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  1. I'm at my work actually, unlike junior whose living in his maws basement
  2. @Frank Harrisonthe no life wank Terrible behaviour from junior, playing on people's hopes like that. Cunts likely jinxed it now
  3. What an embarrassment . @Lloyd72. Can you believe this attention seeking cunt
  4. Soon pal
  5. Some info coming soon...
  6. Follow Follow, we will follow Rangers
  7. Likely announced on Sky Sports News, decent chance we'll play on Sunday since the taigs will have their flag day at torbett towers. It'll be their last flag day for a while 👏
  8. Stop it creampuff, you'll trigger @PRW
  9. He's got a high standard to live upto then
  10. Leave the song writing to KAI
  11. Same just home from work @Bronzy.
  12. No this time.
  13. St Johnstone Free Kick and the Mexican players are kicking fuck out of Foderingham because he asked for a wall.
  14. Pena has been red carded for being too exuberant towards Foster.
  15. Either sell tav for a decent chunk around 1.5m or keep him. Kiernan, can we pay Preston to take him?
  16. It's on Rangers official website ya daft bastard and you can google "BMI Calculator" and get a person's bmi in a second It's called google old timer
  17. Coming from the cunt who brought it up in the first place? if anyone is a poofter around here it's you ya twat
  18. No just google old yin and bring it up with sasapapacwarflashback
  19. That's not what we're debating here.
  20. Forrester and Miller = 11 stone Tav and Waghorn = 12 Stone Using a BMI calc, Harry is actually a healthy weight for his height/age. Regardless, it's a footballer who could run rings round the majority of us on here
  21. 71kg is overweight for a footballer? Than Tav is morbidly obese at 81kg Fuck Kenny Miller is 71kg as well