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  1. Flanagan is totally different. Downing played at the highest level for years, Flanagan has never had any type of consistency.
  2. I get what you’re saying but the championship is physical and he copes well down there
  3. It’s fucking unreal. They got away with murder all game and then that. I’m not big on conspiracy theories but the difference in refereeing is there for all to see
  4. Id get candeias off and Defoe on for the second half. He’s what we need near the box
  5. He’s been a fucking joke tonight more interested in hitting the deck and trying to get players punished, the lads been pathetic
  6. What an utter fucking embarrassment we’ve become
  7. It’s his missus you need to speak to mate
  8. Bluekev


    I honestly don’t want us to be one of those teams who chop and change the manager all of the time. We need stability on and off the pitch. I’m not saying Gerrard is of the same calibre as Sir Alex but man united fans were calling for his head before they started their amazing run. Give him another 2 transfer windows and see how it works out. We can’t afford financially to keep chopping and changing because then a new manager would just come in with no funds available
  9. When the team was announced everyone agreed it was our strongest team. Tonight we were let down by poor crossing, poor defending and poor finishing. Once the players are on the pitch these things are out of Gerard’s control. I’d give him at least one more transfer window because realistically it would probably cost a whole transfer window budget to pay off him and his team so a new manager would be left with the same shite
  10. Where’s @K.A.Ithe spoon burner slayer when you need him
  11. At least we can agree on something in the Bears Den 👍🏻
  12. They will indeed it will be Rangers Captain pushes innocent fan
  13. I would have started McCrorie over Jack as Jack hasn’t had a good week injury wise
  14. I’m expecting us to go out and hammer them tonight. The performance against the sheep was disappointing so hopefully they’ll all be trying to prove themselves tonight
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