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  1. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    Because we would be developing them into a better player who could move to a higher standard league, represent their country, earn more money etc.
  2. Windass.

    I think when he plays out wide there is too much temptation for him to hide.
  3. New York Gers Bars

    The Blue Oyster
  4. Next Manager? (Options)

    If we appoint McInnes or Wright its an open admission by the board that we are aiming for second. Personlly I'm OK with that for the time being as I'm realistic to understand where we are right now so won't jump up and down and shout about "Rangers standards". I can't help but think an "off beat" appointment like Pedro was the board trying to say "we're thinking outside the box in the hope we earth a gem who will stop 10 IAR" It looks like it's backfiring and we may not even finish second, so if they have to make another appointment then I hope they go for a pragmatic one.
  5. Morelos

  6. Friendly v Sheff Wed 30th July at Hillsborough?

    That's me told. Back in my box for a while.
  7. Friendly v Sheff Wed 30th July at Hillsborough?

    I reckon Rossiter is LT injured again.
  8. The Billy Boys

    Given that bird will be targeted by fans of other clubs I've reported this to the RSPB (Royal Society for Proddy Birds).
  9. Grear posts by McEwan's Lager. It's not as binary as us being "friends" or "enemies" with other clubs. We don't operate in a vacuum. We need influence and to get that we need relationships with other clubs. That doesn't mean not defending ourselves, particularly where our history being attacked, but we have to be smart.
  10. Club 1872 Statement

    We can only speculate. But this is part of the role I see Club 1872 doing - saying what needs to be said more strongly than the board.
  11. Bradley Lowery has passed away

    Puts getting upset about a football match into perspective. See you on the other side wee man.
  12. Club Statement

    It wouldn't have been smart to stock up prior to concluding negotiations. SD would have been fully aware we had been stocking up. This would have given them more leverage in the negotiations as they would have known we were sat on a load of stock we wanted to shift.
  13. Rangers fixtures for iPhone calendar

    Cheers. If your on Android and can't see the fixtures in your Google calendar app after syncing, click the three dots in the top right and hit "refresh".
  14. ***Official Rangers Retail Purchases Thread***

    Got myself a Rossiter one: