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  1. I prefer broxi bear but he’s a decent little mascot too
  2. So The best striker in Scotland is a screwball? Another striker in Glasgow was done for a drive by shooting ffs
  3. Hearts should issue a statement asking for an apology for their player being sent off against the bheasts if this is the case? There was a shitstorm in the media at the time, condemning it and comparing it too the Morelos on christie incident from last years game. Seems now that a celtic player has been banned for it, it’s an injustice, not foul play, it was accidental, one of those things everyone does! It’s even been reported as jovial! Now they want an apology for thier player being a dirty wee bastard? Too used to getting things their own way!
  4. I noticed this live, with a clearer picture the scowl on the wee Tarrier coppers face is delicious
  5. No they won’t! They papered over the cracks today. we set up wrong and couldn’t get a break, we had too many players off the boil and never put any pressure in the right areas. We allowed that bingo boli cunt space and time, should have been at him all day long. today was a sore one because we expected to win (heavily) let’s hope this gives us a boot up the arse
  6. Love the idea that the majority of the great unwashed will have thier volume up max listening to that bouncey listening for something to be offended by 🇬🇧
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