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  1. sausagetrunks

    Game off

  2. sausagetrunks

    Game off

  3. sausagetrunks

    Adam Lallana

    shirt was too heavy.
  4. sausagetrunks

    Forward Line

  5. sausagetrunks

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

    maybe wants his move in jan
  6. sausagetrunks

    Glen Kamara

    it look a a bit physical for him but how much is down to his early season injury, i hope he comes onto this game we where told about.
  7. sausagetrunks

    Glen Kamara

    i hope youre right.
  8. sausagetrunks

    Glen Kamara

    a bit raw, quickest player in scotland, like other players, could flourish under SG. dont think were getting much change outa Grezda.
  9. sausagetrunks

    Beaton calls in the police

    its on skysports news
  10. sausagetrunks

    No further punishment for Morelos

    and how is that cunt sutton still working as a pundit at BT. the wank is leading the line, calling the sfa and spfl corrupt. the guy has fucking lost it. when we get bad decisions were told to suck it up.
  11. sausagetrunks

    Glen Kamara

    SG must want business done early so they can join up with squad in spain.
  12. sausagetrunks

    Glen Kamara

    Maybe it was McCann who alerted us to the situation ? lol
  13. sausagetrunks

    Glen Kamara

    looks like a box to box mid player too, good attacking, plenty of skills and tricks, good tracking back with good tackles.
  14. sausagetrunks

    Glen Kamara

    SG must have picked up on him straight away.