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  1. gman


    Fucked it Da.
  2. gman


    Just had a wee I cannae believe he’s our Manager moment earlier. Lucky to have him.
  3. gman

    the last 10 mins

    oh man - praying that we'd see it through - was worried we were sitting off them a little but the boys men were brilliant in getting the job done
  4. gman

    The main reason we won today

    hey... it was me I tell you.
  5. I ditched my usual pre match routines and superstitions :) Although I managed to find a new one in the last 20 mins. Didnae move from my seating position just in case I jinxed it. Cramp all the wae down one side!
  6. gman

    league table

    pretty sure this is not it despite the headline news right now on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46486005
  7. gman


    'I can feel it in my stomach'. Think it was one of his first quotes when he joined - your gut instinct was right mate. WATP
  8. gman

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Candeais through the middle is a waste looks lost
  9. gman


    What’s been the biggest factor Murty? Players? Feel good factor? nae Kenny? all of the above ?
  10. gman

    Pedros Local Assistant

    Any idea who is on shortlist / favourite for the role?
  11. gman

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    put Kenny Miller in charge and get on with it.
  12. went to the kitchen for a bag of crisps and missed two goals
  13. gman

    Tax Case

  14. jela needs to stop moaning and trying for penalty all the time and get back to his best - even after two games he needs a kick up the backside (hopefully this talking to will make him score in the next 30 mins)