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  1. As @K.A.I was saying, he played left back for the last 10 or so minutes. Rest of the time he just slowed up play, lost the ball or just didn't help. Niko was surrounded by Hearts players, at least 3 outside their box. And Miller about 10 ft from it just watch it. It took wallace to come up from left back to actually give Niko any support.
  2. The issue is is that very average opposition is going to play every game against us like a cup final. Hibs last week, 2-3 against us. Hibs this week, 1-3 against Accies. Hearts is the same. and the players need to realise that.
  3. Pedro does have a good team and players at his disposal but the insistence of playing Miller when there's players like Pena and Herrera is a big problem. Sooner Pedro realises that the better. and it ultimately leads to this, Rangers 0-0 Hearts. 5 points behind St Johnstone and taigs. I mean, what position does Miller actually play right now?
  4. I do agree with you @K.A.I don't get me wrong, but getting rid of Pedro will just throw us into further turmoil. If we were going to get rid of him, it should've been before he got his system, team, signings etc. If we got a new manager now, he's got an uphill battle.
  5. Wish they'd release the keeper kit
  6. Waggy still loves the Rangers
  7. Hyndman was good but he faded after a few games. Oduwa had good moments as well and would give him pass marks,shame he got battered most weeks
  8. Was at a charity match or two for my first ones, first proper game was actually away to motherwell in march 2012, with McCulloch scoring in the 89th minute
  9. Every taig would be crying out "match fixing!" till blue in the face
  10. 1-0 Rangers, Jamie Walker gives us penalty in the 93rd minute.
  11. Ya know I think you might be onto something
  12. Yeah fuck being confident. Let's just be mopey bastards 24/7.
  13. Every game is must win regardless of stage.
  14. On Saturday, did MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This play after Morelos and Tavs goal?
  15. I honestly don't think there is a compotent referee in Scottish football. I had a watch at sportscene and 4/6 games had a dodgy ref call in it. Thistle v taigs - penalty not given. Us v hivs - whole load of bullshit St johnstone v mwell - penalty given when it shouldn't have been Killie v hearts - player sent off despite being fouled And that's just this weekend not taken into account previous times when referees have had a shocker. There is just no consistency in any Scottish football Ref. Even the commonly biased hosts of sportscene were against every decision. It should've been a penalty. It should've been a sending off etc. Referees need educating or video assistance. Because they are simply not fit to do their job. And i get it's high pressure and a hard job, however it happens again and again and what ends up happening is teams and fans are left frustrated at match officals who ruin the game and never have to explain or answer for their actions or lack of action. EDIT: as a slight add on, I read inside sport today and it was even stated in that that of the 6 red cards given over the weekend, only 1 was permitted, this 1 being the handball in the st johnstone and motherwell game. All others could've been yellows or handled better. In the case of Jack and Stokes, it was said that regardless of what jack got be it a warning, yellow or red. Stokes should've seen the exact same given his involvement in it.
  16. Was the same when Tav scored. Yeah Free'd from desire for waggy, Give it up for Haliday and am sure there was abother. Although they would play one step beyond before it. This time they played it for both Alfredo and Tav
  17. Only the one's we're proud to have had in the past eg Mols.
  18. Took Jack too long to clap!!! DISHARMONY!
  19. Glad they've went and got good success. They tried for us and for whatever reason it just didn't work out. The fans can be hard on players albiet for good reason, you come to Rangers you will have a level of expectation to live up to. Even Bruno Alves, a international Portugal player, was getting flak. All the best to the lads.
  20. Obviously talking about the titles
  21. We have a player that plays in the Portugal national side yet people are still doom sayers Like what? Fucked out of Europe? That hasn't happened to us before. 5-1 against celtic? That hasn't happened before, fuck Mark Warburton seen that happen the same season yet it's worse when Pedro does it with a team that's shit and that he had to inherit ?
  22. Surely is, just checked back on RTV
  23. So fuck Pedro for not cleaning up after Warburton? Warburton who got a draw against Accies on flag Warburton who drew with Kilmarnock Warburton who got the first 5-1 result against the taigs Warburton who got 3 draws against County Warburton who got pumped 4-1 off of Hearts led by Cathro Warburton who got 12 victories in the SPFL, 6 draws and 4 losses Warburton seen us lose 24 points (With another 8 dropped by Murty meaning 32 all togather, but Pedro who came in in March had to make up those points within 10 games? Pedros shortcomings pale in comparison to Warburtons.
  24. Not every tackle, but do you really think Beaton was being fair towards us? Who do you think got more leeway in the game? Hibs or us? It was 15/14 foul wise and we ended up getting 7 bookings meanwhile hibs got 2
  25. Beaton and Thomsons been fucked down to the championship