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  1. Our bus should have one spare as am not going when they are on the bus they can ask jim who will be collecting bus money he should be able to help.
  2. I've renewed also and always happy that i do but as people are saying people are getting fed up with this board. Most people work hard to pay there season ticket they should be getting more for there money
  3. There will be a mad rush today and Monday but would be surprised if over 32k renewd. Even the PR for it is piss poor
  4. Glue you on good op?
  5. Have a mate who works for them and has done for over 20 years
  6. 100% true
  7. Daily records legal team paid the girl off
  8. Think we will be going out anyways hate to say can't see us wining 4 rounds.
  9. Guy next door to me is a bear but he only puts the pages together for paper but he has told me few story's about some of them and there views on rangers. Maybe is JT? Don't trust the guy at all
  10. They should mate what reason could they have to say no? The window is open and deal would be done i think window is open so clubs that will be playing in early rounds can buy players
  11. 9th June window opens and would suspect deals will be in place early on with euro games at end of month.
  12. Thing is i think most people who work in media including Jackson don't get on way JT at all. Guy next door to me works at record and says JT is unwelcome in building
  13. His sister goes out with Halliday always seems to be knowing stuff and people i know that know him say he's telling him stuff
  14. He's just a wee ned and if don't go to games you are not a real rangers fan my mate Liam had a run way him who's in the lodge and never misses a game yet according to that wank with a name like Liam he's not a real prod or rangers fan. Trust me the guy is a wank and it's clear Halliday is telling him stuff
  15. He's a grade A wank the guy and full of shite