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  1. Gerrard played him over flan etc so he trusts him.
  2. Rangers need to come out and address this.
  3. the fucking dirty mhedia in scotland, all celtic fans, Morelos has been called, screwball, buffalo brains, dirty H.. cunt, orange bastard, black bastard. the boy gets some treatment of the media and the tramps. Morelos is genuine quality and is going to go far and they don't like it.
  4. chris sutton must be playing next game then.
  5. Especially from the cunt of all cunts Sutton.
  6. christie facing two match ban, why has Brown not been cited for the punch om tav.
  7. its funny how celtic have not turned up against Rangers in the last two games but have bossed the rest of the shite in the spl. maybe? i dunno? it might be a hunch but its maybe because we are simply better than them all over the park. from the management team right thro to the goalkeeper.
  8. calling for a 5 match ban on alfie. this cunt is stoking trouble, he should fuck off back to england the cunt. why is he even aloud to commentate on our games. fucking cunt of the highest order.
  9. first ive seen this cunt brown punching tav in the face. fuck me if the compliance officer does her job (not holding breath) there could be a right few banned.
  10. someone got a two match ban for doing that to one of their players last year. that cunt christie should've been booked 5 times.
  11. the compliance officer going to be busy lol
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