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  1. Puma

    I have these strips. Bought them at the Super Store in 1997 at Ibrox when I was over with my parents and visiting my relatives in Cumbuslang. I spent 330 pounds and got a 30 pound discount.
  2. Scotland squad announced

    I don't really care about only one of the Famous being selected. I hope wee Barry withdraws. I honestly don't think he's been playing like he was last season. He'd rather cut in then go to the by line or take on his man.
  3. Puma

    Club1872 ‏@Club1872rfc 22 minutes ago Puma advertising on Sandy Jardine Stand now replaced with Rangers and Club 1872 branding. #OneRangers I can still buy the top from the Puma Australia website
  4. HaHaHa...oh the irony of it

    I don't know why someone would have any issues towards RangersRadio. All the guys and girls there are always pleasant and very welcoming of new callers. I've been a listener and caller to the current format (RangersRadio) and the previous format (RangersChat). I've never had any issues with them and I listen to just about every show to keep up with Rangers news as I don't trust any Scottish mhedia to be unbiased towards our team. Everyone has a different and RangersRadio respects that. Cheers from Sydney Australia.
  5. I wish this kit crap would be fixed. Wanting to buy a top for myself and for my son for his 13th birthday in October and a Broxi Bear for my daughter's 11th birthday. Both coming up really soon.


    Btw, I live in Sydney, Australia. Was introduced to the Famous by my auld dad when I was a young lad. Loved them ever since.