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  1. RIP Ugo. I met him at the time he played for Middlesbrough and he was a true gent. Always came across who was a truly nice bloke who genuinely loved the game. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this terrible time.
  2. Is that a piss stain next to the can?
  3. I like him. I was fortunate enough to watch one of the training sessions this week at Auchenhowie and he seems extremely level headed but he also shows a lot of passion at training which apparently was something that Warburton lacked. The coaches he has working for him work their arses off with the players and he leaves it to them when needed but he watches them like hawks and often took players aside to correct them if needed. I was also present at his press conference and he was brilliant, I almost felt sorry for the guy from STV because Pedro had him squirming in his seat at one point. Like has been pointed out he will need the funds to take us back to the very top but I believe if he gets them he will do it. He looks like a Rangers manager should, talks like a Rangers manager should and there is no doubt that he's respected by the players like a Rangers manager should be.
  4. You have to put it on your head with the date wrote across your forehead
  5. They'll have hidden cameras in
  6. I think Garner might have picked up a bit of an injury during the week cos he never trained on Thursday so Pedro won't want to risk starting him.
  7. So the big story next week is when the Cumnock mafia cut your finger off to access your RM account on your phone.
  8. They def didn't train and there were no questions asked about them in the press conference so not sure when they will be back.
  9. They didn't train today but neither did Garner.
  10. I think he handles the press brilliantly. He clearly takes no shit and keeps his calm whilst putting the parasites in their place.
  11. Kris Boyd did that too and he has the pace of a snail on strike.
  12. Live feed from Cumnock