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  1. He can't be a very good agent otherwise he would be boosting the price to get a bigger cut.
  2. Is this the club which housed and hushed up a huge paedophile ring you disgusting child molesting smelly fucks.
  3. The agent has fuck all say on what we value him at and he should be told in no uncertain terms that Morelos is contracted to Rangers and IF we decide to sell him then the time and the price is decided by us and not him. The club need to tell him to shut the fuck up or we will no longer deal with him.
  4. They don't need a pitch in the middle they need an octagon. Its not been the best to watch but at least we're trying to play and so far our players are doing well to keep their heads. The half time message should be go out and humiliate these rotten fuckers.
  5. It's been reported in Spain that Arsenal have approached Louis Enrique about the job.
  6. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/glasgow-subway-both-circles-closed-17219562?fbclid=IwAR3UfSqXBjHTE1ODGhurn2xuLIc0u6DTd961BvlHVJ3rv0g6mBeN6GmiiQE
  7. Happy with that team. Hopefully Jack will have his attacking boots on again.
  8. Nervous as fuck about today as Hampden hasn't been the best place for us lately. Hopefully we make a good fast start and control the game.
  9. Not our best starting line up but far from our weakest. Apart from Fod the rest of the team are regular starters. I agree that Aribo and Ojo need to step up their game but that team should be able to win comfortably.
  10. The winter break is a fucking waste of time. Games always get called off straight afterwards. It should be done away with and if games get called off then so be it.
  11. Defoe has definitely taken Morelos under his wing and definitely helped him improve is game and his mentality. It's great to have two in form strikers.
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