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  1. Nah don't agree Miller and Nico give us more than Rossiter don't know how anyone can say otherwise even taking into account Nicos injury he's still done more
  2. Rossiter is one of the most over-rated players we've had. hope it is him that's going tbh
  3. How's it untrue?
  4. I'd love to get some money for Rossiter. He's pish and horrendously over-rated IMO,
  5. Wallace as part of a deal for Walker. Or the cunts just talking pish like the rest of the FollowFollow pantie snffing goons.
  6. @Cam1872 - Sun online reporting Naismith has agreed terms and medical over the weekend. Only kidding mate - Marks & Spencers 2 can dine for £9.99 with a bottle of wine is back
  7. Cam do you enjoy watching gladiator movies and have the sort of anus that only a lifetime of intense horse riding could achieve?
  8. I'd say that's literally game, set and match as far as English is concerned. Everyone on Twitter should constantly retweet that to him in reply to anything he tries to say.
  9. We weren't actually playing Watford we were playing St Johnstone and it was 0-0 - we had 2 shots on goal and 1 corner. on the bright side we didn't concede
  10. Yeah I was thinking that actually but didn't want to state it and be wrong. I don't know how anyone can call it unlawful - English, Gollum or the SPFL. They were lawful but we got fined 250k for not filing the paperwork correctly (which in an interview with Topping and McKenzie today both claim would never be classed as sporting advantage - infact, one of them even said he wasn't apolgising for Rangers but that's the fact of the matter)
  11. Would have liked them to be a bit more specific in their statement like the media's use of the phrase "unlawul" but unsure if they can't mention specifics while an official complaint has been submitted?
  12. Even give BP9 a 24 hour ban for starters and hope he gets the message please please please
  13. I know but if I think something's a cert make money off it - that's my motto.
  14. I fancy a score on Griffiths to score anytime .. that wee ugly inbred will fire them into the next round.
  15. It might have been or it could have been a different time my memory aint as good as I think it is. In fact I'm not sure, I can't mind a game with the two of them scoring - I used to have a great memory for this shit Either way Easter Road is a great away day it's intense and you always get some trouble.
  16. Do it loads. It's win-win.
  17. Nah Easter Road can be wild. Twice in recent years battles on Leith Road one of the times with about 30-40 ICF and Hibs on the pavement across from the path you cut down to the bridge and the play-off game up at the buses there was a riot ... I took a sore one but I gave as good as I got Helicopter Sunday was quite vicious Rangers and Airdrie through there together. Last season before we got relegated or second last season outside Leith Masonic .. that was tasty - I felt bad for the Masonic they had to board up a few windows after it poor cunts.
  18. that's a favourite trick of theirs. It's not happened to me, but happened to a couple of my mates in Aberdeen. £250 taxi.
  19. A few times but most of them before the court football banning orders were put in place. I'd be looking at 10-year bans (as I think if you are convicted of a third football-related offence and get your third ban it's automatically 10-years - I've been told)
  20. Same. Around 75-minutes I stuck a score on a Celtic win .. was paying back £80 I think ... I sometimes do that if Celtic score a late goal £60 profit softens the blow, if not I don't care about £20 .. it's like paying £20 for a cracking result.
  21. There was me thinking H** was only a word for fans of Rangers FC. Copyright Celtic support, Police Scotland, Scottish media and the Scottish courts.
  22. robbie muddafuking godfrey
  23. That would be my team too with the exception of maybe trying Jordan Thompson at left-back .. I appreciate the first game of the season is no time to experiment but Wallace is done - maybe try it at Sheffield Wed first and see how it looks. As I said in a previous post, I agree with Morelos and Herrera upfront, too. Not because I think they've been great (they haven't) but you need to give them every chance to strike up a partnership. The more games they play together the better. If they've got 7 or 8 games together and the goals aren't there and it's not working then fair enough - but I think you've got to try it first and see.
  24. Rabbie keeps pausing Mario Kart to see if Jamie Walker has signed wot a little degenerate
  25. I mind on Facebook round the time of the independence referendum there was some nutjob from Edinburgh I think it was that ran a page for Scottish independence and was taking donations to have a massive rally (again, I think it was Edinburgh) but the rally got cancelled abruptly ... it was something to do with council saying no or lack of interest I'm sure. Anyway he apologised the rally wasn't going ahead and said he'd refund everyone their donations. I said fuck it, PM'd him in Facebook messenger giving it big licks about I'm sorry it couldn't go ahead, we will have our day, freedom, no to Westminster rule, our day will come and that mad gaelic saying they hit out with and said I donated £40 but the minute you refund me £40 (and I typed out my PayPal address) I'll put the £40 back into another YES rally fund and the next day the daft cunt PayPal'd me £40 I never had anyone on my Facebook that made it clear they were a Yesser but even the ones I suspected of being so were liking it when I made the update about getting the £40 off an idiot out a YES fund. You'd think he'd check and make sure my details matched donations received ... obviously not. Idiots.