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  1. They’d maybe get some of thier players into Stevie’s second 11
  2. Great performance tonight! More of the same please Rangers....
  3. The captain role is diluted now in most aspects. You don’t need an armband to be a leader on a pitch. Tav has his faults but is a leader in his own way. His stats are frightening. He is instrumental in almost everything we do, he is always available, I can remember 3/4 games he’s missed since he signed 4 years ago and none of them where through injury! When tav does go, it won’t be easy to replace him.
  4. Ibrox for me. Was my boys first game and first Rangers goal he seen in the flesh. A bit off topic but the wee man hasn’t missed a home game since and I’m struggling to remember one game that tav didn’t start
  5. Personally I think it was the two draws with Hibs in December, if we won those we would have been out of their reach. we owe them a doing tomorrow
  6. To be fair the sheep went for it in the first half, should really be a couple in front! The beasts are a terrible team but they seem to have an ability to take something from other teams mistakes.
  7. Will we be guaranteed a spot since we represent one of the stars in the logo
  8. I think he will do a decent job there next season. He will fuck them right up the following season though
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