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  1. Gazza1212


    Given the modest amount we've actually spent , I find it hard to believe Gerrard would have committed to come here unless there was significantly more available to him. Wishing we could buy say Kane or Aguero would be pointless obviously but there has to be guys out there who can stick the ball in the net at this level, available at a level more suited to our budget. Let's not forget the desperate need for quality players here is simply down to the false economy of buying sub standard in the first instance.
  2. Gazza1212


    Still be feeding two misfiring striker's though.
  3. Gazza1212

    Allan McGregor

    Plain as the nose on your face he's a big upgrade from Foderingham.
  4. Gazza1212


    OK scratch that. Just seen the managers reaction in an other thread and sure enough he too acknowledged the "serious lack of quality" in the final third. Still sorely underwhelmed by what I've seen so far but he appears at least to share the same concerns. Enough in fact to make it public which is encouraging and would suggest his priorities may change.
  5. Gazza1212


    Correct, and that's a huge concern at this stage tbh. He's still got time regards bringing in much better but im having very serious doubts now Gerrard has grasped the fact this support has had an absolute gut full of mediocrity.
  6. Gazza1212


    It's what this team needs, its what we were promised and yet it's still nowhere to be seen. Early doors of course but watching that Rangers team even this early it's so fucking obvious how bereft we are of genuine quality players. More than enough chances created by Tav alone over those two games to have blown the opposition out the water. We are screaming out for a finisher and also somebody who can supply the amo.
  7. Gazza1212

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    No point in saying different, that was fucking atrocious from start to finish Rangers.
  8. Gazza1212

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    We are shocking but what the fuck is that ref all about these cunts should be up for assault
  9. Gazza1212

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Alarm bells ringing already as feared now this is fucking pathetic.
  10. Gazza1212

    Gerrard giving youth opportunities.

    Look at the names ahead of him in that Chelsea midfield. The best he can look forward to is being farmed out like the countless other "promising youngsters" who've went before him.
  11. Gazza1212

    Gerrard giving youth opportunities.

    Yeah but if he'd stayed put he'd almost certainly be getting first team football this season under Gerrard. That's not going to happen for him where he is now for a long time yet I suspect.
  12. Gazza1212

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    On the money. Far too many wee fanny's overlook what he contributed to the club.
  13. Gazza1212

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    He's come nowhere near the standard required for us, that's just fact. I genuinely believe though if there is a player in there Gerrard is the man to get him firing as he should.
  14. Gazza1212

    Welcome to Rangers Umar Sadiq

    You'll be asking me your name next.
  15. Gazza1212

    Welcome to Rangers Umar Sadiq

    And again keep going