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  1. Yup. Tackles on folk mean fuck all.
  2. I wouldn't mind that, in fact i would fucking love that.
  3. and what midfielders would you have brought on? You've got a whopping choice of Windass and Toral. He did get the starting xi wrong am not arguing that but the team we have is shite and there isn't much we can do. Dodoo is likely our only real impact sub.
  4. Except it was on the wrong fucking person and should've been done to the taigs midfield constantly.
  5. Hyndman is just easily bullied off the ball, Brown although he is a legomunching bastard knew he wouldn't be touched by the ref today and he used that too his advantage. We need someone who can actually bully the midfield, we're linked with Ryan Jack and guess what? He'd be perfect for that. There's no point having a midfield of speedy wee guys in scotland because all the other teams will just play a big hammer throwing cunt who'll just scruff them and take the ball. We need some with physical presence to go up to someone and say "that's ma fucking baw" and then take it, pass it on to a speedy guy to push forward. Rossiter if he ever came back would likely be a good one for that too, except he's a good balance of being a tough wee bastard but has some finesse but we'll see if he does actually have that when he comes back. Midfield and forwards are too lightweight. We need that balance in the team. Defence is honestly fine at this point, maybe a new right back and maybe launch Kiernan. Midfield and the forward position needs drastic work.
  6. I don't fucking get it, it's like they decided to say "fuck it let's do this like we did last year" There was about 3 tackles put in (all 3 of them got bookings too) but likes of Holt and "madman" Garner they didn't do anything. The former i'm disappointed in cause he did brilliant last game. Hyndman did fuckall, Halliday did nothing, Holt did nothing. Hey is that our midfield? Yes it is and it did fuck all.
  7. Felt optimistic and now i'm wondering why.
  8. He won't give a fuck unless it's his wallet hurting or his "warchest"
  9. The goal was our fault and the side have about as much fight in them (bar 1 or 2) as a sloth but the ref has been giving us fuck all and pandering too them. Guaranteed their going to get a penalty.
  10. When the fenian in the black is giving them a free kick for a clean tackle, you know it's going to be an uphill battle Guess talking shit about them in the papers paid off.
  11. Refs being a taig cunt Good tackling getting done but not at the right places Giving them way too much respect, Holt should be getting torn into brown Hyndman was doing better towards the end but for most of it was getting bullied off the ball
  12. Fucker should've been done for treason
  13. I feel confident about winning the cup it since it's the sheepshaggers in the final. I'll go for a 3-1 win over the taig bastards, Double by Miller and Dodoo. Brown to get his leg broken by wee holt Sinclair and Dembele to be put on missing posters because their in Wilsons and Bates back pockets FUCKING INTO THIS SCUM RANGERS!
  14. "We've gone 8-10 days into the future, marty!"
  15. Nah he was in training today