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  1. The Wire

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    This is why we need to build relationships with other clubs. Obviously there will be some we can't or don't want to build relationships with, but we can't expect to challenge anything on our own. That's going to mean bridge building with certain clubs who kicked us when we were down.
  2. The Wire

    Harry Forrester gone

    He can now focus his efforts on auditioning for Love Island 2019.
  3. The Wire

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

  4. The Wire

    Rangers Tv

    Keep an eye on the match thread for A YouTube link. Seems to be one for most matches.
  5. The Wire

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

  6. The Wire

    Steven Gerrard Press Conference

    Confrontational might not be the most appropriate adjective but he certainly wasn't afraid to speak his mind: YouTube
  7. The Wire

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    Good shout. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon and we need to be innovative with how we use them so that we get maximum value from them. My idea is a variation on the "Kiss Cam" you see in stadiums in the USA - "Staunch Cam". Camera zooms in on you and you have to do something pure staunch like play an imaginary flute.
  8. The Wire

    Steven Gerrard Press Conference

    I think he's got the balance right. He's firm and shows he won't take any daft shit, but he isn't confrontational. Hasn't achived anything as a manager yet so doesn't have the authority to really tear into them yet IMO.
  9. The Wire

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    No point explaining when there isn't a waiting list for season tickets. Spend the money on upgrading facilities that get fans to the ground earlier, get them spending and keep them there for longer afterwards.
  10. The Wire

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    Not a priority, but would love to see the seats replaced. Looks poor when the stadium is empty. Opportunity for more advertising too.
  11. The Wire

    Milad Mohammadi (Akhmat Grozny)

    He looks tough. Reminds me of the time a Persian guy started on me so Iran.
  12. The Wire

    Alves gone

    Exactly. I think people assume that in these scenarios that we pay up the full value of the contract. He didn't want to be here and we didn't want him so we've come to a compromise. It's better than the alternative.
  13. The Wire

    Steven Gerrard Press Conference

    Loved the way he dealt with the question about Cooper, reminding the reporter that he said to him last week that he doesn't speculate on other clubs players.
  14. The Wire

    Can’t see a thread on here about this piece of shite.

    Getting a slap from "Loyalist thugs" will just grant him martyrdom and give him the attention he craves. He's not worth taking a charge over.
  15. The Wire

    Matchday Volunteers , Home Games

    Up the volunteers!