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  1. That to me is the biggest difference between us and the scum right now. Their game against Dundee for example, 1-0 in the final minutes to get all three point. Whereas us would likely just get the single point. We’ve dropped silly points this season that if you go back and look at have really bit us. Soon as we make games against dundee, st johnstone, accies etc a garunteed 3 points, we’ll win leagues no problem.
  2. And the man said to me, boy i hope you will see and remember this day all the things you’ve been taught
  3. Because the quality of football is so shit they need little “controversies” like did it or didn’t it cross the line to keep it interesting.
  4. If the ref had any wit about him he’d clock onto the fact that that’s how aberdeen like to play and would nip it on the bud.
  5. Wouldn’t put it past them, gutter rags doing anything to sell prints/get clicks
  6. Delete System 32, it’ll help 💙 Just try restarting you internet and double check the address,. If nothing else clear cookies in your browser or try a different browser
  7. No matter what formation, with the way the team is shaping up it’ll just click one day and some poor bastarding club will get pumped worse than motherwell in the 7-1, even when you look at the chances we’ve had or in the old firm, it’s unluckyness that we’re not ripping teams apart, but when that clicks it will be amazing 💙
  8. Truthest thing you’ll read of 2018, extremely fickle and even when we’re a goal up some folk still don’t ease up. Opposition knows this and they’ll use it to their advantage.
  9. Still recovering, I serve him in work every now and again. He at the very least doesn't have crutches or a leg brace anymore.
  10. He did but so was Tav. Stokes then went onto put the head in Jack which seen Jack getting red carded One of the angriest moments I’ve had a a football game
  11. As if the SFA would spend money on something sensical, their two busy making deals with shit tv stations that require subscriptions.
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