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  1. that ginger rhat shouldve been sacked ages ago. fucking idiot.
  2. any cunt see that fuck Conlan's ring entrance? it was like something from paedo dome, soldier song and all, fucking embarrassing, this would be like frampton doing a ring walk draped in a union jack with the queen blasting. Looks like Conlan only want a one sided support, hope is career is shite.
  3. Paulie's commentary is the best in the business. could listen to him do every boxing match
  4. difference being gassed and fucking your ankle up, i believe the two camps new about the injury but the money was more important. Bellew pushed hearn away at the end. Wasnt like he sprained his ankle, he's fucked it proper.
  5. Bellews next fight is Oscar pistorius.
  6. Haye getting injured actually made it a fight lol. Haye is finished now. he got his last pay day.
  7. Haye knocked lumps out of himself.
  8. Looks like the injury rumours were true and the fight getting called of was true, Haye fuck it, lets do this, ££££££££££ Public well and truly conned.
  9. Haye is wanting a rematch, hahahahaha, he beat me fair and square, lol, they conned the public and Haye is trying it again. He is finished.
  10. why is Haye not talking about the obvious? they're talking about a rematch, fuck off lol
  11. ffs he was never winning this fight. Haye was running about with one leg. Bellews trainer is a disgrace the way he got on, even Bellew didnt celebrate. ffs lol
  12. lets be honest can Bellew take any bragging rights from this?
  13. i actually feel sorry for Haye.