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  1. Fuck off with your meme misuse.
  2. Cause it's a bunch of hammer throwing cunts up here
  3. Hate being a negative cunt but the squad needs heavy work. We do have the ability to beat most if not all teams (bar the taigs) in the spfl but the players just don't have that mentality. If they REALLY applied themselves we would've won vs County, Killie and so on.
  4. Nope, he's getting to play. It even says that in the article on the daily rhag. Corrupt as fuck.
  5. Was in college at the time then 2 years ago i did bartending so i could still get to the games, as a kitchen worker i start at 5 or 6 so 3 o'clock games I've got no chance with
  6. Before that i would only watch it occasionally like old firms or cup finals(like proper part time supporter) After Rangers went down to the lower divisions that's when i started going to games, watching livestreams and that too. And of course the old firms didn't come back till 2 years ago in the league cup, then last year in the Scottish cup.
  7. I only really started following rangers when they got demoted to lower leagues I would get a season ticket but i work most Saturdays
  8. Sisters working on Saturday so she's giving me her season ticket! First old firm for me and I'll be there copland front with my da! Always wanted my first old firm to be at Ibrox hence why I've no been to one before. Infact it's my first time going to a game in ages
  9. He just did one like 2 weeks ago Fucks he doing it again for?
  10. Source the daily rhag
  11. They won it on the 2nd of April and are due to be presented with it on the 21st of March.
  12. It's from Mr Deeds mate
  13. he did fuck up the starting 11 but the one that did start didn't help things. He has passion and want but it's clearly not replicated by the players. The players are letting the fans down more than pedro imo
  14. Nice new pic Kai
  15. It'd be a right kick in the teeth following the season and past few years we've had.
  16. Has it ever happend before?
  17. No idea tbh mate
  18. Presume this is for next season ?