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  1. looks like a Declan and acts like a Declan ?
  2. yea, plenty of rest sitting on the bench. good player not at this stage of his career tho imo.
  3. doe it really matter what ref ? they've all fucked us this year.
  4. thats prob the best 20 mins we've played in weeks, if thats what it takes then so be it. its only 20 mins but Kent looked a different player over right. Jones looked dangerous on left.
  5. Morelos looks like he has another club and the deal is set in place and he's being unprofessional.
  6. tbh i was thinking this myself. we looked far better when the changes happened. when we where running at them and not just throwing crosses in.
  7. Morelos not wanting injured, looking ahead to his new club.
  8. Jones looks more dangerous on the left than kent, Kent looks better on the right.
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