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  1. BREAKING NEWS Defender does his job
  2. Inside every celtc fan is a close relative
  3. I thought he put a decent shift in today although its clear his finishing is nowhere near what is expected of a striker at Rangers. I thought the midfield let him down today by not getting up with him quick enough.
  4. Like has already been said, it may have been given if they didn't spend the whole game going down quicker than @G.E.C. at one of his "parties". It was a tough decision for the ref and if he wasn't 100% sure then he can't give it. Big Clint has a wealth of experience and he knows how to get the better of little twats like the thumb.
  5. Theyve got fucking Maddie at the piggery. What she should look like now What she actually looks like now
  6. Josh probably gives his da his appearance money to help him out since he was declared bankrupt, Deanos raging cos he can't get his Saturday night chinky
  7. Very attacking team which is nice to see but I'm also worried to fuck that were gonna leave ourselves open to the counter and Halliday is the DM, hopefully he won't provide an assist for the opposition again.
  8. Rodgers just demonstrating how he pushed the trannies head down
  9. The draw that broke the camels back
  10. And what's really embarrassing is that a club with our stature and history is such a fucking mess at the moment.
  11. I maybe was a bit harsh but he seems to be involved in giving goals away week after week. He should be nowhere near the first team.
  12. The only way Halliday should get on the Ibrox turf is if he's dressed as broxy. The mans an oxygen thief.
  13. Well at least Murty has ssen where we've been going wrong with selection and formation and shook things up a bit
  14. I agree I'm just waiting to see how it all pans out I just thought it was strange how it changed. No matter what's happened we need an official from the club to contact a media outlet and let everyone know what's going on.