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  1. Pena

    Seen this the other day or something like it. I see a good prospect in Pena and to write him off now would be stupid
  2. Pena

    Something people don't realise is the difference in football as well. There's a certain physicality players need to get used too. Morelos, herrera, pedro and Alves bave even said as much. The guy deserves a chance to get upto speed, it's a difficult area to excel.
  3. News on Alves

    Don't blame Alves tbf, Scotland has a bad case of being a shithole.
  4. News on Alves

    From STV
  5. Defence

    Not that long, a week or two at most. The physician that handles Ronaldo is actually helping him. So no wonder he flew out He's passed tests with steadiness and is looking good. But at that McCrorie looks a decent wee replacement for the time being.
  6. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Beermans injured too apparently
  7. Foderingham

    Where's this criticism coming from? He made a few good saves and neither goal was his fault. He has moments where he's shaky yeah but I don't think it's enough to warrant him getting dropped.
  8. Hamilton Academical FC vs Rangers FC Scottish Premiership Match Venue: The Superseal Stadium Date: 29th of September Kick Off: 1945(7:45pm) Available on BT Sport Recent Forms (Most Recent First) Rangers: LWDWW Hamilton: LLLDL League Standings: Subject to change, Motherwell and Aberdeen play tomorrow. Taigs : 19 pts ↑ St Johnstone: 14 pts ↓ Aberdeen : 14 pts ↑ Hibernian : 12 pts ↓ Rangers : 11 pts ↓ Motherwell : 10 pts Hearts : 9 pts Hamilton Accies : 7 pts Dundee : 5 pts Ross County : 4 pts Partick Thistle : 3 points Kilmarnock : 3 pts Team News: Wallace is out for 7-8 weeks Alves is out with a Calf injury DJ is out with an injury Niko is out with a knee injury Rossiter is out with an injury Next 5 Matches: (A) St Johnstone (Premiership) 13th Oct (NS) Motherwell (League Cup Semi Final) 22nd Oct (H) Kilmarnock (Premiership) 25th Oct (A) Hearts (Premiership)28th Oct (H) Partick Thistle (Premiership) 4th November Other Matches this weekend:
  9. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    So you can tell the future?
  10. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    Look if Pedro doesn't work out then I'll hold my hands up and admit I was wrong. But this far into the league, compared to last season, on paper we are doing better. More points, more goals and less conceded. It isn't much but it's something. We won't know how it'll turn out until further into the future.
  11. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    Anyone wanting a new manager at this stage is a mongo, it'll set us back even further.
  12. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    Okay, we bring in a new manager and how much closer would that bring us? While he's bringing in his own tactics, players and way of doing things? It takes time, look at celtic and how settled they are. They've had players for ages and have only added 2-3 players over the summer. Meanwhile we've completely redid our squad. Use your fucking head.
  13. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    To put it in perspective, at the 18th minute last april they were already 2 nil up.
  14. So i'm absolutely gutted as many if not all of us are. Yet another defeat from our rivals. It's horrible, all week knowing this match is coming, batting down a grim reality with hope that maybe we could pull something from it and it just falls flat in your face. However, I was right to be hopeful and it's the most hopeful i've been about an old firm for a while. Simply because I can see that we're heading in the right direction. Our rebuild isn't over, we're still working towards being the giant that we once were. But steadily progress is being made. and honestly I have tip the hat to the manager who shows passion and want to make the club be successful. His game plan was good, first half didn't concede and handled celtic well. Denied a stonewall penalty that even Chris Commons, Andy Walker and others have even said is a stonewaller. But inconsistent and bad refereeing aside, we still did have a foothold in the game. I didn't feel at any point, "this is going to be another 5-1". It was going to be close and a relatively equal match up. However, we do still lack a cutting edge. A final killer pass and squad depth. We are nearing that point and with another transfer window or two, I do firmly believe we can win the league. Call me whatever you want and say Pedro should be long gone by that point, but we need to just knuckle down and accept there is a skill/financial gap between us and celtic. It's not a crime to admit that and we need to accept we're not going to be league winners overnight, it's something that needs to be worked on. We're getting better quality players that can do the job for us. Pedros tactics for what their worth do work and are sound in concept. Getting rid of Pedro and his team now would be fucking insane, all that work he's putting into the club, the tactics, the players so on: would be all for nout. We'd need to rebuild from absolute scratch again with a manager who would want his own team, his own squad, his own way of doing things and this cycle would keep on repeating nigh endless. Pedro has be given time to make further improvements. Things are looking more solid than they ever were and we need to build on that. Silverware can still be won, hell the league can still be won. A good winning strings needs to happen and bad results for celtic, but nothing is impossible. We have to remain hopeful and follow Rangers, given them the support they need and deserve. And in time we will be rewarded with success.
  15. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Fucking cunt of a ref