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  1. Wtf. A sensible post in a thread of madness. Last season Morelos was shite according to some. Now it seems he's a 20 mil plus player. If we can get young players with potential in for it. It's a no lose option.
  2. £50 bonus per card. Got to make the wages up.
  3. Sent a wee donation again. Keep up the good work.
  4. Thank you for all your hard work. We truly are the best club in the world thanks to you and those like you . Hope the old folks have a great day.
  5. Don't Fucking fund them. Don't buy a tv licence.
  6. My point is wealth is relevant. A grand to you is 100 grand to someone with money like king. So you going to ante up ten grand? If the cash ain't there you can't spend it. That's how we ended up in the shit before. Ps as for me being called a rocket. Fly me to the moon .
  7. You going to ante up and put your money where your mouth is ?? I admit the board have got things geared in their favour. But have you got 20 or 30 mil spare to just buy quality?
  8. Sorry to be a cunt but if you were to invest maybe even 20 million of your pension pot to buy say Kent and pay his wages for a couple of years ??????
  9. I had one in the mid seventies. A season book with paper tickets if remember correctly.
  10. It fries your fucking brain does it not.
  11. Fuck off man It's at least 70 minutes.
  12. The side looked far more balanced tonight without him. We actually played football rather than just give it to Alfredo.
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