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  1. bordersbear

    Make no mistake

    How could he possibly get aids? Who would fuck that retarded cunt?
  2. bordersbear

    stadium tours cancelled tomorrow ?

    You missed out disabled
  3. bordersbear

    Interesting stats

  4. bordersbear

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    73 cup final for me .To be in the Rangers end that day was truly amazing
  5. bordersbear

    Katic punched?

    Looked like a sneaky dig just under his short rib on left side.
  6. bordersbear


    Club fine for pitch invasion imminent.
  7. bordersbear

    Was Arfield rested

    Two broken legs and a fractured skull. Will be fine for Thursday.
  8. bordersbear

    2 games, 2 reds

    Have to agree with that
  9. bordersbear

    Morelos red rescinded

    Totally agree. The second barge looked to me like there was contact with Morelos's face.
  10. bordersbear

    Ryan Jack

    If it's concussion he can't play for a minimum of a week I believe.
  11. bordersbear

    Morelos red rescinded

    Fucking joke if that's the case.
  12. bordersbear

    Morelos red rescinded

    Why ?didn't think he was even booked.
  13. bordersbear

    Morelos red rescinded

    Not the barges. That was mckenna. May was the cunt that done Jack.
  14. bordersbear

    Morelos red rescinded

    Now some retrospective punishment for that cunt may.
  15. bordersbear

    Is Thursdays game on TV

    Rtv with a vpn