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  1. Bluekev

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Absolute bunch of morons. The fucking hypocrisy in the last line is unreal
  2. Bluekev

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Personally I think you’re fucked in the nut for thinking that but you’re entitled to your opinion, having said that you lose a lot of credibility when you can’t even spell bomb properly.
  3. Bluekev


    He’s at a team who are struggling in the Turkish league I doubt many teams in European top leagues would be interested in a 34 year old tbh
  4. Bluekev


    Just a pay day for him
  5. Bluekev


    No thanks. Another Senderos
  6. Bluekev

    Ravel Morrison

    Give him an initial trial as Broxi, if he goes a month without skelping Roxi then let him train and see how he goes
  7. Bluekev

    Ravel Morrison

    He’s probably on a curfew so would miss the evening games
  8. Bluekev

    Ravel Morrison

    Him and Flanagan would be fun on a night out 😂
  9. Bluekev

    Ravel Morrison

    I think he’s just misunderstood Legal history In early 2011, Morrison received a 12-month referral order and was ordered to pay £1,445 in costs and compensation after admitting two counts of witness intimidation.[63][64] After an assault charge was dropped when Morrison's girlfriend refused to testify, he was convicted of criminal damage for throwing her mobile phone out of a window and advised to undergo domestic violence counselling.[65] In February 2012, Morrison was involved in controversy after posting a homophobic threat on Twitter, responding to criticism by calling another user a "faggot".[66] He was charged under FA rule E3, which governs use of abusive and/or insulting words including reference to a person's sexual orientation, and accepted his guilt.[67] He was fined £7,000.[68] Morrison was remanded in custody on 31 July 2014 after being charged with two counts of common assault against a former girlfriend and her mother.[69] He was freed on bail after three days in custody.[70] In August 2014 he appeared at Manchester Crown Court entering not-guilty pleas to two counts of assault, one of assault causing actual bodily harm and one count of harassment. A provisional trial date was set for 26 January 2015.[71] In November 2014 he was found not guilty of the harassment charge of threatening to throw acid in the face of his ex-girlfriend and have her killed after the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the charge.[72] On 15 January 2015, Morrison was cleared of all charges of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her mother.[73]
  10. Bluekev


    He’s on his way over. His dinghy has been spotted in the channel
  11. Bluekev

    Ricksen won't leave hospice

    Heartbreaking and all throughout his terrible illness he has shown so much courage and fight and dignity. I admire the man so much and football aside he’s a hero in my book for the fight he shows
  12. Bluekev

    Andy Murray Retires

    I don’t mind him and I think he’s possibly the greatest British tennis player we’ll ever see. I think it’s a shame that an injury has caused him to retire and I hope he stays in the game in some role such as coaching. Hopefully this also means we’ll be seeing less of his dried up attention seeking witch of a mother
  13. Bluekev

    Grezda injured

    It’s a fancy dress party. He went as Rossiter