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  1. If we were to fill in the corners would it not be where the screens are? No wind coming in from there and that hasn't caused an issue to date?
  2. I can't help but think the rest of Scottish Football would rather see celtic do as they want (even if it's to their clubs own detriment) provided it impacts negatively on us. They are being played like a fiddle.
  3. Out of form and doesn’t look like he will get the game time to play himself into it.
  4. Wonder if that means he'll be closing his academy.
  5. We could blame the community if the councillors ran on a "fuck the Rangers" ticket to get elected but doubt that was the case.
  6. Great for the brand. Perhaps we would be more likely to get the land and planning permission for development if we can show that it will also benefit the local community? The Rugby League team I support has an NHS facility in one of our stands. Was thinking we could do something similar but take it up a knotch. I've probably gone a bit OTT but I think we could do something.
  7. Was that really the community at large or a few councillors with an agenda?
  8. It would be great to have something like the Rangers Ibrox Community Centre. Have proper, modern sporting facilities for the local community. You could have other facilities supporting the community such as a nursery, after school clubs, adult education, NHS health services. We would of course have the site for a fan zone on match days and it would be good to have conference facilities to make money from events It would be great for our brand to have facility and services for the local community.
  9. The Wire


    Glen, Glen, Glen Kamara Glen Kamara time Yassssssssssssss
  10. As easy at is to laugh at celtic and their fans over the past week and to put it down to their obsession with us, this could influence referees to make decisions in their favour in the future rather than have to deal with the fall out.
  11. Do you know what, I thought I noticed that from a photo the other week.
  12. I would replace the seats. It irks me that they are so faded. Not a massive issue given were full or nearly full every home game but srill.......
  13. What happens in the lodge, stays in the lodge.
  14. When we win it makes stuff like this from them look even more pathetic than it already is. We need 55.
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