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  1. The Wire

    Steven Davis

    Knows what is expected to play for us and has experience of this league. We need someone to come in and hit the ground running. Another acdemy loanee isn't likely to do that. There isn't a lot of quality.knocking about in January and we need to improve that midfield now.
  2. The Wire


    He's low on confidence and bang out of form. He has skill but it's asking too much of him at his age and level of experience to be that creative play maker we need to break down teams that sit in.
  3. The Wire

    Gerrard Presser quotes

    Any word on Rossiter. Is he injured again?
  4. The Wire

    Kieran Dowell loan

    Kieran O'Neill Dowell looks decent. Good pals with Joe Worrall.
  5. The Wire

    Rangers tv

    Try turning off flash in your browser.
  6. The Wire

    Morelos 18 goals last season 16 so far this.

    You’ve got a real bee in your bonnet about our midfield. 😂
  7. Had them and the black ones in JD on Argyle street.
  8. Lots of stock in JD Sports on Argyle street today. Prominent places near the front door too as it should be ??
  9. The Wire

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Haven't got anything against Josh. He's a frustrating player because he does have talent but he lacks the application to make the most of it. I can't help but think he's grown up with his dad telling him how great he is, and he's ended up thinking a bit of talent is enough make you a top player.
  10. The Wire

    Man Utd U23's

    Man Utd U23's are staying at the National Sports Centre in Largs tonight. Anybody know if we have a bounce game against them coming up? We had one against them at Auchenowie last year when they stayed in Largs (might have been a different age group though).
  11. Think it helped not having to play into that wind.
  12. The Wire

    The Rugby thread

    Decent game in the Superleague Grand Final at Old Trafford.
  13. The Wire

    Edmiston Drive