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  1. strict regime under pedro

    the drive from the players yesterday was something else, hopefully he can add some Portuguese flair to the side
  2. Only 3 guarantee starters

    the first person on the team sheet other than tav and wallace should be halliday, warbs seams to be moving him further forward by the week and i felt he was far better that barton on friday and weve got to remember hes a rangers man so hes going to give nothing but his best
  3. 2 Rangers Fans Arrested

    has anyone ever got a sentence for it? i dont think so! everyone and their dog were singing the billy boys and i felt the police were top notch on friday
  4. Well done UBs

  5. Rangers v Tottenham

    so far I've heard 4-3 and 2-1 with there being no media there, watch it have been a boring 0-0
  6. Jason Cummings

    he'd lay me out
  7. Jason Cummings

    it was the day before the 4-2 game, tbf he did hit me in the face with the ball
  8. Jason Cummings

    seen him in an arcade this season with some of his palls trying to chip a basketball into a hoop, he never done it once. i got hit with the ball on an occasion so i gave him a mouthful
  9. Halliday loves rangers

    the love i think we all have for him is unreal. recently hes mentioned some of the games hes been at like the last old firm and the ramsdens cup final. will we ever have a player with his kind of passion again?
  10. Waghorn on bench versus the scum

    could recall ryan hardie, a big risk tho. same with waggy with no games for a couple of months

    when halliday says "your only hear coz its the old firm" shows how much the UK loves to see the bears. the only show in town!
  12. If we got European football

    I would love it if Hamburg got the fair play award and we got them, the away day would be class
  13. Zelalem - where is he?

    we are a far better side without him, for me dom ball contributes more to the side
  14. I've sent you a message