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  1. I want to take him a walk .. let him chase some cats and shit
  2. My Auntie was in there and I showed her what her £10 bought she gushed he’s worth every penny lol
  3. Very proud moment for the forum and you can take great credit too, Govanblue
  4. Only Cos some wee knife wielding Albanian robbed it aff you at the first pish top
  5. See how class the 5 hour bus journey to Sofia is after the game at night in that heat
  6. Aw well that’s awrite then he pays someone to do it
  7. For what it’s worth I noticed the official Rangers Twitter page pinned SLO comments about the game being the 17th
  8. See when all is said and done, if he plays a few good games people will forget about him hitting her - that’s the nature of the football fan and so it should be - we support a football team and accept any players that make us win - that’s what matters not what an individual does - rightly or wrongly that’s assuming he turns out to be a good signing - I think he may surprise a few folk given a proper chance and you will see the difference a proper more traditional right back might bring to the club
  9. Aye but I thought they could only move it if their ground is getting used by more than one team and/or other teams playing in the town or city that night? Need to check but I think Ojisek or whatever it’s called is just them that night in that region?
  10. Has the date not already been announced?
  11. If they were smart they’d be telling everyone the wrong dates to fuck up people travelling
  12. Someone from Shukpi official-wise told my mate last night that it was 99% going ahead on 17th but we waited until Greg said before booking apart from the £18 gamble to Luton from Skojpe
  13. 130 Luton to Sofia is ok but usually I find the Glasgow to Luton flight for example would be about £100 when you need it most and even though the bus won’t be that dear, I couldn’t go 5 hours after the match in one but if needs must and was a choice between making it and not making it then I’d be doing it without hesitation
  14. Try piecing it together like find out what airports all have planes that fly in Skopje then do one way from Glasgow/Edinburgh or even UK in general then piece it together coming back too - use different airlines don’t book returns as a lot give you really cheap one part but second part of it either going out or coming back extortionate
  15. Just re-calculated and my total price has went upto about £220 due to Birmingham flight I thought was included but wasn’t. still delighted with that price tbh considering it was double that for similar routes yesterday for 19th
  16. I don’t know if it’s changed but usually the players and staff tickets are for a sort of neutral/corporate bit of main stand for European aways got them off D.Park for Bremen away needed 16 short notice and he provided them and another time PSV through a guy with a box but there were no issues
  17. Murderers and rapists on the same breath as Jon Flanagan what a fucking looney bin this place is it’s getting more like FollowFollow every week with crackpots
  18. Sorry mate I’m only having a laugh it’s Perugia
  19. Only games I can think would be these away euro games in the heat for width and energy but against half decent teams especially the farriers it’s utter suicide
  20. Good read that love the bit about him being a more traditional full back too - crying out for that
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