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  1. Listened to scoreboard lastnight, 2nd call in and the tim was saying that christie was protecting himself 😂 Alex Rae and even Hugh got torn into him. Also another one was saying that 9 times out of 10 celtic win that fixture, and gordon pipes up with, “but in the last 4 fixtures celtic have failed to beat Livi?” 😂 Timmy didnt know what to say back to that
  2. Think its more so the artificial pitch and how unnatural the ball bounces on it cause the whole teams looks different when playing on artificial pitches
  3. I’m gonna go on the gear with Tavernier! To the tune of spirit in the sky for the skipper. Discuss.
  4. Likely just squad rotation, no a bad thing to have competitive spots in the squad.
  5. Second to most balls, and most players happy to try and wait for something to happen rather than grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck and taking it too the taigs. The old firm at ibrox in December last year is exactly what we had to do, get right up into their face and pressure them from the get go. if arfield was in a drop ball against brown this game he’d shite out it.
  6. Absolutely no fight in them at all, could tell from the kick off We’d lose this
  7. Not even so much celtic bein good its just us being pish, we’re making it harder for ourselfs aribo off jones on defoe off morelos on
  8. That new striker bayo has had his first two goals chopped off as own goals by hearts players 😂
  9. Must be that boys first day in the job fucking hell thats bad. (Morelos needing Psychological help)
  10. It’d kill the competition of the position, it makes the other work harder. morelos on bench he’ll be choking to get on and make a impression to start the next game, and vice versa. And whichever striker is in is pushed to put a shift in because it they don’t and they get subbed off without a goal and the other comes on and gets one they know they’ll be on the bench the next game.
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