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  1. Hahaha right up the skirt wearing Fenian cunts
  2. I'd love it but I think they're still too good to go down. They will find form at some point and stay up, sadly.
  3. Happy with that. Played well. Was important to get a good win after the St Johnstone debacle. McKay still frustrates me though, little end product and dithers on the ball in the box too long instead of shooting or releasing early. That's just a side point - not taking away from a good performance Well done Rangers.
  4. Really looking forward to it. It will be an interesting test to see how far we've come against a step-up in opposition. Plus I'll have done 13x 12h nightshifts in a row and this is my first night off at the end of it so might have a wee Ribena or two
  5. Pictures and video doesn't do it justice it looks nice on and in the flesh imo
  6. Thought first half we were yards off the pace against a really fit and well organised Dumbarton team I was pleased with second half I thought we upped the tempo and were a bit more probing Overall I'm meh on it - first half was bad second half a lot of positives to take from it Ref was a stinker that was the worst penalty shout ever
  7. It was a good result for the fenians tonight but I think more interestingly and what might fuck them is is Molde winning 3-1 in Turkey. Ajax and Tarriers will both have been hoping Fenerbache ran away with the group - that result could fuck Celtic in the end.
  8. No team in the lower leagues should be judged on the games against us unless they're superb
  9. A lot of the time they are unlucky tbh I'm not a Dumbarton fan but they play good football
  10. Grass pitch. It looked in really good condition at the u20 game 2 weeks ago
  11. How many times you watched Dumbarton play? They are one of the best footballing sides in the lower divisions
  12. Law for Holt and I think we are good to go with the OP's team.
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