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  1. The card on his bus ... most card monies go to the wombles, the bus, a flute band or something ... his card money will go to Scottish grass roots football and Nil by mouth
  2. Cheers. Sorted my picture and re-uploaded it, went and got passport photo's done there - look like I've just murdered someone ... is there a way you can log into your account and apply that way or does it have to be done through the e-mails that were sent out (that I've not received) EDIT think I've sussed it, there was a wee bit that says Register for FK Shukpi 17th July price £0 ... you need to go through it like a checkout process as if your buying something but there's no charge - as if that's you registered your interest?
  3. Cheers so basically deadline wed for applying for Macedonia?
  4. See the bottom of that e-mail, where it says should you decide to travel indi please register.... what's it say? the guy from my bus get's all my e-mails through.
  5. we all dream of a team of davie weir's after that ones done, while big marshall hands out the capri suns and cheese sannys and selling the card
  6. Unless things have changed, you can't get away tickets for the first year of your RSC's membership - so where's he getting the tickets from that he's promising as an incentive?
  7. England are more than capable of beating Colombia but they need to play better than that. That was a bore-fest. A few average players in that team too.
  8. Eric Dier's one of the most over-rated international players going at the moment. Another one of them holding midfielders that doesn't do anything but people ram it down your throat about doing dirty work you can't see/how every team needs someone like that/you know nothing about football etc etc. He's literally a nothing player.
  9. I done it on my phone and screen-shotted my confirmation when it was paid - but I think mines is on hold until 6th until I get new photo in.
  10. me and 3 others in my RSC that's in Travel Club never got an e-mail either. I need to send them in another photograph anyway (I've got to 6th July it says) .. I uploaded it on the website and re-sized it to the dimensions that they asked for but didn't come out right.
  11. I suppose it's no different to any club really - be it a Rangers bus, a masonic, a bowling club, Golf club, country club etc you need to pay a joining fee and/or dues yearly/monthly whatever.
  12. I'd imagine it goes towards flying their staff out to wherever we play, the costs of booking the hotel for ticket collection, paying the staffs wages, the insurance and paperwork etc that goes with that too. If it's one trip we get, then the Ticket Office has made out of it, but if we get a few trips that £20 would start to be spread very thin and they'd have to obsorb the cost. That's a guess though.
  13. Think that was SportOptions, but if it was FlightOptions then reverse the point to the other company. Just checked and it was SportOptions right enough.
  14. Some folk just like a good moan? listen, these guys are the official Rangers Travel partner, who only a week or so ago made a big thing about getting us to games and putting on the big speil ... a lot of boys have held off booking anything to book with Thomas Cook who now say 8-days after the draws made they can't facilitate the trip meaning these guys are probably going to have to pay silly money now. It's not fair. In fact limited aircraft availability sounds even worse, it means they've access to crafts but can't do anything. When Thomas Cook were doing the deal with us, they knew fine well we'd have a cluster of games at this time of the summer and to far flung places. They've not done their homework at best or been fucking negligent at worst. Either way it's far from acceptable. It's OK for you to sit there and just say "people like a moan" when you aren't going. Look at it from the fans point of view ffs. On another note, it now leaves FlightOptions I think? if they had any sense, they'd run a trip but purposely take a hit on it but market it as such saying when others let you down including the official travel partner and our rivals, we will step in and take a financial hit because we value our customers as loyal supporters and the agenda they have is that the fans remember this and use them for the other games so they win overall and make good/more cash overall. They could even go to Rangers and ask for a sub too to help with costs/loss.
  15. Agreed. I know people like to keep good routes to themselves if they've got mates still to book up so the price doesn't rise and the essentially shaft themselves but we should all work to help each other out and get lads out there. For what it's worth here's my route (think it was £200'ish but it obviously won't be that price anymore) Edinburgh to Budapest - 16th July (15.15pm) - Ryanair. Budapest to Skopje - 17th July (06.25am) - WizzAir. Skopje to Luton - 18th July (06.05) - WizzAir. Birmingham to Glasgow - 18th July (12.30) - FlyBe. Early starts on way back but I'm working that night and don't have a lot of holiday's so I'm happy. Also I was just re-reading the Rangers statement - it says lack of available aircraft is the reason for the non-trip ... how amateurish is that? a major travel company can't get an Aircraft .. something not right with that.
  16. That's fucking pathetic and a complete fucking joke from our so-called travel partner. Some business partnership this is. Rangers should be looking to see if there's another travel company they can use and invoke any grace period in their recently signed contract. But they won't as they don't really give a fuck about the fans, either. I hope this hurts them going forward and no-one uses them. If it's not enough they fleece fans anyway, the fans could put up with that as it was a convienence aspect to everything they did i.e in and out, no holidays (or just 1 day needed at work), ticket on flight with no need to go to hotel etc but they aren't even getting that. I have a lot of pals checking every day waiting to book Thomas Cook now they are all fucked. On another note, has anyone gambled for Osijek next round? a few of us have .. think we've done it for about £160 return which I'm happy with gamble-wise and we've done it a way that even if the Moldovan's get through, we can still get a flight from where we change to Moldova so it limits the gamble a good bit... if Rangers get put out I'll just go for a couple days holiday in Croatia instead.
  17. don't reall feel foreign woman should be objectivified as pieces of meat for our gratification tbh
  18. When I scrolled up and stopped I only seen half of this post and I thought don't tell me they had a game whites against blacks/colours
  19. I've never seen Rangers players in my life wear the official match-day strips in training ... obviously the official training gear etc aye and again, this is where someone posts a picture of them training in the match-day kit and makes me look stupid I'm getting hundreds of stuff wrong at the moment, not at the races - maybe getting old
  20. Aye mate ... looking forward to the travels across Europe been too long
  21. Always knew it would be moved there but would have liked it at their own wee ground tbh ... but it's small and unsure with me having to start my travel club points off again if I'd get a ticket or not, this way I will and will put me in good stead for Osijek next round assuming we both qualify
  22. No need mate I know someone running a bus
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