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  1. yea mate, watched it, nearly every boxing fan called this when it was announced. Lomo never left second gear imo. Crolla seems like a nice guy and is likeable but fuck me, what a miss match. Crolla was mandatory but i always felt that Crolla was short of world level never mind stepping in the ring with Lomo. even Crolla's world title win looked dodgy to me with that bodyshot.
  2. think SG got it spot on saying we are closer than what people think. despite what people say.
  3. what a goal, and a great effort from Defoe.
  4. this one back on https://www.vipboxtv.se/Rangers-stream-live
  5. you would be the first on here crying if we were getting beat.
  6. hope Rangers kick them and rub their studs down their ankles off the ball. after all its smart play and now a part of the game in scotland.
  7. just take it so he is back for the tramps match.
  8. they will not like this one bit, meltdown incoming.
  9. thats what happens in football. tav is just ahead of him, sinclair falls and tangles his legs. its a pen for me.
  10. yea ive watched it, two players coming together, sinclair is clumsy as fuck.
  11. Brown has just been called a astute professional on clyde. this mean its ok to go about kicking out on the fly, rubbing your studds down the back of players ankles etc but just aslong as you do it without being seen. then if players react? its just smart play.
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