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  1. If the boy mcgregor leaves i think theyd be in bother, boy is good at driving them forward and putting pressure on defences.
  2. Denied a stonewall free kick right after we scored our first one and the prick also didnt give a free kick when Aribo got his shirt grabbed in the corner flag and instead gave the free kick to st J.
  3. Another thing the players need to want/realise that if they stop 10 in a row, they'll be legends for that alone.
  4. Strong start, just gotta do our business calmy and clinically. None of this dropping points to the bottom table side or that. Pressure is slowly getting applied. Yeah theyve got games in hand but psychologically it can be massive especially with the season as well. but celtic are a good side who can get a result out of a dead game and turn a 0-0 or 1-1 into a crucial 0-1 or 1-2. We need to be able to do the same while also dispatching teams. we can do this, just gotta keep the head. Now or never.
  5. There fixed, even added in the wee accents just for you
  6. love him. Best thing that ever happened to him was that goal v st mirren. Since then always been solid and showed it tonight again
  7. Fire 3/4 past these fucks and get a good goal difference going. Gotta do our job get all 3 points and start applying pressure to the taigs.
  8. This is why am making as many appearence as Rossiter.
  9. Without a shred of doubt, we all know that ANY evidence no matter how damning Rangers put forward, your hugh keevins, chris suttons, grahem spiers, doncasters etc are all going to discredit it and say "that's shite". But no one seems to be able to put 1 and 1 together to see this is exactly why we should have a independent inquiry. because no one is in support of it and people are so fast to shoot it down almost as if their afraid of the inquiry unearthing something damning. If there really isn't anything going on, let the inquiry happen, Rangers end up looking like idiots and they can g
  10. And this is why the evidence wasnt given to the spfl. They have without a moments hesitation said its a load of shit.
  11. Thing with Rangers releasing a statement is it's better to have the facts of the situation, advice from lawyers and other advisers and finally make sure no word is wasted in said statement. I'd much rather a statement that does the job rather than one that vents frustration.
  12. This whole episode has been a farce from the get go and should've been approached with the current global situation of a pandemic in mind. Instead it's been scapegoated and put to the side, so that some clubs can get silverware regardless of league standings/games left to play and for some clubs to get a bargaining chip to get themselves a bit of money. This is a shame and dark day for Scottish football. As to my knowledge, with the exception of 1 league (the Belgium one if i'm not mistaken) no other country or footballing body has had their league finished not only in a way that benefits
  13. Am sure this will unearth an answer plenty of our questions
  14. Another thing you need to watch out for is these teams coming out saying "aw on second thought maybe", purely just to get into negotiating a deal, seeing that Dundee were able to do that. What's to stop say Aberdeen or Hibs doing the exact same thing to get a better deal for themselves but still ultimately voting for the resolution.
  15. Because it benefits the taigs because thats just a by product of benefiting the taigs
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