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  1. didnt here that, i thought Brook was winning after 8 rounds, then he gassed. i genuinely think he used the eye as an excuse because he was fucked.
  2. i think he used the eye as an excuse, i think his tank was emptied as people predicted before the fight. he only needed two out of the last 4 rounds for the win imo. tank was emptied. Haye fought and near beat Bellew with one leg ffs lol
  3. another broken eye socket ffs lol
  4. what heart from brook
  5. looks bad for brook now.
  6. if Brook wins another two rounds. he has it for me.
  7. all the best shots coming from Brook, lot of wild swinging from spence. really hope Brook wins this.
  8. spence looks fucked
  9. ive brook about 3 ahead.
  10. still no yellow lol
  11. sheep sitting too deep now.
  12. what was the dif between that one and Browns?
  13. 10 million for roberts i hope they pay that lol
  14. play stops brown should be booked
  15. whens the penalty coming.