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  1. Footballs not changed to that extent that wingers tracking back is more important than what they do in the final third - don’t be fucking ridiculous
  2. Yeah - I’d never heard of us drooling over an attacking winger that tracks back until last season Imagine saying to McCann or Laudrup to cover Alex Cleland or Sergio Porinni
  3. Fuck the neg publicity the Rangers fans are only showing they won’t be bullied and taken advantage of let them report it from the roof tops and give other mobs food for thought yes there was bother there last week too
  4. You as well - so the fans should sit there and let them assault, smash up pubs and attack people and just take it what fucking planet are you’s On seriously
  5. Aye no bother ya prick so we will just let them walk down Paisley Road throwing bottles and flares at our fans fucking hell
  6. I don’t want a winger to track back though I want them in the final third pressing and putting the team under pressure - this tracking back shite is a new fad we’ve invented last season to cover up Tav’s shambolic defending
  7. Got a phone call there apparently Osijek tried to walk Paisley Road and got smashed .. ambulance on its way or there now
  8. Just feel looking at the team and the bigger picture that Murphy can go past players and Candaies can’t so when you look at that midfield there’s little creativity there so we need someone like Murphy in a game like this more than Candaies ... think too Murphy going past players and cutting inside and Kent similar on the other side and the amount of space and free chances that would give Morelos in the middle, I don’t think you get the full benefit of that with that team selection that’s why I think it’s a poor selection tbh
  9. Don’t like that team at all tbh Murphy should be playing ahead of Candaies and Arfield ahead of Jack
  10. Agree tbh but your coming across as a bit of a twat about it at the same time
  11. Really want Tbilisi next round tbh Will someone throw this game onto YouTube? Would like to watch it in work tonight
  12. Replace Candaies with Windass and I’d go with that too
  13. Depends really are we talking about the real Rangers or the newco sevco zombies?
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