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  1. Without a shred of doubt, we all know that ANY evidence no matter how damning Rangers put forward, your hugh keevins, chris suttons, grahem spiers, doncasters etc are all going to discredit it and say "that's shite". But no one seems to be able to put 1 and 1 together to see this is exactly why we should have a independent inquiry. because no one is in support of it and people are so fast to shoot it down almost as if their afraid of the inquiry unearthing something damning. If there really isn't anything going on, let the inquiry happen, Rangers end up looking like idiots and they can go on their merry way slagging us as per usual. But currently since they fight against it tooth and nail, it really does make it stink to high heaven that something is going on and something needs investigated.
  2. And this is why the evidence wasnt given to the spfl. They have without a moments hesitation said its a load of shit.
  3. Thing with Rangers releasing a statement is it's better to have the facts of the situation, advice from lawyers and other advisers and finally make sure no word is wasted in said statement. I'd much rather a statement that does the job rather than one that vents frustration.
  4. This whole episode has been a farce from the get go and should've been approached with the current global situation of a pandemic in mind. Instead it's been scapegoated and put to the side, so that some clubs can get silverware regardless of league standings/games left to play and for some clubs to get a bargaining chip to get themselves a bit of money. This is a shame and dark day for Scottish football. As to my knowledge, with the exception of 1 league (the Belgium one if i'm not mistaken) no other country or footballing body has had their league finished not only in a way that benefits and hurts clubs within that body but also in such a unprofessional way.
  5. Am sure this will unearth an answer plenty of our questions 🙃
  6. Another thing you need to watch out for is these teams coming out saying "aw on second thought maybe", purely just to get into negotiating a deal, seeing that Dundee were able to do that. What's to stop say Aberdeen or Hibs doing the exact same thing to get a better deal for themselves but still ultimately voting for the resolution.
  7. Because it benefits the taigs because thats just a by product of benefiting the taigs
  8. Love the idea of us trying to expose corruption in the spfl "fucks up their agenda"
  9. Maybe thats something Rangers have been considering but wanted to wait for a team to properly be swayed. they also have evidence of teams being misled too. so could do them for corruption, bribery and poor business and have solid evidence based in everything in the open.
  10. No doubt that's why he phoned up about trying to adjust that. My best bet is they'll be friendly against the taigs and scumdee with get a majority of the ticket sales. Wouldn't be surprised if they get a cheeky wee player loan there way for the season ahead
  11. Dont think so, says its just a supporter update but it may have something to do with the statement and some of the evidence may include ladbrokes being involved too
  12. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/supporter-update-2/ cutting ties with ladbrokes
  13. Very weird thing to bring up and if clubs were to send documents to the SPFL via .PDF files then they would've encountered this error far before this vote. Firewalls aren't sentient things that just crop up problems here and there. and if they were unaware of this issue then it points to them asking for a specific way for the vote to be sent. Which then begs the question, why ask for it in a different manner? Which further muddies the water and leads more to corruption and rigging it.
  14. I think the way Dundee are being treated is testament to why they don't come out more often. or they risk losing assets ie money or transfers. If this blows wide open, more clubs might come out and be a bit more braver but for them they'd need to be all or none. It's alright for a big club like us or Hearts to do this because they at least have a solid fan following for support. But a wee team like Dundee which struggle here and there depend on support and wouldn't want to risk losing that. If anything it adds to how dirty the SPFL are with this and it needs seen to!
  15. Its like saying "say 'yes' if you're a man" yes "oh also you need to give me ten quid". no "too late you already said yes"
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