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  1. Rangers FC vs Motherwell FC Scottish League Cup Semi-Final Venue: Hampden Park Date: Sunday the 22nd of October Kickoff: 14:30(2:30pm) Available on BT Sport Recent Forms (Most Recent First) Rangers: WWLWD Motherwell: WWLWD The League Cup So Far: Group Stage winners Round Two Quarter Final: Semi-Final: Team News: Wallace is out with a injury still Rossiter to be a possibility Jack returns from suspension Top Scorers: A. Morelos (8) G. Dorrans (5) C. Pena (4) D. Candeias (3) J. Tavernier (2) D. John (2) K. Miller (2) E. Herrera (2) J. Windass (1) B. Alves (1) Next 5 Matches: (H) Kilmarnock (Premiership) 25th Oct (A) Hearts (Premiership)28th Oct (H) Partick Thistle (Premiership) 4th November (H) Hamilton Accies (Premiership) 18th November (A) Dundee (Premiership) 24th November Other Fixtures This Weekend:
  2. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    It's not blatant racial stereotyping if it's true
  3. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Pena likes a score
  4. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Motherwell, 2-1 (Edu, Naismith)
  5. Pena

    I'd say the perfect partner for morelos would be Moult. Both really aggressive characters who can hold the ball up and give the defence a reason to mark them. Both have the desire to run down the ball and put on good pressure. If they don't get goals themselves then the midfielders or wingers who come into the box will have an easier tine with it.
  6. St Johnstone FC vs Rangers FC Scottish Premiership Match Venue: McDiarmid Park Date: Friday the 13th of October Kickoff: 1945 (7:45pm) Available on BT Sport Recent Forms (Most Recent First) Rangers: WLWDW St Johnstone: LWLDD League Standings: Taigs: 20pts Aberdeen : 20pts Rangers : 14pts St Johnstone: 14pts Motherwell : 13pts Hibernian : 13pts Hearts : 9pts Dundee : 8pts Hamilton Accies: 7pts Ross County : 7pts Partick Thistle : 3pts Kilmarnock : 3pts Team News: Wallace is still out Rossiter is also out Jack is unavailable due to being red carded in the Accies game. Alves, John, Wilson and Kranjcar have all returned from injury Miller has also been brought back into the first team squad Top Scorers: A. Morelos (8) G. Dorrans (4) S. Candeias (3) E. Herrera (2) D. John (2) C. Pena (2) J. Tavernier (2) K. Miller (1) B. Alves (1) J. Windass (1) Next 5 Matches: (NS) Motherwell (League Cup Semi Final) 22nd Oct (H) Kilmarnock (Premiership) 25th Oct (A) Hearts (Premiership)28th Oct (H) Partick Thistle (Premiership) 4th November (H) Hamilton Accies (Premiership) 18th November Other Fixtures This Weekend:
  7. Liverpool v Man Utd

    Tourist league, nothing more nothing less.
  8. McInnes- is it now or never?

    McInnes is a decent manager, I will say that much. And his work at Aberdeen had been good as well. He can spot talent and he knows how to set up even if he is a bit of a tinkerer. However, he has his short comings. He failed to win the league against an abysmal celtic side, bottled it a few times. His side isn't that good at tines, 3 out of 4 times we playes last season we were the better team. But more importantly, would he even be able to handle the pressure the job brings? Being the Rangers manager and the sheepshaggers manager is two very different things. They'll be a different level of scrutiny for him to endure, both by us the fans and by the media. As the Aberdeen manager whenever he will play against us, he'll always get the benefit of the doubt in a way. Or his loss won't be reported as being that big/bad and a win would be the best thing since sliced bread. If he's a Rangers manager that all changes, a loss is apocalypse style stuff and a win is "just expected". Playing celtic has a whole new meaning as well, would he be able to step up to that? What at Rangers could he improve to go toe to toe with celtic in a old firm at the paedodome. Credit where credit is due, he did pit celtic on the backfoot in the Scottish cip final last year, however that was never capitalised on and they failed to win. Also i firmly believe there is better managers than McInnes. For example Pedro is a better manager.
  9. Butcher

    Honestly Chris Suttons defends and prauses us more than Butcher. Fuck knows what his problem is. The shit he was saying at dorrans yellow, it is completely baffling hiw he got booked. It's like getting booked for getting your throat grabbed.... Oh wait That dumb bullshit where a ref books both players regardless of involvement is stupid. If a player is being aggressive first book him, of course the other player will stick up for himself.
  10. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Heartbroken now that I know @cushynumber, Doesn't read the op. Poor show
  11. Josh Windass press conference

    Puure ragin like
  12. Josh Windass press conference

    Josh "omelette isn't egg" Windass
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    i've seen someone show up to the brew with a celtic top on
  14. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/club-statement-79/
  15. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    Just been made this very second
  16. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Good opportunity to make a gap between us and St Johnstone. Start working on bridging the gap between us and the sheepshaggers and the taigs. Losing this however, will see us go onto 4th place and possibly fall even further down in the table should Hibernian and Motherwell win their games. Such an event will see us down in 6th place Also, fuck the international weekend. Back to real football!
  17. Wales v ROI

    It's awrite now, they want to sing the sash with josh windass now 👌
  18. Wales v ROI

    Oh look inconsistent referring. Imagine that.
  19. Wales v ROI

    They singing four lads had a dream?
  20. Reason #16 why I don't like the national side > Not sure if Scotland National Squad or celtic playing a game.
  21. Slovenia v Scotland

    People actually taking him seriously over it as well, mhedia being nice to their pal as per usual. Rodgers would likely get away with saying that as well. Could you imagine what would be said of Pedro came out and said that shit?