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  1. That's why I said "doing their utmost" You might care and simply can't make it in which case that's obviously fine..... Hope that clears that up for you.
  2. At last somebody is treating this ridiculous situation seriously enough to do something about it. Anybody who gives a fk about Rangers should be doing their utmost to support this move in person.
  3. I tell you in all honesty that would not surprise me one bit.
  4. Must be the only Rangers striker I can remember who actually plays better without a partner. He just seems to thrive on the responsibility.
  5. If we won the title this season it matters not two fks what the squad looks like next season though does it? It would be mission accomplished ahead of schedule So where's the problem that troubles you so much?.... Aye thought so.
  6. There is no doubt he got the starting selection all wrong but once again this team showed a real weakness in mentality last night. We were on top ffs, winning the battles, forcing the play despite the selection and still we capitulated after that big lump of wood's fk up. From what I seen Gerrard looked as though he had them really fired up for that last night. From the off we looked the same menacing side that flattened the taigs and then boom, one stupid mistake and it all goes tits up. We went back to looking nervous in possession and indecisive with the ball. So what is it that keeps happening? It's like there's a collective switch in minds of the entire team where the self doubt takes over following a set back. I'm thinking back to games like Livingston, Motherwell, Moscow, games we could and should have won but ultimately didn't. Of course Gerrard deserves his share of the blame for last night but the players really should be standing up and taking responsibility when they cross that white line. Where were the leaders to take control last night? Where were they when the team needed driving on? All the effort put in at Ibrox on the 29th, all the hard work in Tenerife..... Gone in 90 frustrating minutes. Hugely disappointing allowing the taigs to open up a gap so soon after the restart as it now throws ALL THE PRESSURE back onto us again. It chokes me to admit it after the wave of optimism following the old firm result but second half last night when it really mattered we looked anything but championship material.
  7. A sad reflection on the state of our bastardised wee country. Two non Irish names almost certainly belonging to a protestant background not so long ago who now favour the pedophile factory in the east end.
  8. Crucially important our management has already identified this. There's already been numerous examples this season when a finisher would have made the difference between one point and three. The most prized commodity in the game but if we want this title then we surely must find ourselves a goalscorer in this window.
  9. Had a great game yesterday and should be proud of himself. Has to be said though, only when he learns how to take better care of the ball will Ross make that position his own.
  10. Stating publicly he gave the names of three now convicted perpetrators all working for septic (AT THE SAME TIME) to the police in the 90'S.
  11. It's gone, there's fk all we can do about it now so there's no point in dwelling on what might have been. We could debate all night on if's why's and maybe's and it won't matter a fk in the morning. Absolutely crucial to get those heads lifted pronto and not let our season descend into free fall. Its been a horrible run of results for us but Gerrard has to prove his worth now and somehow stop the rot setting in.
  12. There's clearly a mentality issue. You don't avoid defeat to Villareal over 180 minutes of football then lose to fkn Aberdeen unless there is. .
  13. Its enviable whoever conducts a serious investigation will run into brick walls and silence. The people you mentioned had exactly the same problems on the other side of the pond which is hardly surprising but perseverance brought results. That's what's required here too but it won't come from any journalists associated with the media outlets in this country. They are far too close to the source of scandal itself. Dispicable but true none the less. I've been saying this for god knows how long, for the truth of this to ever see the light of day will take an outsider like the aforementioned Sarah Ganim to get involved.
  14. Fucking outstanding again he really is approaching Goram levels for me now. Keep your best for the taigs Greegs and your legacy is secured!
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