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  1. Sir Alex

    He is a Bear through and through while you are an ignorant aresehole
  2. Sir Alex

    He is a winner and with the operation being succsssful he will pull through and be sitting in Old Trafford next season. Hopes and prayers are with his wife and family
  3. Enough is enough

    ‘ Your lucky I renewed on Wednesday
  4. ST renewals starting next week

    I said I wasn’t renewing but now as the time is near I am relenting. They are doing my nut in just now but it is The Rangers and I will renew next week.
  5. *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    Enjoy 😊
  6. Murty wishes he'd played for us

    If that was the case then Walter must have supported it. Do t see Walter allowing it to happen unless he agreed.
  7. Ryan Jack Red

    Appeal must go in this week
  8. Millions Wasted

    Add to that the Millions wasted by McSalary beating lower league part timers
  9. Were we right to sell McKay?

    In a word Yes
  10. Well done Ryan Jack

    Fuck that Not interested in the SFA Select
  11. Butcher's Son.

    Thoughts with Terry and his family
  12. Shut up Dorrans Walk away
  13. Well done Pena now your hatrick