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  1. Pearson83

    Spiers and Muirhead

    Andy fathead will get his day am absolutely certain about this.
  2. Pearson83

    Players that never really took to the fans?

    Ian Black a complete cunt of a person!
  3. Pearson83

    St Johnstone emails

    Nothing for me only had 1 all season ( Motherwell) so no doubt get killie or Livingston
  4. Pearson83

    Lee Wallace

    There’s more to him not playing other than manager just not ratting him. Think his issues for board have stop him getting in team but from what I’ve read he’s been absolutely honking in reserves and does not even get captain role there. He’s done at Rangers definitely
  5. Pearson83

    Farewell Josh Windass

    I absolutely hated him and still do. Banging in goals in half empty grounds is his level and always will be
  6. Pearson83


    He’s already had the surgery and started rehab not sure time wise long he be out?
  7. Pearson83

    Gaffer wants another two in before next week

    Seem like he’s looking to play 3 at back if he can get another CB in. He talks well and makes his point clear and hope the board back him ( as they have done ) and he gets these 2 signings in this week sharp.
  8. Pearson83

    Rangers Tv

    Can i do all this on iPhone as will be at my work.
  9. Pearson83

    Rangers Tv

    Nice one mate thanks
  10. Pearson83

    Rangers Tv

    Working late tomorrow night and have Rangers tv subscribed each month but want to watch game on my phone. How do i change it to so that it works in uk and that i can watch it. Cheers
  11. Pearson83

    Rangers vs Shkupi - Sold out!

    Let’s fucking go bring them on. Really looking forward to this ?⚪️?
  12. Pearson83

    players to spain

    Halliday makes the plane then!
  13. Pearson83

    Edmiston House - NARSA

    The Marshalls be all over this
  14. Pearson83

    Season Tickets

    I’ve renewed and always will no matter what as I’ve says in this thread early on. But agree with last few posts about that TO they are a complete shambles and beyond unhelpful can’t understand why club have not looked at improving that department.
  15. Pearson83

    Pre Season

    I just want English team down there way