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  1. Heart of Midlothian vs Rangers Fc Scottish Premiership Match Date: 26/01/20 Venue: Tynecastle Kick off: 15:00 live on: Sky Sports Hearts Form: DWDLLL Rangers Form: WWWWWW Team news: Greg Stewart and James Tavernier out injured meanwhile Morelos is serving his third and final match ban. Prediction: 0-2 (Defoe and Katic) (Sorry if there is bad formatting, did this on my phone 🤷‍♀️)
  2. My dad n me sometimes leave early if its a cold night and hes working the next day; typically like 5-10 minutes if we're winning which makes the difference between taking a hour and a half or a 50 minute drive home for my da who usually is up at 6 the next day midday games we tend to stay all game though
  3. If Morelos is a waster then fuck know what griffiths is with his gambling addictions, drugs and generally being a scumbag. says a lot about leckies lack of football knowledge. Aye morelos hasnt scored in an old firm but it doesn’t mean he doesnt try or doesnt still work the defence to create a chance for others to score. The wee man is an utter talent, far more than what edourd is and yet he isnt being touted as anything more simply because he’s with us. And that’s the real disgrace
  4. Correct me if am wrong but isnt this the first time the compliance officer has stepped in to ban a taig? And if they’ve noted this incident then surely they’ll be looking at others in game too?
  5. Unreal the pissup that is the SFA. Fuck us for progressing in Europe 🤷‍♀️
  6. One win at the peadodome and these cunts are losing the plot, the thought of lifting 55 is even better knowing these pricks will implode
  7. Love for this guy just grows by the game, genuinely thought he was a empty shirt but that goal vs st mirren has worked wonders for the lad.
  8. Var will absolutely get things right like the offside goal given against us, that handball goal, and penalty calls, its far too easy for refs to shite out of decisions and then just apologise the next day or for a pundit to say “aw its just swings and roundabouts”, when every single goal/point matters; this shit is unacceptable well done to Rangers for making the statement 👏
  9. The moment he got that goal against st mirren the big man has been everything we could’ve asked for in a LB, long may it continue 👏
  10. Potential pothole, so should take it as serious as possible and a warm up for sundays game. Strongest xi and subs early as when we’ve got full control of the game. Team has to be upto it because they cunts certainly will. “Played pish against st mirren” just wait for the miraculous turn around.
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