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  1. Joes resume speaks for itself
  2. I dont think he knows what he is doing and has an unhappy dressing room. the lack of goals is very worrying.
  3. lack of goals is very worrying
  4. Joe has a cracking record. Lot a good names on it. Yea he did fight Roy jones or the executioner unti late on. Think jones is only a year older ? Remember lacy was sent, the next best thing from America. If eubank does half what even joe does he'll make it.
  5. i used to go all the time when i was a kid, the last time i was at a derby was a few year back and i just sat in the bar.
  6. last time i was down ant the oval v the blues, i just sat in the bar lol
  7. you can still get a pint at half time tho cant you? the bar at the oval opens all the way thro the game.
  8. points for me.
  10. im old enough to remember his dad, just cant stand jnr.
  11. Id love to see Eubank beat
  12. any streams for this? or is it just Eubank on PPV ? I always get the PPV in, dont mind paying but never for a Eubank fight.
  13. the ref was going to stop it. Horn was really dirty, few deliberate headbutts amongst other things like head locks etc, he had heart. pac win easy for me, Arum up to his neck in the dirt in this one again. the same as that Bradley fight IMO. the sooner Arum is gone the better. All the clean shots landed by Manny, it was a joke decision imo. and Arum is at it.
  14. No.