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  1. What Need To Change/Remain?

    Unsure what to make of this post is that you sarcastically saying everything's fine or will be fine in the end if we do nothing?
  2. What Need To Change/Remain?

    I didn't really know what else to say tbh other than ok. McCann is a great guy and intelligent but I'd take him as a coach, never an outright manager. I fear he'd be no different to Pedro.
  3. Dave King

    and more alarmingly the fans seem to just take it too.
  4. What Need To Change/Remain?

  5. What Need To Change/Remain?

    No hope for what? do you think I make the decisions at Rangers or something? I'm one fan online with an opinion. Who is your (realistic) next manager then? let's hear it.
  6. Pedro: Time to go?

    But they will. Something about not having the money to compete with celtic is the soundbyte - despite it being the rest of them in midtable we need to compete with.
  7. What Need To Change/Remain?

    People are allowed to have whatever preference they like as a potential new manager. Who would you take (realistically) ?
  8. What Need To Change/Remain?

    As I said, I don't have a problem with the captaincy being removed. A captain should be someone who's fully committed to the team and the cause, not someone who's signed a pre-contract with a rival. Just my opinion, tho. You can spin it that way McInnes if you want but you need to remember it's Aberdeen. They've about 12 thousand season ticket holders, they generally have no money to spend, hadn't won a trophy since 1995 before McInnes took over. People would have been saying the same things about Walter Smith and McLeish before they became our manager. I don't really mind if people think McInnes is a shit manager - ideally I'd want a much higher caliber too but provided we agree we actually need the change first and foremost I can handle that and wouldn't argue with anyone who doesn't want McInnes under those terms. We need to get to this stage first where we need a new manager. That's crucial IMO.
  9. What Need To Change/Remain?

    That's Aberdeen's starting point but if it came to it then yeah, I'd pay the million. It's a shame he signed that new contract a few months ago though or the compensation would have been a lot less. Why should he have kept someone as captain in a cup final who signed for their rivals? I've no issue with it at all.
  10. What Need To Change/Remain?

    Realistically ; 1- New full-backs. Get rid of the shite that's there for good - Taverneir, Wallace, Hodson, Beerman. 2- Makes McCrorie and Alves the first choice center back pairing. Ideally Danny Wilson can go, promote Aiden Wilson to back-up alongside Cardoso just give Bates back to Raith Rovers or whoever will have him. 3- Stop playing Dorrans so deep. Get him further up the park. 4- Consider giving Alnwick a run instead of Foderingham. Foderingham isn't the worst goalkeeper we've had but I can't trust him anymore. One too many soft goals conceded in big games. 5- Give Hererra a chance upfront with Morelos. 6- Get Pedro to fuck and get McInnes in. 7- Get Dave King to come good on his promises i.e quadrupling the wage bill to compete with celtic and 30-50-million player investment - then again that maybe contradicts the realistically I put at the top.
  11. Cardoso and Candias

    Cardoso is horrendous. He's like a tanned Karl Svensson. No difference at all. Absolutely pish. Candaies blows hot and cold. Typical winger. He's OK ... I don't mind him, but he's someone we need an upgrade on if we want to do anything/be successful. I've seen a lot worse than Candaies but we still need better.
  12. Union bears display

    I'm not bothered about the tit-for-tat Union Bears/Green Brigade stuff - all I'm concerned about is how did the tarriers get a banner like that into our stadium? do they not get checked? or do we just not care? - it's probably the later come to think of it.
  13. ***Feedback Thread***

    I would agree with that he's helped me for many, many ticket-tight games through the years - Rangers, Chelsea, Linfield, N.Ireland - you name it.
  14. Dave King

    I'm not. Our Ibrox support has a fair few muppets that will lap up any old shite the clowns spin them.
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

    I think Mark Allen will be another busted flush tbh but he can't be mentioned in the same breath and the board and Pedro for the fuck-up's and position we find ourselves in. He's been in the job a matter of weeks, quite literally.
  16. Pedro: Time to go?

    The board for all their faults have still provided Pedro with enough resources that should have us in second, beating the likes of Hibs, Hearts, Thistle and Progres.
  17. Pedro: Time to go?

    How can you say am I missing the point when I keep address your over-reaching post in-every-single-comment I make to you. For someone who says it doesn't matter if Pedro goes, you sure make some fist of calling people moon howlers, surrender monkeys and appeasers who want him gone amongst other things. Herein lies your contradiction, you say to me you don't care if he goes, you aren't making a defence for him to stay yet people who want him gone get called all sorts? AGAIN I'm going to point out the irony in your drivvel in the last line about elephants, coffee and surrendering - you epitomise this yourself (and you can't see it) because you don't want us to take a chance on a new guy and instantly improving this team and getting better results, even if, I admit it won't be enough for the title. You are blind (purposely - for reasons only known to yourself) to the fact that whilst we need serious investment to topple celtic to the title, we don't need serious investment to nail second (compared to it being a slug and being sat in mid table) and including many other areas of improvement. I'm actually starting to think you don't want us to improve because you get more of a kick out of being able to rant about Dave King (who is the biggest prick apart from Whyte to wear our club blazer) to people you don't know online. It's a masochistic trait.
  18. ***Feedback Thread***

    @bluewhitevanman - I'd like too add him to the list (unsure if he's been mentioned) - he kindly dropped 2 Hamilton's for Friday night through my door this afternoon and trusts me enough to get the money to him as I was in bed sleeping having come off a 16-hour nightshift at the time so couldn't square him up. Highly recommended.
  19. Pedro: Time to go?

    No idea why he keeps doing it on purpose - I don't even know what McInnes has done to him personally
  20. Pedro: Time to go?

    I agree with a lot of that but the fact is he set out his team not to press them look at the way the team lined up and the tactics I agree bringing in another cheap gamble option might not be any better but we can afford and attract a step up from this guy, very easily
  21. Pedro: Time to go?

    Especially since he said he wants a slimline squad of 20 to be supplemented with youths so he brings in 3 ridiculous loans
  22. Pedro: Time to go?

    Your making a massive jump that all of the players will want away - based on what? It's another stretching assertion in defence of Pedro it sounds so disingenuous mate
  23. Pedro: Time to go?

    Ironic that you continually say appeasers and surrender monkeys which is exactly what you are doing with your stance on Pedro you've resigned us to a mid table slug just because we can't challenge celtic anyway
  24. Pedro: Time to go?

    Exactly terminate all 3's loans and there's your money to pay him off it goes back to what I says about Dembele and how Rossiter and Wilson's wages would cover it combined we can afford it imo if we do things right but we don't
  25. Pedro: Time to go?

    You say we can't afford to replace him if we can't afford to replace him, where on earth does the money come from to back him heavily in January? any idea how paradoxical that sounds? and why can't we afford to pay him off and give his wages to another manager? That's something people make up to justify keeping him in a job - he's on 400k a year with 2.5 years to go on his contract to pay him in full is 1 million but you generally settle on 50% so 500k is beyond us? How much is Declan John and the Man City wingers wages for the season? To put it in perspective