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  1. The pictures had been hidden there for 20 years or so apparently. Cullen (club photographer) iirc? They must have built the new stadium around those lockers!
  2. First time I’ve heard him speak. Sounds a lot like Sutton
  3. Can teams who put their vote in before the “deadline” reverse their decision now? Or is their vote final?
  4. didnt Ann budge highlight in her statement yestrday that, the SPFL had been in constant contact with her? Why have they been ignoring us?
  5. Just give the greeting cunts their tainted title. But for sporting integrity we get the champions league place
  6. Covering up thier faces? Suppose it’s better than covering up child abuse
  7. Glorious! Didn’t see anything wrong with the scum goal myself! Makes it all the sweeter
  8. I prefer broxi bear but he’s a decent little mascot too
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