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  1. I thought it was the ideal game to play him in and he didn't look out of place at all. He was strong going forward and decent at the back picking up loose ends and putting good tackles in. A lot will say but it's only against Stranraer but tonight his nerves will have been shattered and he still managed to hold his own really well. Things are looking up for the future.
  2. It looks like their shares are at 132.5 now. That's some drop in a week.
  3. Well the "quality" players they signed in the summer have done fuck all so I'm expecting more of the same.
  4. I'd play our strongest team to get them back in the swing of things after the break.
  5. Bluekev


    I'd only go for him on a free. Fuck giving Dundee Utd a penny.
  6. I've got a feeling this isn't the first time someone has said this to him.
  7. Apparently when questioned by the police Rod said " I don't want to talk about it"
  8. Happy New Year to all RM. For those of you that had a tragic moments in 2019 I hope this year brings you joy and happiness. This is our year Rangers.
  9. Happy Birthday mate. And what a day it is.
  10. Glad he's got a mention in hear today. He made some massive saves and not just the penalty. His time wasting skills are excellent too.
  11. Last time I was there about 10 years ago there was a boozer called "the pub with no name" and they used to show matches.
  12. I think he's too lazy for our team. He's a player that doesn't like tracking back and you don't see him often fighting for possession.
  13. 3 hard earned points. Kilmarnock have the 3rd best defensive record in the league so it was never going to be easy to score. Not the best to watch at times but a crucial win.
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