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  1. Lee Wallace was a great servant . He maybe wasn't the best left back we've had but by fuck he gave all he had. He played through injuries and then was binned for questioning an interim managers piss poor attitude. Hope it works out for him. No surrender Lee WATP.
  2. At his best playing off the main striker. Sort of no10 type role. Watch him last season.
  3. Too busy writing articles on child abuse.
  4. Stayed because he wanted to stay in Scotland. Picking up huge wages against plumbers etc so he could coach kids in Edinburgh.
  5. Grow up man. He stayed when we went down purely because he wanted to stay in Scotland. He has also been payed a fortune since. Will sign for Hearts when he leaves. Saying all that it Fucking stinks the way he has been treated since his fall out with Murty.
  6. Turned the sound off after 5 mins. The shite they were spouting.
  7. £50 bonus per card. Got to make the wages up.
  8. If he is and gets picked he simply has to toe the line. He's already left the last chance saloon. Personally I would leave him on the bench and start Lafferty. At least he knows what it's about.
  9. This exactly. Think for Fucks sake. Do the cunt in a 50 -50. Then keep doing him slyly till he reacts. Get him sent off. Cunt taps his ankle ffs then goes down from smelling Morelos armpit as he lifts his elbow. If it was other way round we would have loved it . Morelos took the easy way out cos he shat it. Same as every big game.
  10. Got the killie game on vipleague last time
  11. Fuck off man. No surrender till it's mathematically impossible.
  12. Cheers m8. Didn't know that. All the better for us.
  13. Just left my lassies in tranent . Not that bad yet.
  14. Other half and rest of stadium half empty. Fucking do there cunts tonight Rangers.
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