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  1. Sounds like our kinda player
  2. Ref just trying to make a name for himself "I'm the guy who got THE messi banned for four games, line up interviews and get some limelight!"
  3. Loved Helicopter Sundays would dread one now with the way Scottish Football is towards us.
  4. Am no as on point these days sorry Rossiter is 5-6 days now though
  5. Toss up between Hill and Foderingham for poty Hyndman because he's the only young player to make a impact
  6. You on commission for saying honest
  7. https://rangers.co.uk/tv/access-denied.php?c=News&it=15682&act=view Full interview there for RTV subscribers.
  8. Barton walked into Scottish football with the opinion most outter Scot football people have and that it's a shit league. Which to be fair it is. But it isn't easy though. Barton wasn't prepared at all and thought he could breeze it which he couldn't but I personally believe he did try to better himself but after the taig game he seen there was issues both with the management which we now know more about. Barton was an ass but so was Warburton and it's clear he didn't like conflict or not getting his own way. Barton tried to rock the boat and payed the price for it. But in trying to do so he showed he had the clubs or at least the team's interest in mind. He at least wanted a winning mentality or some aggression.
  9. Funnily enough it was the daily rhag that misquoted him Am sure they did something similar with Waggy
  10. Not over reacting in the slightest, the only mention of Barton is in the comments and the only mention of Rangers is and again some commenters at the bottom. The papers have done this before with us, I remember they misquoted Kiernan saying we could score 26 goals in 1 game. Also they were misquoting Pedro not too long ago when he said we were the best squad in scotland. The papers know they are losing out because they print utter dross. Rather than keeping good journalistic integrity and giving the people the news, they resort to shady titles or eye catches to get copies sold.
  11. I'd keep Waghorn, bit of a difference in him ever since Warburton left and irc there was rumours of him being unhappy under Warburton. But then who can blame him being forced out into the wings rather than an out and out striker which he was likely more used too. The very least he'd be a good asset to have for squad rotation come lower league opposition games in cups. Also it'd be fair to see what he can offer under Caixinha, who likely has his own ideas of how players should operate. But from Saturday, I was pretty impressed with what I saw from Waghorn but it needs to be continued and improved upon. He can't keep misses chances like he got vs the taigs because that's the difference between a old firm striker and shit striker. Do you think Moussa TomDaly would've missed those shots? or heck even the thumb.
  12. Sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and Bobs family. God bless and rest easy.
  13. I made this same thread last week lol
  14. Would love to see him tackle imrie again just for the cunt to say "I'm a marked man"
  15. Two goals from tav so we get more dosh from nott forest aye?
  16. I'm just saying, since pedro came to power @port_bearhas been pretty quiet especially around match threads
  17. I'd take Cummings, guys a good finisher and looking at waghorn last weekend. Two clearest chances feel to us and he fluffed them, 2 goals that could've gave us a lead or secured our league. Cummings at the very least as shown a good finishing capability and we should prioritise professionalism over pride should he be available. Silly boy yet but pedro would kick his cunt in and get him straight.
  18. Can confirm, still waiting on them getting better though but through training well and good thread geography, I will have a champion thread.
  19. I know I've never heard likes of Michael mols or jorg albertz hyping us up. Or even neil mccan who is a pundit, he still looks at us with a fair and balanced view
  20. Also its pretty awesome we were the 2nd team to take points of them (and the first at home to do so) as well as end their winning streak. Still unbeaten mind you but that's going to change soon.
  21. Back up gif should the video go down
  22. So wilson must be worth 41millon now surely
  23. Doubt it'll happen especially thing like signing John McGinn and Fraser Fyvie, but it's fun to watch
  24. .

    I now know where I've been going wrong with my threads.
  25. I'm not white enough to afford more than one