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  1. The Wire

    The Rugby thread

    Decent game in the Superleague Grand Final at Old Trafford.
  2. The Wire

    Edmiston Drive

  3. Don’t have much sympathy for the guy. “Reap what you sow” and all that. Still don’t want his life ruined mind.
  4. I don't think we would be daft enough (no really) to try and pull a fast one like that, especially given our recent track record with SD. Wouldn't even work as you would still have a problem on the Monday morning. Hopefully more details on what's going on come out soon.
  5. The Wire

    At First

    That wasn’t my intention. I’m just pointing out that we have a tendency to get carried away on here too early. It feels different this time but for me it’s still wait and see.
  6. The Wire

    At First

    Pleased with how it’s going so far. However we had the same euphoria after Murty had us playing well for a spell last season and we know how that turned out.
  7. The Wire

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Not sure if you're being sarcastic and I'm having another one of my slow days, but it will have been ghost written by a journo with Barry getting a couple of quid for putting his name to it.
  8. The Wire

    Pre match entertainment

    You could jump in a taxi from Glasgow Central to LA Bowl at Springfield Quay. Do some bowling, have some food and walk down to the stadium.
  9. The Wire

    Morelos called up to the Colombia squad

    The argument may be that if we demand a big fee, but his wages are comparatively low in relation to other players that go for a similar amount, the buying club will argue that he isn't worth what we are asking. I.e "you don't pay him like a £10m player so we you can't really think he's worth that. Heres £5m take it or leave it."
  10. The Wire

    Today’s The Day

    "the teddy bears have their picnic."
  11. The Wire


    Surely if the option to buy in the loan deal is £2m then that's what we pay if we want him, no matter how well he performs? There would be no point having it otherwise.
  12. We were a man down against Aberdeen for over 90 minutes including ET. I don't think he got anything wrong that day.
  13. The Wire

    Peter Hartley

    He's handled it perfectly. Liked how he talked about protection from the refs for the match. I think.subtle things like that can influence refs.
  14. The Wire

    Gerrard from Day One

    I guess you could say I'm a Woolyback as I lived in Warrington for a number of years (Rugby League team is nicknamed "The Wire") after moving there from NI as a kid. It's what Scousers call people from Cheshire and Lancashire.