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  1. It’s the weans I slap about I find that hurts her more
  2. Hahaha orange rab ... 10 million for Tav riddy rab
  3. From what I've seen of Him I'd agree with that and probably why I'm more accepting of the signing as he's a more traditional full-back, one for the tackle, play the ball type of game rather than the John/Tav/Wallace wing-back style. We need that tbh.
  4. For 28k per week there's very little I wouldn't put up with I'd let Great Danes shag me on video the lot
  5. Hopefully he's decent and takes Tav's place .. honestly don't care if he slapped his mrs ... we all make mistakes, a lot of this seems a bit faux-outrage in all honesty check me I'm a real man and real men don't hit woman ... he made a mistake .. if he's one of them cowardly wife beaters that does it every night he's a scumbag and belongs in jail but is there any evidence of that? or can we not just accept he did wrong, served his punishment and most of all his girlfriend has forgiven him ?
  6. Isn't the Luton flight about 7pm at night? don't really fancy spending almost 12h in an airport or even Luton
  7. Managed to do with for about £190'ish all in ... Edinburgh to Budapest, Budapest to Skopje then Skopje to Luton morning after game and Birmingham up the road from there.. gambled a wee bit last night and booked after hearing it was going to be 17th and it paid off. Flight from Skopje to Luton for about £18 for a gamble. No holdays needed either since they moved it.
  8. Hurry up and announce this ya fuckin dicks I’m nightshift tonight and meant to be sleeping
  9. I hope next time your out you get fucked aff a lorry and the only person at the funeral is your mother who is pleased to see the fuckin back of ye
  10. Aye after I posted that's what I thought .. playing on Thursday night then away to other side of Europe in the heat 4 days later or something aint the best for the team
  11. Who said that? why would our home game be moved though?
  12. It's not really the stadium there's something to do with having different lots of fans in the same area at the one time too much on resources because what we'd need to watch next round (or is it round after?) if celtic get knocked out and into Europa then one of our next match nights could be moved too due to both us playing same night - maybe
  13. post up a picture of your driving licence
  14. 6 thousand ... one big stand where the camera's are pointed from so you don't really see it, but I read on Twitter that ground isn't European standards so it get's moved but unsure if that's just Twitter talk or not
  15. Yeah they do but obv day trip won’t include hotel but they sometimes do both day and overnights it’s generally depends on demand though if they release a day trip at £600+ the demand might not be there
  16. It's what has to be mate even if you want to pay £400+ and fly from Glasgow or Edinburgh, you've still got to change a couple of times .. just the nature of it. Unless you want to go Thomas Cock or Flight Options but can see that being about £650 tbh
  17. The draw was made at 11am its almost 6pm after being told by UEFA on the draw changes wont take long to be announced
  18. It's a fucking joke .. plans all totally on hold, can't go out, go to supermarket anything like that until it's announced ... reluctant to even go to the toilet because it will be confirmed and don't want to miss a jump ... I've got 12-people to book for too so can't make any mistakes.
  19. Can't stand this waiting, beyond a piss-take.
  20. 5pm according to slo we should know date
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