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  1. Even though he's trolling ... what's his kayfabe (for want of a better phrase) reason for saying away goers should pay a thousand pounds to go to away games?
  2. Don't see why not. Osijek is far East of Croatia, they have a stadium fit for Europe purposes and there's no other teams due to be playing in Osijek.
  3. I was £167 for my flights. Obviously I've hotels etc but I'm happy with all my plans so far. An early start some of it for both games in Macedonia and Croatia but so be it, I'll get on with it. Done it before. Won't kill me.
  4. Couple of my mates paid about 550
  5. That's ridiculous - I think the face value price for that ticket if buying from Rangers for a cat B game (Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen) is something like £62. Like yourself, I'd rather give it away.
  6. Quite right too. Rangers should be wanting to win every game friendly or not ?
  7. The manager said it was intentional. To do with fitness. They didn't really care about the result of the second game - they just wanted to put the players through the ringer in regards to fitness. On a different note, does anyone know when the new members of the Travel Club's travel cards will be ready?
  8. This needs investigated.
  9. Didn't realise the peado's game was included in this - I'd like to think the SLO has made a cunt of it again ... there's no way Rangers would pass up maybe upto tens of thousands in revenue at £50 a time, just to give their VIP's freebies.
  10. Think it's more if unsold once the deadline is passed it's given away for free to their VIP's. Some folk won't have a problem with it, they'll be happy to just have their seat filled which is fine, but a lot of others , that's not what they signed upto. I'd rather give it to my RSC and get them to give it to a friend for free or someone who can't afford it ... not some wank of a pish player or fat cat.
  11. If there's no credit in the fans accounts for every single one of them then something very, very wrong is happening at our club - possibly illegal too. I'm holding out hope the SLO has just made a rip-roaring cunt of it as usual though and our club wouldn't be so stupid.
  12. Wait, am I reading this correctly? have fans given tickets back to Rangers via the secondary ticketing scheme and Rangers have took the tickets but dished them out as comps to people and the fans haven't got the money? Please tell me I've misunderstood that and if I haven't, how have people reached this conclusion? proof etc...
  13. My issue is (if the clubs do get shafted due to the actions of the Marshalls) who do you complain/turn to? theres conflicts of interest everywhere you look the SLO for obvious reasons the ticket office who have bowed to it and won’t then undermine their own process Stuart Robertson/Dave King who handpicked G.Marshall for the role especially as a thank you for lying about RF/C1872 and bringing things closer to them it is all fucked and there’s big common denominators everywhere you look in the form of the same faces and names with their egos and scumbags that run our club and we still have fans that can’t (or refuse to) see this
  14. What have you heard mate? I’m guessing they are going to raise the numbers required for an a+ club for starters - is there anything else on the horizon? I hope the clubs rally if they all get shafted - some aspects of our football club are a disgrace without something sinister bubbling away here too
  15. Think BEE might be doing that could be wrong tho - sure it was mentioned before
  16. What's your initials? you might have been one of the one's I booked up.
  17. He’s just a twisted big bastard mate - it would have made logical sense in his head but it may have bit him in the arse in spectacular fashion. Ive loads of stories involving him from through the years, nothing surprises me with him.
  18. I won’t name him but a prominent poster phoned me earlier tonight and called that hours in advance as everyone was getting suckered in by his bullshit and that Marshall is happy to make an arse of himself/risk his business to prove a point - he’s totally correct with that call. If you re-read it all back from that point of view it’s obvious he’s trolling and changing his story a few times from saying 2k members to he was joking about that figure to we will work hard and who knows we might get 2k The final straw for me was when he was saying he’d lose 3k a year from it ... bullshit ... aside from the pub being full and members turning up at the special events to buy drink all day or night, he’s said members would get discounted travel costs - note not free travel... biggest outlay is coach hire to away games but clearly he would have been operating a members and non members pricing structure for travelling (which is fine) but there’s no way he’d be making a 3k loss per year unless he literally only had 10 guys on a coach going to away games and assuming he never done any fundraisers like race nights, raffles, Dances or cards. The man is a fucking balloon in all honesty and I hope his fishing trip hinders his livelihood it doesn’t explain SLO Greg trying to clarify and essentially back the RSC at the start of the FF thread though - either he’s in on the fishing trip and as such undermining Rangers FC ticketing policies on a large scale making his position untenable or his Dads lied to him ... the Marshalls have documented previous for lying so it wouldn’t surprise me.
  19. Yass can get Rossiter, Jack, Tav and Docherty’s autographs
  20. Cheap cunt I’m sharing a room with Southdown pm him and ask him nicely and I’m sure he’ll let you sleep at the bottom of his bed ?
  21. That would be ideal as I’ve an early flight to Luton next day ... few pints after game then hotel
  22. Can someone link me to the FF thread please there’s a virtual coconut in it for them
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