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  1. Douglas Park in interim control. What could possibly go wrong. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18341402.dave-king-steps-Rangers-chairman-interim-replacement-revealed/
  2. Me too mate but I can't imagine the average match day employee and other ground staff are on much above that anyway.
  3. The staff have been assured that they will get at least the national living wage which is a lot better than some.
  4. They should just sell all the toilet rolls in the ground.
  5. I think it should be down to UEFA to decide and that way all European leagues will be treated equally.
  6. You need another break with @The Godfather to cheer us up mate.
  7. I thought Morelos chased everything he could tonight. I actually felt sorry for him because he didn't stand a chance with the lack of support he received. Hopefully someone will come in for Kent in the summer and we can get some cash back for him.
  8. They all need to be on their toes. I think the defence should adopt the if in doubt kick it out style tonight.
  9. Don't worry mate, we've got goldson at the back.
  10. 3 of them have had to self quarantine apparently. I see this being the end of the EPL season.
  11. Tell them no and then answer the door in a full hazmat suit just to see their reaction.
  12. I get your point mate but at the minute is protect our youth and let the dead weights take any stick.
  13. As much as Goldson is shocking a Katic Edmundson partnership is completely untested. Patterson is still making the step up and I'm not sure an away day at Ross County is the ideal time to throw him in especially as everyone is on the teams back. It could be like throwing him to the wolves and destroying any confidence he has.
  14. Looking at the bench I don't think there's much else he can do.
  15. We should turn up with face masks on, no fucker will want to tackle us then.
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