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  1. When Halliday comes back

    How do you think it'll pan out? The boy got a lot of flack and most of it quite rightfully. However I believe he was thrusted into a position he didn't really know and wasn't offered a lot of cover. So with a better formation in place, better players and decent manager. Do you think Halliday would get on better? And do you think it'd be a better idea to push him forward to a position he might be more comfortable in?
  2. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    People keep asking avout Ryan Jack being suspended, so to clear up confusion it's as follows, Jack has served his two match ban due to getting red carded against Aberdeen. He has an additional match ban to serve due to accumulated bookings points, which he will serve vs Kilmarnock. Following that game, he's free to play until he's inevitably red carded again due to bullshit circumstances.
  3. Jason

    I hear he's always believing
  4. Hats Off To The Media Team.

    Wee Holt picking up McCrorie
  5. Mark Allen

    Someone revoke his posting privileges for the love of god.
  6. Title winning form?

    We're 5 points (8 at most) behind celtic, it's not the biggest gap that's ever existed between us. We played shite but we ground out a win and it's that mentality and ability to win ugly that a team needs to have in order to win the league. celtic have scrapped by with some results, Motherwell and Hibs have both looked to beat them this season and other games it's just a dirty 1-0 grind. We go on a good string of games and they keep dropping points and it won't be that far-fetched an idea winning the league this season. The league is far from over and it's disgraceful so many have thrown in the towel when we're effectively only half way through the season.
  7. Junkies vs Rangers

    That's how Walter got by at times, and to win the league it's how you got to play the game. 3 points is what matters at the end of the day. Ya moody cunt
  8. Since the tarriers won at ibrox

    It could potentially happen, that's us just reaching half way in the league matches. Celtics been dropping points like crazy. They've got more draws than we have am sure. People mention the Dundee and Accies results, but there was Kilmarnock and thistle we drew with as well. Wins against them would've been an extra 4 points, win against hearts at home makes it 6. If the team keeps bunkering in and taking points then there is a slight chance it could just happen. celtic are due to lose any day now as well (touch wood) preferably to us but i won't complain.
  9. Since the tarriers won at ibrox

    Not just those results, the hearts at home draw, the Kilmarnock draw, partick thistle draw Half of our losses have came in the past 4 weeks. Even those 3 draws i mentioned, turn those into wins abd theres 6 points right there.
  10. Carlos Pena in "He has pace" shocker!!

    There was a game where the commentary pointed out that Pena was shouting at Miller to get back into position. I'd wager it annoys a few others, like Windass and Morelos when their looking for support in the box.
  11. Club Statement

  12. Good attempt windass
  13. Ross county starting stalling pish
  14. Honestly kenny miller needs to get so far to fuck
  15. Derek McInnes

    Apparently, we couldn't afford compensation or wages
  16. Derek McInnes

  17. Derek McInnes

    Fiver I go to the toilet and some cunt beats me to posting it in bears den
  18. Derek McInnes

    this kinda shit happens all the time, a lot of nitty gritty involved that fans don't really get to see.
  19. Derek McInnes

    Waffles is a dessert to be fair
  20. Derek McInnes

    Maybe you need to get that stick out your arse and cheer up a bit
  21. Derek McInnes

  22. Derek McInnes

  23. Derek McInnes

  24. Derek McInnes

  25. Derek McInnes