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  1. what a cross from jones. outstanding from him and defoe.
  2. mate they where at 12 july prade a few years ago, great band. i remember them coming down the road when the tags hit them with paint bombs etc. still cool as you like. great band, actually outstanding but imo and biased opinion the UVF band is better.
  3. Remember we on this forum where split at the decision when he got appointed IMO he will bring us 55 and is doing a great job. and is proving to be a great manager up to now.
  4. did you read where is said he is a idiot at times. ? id gladly take a big fee and bring in someone like roofe and strengthen the team in other places. win win. imo
  5. 100% mate but if we could get 15 mill for him and spend 5 mill on Roofe? and others to strengthen the team, i think it would be a good move all round.
  6. see tbf mate, Morelos is a idiot at times but not being biased, Morelos is a marked man in Scotland now. by players and officials. the media has helped too, yes he is a fucking balloon head to, he fucked us over at times but imo he is treated different.
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