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  1. RFCRobertson


    Lad complicated play for himself too much, no need for overly fancy pish. Wee slot opened for Pena maybe?
  2. Like me and match threads
  3. RFCRobertson

    Jamie murphy recovering phase 2.

    Still recovering, I serve him in work every now and again. He at the very least doesn't have crutches or a leg brace anymore.
  4. RFCRobertson

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

  5. RFCRobertson

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    He did but so was Tav. Stokes then went onto put the head in Jack which seen Jack getting red carded One of the angriest moments I’ve had a a football game
  6. RFCRobertson

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    As if the SFA would spend money on something sensical, their two busy making deals with shit tv stations that require subscriptions.
  7. RFCRobertson

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    (More) In fact the SFA compliance officer threats to keep quiet have just inflamed the situation. Particularly as several senior SFA figures have admitted Collum got it totally wrong
  8. RFCRobertson


    Giving the treatment of Sadiq, I don’t think Gerrad would take any of his pish so it can only be either Pena getting good again or him getting booted out
  9. RFCRobertson

    Referee Kicks Player Then Sends Him Off!

    Le Willie Collum
  10. I run into a lot of the motherwell players at my job so can't wait to see them again
  11. RFCRobertson

    Pena returning is it a ? or ?

    Be a gid laugh if nothing else
  12. I’ll Get one done sunday
  13. Critism is always a valid thing when it is good and well thought out however some of the comments people on here and social media are making are straight up ludicrous and are in need of a reality check. We’re 5 months into Gerrad being our manager and he’s brought up good success in europe and he’s made Ibrox a fortress. It is pish we aren’t further up the table or in the league cup final but that’s to be expected of a fairly fresh team with a manager learning the ropes of the game. Already we have people accusing it of being another Warburton and Pedro era. But the thing is is like or dislike it we need to grind out poor results and standings, else we’ll find ourselves in a terrible situation where we’re bringing a new manager in every season and that does set back progress. We need to squash the negativity for now and just get behind the team and the manager. People criticised Gerrad for making late changes or the wrong changes, well last might that didn’t appear to be the case. The only thing wrong last night was creativity and our final ball, things that can and will be adressed with another transfer window. This shit takes time, Look across the city. Rodgers didn’t buy the majority of his players a lot of them are still Deila players but the thing is is he’s had a basis to build on. That’s what we’re doing right now and truthfully it’s looking good, we have fewer passengers and our bench is looking decent. Keep the head and back the Manager. He needs time and support above all else. I was appalled by the crowd last night, much more effort put into negativity rather than singing and getting behind the squad. Opposition come to Ibrox and will play on that mentality as it actively hurts the team. TL:DR Stop being moaning cunts, keep the head and back the gaffer. We’re not going to be greats in 5 months alone so stop expecting it to be that way. Should shit still be shit this time next year after two windows then yeah it’s poor and very serious questions need asked.
  14. RFCRobertson

    Gerrard & Rossitir PreMatch Presser

    ?? Could go all day where the blame lies and not get a proper answer. The important thing is to kick on from it, learn from it and for oursefs back the team rather than becoming pessimistic pricks because that feeds into poor performances. The crowd is superb when things are good but when things are bad and you’ve got 40,000+ people giving you abuse for a misplaced pass, it’s going to knock the performance. Gerrad even touched on that and teams come to Ibrox and use that to their advantage.