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  1. Can't believe it was 10 years ago what a crazy season got lot good memories from that euro run but won't ever forget SFA and how they treated us in run up to the final. Playing Motherwell on the Saturday after Manchester was a disappointment in a half and then that trip to Aberdeen on the Thursday night.
  2. Bump looking for 1 anybody?
  3. Unsure maybe about 4000? Possibly more
  4. Bump for 1 ticket
  5. Don't know why told you that but that's 100% not true
  6. Bump
  7. Looking for 1 for Motherwell anybody help please DM me or leave comment. Cheers
  8. Think i will stay in wash my hair that night..
  9. Just can't seem to take to the guy at all
  10. This going to be a thread now every time ex player starts scoring goals.
  11. Monday off work and heading down with bishopbriggs RSC 🔴⚪️🔵
  12. We take more to a meaningless friendly so fuck them all.
  13. I've had 3 payments taken now. Was 10 month last season but just went the 4 month this year
  14. He's had a run in with Wallace and miller also tho sorted now things have not started well for him and lot players do struggle with him and his views. I can't see him being here more than a year if am honest
  15. After our worst result in probably forever should the club captain not come out and speak? Not some 20 year old lad who has hardly kicked a ball for us ( tho he spoke well ) the standards of our great club keep slipping away more and more each time we play. Cunts like windass and that clown Kelly and his snapchat story it angers me. Players more interested in social media and how many likes they get on Instagram! A club captain should have had them by the balls and took face of them but you can bet they all got a pat on the back. If i hear Wallace stayed for the fight one more time i will scream. He's not a leader or a good player like the rest of them!