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  1. I'll Always remember i was at my exes house who was a hearts fan; went down stairs and her da was watching the game and i looked at the score and seen 0-3 to hearts against celtic that stopped the invincibles run, sat and watched it and was gobsmacked
  2. Europa league is getting suspended along with the champions league rumours on twitter
  3. La liga, Champions and Europa league is getting suspended, surely our league to follow suit?
  4. I'd be raging if my team only showed up once in a blue moon against a team. Granted we seem to be doing that thenow with european games 😅
  5. Exactly this, also getting a core of a team put together and adding a few more bits of quality. And Europe is the best way to fund that
  6. Big mans getting a free coffee next time i serve him 👏👏
  7. Same mate, this game thenight really fucked any hope a had
  8. Hand ball in the build up to the equaliser tav dragged back, no yellow morelos goal chopped off for fuckall reason
  9. Gutless performance, ref was a cunt regardless, lost to hearts who got pumped 5-0 tonight and threw away other points beyond a joke
  10. I think if a 12 year old thinks it's acceptable to racially abuse a football player, it shows exactly how bad the situation is regarding morelos. And the reason that 12 year old thinks its okay is because its family thinks its okay, and they think its okay because the media hasn't condemned it at all and if anything has stoked it.
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