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  1. That's a piss-take page, it's ran by celtic fans it's nothing official.
  2. The problem is too for how many years and different managers have we not really had that settled, first choice XI where we knew our strongest team? Like for instance you could more or less guess what teams Smith, Advocaat, McLeish would stick out every week when we were successful. You look at all the teams we've put out since Smith left and the majority of the XI could easily be dropped the next week for being shite and no-one would really care and they'd be replaced with someone equally as shite, then a couple of games later the team might change again. The tarriers first XI more or less picks itself if fully fit depending on if Rogers wants to go 2 up or 1 up and which combination he fancies. We don't have that settled team and never will when we keep neglecting key areas and failing to spend money going with loans and trying to recruit cheapies. Mark Allan, Gerrard, Dave King and Stewart Robertson really need to step into the real world and fast here.
  3. I like Flanagan but I don't like players playing out of position. I'd honestly put Flanagan in ahead of Tav - he's never a captain. Ideally we'd play a back 3 though and have a 4 or 5 man organised, tidy, overbaring midfield with balance.
  4. Am I right in thinking last night we never had one naturally left footed player in the starting XI? There’s pretty alarming and another testimony to our transfer policy thus far which leaves a bit to be desired in my eyes
  5. Not overly impressed in all honesty very frustrating and no different to previous managers but it’s early days and they might click into stride but we need to do better but I said before the game 2-0 will do me and that’s fine
  6. What did we actually spend 3-million on then? nothing of substance? was it a 3-million payment just to curry some flavour and have fans thinking we battled Ashley and won?
  7. For the sake of continuity and pushing on, I'd be happy to see the same team that started against Bury playing again on Thursday night even if we still need some top additions to the XI.
  8. Dave King the man who saved us ... fuck me ... same way McCoist saved us too ... I love it when people say united fanbase and stuff but purposely ignore the pish Marshall has posted that caused the unrest in the first place. United fanbase, that Marshall wants to divide by fucking supporters buses over in the first instance and then wanting to be elitest with the thousand pound bounty so only the rich can attend away games - is that your idea of unity? ... of course he could have been trolling with the lot of it which is fine, but trolling doesn't unite anyone either - the sheer definition of it is to annoy and get people upset/angry/focused on something petty or non-existent. Log out ya pish flap
  9. They aren’t wing backs though they are wingers in a midfield 5
  10. No just him and if your getting wide you too
  11. I’m no bothered mate I was making a separate point
  12. One of your mates is a prick then isn’t he
  13. Team I’d like to see McGregor Flanigan Goldson Katic Candaies Dorrans McCrorie Arfield Murphy Windass Morelos If Dorrans is fit, if not stick either Jack or Docherty in there not really bothered what 1
  14. Agreed - there’s a high percentage of fans who don’t do the online stuff and even if they do, they don’t get involved and take sides it will be business as usual on Friday night for him and his pub for the reasons you mentioned too.
  15. It’s probably accurate tbh it’s peak time summer a lot of Bears on holiday with their families, short notice for others in work during peak time and also the lack of a Thomas Cook, Flight Options and sport options day trips has hampered numbers
  16. I've had a wee think and I still don't like the away one sorry.
  17. Aye we had the same top Helicopter Sunday season - never really liked it then either. Less is more when it comes to how smart a top looks in my eyes.
  18. Obviously love the orange and I think the home top is smart. I'm a big fan of strips that are plain looking. Nice and smart. I hate the away one though. It looks like a fag packet. Very tacky IMO.
  19. I honestly think the allocation will be whatever we want it to be in the sense that everyone who's applied/registered an interest will get. If 900 Travel Club members have applied for a ticket and Rangers want 200 for players and staff then our allocation will be 1100. If we want more, we'll get them. The Travel Club might be missing a trick here - they should open back up the Travel Club membership window and advertise this as good chance of getting a ticket and rake in more £20's. I'll just be glad of the point more than anything to give me a chance of one for the next round.
  20. Don't think it will be an issue with it being at the Macedonia national stadium. At a guess that venue looks about 40 thousand capacity.
  21. Someone with their phone pointed towards Rangers TV
  22. I think your misunderstanding the ethos of that, mate. It's not that anyone is better than anyone else (RSC's vs season ticket holders that travel on their own) it's simply that the buses are the ones who deliver the majority of folk to the away games, sometimes lose money doing so, are left with tickets to the less appealing games and in general do the most work getting thousands of fans to games so they should be rewarded. As it stands they get a lower % of tickets than CCCS (by about 20-30%). I don't think that's fair at all. I know loads of people who, if they don't get allocated a game they want on their away allocations from their season book then jump onto a bus to get a ticket for that game they fancy but didn't get. Those people don't then shout about buses getting less tickets or anything, that's the last thing on that indi travellers mind at that point but yet the bus has still come good for that person in the end.
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