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  1. When Jacko met Blue Sheep
  2. They're on freecycle
  3. Ive been saying that all season.
  4. I think OP will find that Messi thinks he's Kenny Miller
  5. But until we've seen it we don't know. All I'm saying is this is the ideal time to try it
  6. I think its the ideal time to give the young lads a taste of the first team. Wilson and Bates could be the starting CB pairing next season so we might as well test them in a game where pride and only pride is at stake and nothing else.
  7. More women at football. What could possibly go wrong.
  8. Truly tragic news. Thoughts are with his friends and family and also the bears which tried to save his life.
  9. I really despise the way everyone is comparing Pedro to Brenda. Pedro inherited a team which was/is inferior to the one Brenda inherited as much as it pains me to say. The players we currently have are not capable of competing for the league title and were suited to the Championship. IMO this season is a write off, we could have had Conte at the helm after MW left and we'd still be in the same position. He needs a decent budget to enable him to pick his own players and then we can judge him. You can have the most experienced tactical genius in charge but you also need players that are capable of implementing those tactics for it to work. I'm dubious of Pedro but he can only be fairly judged once he has got some players of his own in. The phrase "you can't polish a turd" comes to mind when thinking of our current squad.
  10. Didn't have a choice cos Houston probably grassed him up
  11. They never rescued him at all. They still let him make his way home where he is now locked in the cellar and gets a "special" visit from uncle declan every day.
  12. The fuckers accused us of blocking the roads at the dump last season and now they're doing it. They'll be singing Tiffany next year