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  1. Don't shoot the messenger brother
  2. That's the issue with putting pressure on a team, it's a cunt to keep it up for the full 90. That's why you need to capitalise chances you make so that when you do get tired you've got a goal or two margin. Aberdeen could've easily been 2/3-1 up in the first half and could've had a further goal in the second half (that is Waghorn levels chance missing). Even if they had a 2-1, they would've at least gone to extra time but again DM fucked up by using subs early.
  3. I wouldn't say that, Aberdeen did look the better side and did set up and put brilliant pressure on the taigs. They defeated themselves though by not taking their chances and getting tired out. Derek Mccinnes made his subs too fast, which is fucking stupid if he was looking to go to extra time.
  4. Also, fucking lego eater going unnoticed in being a prick. Stood on hayes legs, bodied mclean and blocked another player.
  5. some cunt is actually letting off fireworks
  6. No cunt ran up with hin
  7. Not sure if cup final or taig love in show
  8. That and a dodgy penalty winner
  9. Expect to see a thread about this
  10. Sorry brother, on holiday in Spain.
  11. Can i take your mod status if you do mate?
  12. Whatever happened to renaming it btw? Dave king said ages ago he was open to suggestions.