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  1. I think something has happened behind the scenes regarding Katic because a few weeks ago Gerrard couldn't speak highly enough about him and if it was just because a slight drop in form I'd still expect him to make the bench.
  2. On Thursday he was excellent. Always looking for and winning the ball and proved to be a right nuisance for their defence.
  3. I don't think he's really tinkered mate. Katic and Aribo haven't looked the best the last couple of games and our experienced attacking left sided players are injures.
  4. Rest easy big man. You fought your battle with dignity and pride and inspired so many. Thanks for the memories and I hope you are at peace and now pain free.
  5. I get what you're saying mate but there were plenty of those performances under Walter and we had top internationals in the squad then. It's not the prettiest to watch and there are still a few passengers in the team but an ugly win is still a win.
  6. Cheers mate. Another cracking report 👍
  7. If he's got a job at a PL club then fair enough. I don't think the timing is odd. The window has just closed and it will give his replacement and him time to sort things for the next window.
  8. I just don't think Clarke knows what to do with a half decent bunch of players because he's never had that before and his obvious hate for everything Rangers.
  9. He's in his first proper managerial job and still knows more than that mess Clarke. It's a shambles that the SFA rate that fat drunken mess enough to manage the national team.
  10. Yeah he has mate I've just noticed it.
  11. It doesn't look like he's singing and it was before he joined us. It's stuff that's put on the internet by taigs to try and wind us up and by the looks of it it's worked. If he did sing though he should be publicly flogged in the centre circle at half time of the next old firm.
  12. BBC News - Abuse survivors ready for legal action against celtic https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-49566682
  13. I do t pay any attention at all to this twat. If I wanted to listen to a cunt I'd just get the missus to fanny fart.
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