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  1. Difference?

    What’s been the biggest factor Murty? Players? Feel good factor? nae Kenny? all of the above ?
  2. Beerman to QotS

    Not sure about this. Mccrorie was loaned out to Ayr and Dumbarton and look what we got back...
  3. State of that Pitch

    I know it's December but what a mess of a pitch. Ball was bobbling all over the place. Embarrassing. You would have thought with their free flowing football philosophy it would have been in better shape...
  4. Player ratings

    Fod 8 - Couple of great saves when needed. Decent when ball went to his feet Tav 9 - My MotM. Leader on the park today - constantly talking to the players, kept the shape of the defence Dec 8 - Solid, good graft. Composed when needed - tired a little nearer the end. Alves 2 - mmm. Not convinced Danny 8 - Best performance of the season. Holt 8 - Did the unseen hard work - never was going to grab the headlines. Niko 5 - Unfit. Punt. Retire McCrorie 9 - Future Club Captain. Windass 6 - I'd take a decent offer. IF we can get a decent replacement. Looked done in with 30 mins to go Morelos 8 - Put a shift in - needs to be more unselfish Candeias 8 - Played like he really new what was at stake today - great balls in to the box- a grower for me. Subs Bates 9 - Strolled it. Boy deserves a run in the team Pena 3 - No chance to sniff out any chances Herrera 3 - Wee plaster on his nose.
  5. Craig Mulholland

    said it before but McCrorie reminds me of a young Darren Ferguson at Man U - only better.
  6. our sitter

    we could have been out of sight at 3-1 if wee Alfredo hadn't defended his clear goal scoring opportunity. So when the penalty and their 'chances' are thrown up this week - none were more clear than this.
  7. Ross McCrorie

    Reminded me of a young Darren Fletcher at United in that position
  8. Murty

    The guy is as honest as the day is long. No blame should be at this man's door & I think after his post match interview he knows he's not up to it. The people in charge have a lot to answer for.
  9. Pedros Local Assistant

    Any idea who is on shortlist / favourite for the role?
  10. Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    put Kenny Miller in charge and get on with it.
  11. went to the kitchen for a bag of crisps and missed two goals
  12. Tax Case

  13. jela needs to stop moaning and trying for penalty all the time and get back to his best - even after two games he needs a kick up the backside (hopefully this talking to will make him score in the next 30 mins)
  14. with Wylde, Ness, Hutton hopefully nxt season we've got a bit more going forward