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  1. RFCRobertson

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Legit or you taking the piss
  2. RFCRobertson

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    “Scotland isnae the same withoot big broonaldo! Bug Eck oot@
  3. RFCRobertson


    It’s not exactly a bad situation to be in, Worral and Katic are both solid defenders as well as Goldson. Considering how shoddy the defence has been and it’ll get more mileage out of Worral, he knows Katic is hotshit and will need to keep giving a good performance.
  4. You on commission for being a negative twat mate?
  5. Both games are equally important, can’t pick and choose which games to give a fuck about. We’re Rangers, every game needs to be treated like a cup final. Cause that’s how our opponenets see it
  6. RFCRobertson

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Been at work, what in the fuck hasbeen going on?
  7. RFCRobertson

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    My dad said this and I agree with him that Hearts and Rangers are the only two in form spl teams right now, the match with them will be very interesting.
  8. RFCRobertson

    BBC Article on Morelos

    There really isn’t a player that gets targeted with this much allegations in the SPL like Morelos does, if it was this much an issue then why wasn’t it discussed in length last season? Haven't other players shown moments of disent? How about Naismith tackling someone, kicking them and then yelling at them? That wasn’t a serene action. I suppose it’s just funny how he’s getting a head of steam and all of a sudden there’s this issue of his behaviour which wasn’t an issue last season. Still unsure how a boy who can barely speaks the queens can insult a Referee who presumably only speaks English.
  9. RFCRobertson


    Could pass as endangering a player though
  10. RFCRobertson

    Who do we play as striker?

    What about Atayaki?
  11. RFCRobertson

    Do you believe we’ll win the league this year?

    If i was going for that I’d throw in a Bill Struth quote 👌
  12. RFCRobertson

    Do you believe we’ll win the league this year?

    Dirty fenians cunts
  13. RFCRobertson

    Do you believe we’ll win the league this year?

    If you don’t have the belief that we can win this season, no matter the odds, then fuck off. I will always expect Rangers to win, be it Ayr united, the fenians or Barcalona. Rangers Football Club is synonymous with winning.
  14. So remind me why we should be worried about Ayr United? Yeah they’re doing good in the championship but we seen ourselfs that being good in the Championship doesn’t translate to being good vs SPL teams, nust look when we went on a streak of 13 games in the championship and got beat by St Johnstone 1-3 at ibrox. The most they’ve done is beat dundee 0-3 who went down to 9 men at one point. The same Dundee we beat 0-4 a few weeks ago. The games a perfect time to test players returning from injury against a compotent team and give a bit of squad rotation. If things ever get touch n go, we’ve got more than enough quality to call on from the bench.
  15. RFCRobertson

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    No wonder, I think it’ll be “loyal” celtic smellies like griffiths, brown and forrest etc and boyata, ntcham and edouard stirring all the shite id be raging personally if I was the thumb and I kept getting dropped to the bench for edouard.