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  1. Their fans are just the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve just seen this thick cunt advertising t shirts he designed on Facebook. They don’t even know what fucking year it is 😂😂
  2. Gutted at the way his Rangers career has ended. He did us proud coming back up the leagues. I wish him all the best for the future and won’t forget his loyalty
  3. We are offering nothing up front. Morelos is being targeted by killie players and the officials. Barisic should never be allowed to play for us again. I’d give Kent a free role in midfield and also bring Middleton on for Candeias and get Defoe on.
  4. We knew that we were going to field a weaker team but that starting XI are quite capable of battering them today
  5. He’s been important to us when he’s played but an “intelligent” footballer doesn’t commit blatant acts of stupidity which earn him so many red cards. I would like him to stay as he’s a genuine threat and goal scorer but if he’s sold then I wouldn’t lose any sleep
  6. Apparently the simunovic incident went in front of the refs panel and they couldn’t agree unanimously
  7. I don’t think it’s a bad statement and if Rangers don’t get answers then the board should go nuclear on the cunts. Brown has got away with so much it’s fucking laughable. They’re corrupt to the core and the evidence is there for all to see. The ref took action so that should be end of story.
  8. I totally agree mate. When he’s out or on the bench we seem to play better as a team passing wise because we’re not looking just to feed the ball to him. Arfield has been a different class since Defoe has been started and Davis looks like a different player too.
  9. I hope Lego muncher gets reported for head butting Flanagans arm
  10. Our first signing of the summer should be a fucking psychiatrist
  11. When the “some cunt nicked my phone” thread coming
  12. Chuffed to bits for the young lads. They played well and dig in at the end and showed passion and spirit. The future is looking good
  13. It’s probably one of their journalists
  14. Apparently so mate. They’ve brought his hearing forward at the request of the club. Like you I want him to play and get fucking slaughtered.
  15. I saw that too I’m wondering if he’s been shifted into the reserves to learn this role properly and play there in the first team.
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