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  1. Can't copy and paste but on the website we want him from Aberdeen wouldnt be too unhappy - said a few times he's probably the only player in Scottish top flight id take a punt on Midfield of him, Dorrans and Hyndman would be good if possible
  2. Can't copy and paste but it's who JJ was down looking at the other night, apparently. Would be a great signing he'd have the same impact Commons had for them for 2/3 years imo edit just seen it talked about in rumours thread I'm pish at making threads
  3. and see what ones (if any) look like they are giving it the goodbye rather than generic end of season fan clap. Could maybe tell us in advance who Pedro's been told to get to fuck to. I hope none of the players have the red-neck to lap up any applause at the end - clap the fans and then get to fuck never to be seen again. Laters.
  4. He's celebrating something
  5. KJ is 100% correct
  6. Still no Denial
  7. I m8
  8. Lol here we go Alnwicks amazing
  9. And everyone knows your a wee junkie who got raped as a kid what's your point? dont deny it
  10. You've a cracking username but your a total wee window licking spastic you could be a legend on here if you fucked up
  11. Fair point
  12. Where you hearing this ?
  13. That's personal abuse and isn't allowed on here ps fuck you
  14. Absolutely not - I just can't go anycunt that wants to celebrate after that - no sane thinking person should but hey ho it's remembered if next season is pish too I can say hold on guys don't dare criticise - same thing after all
  15. The way I've always seen it is those players and the management (yes the management for the Pedro can do no wrong brigade but I include Warburton in this) have let us down so badly this season ... you are trying to get a winning mentality back and people that know that success is all that matters at Rangers ... we can have a season like that one but they will be clapped like fuck, bouncies, their name chanted, celebrations etc ... they must be thinking it doesn't really matter if we keep letting them down this is great - no-one to answer to. But hey, I'm a grump that hates life - what do I know about anything?
  16. Me. When they put my photo, name, address and workplace in the paper again.
  17. I'll accept that. On the condition that anycunt engaging in that sort of behaviour is an absolute spastic who's a few french fries short of a happy meal.
  18. So is wanking yourself violently in public in front of woman but that's embarrassing too.
  19. Or just act normal? you have to sit and do bouncies and singing to actually enjoy yourself?
  20. Nah I don't hate my life, I prefer not making an arse of myself loving seasons like this one. I'll follow you round this forum quoting you and make your life hell ya fiddler anymore lip.
  21. Yes, they 100% should be told to fuck-off dancing and celebrating and doing bouncies on days like today when we've just finished a season like that. Absolutely.
  22. As in new clubs lined up mate? just wondering cos 100% would be definitive whereas others would be maybe (depending on interest or demands to cancel their contracts)
  23. I know a few that know him personally too and they don't really say anything good or bad about him in that sense but to me he looks like an utter fanny the way he acts and moves the ball about. It's more than just lack of ability I don't think he even cared which for a so-called Rangers man is unforgivable.
  24. No I love my life. It's great. I hate celebrating failure and having an absolute riddy like that there. Looking at the clip again, thank fuck it's about 3-dozen publess wee guys that probably don't know what success means.