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  1. sausagetrunks

    Steven Gerrard

    i still think SG is the right man, i didn't think he would win the lg in first season but id say he will learn an awful lot. we cant keep on sacking managers and rinse and repeat. IMO he will get it right. its never going to happen bringing a manger in every season, the way things are, we need to give a manger time, its hard watching but its what is needed.
  2. sausagetrunks

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Can we not just ban the BBC all together ?
  3. sausagetrunks

    Our crossing

    teams are playing 5 at the back and strangling our wing play, they know this is our strong point and how we play, we're going to have to adapt a different system where we can get in behind them, midfield players linking up with the forwards and getting in behind them thro the middle. our midfield passes sidewards and backwards, no one taking on responsibility of trying to get in behind the opposition. teams are choking our wing play and hit us on the counter. SG should have changed that on sat at half time imo.
  4. sausagetrunks

    ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    one thing i wouldnt be doing is starting Defoe up top by himself.
  5. sausagetrunks

    Steven Gerrard

    i didn't believe we would win the lg this year but i expect us to step it up next year.
  6. sausagetrunks

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    its fucking media driven, Morelos is getting some treatment whilst broony gets lapped up.
  7. sausagetrunks

    Our crossing

    our midfield is fucking shocking, we dont have players who run beyond the forwards, with one two passes etc, its a backwards sidewards pass, no penetration. 4-3-3 and defoe is terrible.
  8. sausagetrunks


    semi pro football, meh
  9. sausagetrunks

    We are boring to watch.

    our midfield is pathetic, sideward and backward passing.
  10. sausagetrunks


    He was pish and so was the rest of the team, toothless and couldnt break a pish STJ team down, the midfield where a fucking embarrassment
  11. sausagetrunks


    the whole team and management where abysmal. our midfield where great at passing the ball backwards. SG needs to learn that 4-3-3 does not work when teams are sitting in with 5 at the back.
  12. sausagetrunks

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    weve struggled in loads of games this year, we need a different shape when teams come to ibrox and play 5 at the back and pack their box. they are there for the point and something on the break.
  13. sausagetrunks


    tbh he was the only one trying imo.
  14. sausagetrunks

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    no chance that will happen, he will be here for a few years unless he walks.
  15. sausagetrunks

    Kidding ourselves on

    every team come to Ibrox and sit in, they know how to play us and SG does not know how to break them down lets be honest. STJ are fucking rank rotten.