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  1. Potential pothole, so should take it as serious as possible and a warm up for sundays game. Strongest xi and subs early as when we’ve got full control of the game. Team has to be upto it because they cunts certainly will. “Played pish against st mirren” just wait for the miraculous turn around.
  2. What arfield needs is a goal too boost is confidence, worked with barisic who has gone on to be our firm left back, looks to be the same with kent, getting a couple and now getting another. Reckon the same will be for arfield.
  3. Likely cause we’ve been in as many high scoring games in the lower leagues, mind in the championship it wasn’t unusual to go week to week getting 5/6 goals
  4. Love the mad wee bastard 💙
  5. Even if tav were to step down from taking them, it doesn’t guarantee all the penalties go in, even defoe would miss some. And for the most part tav has put them away great, no reason for him to step down from them
  6. Hope he plays and concedes a couple penalties just to piss them off
  7. Yup then the cunt went on to equalise in the final minute 😳
  8. Listened to scoreboard lastnight, 2nd call in and the tim was saying that christie was protecting himself 😂 Alex Rae and even Hugh got torn into him. Also another one was saying that 9 times out of 10 celtic win that fixture, and gordon pipes up with, “but in the last 4 fixtures celtic have failed to beat Livi?” 😂 Timmy didnt know what to say back to that
  9. Think its more so the artificial pitch and how unnatural the ball bounces on it cause the whole teams looks different when playing on artificial pitches
  10. I’m gonna go on the gear with Tavernier! To the tune of spirit in the sky for the skipper. Discuss.
  11. Likely just squad rotation, no a bad thing to have competitive spots in the squad.
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