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  1. sausagetrunks

    Another effin international break

    tbh we could do with it, the break and a chance to get players back.
  2. sausagetrunks

    Motherwell Highlights

    Yet the motherwell manager said it was the right decision, pen and sending off.
  3. sausagetrunks


    tav with a great cross for Grezda
  4. sausagetrunks


    great feet
  5. grezda sending the defender to the shop, is this the grezda weve been told about.
  6. lets fucking punish these cunts
  7. any decent streams them ones at top are fucked
  8. our midfield is not at it ffs. they need to grip this game.
  9. grezda has give possession away a few times ffs, we were on the break when they got that.
  10. jesus fucking christ sort this shite out
  11. well taken and great composure, lets fucking do these cunts now.
  12. sausagetrunks

    Gerarrds Fault

    is he a free?