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  1. Great thread. No footage but Ted McMinn's goal from a corner at Boghead stands out!
  2. Thought he done well - stuck to the facts and pointed out that others are saying things attributed to Rangers
  3. Papac - Blair Drummond Safari Park Gascoigne in Texas Homecare (long time ago) trying to buy a skateboard!
  4. First defeat in Europe at home in 18 matches ?
  5. Nah he’s brilliant, untouchable according to some ...He’s a major part of the problem with his wee hissy pissy fits. Miles off it - doesn’t even attempt some saves now- not good enough for us.
  6. A lot of the goals we concede he doesn’t even go for - a younger, hungrier keeper would at least be throwing themselves at them. The odd great game but the cracks have been showing for a while.
  7. Keeper is so immobile - investment needed in the ‘no.1’ spot.
  8. I think he actually said he was ‘outstanding’ ...
  9. Think he needs to go....Pick any name from the first team and the coaching squad.
  10. It's one of two things from this clip. He's either chucking it or he's hurting real bad.
  11. that nutmeg on him tonight summed it up. He was totally unbothered by it, which bothered me.
  12. Kamberi and Aribo and Hagi were the difference
  13. Kamberi and Stewart on please take your pick who to take off.
  14. gman


    fucksake trying for a clever, eye catching headline for a Friday night. Just wait till i get the old Krapic wan going.
  15. gman


    needs a long long holiday as per the title😀
  16. gman


    Please let him go. For a self confessed Rangers fan he shat it the other night - nae heart or fight. Wish him well and goodbye. He is one of the ones that Gerrard knows doesn't have it in him. Sick of the crap we've got in reserve. Nae offence Andy if you are tuning in.
  17. can't stand that. started a post called 50/50 after the game and my mind has not changed we NEED to be attempting to win challenges - all the opposition managers are saying is 'get in their faces' soon as that happens we drop off and the going gets tough. No steel in the team.
  18. Our team by and large lost everyone tonight. Shocking
  19. gman


    F****d my coupon had 3-1.
  20. gman

    Ianis Hagi

    He’s from good stock - wee kick abouts in the garden with his old man have stood him in good stead 😂
  21. gman

    Kamberi Signs

    He’s definitely reading a wee bit of paper in his interview. Winning goal on minibus Monday is my prediction.
  22. gman

    Kamberi Signs

    Only thing is I think he’s reading a wee script check his eyes checking his script 😂
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