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  1. Bluekev

    Andy Halliday

    I've slated him in the past but I'm pleased to say he's proved me wrong. His confidence is growing and it's showing on the pitch. It's amazing what proper coaching staff can do. I hope he keeps proving me wrong and it's a credit to him too because a lot of players would have looked for a way out when he was getting shat on by previous managers.
  2. We look sharper than we've been recently and Middleton is gonna give Gerrard hard decisions over selection because his balls in are class
  3. Bluekev

    Coulibaly Unavailable For Motherwell Game

    Sad to hear, no matter what his profession it's going to affect him and he's only a young man. Condolences to him and his family and I'm certain the club will give him all the support he needs.
  4. Bluekev

    Gerarrds Fault

    Flanagan was shite, but so was Katic, Goodwin, Tavs, Ejaria and we only get 3 subs. Maybe Gerrard could have made better substitutions but at the end of the day the key players he relies on let him down badly
  5. This isnt going to go away, the victims deserve an explanation as to why it wasn't reported and why that rancid club covered it up. Legal teams are on the case and can see ££££££ which is bad news from the scum and if they pay compensation then that's them basically admitting their part and guilt and the authorities will have to act.
  6. Bluekev

    Andy Halliday

    Was definitely a MOTM contender today
  7. If the SFA don't punish popcorn teeth for incitement then this basically gives all managers the right to goad opposition fans. I can't wait until SG sings the sash to the tims
  8. We've been found out again and once again we have no plan B. Different manager, same shit
  9. Apparently they've got a confidential witness
  10. He might have wanted to get his coin back
  11. Bluekev

    Rangers Protect

    Sounds like a brand of condoms.
  12. Bluekev

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    The 3 points today are more important than the performance. I didn't think we were poor but we still let ourselves down a lot with misplaced passes. I'm glad Rossiter got a game under his belt. I thought Morelos had a good game again and even after watching the replay a few times I think his booking was soft. Onwards and upwards and hopefully that's our poor away form behind us.
  13. Bluekev

    Edmiston Drive

    Sincere thoughts with his family and friends. By the sounds of things a lot of the lads from here who knew him tried to help keep his spirits up during the last few weeks and I'm sure you all will have helped him more than you'll ever know. RIP ED
  14. Bluekev

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Our great club and everyone associated with it should completely and utterly cut all ties with the SFA. We should boycott meetings, events, interviews the fucking lot and release a statement to the media down south saying what a corrupt bunch of fuckers they really are and we should also be raising issues that unfairly go against us to UEFA. We need to kick up a huge shit storm