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  1. i dont think it was, they didnt show it enough but it looked like he went down before there was contact. looked like a dive.
  2. was there contact before he went down tho, it looked like he dived then maybe contact.
  3. ill look at it again, but as far as i can remember of it, he dived before there was contact. i might be wrong.
  4. He should not of came out but it was a dive all day long. no contact, dive before the tackle.
  5. keepers fault, it was a dive lol he dived, there was no touch. the keeper made a balls coming out but it was a dive lol
  6. the season tav has had under SG if Liverpool want 15 for kent Rangers should be wanting 20 for tav.
  7. He was player of the year imo.
  8. letting Candeias go and bringing in Jones and maybe Stewart. i dont get that if that happens.
  9. thats why colloum has not reffed our matches.
  10. Nothing to do with our performance today but these pitches need to go. that pitch is fucking dreadful
  11. clear elbow on side of head
  12. apparently celtic didn't play very well today. still waiting to hear credit for the Rangers team.
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