.
  19. You said I could give you hundreds of examples, then when I said about hundreds of examples you quoted me and said “hundreds of examples “ like it was me that said I hundreds of examples if you can’t acknowledge what you said yourself minutes before how can I even debate you? I don’t need to defend my position anyway - I’ve provided proof that a strong Scottish football isn’t essential to Rangers (or celtic) and you’ve provided me none that we need it as I said you are nothing but a typical yes voter who puts Rangers pretty low on your list - your all the fucking same - vermin
  20. No this thread was started because he’s a wee hypocrite some victims mean more than others and has been said he walked into a caravan, back out and kept his trap shut he’s vermin like the rest of his kind yet there’s a small undertone from yourself and Coop that he’s done nothing wrong
  21. It was you that said I could give hundreds of examples I was repeating back your logic spazie factor off the scale with you - literally is
  22. So I can give hundreds of examples of seasons we’ve done ok in Europe and celtic too despite the league being shite and a 2 horse race but it doesn’t matter because a stronger Scottish game would do the same thing anyway in an ideal world? You any idea how much of a retard you sound? Typical yes voter too Scotland before anyone and anything including the team you pretend to love
  23. I gave other examples - read them before commenting
  24. Ok then - how did that great season for Scottish football put us in stead for the following season? Kaunas - in a way it proves my point even better ... a great season for Scottish football teams then about 5/6 weeks later we get handed our arses off of Kaunas we only need a strong Rangers
  25. I would appreciate seeing Rangers win that’s My only concern - you are right in the sense there are some folk who would like that but why would they care about it after what we’ve been through and the fact we don’t need really it and even possibly at the expense of Rangers success when it comes to the crunch a lot of these same people are the first ones to also say before a cup game draw weakest team at Ibrox is who they want because they don’t care about a good game, not really when it comes to it - only Rangers success