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  1. Pedros Local Assistant

    Any idea who is on shortlist / favourite for the role?
  2. Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    put Kenny Miller in charge and get on with it.
  3. Love in

    I hope the media love in will now stop with Scotland and Celtic . Both are up against far better opponents than they tend to give credit to in the run up to games...
  4. *** Official Post Match Thread.***

    Why have we changed our style of play?. Every chance now it's a punt into the box - disappointing to see the free flowing possession (winning) football being replaced with this.
  5. Bobby Russell Caps

    never received a full cap for Scotland - surprised about that.
  6. went to the kitchen for a bag of crisps and missed two goals
  7. Barry Ferguson wasn't always that great week to week but he had some belters when it really mattered
  8. Just thinking about some of our players from the past who maybe were a bit inconsistent week to week but when the big games came they were dynamite. Novo and Lovenkrands spring to mind and although i was a bit younger maybe Cooper, McCoist?
  9. Macleod to Newcastle

    didn't expect that. just an observation - i'll keep quiet for the next 7 or 8 years then!
  10. Macleod to Newcastle

    I've been a member of this forum for a long time and dont post that much - i'm just making a point. Dissapointed that the tolerance levels are so low.
  11. Macleod to Newcastle

    Wouldn't surprise me if this one surfaces.
  12. BBC Scotland Rob Mclean. First words when we won the title was a negative referencing us winning and expected to do so with our money - on a complete downer. He didn't sound happy at all. Imho First words, I would have thought, should have been congratulations to the title winners etc. Nah Cuts away to other audio - then back to title party - and first reference again a negative about the squad money etc... You really cannae win these days. Where's the fun, celebration in sport these days
  13. I've only flicked through it but there's a belter of a pic of 'Aquatic Football' looks like the game is being played in a pond.
  14. Just got given a copy of this book from an elderly relative - anybody else read it ? It appears to be very old!