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  1. Must be that boys first day in the job fucking hell thats bad. (Morelos needing Psychological help)
  2. It’d kill the competition of the position, it makes the other work harder. morelos on bench he’ll be choking to get on and make a impression to start the next game, and vice versa. And whichever striker is in is pushed to put a shift in because it they don’t and they get subbed off without a goal and the other comes on and gets one they know they’ll be on the bench the next game.
  3. We’re off to a good start yeah and we beat two of our bogey teams from last season, one very convincingly. but we’ve still to play teams like st mirren, mwell and livingston. Some teams that we did drop points too and ultimately cost us the league last season. That 3-3 draw with mwell, the 0-1 loss against livinston, the draw with dundee etc, all silly wee points dropped that cant happen again.
  4. That’s what separated us the most last season. Yeah we’re off to a good start beaten killie and pumping hibs but it’s the “wee” games like St mirren, accies, mwell etc that really win leagues.
  5. Just watching this and thinking we are spoiled with how we play, utter dross.
  6. Lets not get too crazy, put out a solid side with some players in to prove a point still looking for a convincing 8-0 in the first half.
  7. Think the fullback positions will always look suspect due to the way we play but a strong solid one that doesnt make mistakes is needed and unfortunately none of the lads we’ve got do that, so logically we should move arfield to left back and thatll let us play king as well 👏
  8. That run by arfield in the second goal is so fucking good
  9. No reason why we shouldn’t come out the gates and fucked this team. It’s at home, we’ve put four past them, put another couple by then and put the game to bed.
  10. Meh, much better chants that this. This is up there with being as bad as the super Rangers chant (not the no one likes us, we dont care one)
  11. And people wonder why we’re bringing in as many wingers i always spoke highly of him but he was piss poor today
  12. Halliday will be captain today I’d imagine
  13. That was the other @RFCRobertson I’m the one that used to make the brilliant match threads 👌
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