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  1. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Even if Allardyce does leave Everton, he will just hold tight for a few months and wait for the chairman of a club in the bottom three to hit the panic button so he gets yet another pay day (which is fair enough). Couldn't see us paying the compensation to release Warnock from his contract with Cardiff (assuming he wanted to come). He extended it this season so can imagine it would cost a few quid.
  2. Hummel

    Looking forward to seeing the tops. Not a brand I've taken any interest in previously, but having had a look online I like quite a lot of their stuff, although some of it is a bit OTT. They have more of a feel of a fashion brand rather than a sport brand and I'll be interested to see what casual wear they do for us because I think there's quite a bit of potential there for sales beyond replica shirts.
  3. Graham Potter

    Managing us is completely different. Much less pressure and expectation at Östersunds. I applaud what he's done but it'd too big a risk IMO.
  4. Bates is off

    I won't get upset unless we don't recruit well in his position in the summer.
  5. As a support we won't have the patience, especially with the prospect of them doing 10 IAR.
  6. Old Club/New Club - An update

    Appreciate the effort that The Lawman has put in here. However this just isn't something I bother engaging other fans about. I don't care what they think because there is no doubt in my mind that we are the same club. Rattling off evidence makes it look like I care what they think and that they have some sort of case. When we are back at the top they will just look bitter with this sort of patter and they can crack on for all I will care.
  7. Alfredo

    In some respects yes, but if we make a big profit we can reinvest that in other prospects that can keep improving us.
  8. Murty wants permanent goss move this summer

    Perhaps, although they could be taking a tough line to get as much money as possible.
  9. Scotsman article

    The headline epitomises Scottish football "journalism." It's click bait for people who want to read anything negative about us. This one is a particularly tenuous. It gets our backs up and gets us talking about the article and clicking on it, so it's win win from the Scotsman's perspective.
  10. Murty press conference

    He speaks well. I know that's not the mark of a good manager but he handles the questions well and I enjoy his enthusiasm.
  11. Sellouts v Aberdeen & Hibs

    Even if we weren't selling out every week we should still be looking to enhance the matchday experience. Better hospitality (there have been improvements) in particular will generate more revenue. The faded seats annoy me as it takes away from the look of a quality stadium (there are obviously other cosmetic issues), but replacing them would cost a fortune and not generate any additional revenue.
  12. Cumdog in Training

    Take a look at the first reply on the twitter announcement : Check out @RangersFC’s Tweet:
  13. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    Because we would be developing them into a better player who could move to a higher standard league, represent their country, earn more money etc.
  14. Windass.

    I think when he plays out wide there is too much temptation for him to hide.
  15. New York Gers Bars

    The Blue Oyster